" The ideas of Good and Evil are in where You look from "

My Books, Short Stories or Poems

they were writen over several years, while at work,or at home people wonder why i talk to my self ^_^
id love for them to be published,
as they are my dreams and fantasies thus are © by William Morris

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Underlined Name

A DRAGONS DAY It's a book about the last of the dragons in a modern world and his mission to save us all

FLUTE SONG A LONG STORY about a guy err dragon that cant play a flute
(did i mention he gets punished by a goddes kitsuni? oh sorry ^_^ )

THE WAY THINGS WORK Spys, Secrets, Horror, Mechs, Sex, Sci fi monsters and Furrs Staring Cyberhorn, Chris Foxx,
Nexxus, Max Black Rabbit

The Father Drake [ Newly completed ] War is made for many reasons honor ,revenge, pure hate are just but a few

Question Why [ on hold ] When people become the very thing we ignore most in the world..
our food animals

One As Another [ on hold ] pain and those who are dragon at spirit do not mix well
this is a very violent and angry story at times

Limbo [ on hold ] This dragon had to explane to friends, that some times the love of friendship is painful and confusing

To Be A Dragon [ on hold ] A man is given his dream, at a price

The White Nova [ on hold ] Dedicated to my friend and long time reader Jon Kamerling also
known as " The White Nova " on ICQ

The Wolves of Rotters World [ on hold ] A story I wrote several years ago im puting to html from ink

Longing My story *note to self why love should be a controled substance*

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