A Dragon in L imbo©
copyright william morris and cyberhorn

some times friends do understand..or do they ?

He found himself running from them and there lights darting and dodging, occasionally they called to him by name
yelling for him to stop running but it was all he knew..they dident understand
he had to run. lest the nightmares would catch him, he slipped and took a spill his claws now no longer as sharp as they once were his legs hurt the one foot still not healed from the illness he had contracted his mind once able to learn so quickly it frightened some..now took the greatest effort to learn..even concentrate so many things were wrong and yet they still called out for him to stop.

He surged through the brush his tears hurt more than the limbs which tore at him always betrayed always ..they offered things which were alien to him and yet he had always wanted ' mustn't trust anyone ..to much pain ..to many times ..have to runaway' alone he needed to be alone..but inside someone was crying, weak hurt not wanting that. but was clearly the answer alone no one to yell no one to hurt!

Bursting out onto a road he looked quickly to either side searching for them expecting them to try and catch him. one fell tripping through the brush the light went crashing to the ground he snarled rushing over pouncing on the fallen searcher his claws raised ready to strike. Her eyes filled with tears looking up at him "why cant you understand..were your friends we want to help" he hissed setting his claws down "your the one who doesn't understand..you say you know what im going through you say it so easily! ..but your not me..you haven't lived as i have ..you have been who you are all your life..i don't know who i am..what is truth or lie..I DON'T WANT TO HURT ANYONE I DON'T WANT TO BE THE REASON FOR HATE!! I DON'T KNOW IF I REALLY WANT YOU AS FRIENDS DO I EVEN KNOW....what a friend is? "voices shouted and he snarled

Leaping clear as others came out they looked off in the direction which he'd gone she stood and was dusted off by one of the others and continued the chase

He fell again after a short while..tired now. he had none of the strength he'd had before
stronger than most he could run fast and knew how to fly free...now running was a task that took all he had and it hurt incredibly, flying was but a memory . and yet they kept telling him he had a wonderful life a future!..crippled..weak..even his choices in food, the last thing he had that he had thought couldn't be taken from him. to chose what he wished to eat...robbed from him..now only special food in meager quantities that perpetually left him hungry and unsatisfied ..unhappy

They were coming he could hear them crashing through the brush, fear and pain ..if he just did as they told him he would be treated well ..but it was'nt his life..his was gone there was little true joy in living but they did not understand he was bound by the very thing that a part of him wanted .... friends. even running was now near impossible his leg now in so much pain the foot numb so it was dragged

his spirit was broken and they wanted him to try..to do for himself...did they not understand! ..he dident know how any more that was how he had gotten into this horrible place in the beginning
now very lost..he waited not sure now what to do they wanted to be kind ..but it hurt ..kindness was strange
he did not know how to respond to kindness most of the time..he was confused

he laid down in the dirt too tired to run yet running was his escape only wanting to die they wouldent allow that
sighing as he longed for the cold emptiness from before
it let him look at these people and laugh they wanted his friendship!? what did they want..what was there reasons ..he could and did quite easily let them play around do there games and then at an opportune moment just as they were about to hurt him..or so they thought, he would turn on them he learned from many episodes such as that never to trust

but he opened his armor to a new power ..to love and he was trapped! ..snared! and unable to break free it striped him of his powers and resistance after that his body betrayed him the illness ruined what was left
now only a living shell confused. hurt in ways they did not understand it was then he awoke to this place running from ...his troubles

lost in his confusion alone....