The Wolves of
Rotters World ©
copyright William Morris and Cyberhorn


The entire mars defense perimeter went into red alert, over an old out dated shuttle that was approaching from deep space tumbling with a slow roll it was on a collision course with a refueling station between mars and the asteroid belt. Mars dispatched two light destroyers to destroy it as a menace to shipping  and the miners fuel depot.

They reached her a week out from the asteroids, as they approached  most were able to immediately  identify her as the Pride & Joy  purchased by an eccentric old man who wanted to see the edge of the universe  so modified  with extra engines and fuel tanks it carried a crew of twenty which the normal was two hundred.

He had this crazy theory that all we saw with telescopes as to other galaxies was in fact the milky way, in it's eternal evolutionary dance into god only knows what so in his theory the end shouldn't be all that far outside the galactic rim

They finally got her tumbling stopped and sent two men over to attach a towline and survey the damages.  The hull burnt and dented several engines had exploded which hadn't punctured the outer hull.

only a few minor lights and a few in the bridge area  gave it any sign of life, one of the marines looked inside with his helmet lights glaring jumped back losing contact with the hull floating free

"I saw something move!"

[What? report marine what was that?]

He fumbled for his companion's hand "sir I saw something in the ship  it moved sir!"

[Define moved marine she's got no internal gravity]

"Sir it moved like a person inside, sir"
the bridge crew  looked at him as he touched the COM pad "corporal  go inside and check it out"
he looked out at them outside the ship look back at their ship

[yes  sir]

They moved along the hull to the air lock and cycled it with the manual over rides it closed and hissed filling with air the com crackled they both adjusted controls


"were inside sir there's some air but system shows at only forty percent O2 normal"

"also power is fluctuating apparently when the engines went so did the mains"

"proceeding towards the bridge captain"

[roger proceeding to bridge]

The emergency lights were glowing faintly  "Joe they've been on a long time to go green like that...."

"Shh.I thought I heard some thing"
looking out into the bridge from the hallway

"come in gentlemen" 

they both froze  "I guess I'm finally home."

"Captain! There's someone still on board!"   Walking over to the center chair

[you say theirs some one there?]

Their eyes went wide "sir we need medical now!"

"Sir half this mans shoulder is missing! Get that med team over here!"
several hours later the ship was docked to both destroyers the man died in surgery identified as the nephew of the eccentric old timer a search of the ship found no clues as to what had happened to the crew or his missing shoulder. The captain's log was found and that just gave them even more questions

Ten days after the discovery a general announcement was sent out on all the video channels from earth orbit
"everyone the ship that was discovered earlier this month was flown out into the depths of space to find as the researchers on board thought was close by the true nature of out universe what they did find is a living world around a star not to much unlike our own, on that world so far from ours that any standard ship would take generations to reach they found intelligent life" he taped a button and the fuzzy picture of a creature with huge fangs and a tail standing upright in golden grasses slightly hunched over as if reaching for something in those grasses

"This is an image of one of those inhabitants of what is now being called Rotters’ world from the captains log this is a female the apparent matriarch of a clan of them from his notes she stood a little over eight foot tall highly developed senses of sight smell and taste, all show extreme curiosity and intelligence they eat meat from an antelope like creature and subsist on a diet high in the local fruits and roots.

I quote his log here ‘I plan on approaching the matriarch with some sweets and sliced meat from our stores to see if I can gain a greater understanding of them and their culture, I have noted that she likes the overly ripe fruit for they are incredibly sweet. David my nephew is planing on a hunting party to try and get some of the antelope that the wolves' prize so highly as to sing for hours in harmonious howls after a kill. ‘


Most of the log was lost due to power loss and the extreme damages the ship suffered so the last entry is not very cohesive but clearly something extraordinary occurred ‘We didn't realize we didn't understand! We do now it's so very simple and wonderful mother helps us a lot and we are learning the way. Even this log is strange for me now. They are lords of this world for they live with it. I have to go now mothers calling me to play then I can have lunch! Poor David he doesn't want us to, he won't open his eyes to see if he would just listen to the song he could be happy too"

Looking over the audience "ladies and gentlemen we of the space department in our quest to further the human race and its interests we call upon the skilled people in fleet and the public sector to combine together! To create the Star-fairer! A solar wind sail ship! Which will get our researchers to Rotters World in 2 years time! For it has the greatest chance for us to see and experience life on another world...

He looked out the flickering forward view screen cables and conduits lying all over. His own chair half disassembled it had been fifteen years since the first welds had been made on her and she was now 5 years behind schedule sighing as the golden skin gathered dust inside the dome on the surface of mars "Jesus, captain" "Yes Judy? What's broke or not working now?" "Our trouble shooter, just fell and....he um" " he's gone huh?" "Yes sir fleet surgeons say he's crippled" "ok um Judy transfer fleet personnel records to my office would you I need to finish out our roster any how " "yes sir!"

He made a quick call to fleet command to the admiral in charge of the drydocks "James I know how many problems your having I told you when you took command of that thing it wasn't going to be easy"

"sue please I need the best to get this thing off the pad...."

the admiral sighed looking at a report of the earth's conditions an the loss of another dome on mars to an asteroid hit

"alright James you have cartblanch get anyone who fits your needs AND your crew criteria "

"thank you sue."

He typed into his computer the search terms and the best fleet had to offer came scrolling down his screen the first on the list was the trouble shooter he needed "William Morgan hmm that name sounds familiar, I'll think of it eventually lets get you heading for the Star-fairer Mr. Morgan" hitting the transfer request button

He got his personnel files "duty rosters. god this guy has been on dozens of ships currently in command of a refit team on the battle ship argonor? But he's only a sergeant.... Well the Arganor is nearly complete" he's fleets best and from his scores he's exactly who I need for this mission he’s unethical and a loner but his guild rating puts him high on the request list. "Yes Mr. Morgan you're my trouble shooter"

He found a father and son team for his engineering team who he had served with before knowing they would be the first to cause friction with the trouble shooter as the two guilds were always fighting in legal battles 'George is old school engineering they detest trouble shooters as the old term used to call them jury riggers cause they tend to fix quick and dam the longevity of the item so long as lives aren't at risk '

The Arganor's head of communications was enjoying his lunch reading off announcements for a party in one of the nurses quarters after the diner bell when the transfer orders printer unit came to life

"well folks someone is getting the hook hold onto your duffel bags and hold that thought!"

it slid out a thin red case filled with papers the print in a color so that it could not be read by anyone but the recipient once opened 

"oof priority red to boot lessee who's... oh wow animal is getting the hook"

the orders unit came to life again "com officer deliver orders immediately priority red... return with code tag to be cleared or court-martial will be result " the computer chimed out

"boy when animal fixes um they're fixed"


Running out he headed for the swamps in the belly of the old girl where the condenser units and atmospheric processors were

as the lift stopped the floor had water run in under the doors he grimaced as it was cold water. Walking out splashing in puddles he could hear cursing and pounding looking over a rail into a drain unit  he could see tools and equipment being rained on from the run off 

"aaaaanimall!! You down there???"

a growling came from one of the pipes leading out to trash shredders


"That you Craig!? What you doing in my lair!?" crawling out of the pipe the big man a little heavy in the belly shook off a layer of filth looking up

"got sealed orders!"

"Hold that thought!" yelling over the machines

He took a bucket of water and poured it into the pipe which immediately metal on metal screeching came out he snarled and yelled at it cursing its planet of origin he dove in head first!

Craig slid down the ladder to stop hearing metal pounding expecting to hear the sounds of bone being ground up he then heard a growl

"Craig take the bucket and pour it in!"

"Huh? Oh! Ok"

setting the case down he did as asked the whir of blades came out then stopped suddenly

animal dove out of the pipe splashing into the water

"yuck! Animal!" flicking and brushing the slime off Craig sighed

He smiled resting his head on his palm elbow on the floor "so what brings ya to my lair Craig?"

holding out the case to him smiling, he adjusted his glasses "yup good seal I fixes um right"

"come on animal take um already or I'm in the hot seat"

"oh no Craig...not me"

"yes you see" he pointed to the name tag on it.

Bill sighed and took the case as Craig snapped the code tag off "thank you"

"yeah sure Craig..." looking at the case

"well you gonna open it? They are priority"

he sighed heavily and cracked it over his knee a piece flew off into the water as he tossed the case over a shoulder "sergeant William Morgan troubleshooter to the u.s.s. star-fairer? Immediately"

"the STARFAIRER? You pulled the sailer animal!"

"What she some kinda ol'rust bucket?"

"Hell no animal! she's the solar sailer the first to go out of the system! hell out of the galactic arm!"


"when you report?"

he looked shuffling the pages around "dam in three hours!"

"best to get moving then"

"what about all my equipment and tools spread out all over the entire ship?!"

"hmm ahh I know!"

they were soon in the communications room bill had gotten his bags mostly the clothes he didn't wear. Craig grinned

"watch the power you’ve given me" clicking on ship wide public address "your attention ..your attention everyone the one crewman who's made this ol'lady's refit perhaps the best and fastest has been pulled for the Star-fairer! everyone animal has been hooked. if you know of or have any of his equipment please bring it out to the number three dock port he's leaving us for the sailer I think we all owe him the return of his tools, hurry though as he leaves in 2 hours" clicking it off he grined proudly

"can I use that? "

"sure you fixed it, why?"

"so I can beg their forgiveness for unleashing you on them"
craig tossed papers at him as they went out

he sat down with his tool cases which were empty and watched with amazement as they filled and then ones he'd thought lost turned up he got handshakes from many hugs from a few of the ladies slipping on a hat that had been found with his trademark paw print. the lettering reading if it broke again I'll kill it. craig showed up with a sandwitch and some water " I know you havent eaten " "dam craig...some of these have been missing for ..years" "yes bill youve been working on the ol'girl for quite awhile" " some of these arent mine" tossing it aside. craig laughed and pushed it back into the huge rollround case " think of it as payment for such a great job you did ..ok. now eat" he did reluctently looking out the side of the dome to the setting sun and the artifical sun generators coming online in orbit " we cant ever ruin her like earth" " huh? " "nothing ..dont mind me craig I'm just tired and want to stay put for once" " well the sailer needs fleets best..and you the best" a tiny two seat roller car came up the cabin slung between two huge ball rollers

" Sergeant William Morgan?" "you have to be joking.. you are not fiting all my equipment into that " " no sir but you wont need it " "WONT NEED IT!? a trouble shooter without his tools is an unarmed gunship..not much of nothing!" " the Starfairer is fully equiped and the dock has access to all you may need " " crap that's what id have access to..well damit" turning to his cases he straped on his bandoleirs and belt pouches then started loading in his specialty tools checking each to make sure it worked finaly filling up the hip bags with the rebuilt circut cards he knew he'd need along with various tech manuals into a palm sized readers memory unit  walking over to the guard house he called home "hi hon " " mom I need ya to get mr higgens to come with ya to get my tool cases from the arganor I'm being transfered again" "oh alright ..where too now?" " the Starfairer" "oohh I've seen reports about that one shes going out of the solar system exited?"" nahh they just need someone to fix her up" " well if you get the chance to stay dont say no" " I know mom ..listen have to go now " " I'll go find help and come get your things" " thanks mom atcha later"


the ride there was quiet he watched as a group of fighters launched for patrols in the belt for pirates the distroyer yorktown was easing down to land in her cradle he thought how one of his class mates had pulled her guidence system refit ..and how one died with her engine refit few years ago a taller than normal dome came into view but the suns caused a flare through it so he couldent see till they slipped out of the transit tube into the dome a huge ungainly gold flower sitting on a gantry landing gear extended but not on the floor welding and sparks flying from all along it's length "there she is sir the solar sailer the uss Starfairer" "looks like a gold drink umbrella " the driver laughed pulling up to the main ramp he got out and presented his papers to the guard shack " ahh Sergeant Morgan!! the Captain is realy eager to see you he'd be on the bridge" " thanks"

walking in he sighed celing panels laying against the walls in stacks lights flickering someone just down the hall was pounding on a terminal unit set in the wall " god dam hunk of junk! give me the schematic dammit!" bill gently eased in poping the access cover off he took out a tester checking various circuits it beeped " thought as much" the young man looking on blinking in shock bill replaced a circut card no biger than his finger closing the cover "computer direction to the bridge" "turn right continue down to third lift up two levels left from lift bridge is located end of hallway" bill smiled and patted the younger man on the shoulder "wow who are you?" "sergeant William Morgan trouble shooter also known as animal" "names mark! and I'm glad your here!" "so will the cap'tn excuse me " waving as he walked away he fixed several terminals then reached the lift in question which was dead "enginering routing panel problem ..figures"

he climbed up the access lader and was having to take a moment to catch his breath " teach me to load down with parts wont it " walkng up to the stuck half open doors to the bridge he took the door sensor out and adjusted it slipping it back into the socket the door opened fully then slid closed behind him "captain?" looking to a blonde haird man sitting slumped over in the command chair "yes what's broke now?" " actualy I've been fixing as I came up " holding out his transfer papers the man leaped from the chair tossing them away " Morgan!  you dont know how happy I am to see you!" bill smiled sheepishly " I've fixed sevin terminals and the door on the way in.. what's wrong with it?" gesturing to the comand chair "everything" bill walked over pulling out a side panel and touching his probe to various spots it beeped he pulled that one out replaceing it with one of his then adjusted several closeing it then seting the control panel into the arm he gave the fasteners a twist he dramaticly touched a buton and the forward viewer came on filled with static he sighed and moved over to a panel below it again testing and getting several beeps replaceing cards it poped on crystal clear " incredible!" bill bowed dramaticly

walking over he took all of 2 minutes to fix the ships main status computer, which after resetting the power system it came to life " we've tried for weeks to get that thing to work but " " main power system was shorted out to a bad c-10 card which in turn burnt out the main system c-15 thus it no work.. easy fix ..well captain I'm going to need c-10's c-15's su-25's ixt cpus " "whoa whoa hold it!.. I don't know any of that stuff " " circuit cards and system operation units.. most of them I'll have to rebuild to fix an engineered flaw in them so I'll also need a workspace for clean circuit repairs" " your saying they're made to fail?!" " yup and this is gona be your biggest trouble maker right here" holding out the ones he'd replaced several showing signs of being burnt "this is intolerable !! I'm going to make a report to fleet command!" " been done sir.. they changed manufacturers of the card but the chip is the problem " tapping the suspect item with his finger " same supplier one in ten is good. single chips are always good so its just a matter of remove and replace to get cards for the ship"

the captain leaned over resting his chin on his fist "ok so I'll take care of that how many you bring with you? " " about a hundred " "use um fix the food machines and then terminals ok" "ok then when I run out?" " I should have you a steady supply of good ones in a day or so" " good deal captain..we'll have this girl going soon enough" he stood and shook his hand " I'll need some one as a gofer since I couldn't bring my equipment"
"sure not a problem  the PA is one of those few things that does work " clicking a switch on the main com panel "will mark come to the bridge"
bill smiled as the same young man ran in looking curiously at the now functioning door " mark your bill's?" looking at him " that's fne or animal"
"your his gofer alright" " sure captain " " we meet again them mark forward HO!" pointing out the bridge doors


James reported the problem and fleets electronics shops went to work he smiled as he went through the ship seeing people actually enjoying their lunches finding the two down by the engineering area bill pounding inside the wall  mark standing outside holding his ears cringing James smiled as he hid in the shadows bill came out looking at mark " mark" "WHAT?!" "I've stopped pounding " he smiled and dropped his hands "oh"
"slip that case back in would ya " he did as bill watched the side, it scraped loudly " dang it take it out " he went back in and started pounding mark cringing as bill cursed and cussed  then stopped suddenly "ok try it!" it slid in with out a sound he came out wiping sweat " ok that's it last of the food machines is fixed " the speaker above them in the hall sputtered "will the trouble shooter please come to the geology labs our food machine needs fixing" bill looked to mark who shruged " I forgot that one " "you forgot! jezz" smacking him playfuly with his hat they walked off towards the nearest lift James smiled ..'I like bill..he'll be my insurance the one if something happends to me ..he'll get them matter what it takes'

Bill waled up to a huge group of people all quite angerly discussing the fact that their food maching was'nt working he exsused himself several times to get into it " why isnt ours working! "came from one lady another man echoed it " IM hungry!" several imeadiately echoed that "good then you'll still be hungry when I'm done fixing it wont you " "that's being insubordinate ! sergeant!" bill looked at a lutenant in the geolgical services guild " and you sir are crossing guild lines be advised to press insubordination charges on a trouble shooter will require you to apply for guild status which..." looking him over " isnt very good prospects for you "

opening the panels he found the problem then looking for the right circut card which he sighed and realized he'd run out of "well I'll have to do a quick patch pardon me please " pushing past various people to get to a work station in a lab he set the card down and using tools he pulled from his bandoleir he removed the defective chip and stuck another into its place with a piece of adhesive "dirty patch job but " slipping it in he let them order their meals and waited for the inevitable. a gourgous red head walked up ordered her meal looking him over coyly. he grined she walked off hips swaying he near to drooled

grabbing mark "who is she ?!" " if you mean sonja the red head ..might as well forget it shes cold as outer hull plates in deep space" "ohh yes that's the one fer me" mark waved his hand infront of bill's eyes "hello animal shes taken " " ehh " shushing him as she came back " I forgot my fruit. one pint of strawberries with heavy cream" it slid out she took one and licked the cream off smiling as she turned and walked away
bill thunked his head on the wall several times " well I'm hungry animal " pushing the button nothing happend " knew it wouldent last long oh well" slaping an old out of order sign on it they walked off


James had gotten every scrap of info on bill to see who he was and why. " computer read files " " William Morgan sergeant first class, trouble shooter guild registration active. 22 notations of merrit on record 5 disiplinary notations recinded by admiral Brows no further action taken
decorated with three silver stars one red oak leaf . born mars city palaicia curent age 22 mother living near portland father unknown. registered
father William Morgan second possible father Charles Leturn father of Williams siblings deceased, two sisters two brothers oldest sister sterilized for mental health genetic problems one child unstable, younger sister no known information arest record show ocupation prostitute both brothers curently enlisted with space marines. education records show William to be highly inteligant, daily scores were low but all testing concluded top ranking percentile, records show atempted murder buy oldest sister using seditves mother broke daughters jaw over this William was temporaraly turned over to child protetive systems to asertain his health and home status, returned to mother after 3 days starvation strike"

James was stuned and surprised " file continuence ? " " all other records from Williams enlistment to asignment to the asteroid crusher percheron sealed by admiral brows clasifyed personnel admiralty busness news reports of this time also sealed for this reason " "boy has some powerful friends guess I'll just have to ask him " he called checking on the circut cards and got a lot of good news as they had over a thousand done already

his comunications bleeped he touched it " Captain Richards " "James is sue" "well sue were actualy making progress my engneeres will be here in a day there coming in from far side of IO and thanks to one hell of a trouble shooter the ships starting to work!" " that's why I called james..when you can your to let William go back to the arganor " " b-but why I mean he's the best fleet has, realy only family he has is his mother and I need him" " becouse I said so captain.." " your the admiral that sealed his records " " yes I am..james he is the best fleet has ..but he's been hurt, he will get that gold bird working trust me on this, but you have to let him go, dont you take him" " why you involved with him?"
she sighed " no James I'm not .. but ..well here" she typed on her console his recived the message and the files he was veiwing were unlocked

" they explane more than I could tell you and keep my mascara. listen to me James you can by all fleet regs take him .. I cant officialy stop you but I'm asking from one person to another take my word let him stay " it disconected

he opened the first of several files inside the first things he read was william had been involved in a horrible murder investigation he had killed a insane murderer they had fought, the killer had a knife william had used the one wepon avalable to him his teeth they strugled and he ripped the mans throught out he went in and found a dead crew member who the killer had just raped and repeatedly stabed she died in his arms , the report went on to say that it was one suzie brows " sues daughter? oh god " reading on he now remebered where he had heard the name William Morgan ! the beast ! brows animal " of course.. the animal " somewhat stuned by the fact that he had THE animal on his crew

he read and watched sue brows gave testimony defending william who in the insanity trial sat there in tears continuously unable to look at the judging reveiw board as they tried to drum him out of fleet for killing the man who had just killed the woman who he was going to marry ruthlessly ripping his throught out, howling in anguish as she died in his arms. charges were dropped and his reviews came back sane highly depressed but treated with various drugs his files sealed soon as they were able


bill was finaly shown to his quarters and set his duffle on the bed, first thing setting a picture of his love on the side table it was a two picture folding frame it held one of suzie and one of him and her together enjoying a romp in the snow in one of the polar ice cap domes she had a chunk of snow going into his pants and he had one going into her top both with surprise on there faces..another image was off to the side of him huging her from behind her holding his arms suzies mom had taken both of the pictures. he touched the frame and went to go shower which as he relaxed and soaped up it died! "what in the hell!?" looking at the tiny screen where it had read tempriture now had timed out blinking he snarled and punched it cracking the screen which fuzzed and went dark "god dam timed showers freaking fleet and its regs" growling as he rinced off at the sink flopping out in bed nude he sighed looking at her

in the morning he was working far earlier than anyone else smiling in pride as he had the entire bridge fixed and put together the captain walked in sleepy drinking coffie "hey captain morning" "hmm oh yes hello bill is that ok?" " sure or aniaml " James blinked reflexively and bill cought it knowing all to well why " umm you ready to get to work today we have stocks of those cards you wanted " "you betcha captain I've already found um.. you just sit and enjoy yer coffie I'll be getting on to it" "that's good oh call me James alrght "  still sipping it  "you dont look to close at the bridge now James.." bill grined from the hallway as James shouted out in surprise he laughed and hurryed on to fix things

James was over joyed as all day Judy deleted items off the staus computer if the system didn't already she looked to him " that trouble shooter is a wonder!" " yes he is ..and he's mine notify the crew to start there lauch preparations " " yes sir " he smiled as two men walked in one larger than the other he stood and huged the bigest they steped back saluting to hiim " enginerer master sergeant George Drenz and private Robert Drenz reporting as ordered sir! " James laughed and waved it off " you two never change do you.. well we have quite a lady here for you two"
" we can do it James dont you worry " "we can get this girl going like we did that old cutter " he smiled and sat down looking at them for a moment " ok you two this is the captain speaking not jim got me.. we have fleets best trouble shooter on board "

" jury rigger you mean captain " " no I mean trouble shooter you two are not to interfier with him or bother him in any way concetrate on the engines and the sails got me " they blinked "sure capt' " I mean it George dont .. he is dam good he rebuilt the bridge before I even woke up this morning he's been working like a storm and were deleteing things off the status system faster than it can so leave him alone" they walked off he sighed knowing there was trouble brewing

bill found himself in the geology department working on an analizer which had poped its main power cards it was hers the green eyed red haired goddess of his dreams she was standing by watching  " is it fixed yet? " " hmm? umm " looking at the tester he pushed the reset and it beeped " nope still a little more. so what grade are you?" "she smiled " aprentice I was very lucky I got this asignment it'll be lots of fun exploring a new world" "it could be " he looked in as if he was doing something " fixed it yet?" " not would ya have lunch with me?" she smiled " I cant I'm sorry " " ok maybe tomarow?" she sighed with a smile " no " " next week?" " sorry my boyfriend has plans" he sighed and took the probe out putting the cover on "oh you fixed it?! wonderfull" "if you ever want to..enjoy lunch or somethi--"she had gone straight to work and was studing the readouts he sighed and walked out leaning on a wall he now remembered why he liked the bulkheads so much people.

she came hurrying up to him smiling " I'm sorry bill I dont mean to be rude ..just this asignment is very important to me and if impress my supervisor I'll get to do more outside when we get to rotters world, I can find a few things for my credits you understand don't you?" he smiled " yes I do .."
" perhaps once were in orbit hmm?" "sure that'd be great" the PA poped on " all engineres report to the engine room I repeat ALL enginerers report to enginering" " gota go " she smiled waved and hurryed back into the labs


he walked into enginering standing near the door knowing trouble was brewing he'd heard of these two ..father son pair they ran an enginering department like a well oiled machine ..the father did force the son subterfuge they both had straight black hair to his brushed back brown curls he pushed his glasses up a little on his nose the son was watching as his father talked looking for non conformists the father looked over weight but he knew that was all well worked muscle the slashes on his arm made bill wish he'd stayed to fix something else "alright has anyone seen william Morgan ?" bill slipped his hands into his pockets as a few turned to look his way

"well I'm so glad you decided to join us Morgan " walking over to him the son moved around to one side to try and instill a feeling of being traped in the person who was being singled out "well arent you somthing" walking around him slowly sizeing him up " how old are you jury rigger?" bill simply stood silently . his instructors told him this would come and it had many times this one wasent going to be prety he never answered to jury rigger he was a guild licenced trouble shooter it was the red and gold patch on his shoulder which marked him a target with regular engineres his arm still had his last six asignments and the others were blazed down his legs and back " I asked you how old are you Morgan!" "twenty two sergeant" " how many ships you served on Morgan" " thiry five sergeant" " thirty five.. three sliver stars and a red oak leaf huh you steal it or something?!" " no sergeant admiral brows gave it to me "

" I know admiral brows..he's quite a man " " no sergeant admiral brows is a lady " a smirk came over his face bill knew he'd walked into it ..but with no other optiion " SO! what's this stuff!! " gesturing to his bandoleers and belt pouches " my tools spairs burnt chips and cards conductor adhesives "
"who told you to do it this way!?" "I did, I carry everything I might need short of heavy tools " he sneered at bill " give me a processor " bill reached into a pouch and gave him one " a c-10 card " " a good one or one of the dozens of bad ones I've replaced?" " A good one "
bill set it in his hand " an esta laser probe " bill deftly removed a shiny black square and gave a dial on it a couple clicks which changed the colors from red to blue " the famous jury rigger's multi-probe" " in the catalogs it's listed as the main tool of a trouble shooter sergeant "
"you are no trouble shooter! Your a dam Niger Rigger!" tossing the things to the floor as he walked into bill's face circuits crunched the son moved in to be behind bill "anyone who wears that patch is no better than a stinking god dam slimy Niger Rigger!"

Bill calmly clicked the probe off and put it back into its pouch trying to keep his temper contained " got nothing to say jury rigger?" bill got himself ready watching the son from his peripheral vision which though cloudy from being out of focus he could still react to him. He tried to focus out the sergeant as his mentors and instructors had taught him, to let it go in one ear and out the other they liked to say trouble was he had to hear it on the way through

"Well were either so stupid we've forgotten how to talk or I'm right you are a Niger rigger" he had to say it " no sergeant, but you are correct in the term used to describe a jury rigger. As for myself you are quite mistaken " " that is IT! You are no engineer! Or anything else! Just a stupid kid! Give me those circuits and tools!" bill gave him the circuits and chips but then stopped " WELL?" "The tools and equipment are mine I have purchase receipts" George tossed the circuits away grabbing bill by the bandoleers "take it off Morgan that's an order!"


"SERGEANT!" " Captain on deck!" bill and George snapped to attention saluting as the captain walked over " sergeant! What were my orders to you?" " To leave the jury rigger alone sir!" " Sergeant! You owe me fifty pushups NOW! ""Sir!" it took fifteen minutes for him to finish but George stood up sweat beads rolling down his brow puffing a little "now sergeant what were my orders to you" "to leave trouble shooter engineer william Morgan alone sir!" "It took fifty to get you to remember it sergeant give me ten more to make sure you keep it in mind that Morgan is fleets best trouble shooter and an active member of their guild who if he wished could bring YOU up on harassment charges