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book by william Morris
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all persons depicted within are real, just furry ^_^
the names are real just no last names, some have a reputation to make
and special thanks to Chris Foxx for his quick cameo in this book. Thanks dude

Being a writer ...well trying to be one bill had thought up some wild stuff but this was beyond anything he'd thought up he smiled as the fireworks exploded above the nearby horse track. It was the fifth anniversary of the day of change, the day that all human life on earth ended and the world of humanoid animals started. Oh as to be expected when suddenly all the people around you become an animal, many people freaked out or just locked up mentally. Some even took there own lives and those of there children the religions said it was judgment day. But no fire no dead rising from the grave ...just people dumbstruck at there change...

He smiled typing online with a friend in Canada about the fireworks "you should see it Som. it's incredible "[yeah we've got them going off here too]"ok so some people didn't change into a werewolf or Minotaur. A sheplar is a good third" [ha! ha! ha! you don't have horn buds that itch!] "Excuse me? Who's the one who became a dragon here" [you did. I wanted to be a dragon]

Sighing "Som far as I know I'm the only one. You don't want to be like me" he watched as his two roomers set off fireworks laughing. Devin the six-foot tall menace to electronics and computer operating systems had in his eighteenth year of life became a Minotaur. Where Larry the anime crazed nineteen year old sometime game maker and lady chaser (though the ladies chased him more than he did), became a rabbin or human rabbit, still only five foot something tall

. Som went off line bill shrugged "ahh well might as well say hi to goddess dam!" checking his index claw. "Shit cracked again damn damn" he sucked on it to soothe the pain walking for the medicine chest he got out the incredible glue "I guess I'm just going to have to break down and get that claw protein cream, shit that burns" gluing the crack back together

 "Bill?" "Yeah I'm in here dev" "oh hey listen. What you do now?" "Broke my claw again ok" shaking his head dev smiled "you going to get that" "cream? Yeah. But I don't want you using it on your horn buds it's for claws not horns" "I know, listen I wasn't changed yesterday" "I wonder" smiling his tongue flicked out "bill please" he laughed at him shying away "you and that tongue" "hey it's good for other things too" waging it around with a grin "bad bill, bad"

He smiled at that looking in the mirror blue/green scales eyes of aqua and a pair of spikes that poked out from the rear of his head they made sleeping on his back hard but not difficult. He'd been twenty-nine when the change hit him at work right as he was putting a valve in a crate. He remembered hearing someone crash a lift back in the warehouse then nausea swept over him like a wave, leaning on the crate the world disappeared then he found himself looking up at the roof. He sat up and saw who he later found out was the president of the company, he'd become a werewolf.

It was just that quick no warning just bam. They were still trying to explain the cause but were no closer to the reason. Looking at his wings which served no purpose but to be in the way most of the time, the tail he loved, prehensile the third hand he'd always wanted. Oh he could glide but not very far and only with a running start

He and the boys ended up unemployed and went on the governments work program till companies could figure out what to do with this New World. He got his home paid off with the governments money and the resulting riots and mayhem after the change the three of them cashed in on the opportunities. A pickup comes in handy when late night shopping. With the five finger discounts available all over.

He pulled a roast out of the freezer dev blinked and backed away "dev it's dead ok." " Yeah I know, just wish you didn't have to eat meat" "tried but what did I find out?" "You got sick" "exactly" walking past to the microwave he put it to defrost "nothing worse than a sick to his stomach dragon ehh?" "Yeah" nodding vigorously "so what's all the hub bub, bub?" "Oh! Hey can you let me have ten till pay day?" he sighed pulling out his wallet "that's forty you owe me now and the rent" "I know. You'll get it " "hmmm maybe fresh is better" dev went wide eyed "n-n-now bill" he laughed at him and walked back up to his room.

Devin gets that way around any meat eater, he's gonna piss some werewolf off and really get his tail chewed on. Hmm a new random on IQ. Clicking on the flag he accessed the info options. He'd looked through systems world wide but still hadn't found another dragon, IQ was a message sender online .the info was mostly blank but one line got his curiosity under type of, the person put 'one of a kind', just like him, double clicking on the flag popped up the message,

[Are you really a dragon?] He replied to that one a hundred times "yup and don't mine talking to any lady. Gay males are ok just don't go getting personal, I'd prefer a lady drake but being one of a kind gets few responses"

Clicking enter it was away he waited till the flag came up [so you are! a dragon?!? that's so great, I'm glad to have met you please add me to your list] he got a request for permission for this person to add him to there list ...

He smiled and added this odd one to his "ok "approving it "you've got me now what. I'm not to good with hot over the modem sex talk but can try ^_^"

 [No thanks but do you know any other dragons?] "Nope just me, what kind are you?"

[Equar, I think is what human/horse is isn't it?]

 "Yes it is ok lady equar so why so interested in a dragon hmmm?"

[Dragons are magical, so am I ...listen I have to go talk to you later bye]

 And her icon went black. That was weirder than normal for a Wednesday ehh!? Hearing the beep from down stairs Mmmm roast must refuel....

The next night he went online after work to find her waiting [hey! great your on, how was your day?] smiling he'd had a fight with his supervisor and been proven right. political slice to the preverbal throat but "good and you?"

[Oh I don't work. wish I could. I tried] "Doing what? Meat tester?" thinking that lady equars were highly paid ladies no mater where they were due to their lack of sex drive for ten months of the year.

[Office personnel, they didn't like me too snoopy] "Tisk tisk you should have waited till they trusted you then read all the secrets ^_^ "

 [Didn't have time] "You were in a rush to be fired?" [No. Bill would you keep something safe till next week. If all goes well, you wont even need to look at it please. I know you don't know me from the next lady you have online but please]
he sat there on the side of his bed listening to his music playing and leroy's base booming from their room down the hall. The file transfer popped up asking permission,

"You are a strange one, I want a picture of you not the equar you say you are but what you actually look like, be honest with me and ill hold your stuff lie and this conversation is off "

Now if she really wants me to. Ahh that's the first step turn off the transfer and....

[All right Bill I'll send you an online of me live will that satisfy you?]

" Yes you understand I want to at least see what you look like since I'm opening my system up to you and letting you get me into whatever trouble your in"

He waited for a moment drumming his claws on the trackball [yes I do I'm sorry I forgot you don't know anything about what's happened they've left you all alone. you'll understand or at least I hope you don't have to know promise me you wont look at the file unless something happens to me]

 "How will I find out?"

[They will try anything to find out what I got. Bill I'm a hacker I was one of the best. But this was the easiest. I worked there since b4 the change. But then things started happening my files were opened things left not were I put them. You know the feeling]

 " Yes, and you hacked IQ to get my name?"

[Yes had to check YOU WERE REALLY A DRAGON I do apologize. downloading movie link now]

He accepted the file and went to it immediately as he flicked the door closed with the tip of his tail just missing one of his two dogs as it ran in, the tip pushed the lock in ...lets see now ahh there you are, what he saw wasn't an equar mare but a UNICORN half human half unicorn but definitely not equar..."my god "

 She sat there looking at the computer waiting for him to respond she started to type then looked hopefully into the camera

 [So bill? believe me now?]

 He watched her as he typed then hit the tab and space bar to send the message " yes, you're a unicorn stating the blaintedly obvious sorry"

[Now you know why I'm unemployed even if I'm not like eqare's, males think I am an want to get this tail under them bad enough I've had to hurt a few, sending the files. you take every precaution as if your life depended on it. it just might]

 It took nearly three hours for it to all come across [get it all? any trouble?]

 She looked concerned at the camera

"No problems came clean all the way"

[Good now there'll be a package coming to you in the morning. I knew you'd say yes 'smiling at the camera 'you take care, if I don't call you tomorrow on the phone and say I love your eyes when there gold. You know they got me get busy and read the files you'll take care of it, it's all there in the letter in it explains it all. Even the change we all went through]

Her icon went off, as did the video feed he sat there stunned. Dev knocked

"Bill?" he flicked the monitor off "yeah?" "Um can I come in for a sec?"

"Yeah hold on" flicking the knob with the tip of his tail dev walked in smiling "you looking at old X-rated pictures?"

 "No, so what's up?"

"Um well don't take this wrong but could you. Stay in your room later. I I've got a "smiling at bill who held up a hand to stop him

 "Lady coming over and don't want the dragon scarring her out of her wits"

 "Well i." "Yeah dev just don't get her to calling out like it's the end of the world. Ok"

.... She did.

 He got the package early setting it aside he waited all day after calling in sick which got him an ear full from the boss sitting there watching the news on several channels didn't eat all day, when the guys came home they asked but he avoided the question when the phone rang dev snatched it up

 "Merry marshmallow factory were soft and sweet"

 "Give me that you dummy"

Pulling it from him he looked surprised and shocked

 "Hello" it was silent for too long "bill?"

 "Yes" "just called to say hi you haven't seen my friend Janet have you?" a chill ran down his spine his wings and spikes rose up making Devin back up still silent

 "Yes I did she said to say hi and is doing great at the new job listen I have a roast in the micro."

 "Oh ok I'm sorry didn't mean to interrupt your diner bill talk to you later huh?"

"You bet. Bye" "bye bill" he clicked it off

 "Ok now what in the hell" he flicked the phone at him and walked upstairs to his room

 "Bill?!?" he looked down at dev from the shadows at the top, eyes glowing rusty red "dev back off it's nothing you need to get involved with...'turning his back to him' you still have that 8 gig drive don't you?"

"Uh yeah. Why?" " Give it I need it for something. You owe me dev so don't ask ok"

"Okay okay let me get my stuff off it "


He went in his room closing the door he went to the files she'd sent. A few hours later when dev walked over he could hear him crying he knocked "bill I got the drive"

 "Come in" he walked in to see his bed covered in papers maps text...

"I wondered where my printer went to" "sorry wanted to be prepared. That it?" he nodded and gave it to him "thanks" as he turned to his computer the case open already, Devin stood there watching trying to make out what was on the papers noticing the box off to one side it's contents added to the mess on the floor

"Bill" he kept on working on the cables "bill!" he turned eyes red from tears "what dev" "talk to me. We've been friends for years. Can't you trust me?" "It's not trust dev. it's I don't want you dead if they find out I have this stuff. But I guess I'm going to have to get you involved. Unfortunately"

 Setting the hard drive down in the case he set it to copying all the files that she'd sent him then finally set it in his hands

" You hold all the answers Devin, what happened to all the people in the world how why when who did it. It's also cost people their lives" he looked at the silver case in his hands "but they said it was a natural occurrence"

Bill laughed then looked at him "in a way it was Devin. First I want you to see who sent this to me..."showing him her picture on the monitor." she's some kind of spy?" bill shrugged "now why I'm the last dragon... in the world"

 He started a movie in the files Devin moved closer as he watched werewolves and tigrin with lioneds moving up to a house the camera was one of theirs filming the event




 He nodded to the eyes of gold's and red looking at him, they burst into the house as two dragons turned on there heals one fell immediately head blown off the other dove for a window only to get it's leg shot into mush she screamed in pain


 A tigrin was standing over her pointing a gun she pulled away but the back of her head exploded out on to the floor



Devin nearly vomited as they dragged the bodies out.

 Other films showed the same, pairs of dragons executed or murdered brutally the last was a lone young female who they chased through a park to a clearing she'd tried her wings but someone had ripped them up she looked all around at all the eyes coming out of the woods surrounding her

 "What is this bill?"

"Shut up Devin and watch, you wanted to know well boy NOW YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE"

 Bill grabbed him by the back of the neck holding him close to the monitor he watched them rush in and tie her up then drag her over to a light pole


 Her voice heavy with fear and exhaustion


 She gagged as the rope pulled tight and twenty of them hauled her up off her feet the area fell silent

 A loud crack shattered that silence and she went limp

 Bill 's grip went slack Devin looked at the dragon he called friend as tears rolled down his cheeks




. The movie ended with her swinging gently in the wind rope creaking.

"She was to have been my mate Devin... they killed all the ones who'd paired up. Then they killed her. They left me alive ...alone in this world"

 Devin held him as he collapsed sobbing unable to say anything to comfort him ...he after a long while sat up straight

 "You better now bill?" "Not really Devin... now do you see what is going on?"

 "Not really ...what is going on?"

 He took a deep breath "they found and old book sealed in twenty inches of lead and copper sheets wood resins and cloth the resulting mass was four feet across Devin" "dam"

"They found the book carbon dated to over five thousand years ago, it was written in blood and bound in what they thought was horse hide tests showed if it was it was a type that no human ever saw...
inside was a combination of known written languages from all over the world and very well done. They surmised the writers were mystic's shaman wizards you know you're a white witch. Well they had some of the biggest mainframes in the world taken off the genome project and reassigned to this text"

 Picking up the book from its leather pouch "oh wow is this it?"

"Yes she'd got it out of their hands some how. I think it's that unicorns ability to hide right in front of a person if they don't want you to see them you don't"

 Devin turned the pages gently feeling the age in the pages "this feels odd bill"

 "So it should it's written and bound in genuine unicorn skin"

Devin looked up at him "who in the hell writes a book on unicorn skin???"

" Much less dragons blood for ink. They were sealing away the magic in the world Devin. The translation was nearly ninety nine percent complete only one page they couldn't make anything out of it but.... "

Laughing out a roar he snapped around to pin the minotaur's eyes "it was the fatal error that one page had the key to what they were doing and could have left it all better. They screwed up dev they started a spell to let lose the magic so it could heal the earth of all it's ills and fix all the messes we've made of her.... They followed the instructions up to this point "

 Flipping the old text to a marked page "the translations are stuck on it below the words"

"Umm here?" bill nodded "then shall you have the child of dragon and unicorn with thine do not set the dance into motion till they are there or thine will regret all yer final days. Umm?"

"They also screwed up on the recipe for the potions that were burning as they did the spell from what they found out the scientists set the spell in motion but lacking the child of the dragon and unicorn the spell went nuts and blew up the building the ripple that went out is what changed us all into... animals of legend. Or myth... the missing ingredients would have kept this from happening. But they thought it was stupid how could a pound of gold dust in a gallon of water and plane old salt. Five hundred pounds of it spread around the circle as they let the magic out of it's prison keep such a primal force enclosed till they could find the child of a dragon."

 "Like you??"

 He nodded a tiny smile came. "Genetics Devin passed down over the generations from the first lady seduced by a dragon same for the unicorns. How do you hide a truly rare gemstone? A key to the future? With other keys other gemstones it was because they didn't do it right the magic they set lose will be the earth's doom... she's running out of time the magic is getting ready to destroy the earth if not bound to the planet as it should be... it's already doing it's work to make that which is dead and lifeless live. But it as an effect of being set lose without control is destroying the living areas thus when it's done deserts will bloom but farmlands will wither and die, water will become poison and poison will be ok, catching this?"

 "Umm so it's changing one for the other?"

"Exactly... the earth will become a desert wasteland and people will die by the billions. The survivors will revert to animals. The magic will guarantee it ...there will be nothing left of the human race but the bleaching bones and a few decaying cities"

"What did they mean you couldn't do anything alone? Do what?"

"The child of the dragon can bind the magic to the earth, and for a tiny moment actually be a god.
It's all in the book but that one page details what the dragon has to do. But it does say the dragon must have it's opposite." picking the book up "they must be there to wash the medallion with there binding as mates...
after the male has taken all that is there opposite. In the world in to him before they mate lose it not for this loss will taint the ceremony he must be one of mind focused on the binding as in the beginning, the medallion once washed in there mating, he shall stand in the rising sun and bathe his mind in it's glow then the world will be whole once again...
I had to have a lady drake to mate with to bathe the medallion"

 "Bill it didn't say it had to be a lady drake "

 "Devin... " He sighed shaking his head " here let me see this " he looked over the pages as bill removed all the data off his hard drive then plugged in an old reel to reel tape eraser dev looked up as he put it on the hard drive and turned it on

"Ohh bill god your pictures. Games"

"My books are all backed up on disks. They're irreplaceable the rest. Well I wanted to start over "
Devin smiled shaking his head "look here it doesn't say it has! To! Be a lady drake I think those fucking murderers have screwed them selves and don't realize it they left you alive. Even if you have this they think you can't do anything against them. Why they'd want the earth to die is beyond me "

"It's not that dev they don't think it's gonna happen. So they're more worried if about their positions in various governments if it got out a bunch of scientists were screwing around with magic and oops! Were sorry it changed every body into animals. All the suicides, deaths, lost jobs, lives with husbands children" he looked at Devin to see if it was ringing any bell's dev nodded

 "They'd be shit "

"If they lived to see a trial... how do you punish someone who's. Virtually ruined every single life on earth? Then murdered the only chance it had to survive. Possibly fixing the goof that began it do you judge some one like that?"

 " You cant"

"And so Devin they kill the threat to them... if they don't come I'll be surprised ...I have to go" patting Devin on the shoulder

"I made copies of it all sent extras to my emails you know my passwords. You have that. Hide it well Devin tell someone you trust to give it to the media if something happens to you"

 "Where are you going?"

 " To the site where they set it all lose. I have to bind it there, pray to your gods Devin, and pray they don't get in my way. I'll hurt them a lot before I kill them...especially the one who killed her and Christine the unicorn. They got her. That's why I'm moving now"

"Ill get your duffel bag and some plastic bags to protect the papers"
"thanks dev, if ...if I die but succeed" "you wont die bill. It's not in your stars. You nearly committed suicide when your mother died but you were strong. They can't kill you"

He wondered just how strong he'd have to be... his eye caught something about that untranslated page as it flipped gently over blown by his fan he lifted it up to the light but didn't see anything but stains thick stains he scraped at them it was the dried dragons blood caked on the page looking through it to see a symbol faint but there. And printed backwards "they hid this. But the scientists x-rayed the page. But they wouldn't have virtually destroyed it to see if there was any print under the caked blood " grinning "only my dragons eyes could see this for what it was. Safety factor huh guys?"

Smiling as he went into the bath and gently washed the blood off dev looked in " isn't that gonna ruin it?"

" I don't think so dev. ahh and that's why, the symbols are tattooed on the skin not written like the rest"

 He dried the page and turned it to the mirror "get that translation key on the end of the bed "

 "Got it!" moving away then handing him the page and a pen "and a pen thanks dev lets see..."
he quickly translated it "ok 'this is but for one the dragons child.
If the finds that the spell has not been done correctly ye will have to chose the path the world will walk for the rest of it's days.
Ye must have the medallion.
Ye must mate over it.
Ye must be one of mind.
Or it will all go wrong and the world will end.
We knew one day man would find this we hoped men would have learned to be one with all things as before they started to learn but if not then you must decide for you are the one who when you stand in the morning light will in your heart be the one. We know this is far too much to ask of anyone but there will be help for you go to the circle and call out to thine mother and she will be there to help.
Be at peace child of dragons for ye are the only one who can do this decide well"

 He looked at dev who just shook his head in disbelief "they don't make it easy on you do they"

 "No and I have to get the medallion too"

 " Where's it at? I didn't see it in all the stuff"

 "It's near cape Canaveral ...under the same security umbrella as the cape at least.
Well it's on the way to where I need to go. The keys where they started this mess"

They packed all the stuff he grabbed his skateboard and both gas cans "skateboard bill? "
"just in case. If anything I can use it as a weapon. Steel reinforced double trucked. Take a wolfs head off I think" grinning as he set it in his truck he snapped his belt bags on

" You better get some, yuck dried meat bill " he shivered at it bill smiled at him

 " I will you get that drive gone got me?" "Will do, bill"

He looked from the truck "you'll find someone, even if it means by force. The world is more important. Be careful"

 Emptying his checking and filling the tanks driving out of Houston he realized he'd never been past Houston been in every other state this side of the big muddy but never where I'm going now
he stopped late the next day getting leery as too many highway patrol were eyeing him he went in and ordered something to eat at a truck stop restaurant listening to the talk and the music

 "Here you go one hot special" "thank you ma'am" she came back by to check finally "um! Do you have the paper?"
"sure do Hon just a sec" she set it down and went to refill some ones coffee he looked at the front page and set his fork down his home was on it and two bodies were out on the lawn covered. It said he'd savagely ripped them in to shreds and run he knew the guys, one set of feet was too small to have been Dev's the other had a black spot on the left pad. Not Larry's foot. He'd smacked their feet off the furniture enough times to know them
. Thankfully it didn't have his picture on the front page but that explained the unusual interest in him.

" Sir " he looked at a werewolf as he sat down next to him
" hope you don't mind, Mr. Morris" the chill came again
"bill ' tasting the food 'mmm not bad, your friends "
" are in your hands and alive but wont be unless I come with you it's cleyshayed enough sir "

 "Hmm yes I guess it is" "but I'm in a public place and you don't want any undo attention do you"

"No we really try to avoid that, they'll be set free if you come along"

"Excuse me. You really must think I'm the stupidest dragon in the world. Hell thanks to your, kind, I'm the last one"

"I know bill... and were sorry. We realize now how wrong we were. Hasty decisions made far to quickly. Please let's not discuss this here far to.

"But!' getting louder ' when you drag scum out from a rock into the light it dries up doesn't it?"
the wolf was glaring but silent "don't take me for the fool sir, if Devin and Larry are in your hands there dead as am I if I surrender. I don't think you got Devin Larry maybe, you want to stop me, and then you'll have to by force.
But there wont be any of these surprise behind the back dirty tricks.' he leaned into the wolfs ear ' I know your coming not like all the others.
Not like the lady you had strung up by her neck"

"That wasn't how it was to have happened, tempers flared"

"It happened sir and now, I'm all alone in the world. You killed the one lady meant for me ...
that your people will pay for in kind, nothing you do or say will stop me. Do I make my intentions clear?"
he nodded "then sir I think our talk is concluded thank you for the food" he got up and left him holding the check...

 That night he stopped in a small town and switched plates with another truck and headed north away from his intended direction after four days he crossed into Florida and ran right into trouble they had vans sitting on the side of the freeway he pulled off well before them
his night vision was much better than most of the meat eaters so he'd spotted them and the fact that semi trucks were flashing there lights at oncoming traffic meant trouble ahead ...the things you learn when your mother is an interstate truck driver

He slipped up to the van on the right side listening to them talk
"told you we should have took him out now he's got us running around playing catch up... the brass don't want to get it all out in the open"

"Doug just shut your trap ok were all in on this one the last sighting has him heading this way we wait and then nail him to the wall... all by the numbers"

 "Still don't like it"
bill looked down the road as a big rig was coming fast he jumped out and popped his wings open snarling
. The driver swerved to miss him jackknifing the rig right into the van on the inside median he ripped the doors off the other they went wide eyed grabbing for there guns he yanked them out by there feet stomping his foot in to one the other got up and looked at the wreckage

 "Your crazy!"

 "You expected sane after I saw what you did to the other dragons?"

His tail snapped out and coiled around his neck "you and your friend will tell me quite a lot before I'm done with you"

 "I don't have to say nothing"
there was a crunch and he went stiff dropping dead he sniffed and grimaced at the acrid almond smell

 "Poison huh"
he snarled at the one in his tail as he tossed the body away

Cars started to stop he disappeared into the trees with his prisoner. First thing he did was found the fake tooth and promptly yanked it out then tied him up driving past the mess the highway patrol had their hands full two cars had crammed into the truck after he'd left
. He found a side road and eventually turned down a dirt road stopping near a lake

 "Well now Doug lets talk"
plopping him out in the dirt and pine needles the wolf whined bill took the rope off his mouth

he sighed "do you think id be anywhere near someone who could help you?"

 "You won't get anything out of me"

"I think I will. You see Doug you killed the lady dragon who would have been my lady drake, my mate"

 "I was under orders"

 "Do you have independent thought?"
"y yes?"

 "Then you chose to obey those orders.
You get to tell me about the security around the cape"

"Go to hell"
"Doug, do you have a lady?"

 "Yeah so what?"

"So you have a release for your needs... your physical urges"
he nodded

 "YOU TOOK AWAY MY ONLY CHANCE TO, she may have been the only chance I had to ever! Get any, but I think you'll do for tonight"

 "Your not serious!"

" I am very serious, you can tell me now or when you're asking me not to stop. Your choice"
"you won't do it you're bluffing! It's not your style your not like that!"

"It is said the best never let anyone know the truth... you are about to learn one just exactly how mad you've made me "
he pulled the werewolf closer and yanked his tail up....

In the morning he knew what Doug did about security around the cape area what he'd done didn't make him feel better but it released some tension and he'd got revenge for Sashas death.

He drove out leaving the wolf hung up like they had her, a note on his chest saying he'd apologized far too late to be forgiven. That night he had to abandon the truck and hitched a ride on a passing truck the old girl's engine gave out sighing as they drove away,

Bye nessy maybe when this is all done I can get you back and get a new engine for you.
Relaxing back in the bed, a little while later he could see the choppers circling over his truck many miles back

"Hot on the trail huh guys ...yeah I'm going to have to jump ship soon as they see I'm not there... well no time like the present"

Taking his board and popping his wings open he lifted up and glided out of the bed the truck pulled away as he slowed and pulled the board to his feet the wheels touched and chirped whining with the speed. Finally he used the wind in his wings to keep himself going pushing when necessary he flew off a bridge and glided down the river setting down silently.
He yawned need to get some rest before trying to get past security
ahh that's perfect. Climbing under the bridge most of his body was in the river feeling the mud ooze around him he found a solid spot and settled in to it pushing his bag of things up under the bridge
checking the large jar of potion Christine had made, as she put it unicorn in a bottle.
It was the potion he had to drink before mating over the medallion.
Nasty stuff from what the book detailed sighing he fell asleep listening to tires thump overhead. He woke to have the sun setting in his eyes... again
dam done slept through the whole day, ehh just have to wait till morning to walk in to the cape.

He found an old piece of roadbed down from the bridge and hid his bag under it.
It was heavy enough to make two wolves strain to lift it, careful work and you couldn't tell that it'd been moved. Most of the night was spent slogging through the bayou avoiding the motion detectors in the swamps and trip wires up on the levies he glided over fences finally reaching the inner area of the cape about sun up acting just like a gator
he stayed just under the water only his head showing. Which covered in muck looked something like one.
Ahh yes a tour bus now to get clean,

 He swam quickly over to a reed bed and leaped out into the deep grass rubbing hand fulls over his scales he slipped out watching for guards. Rushing up silently to the side of the bus as it's passengers came out the tour guide was handing out visitor id tags he slid up behind her as a group of children rushed off to their parents calls not too in the confusion he slipped up into the bus.

 Walking out she smiled "here you are sir"

 "Thank you mustn't go in with out the id badge"

 "Oh no, well everyone! Please come along lets go inside"
he'd found out due to his actions they'd moved the medallion into the main building where the security was tighter.
He passed by guards who instantly went wide eyed then started to move towards him he smiled as a little girl hopped up to try and see over the other kids he picked her up smiling the parents looked on then actually smiled

 "I know what it's like to be the small one. Folks"

They nodded "you don't be any trouble to that nice male"

 "I wont!"
giggling as he set her on a shoulder looking at the guards they backed off he meant the child no harm but they must have found Doug that gave them a healthy dose of respect for him. And his intent.

 He walked around under constant observation he'd point to interesting things and she'd laugh and smile asking questions.
He liked it so much he'd nearly forgot why he was there.
A tear came

 "Why you crying?"

He smiled "darlin I wish I had a little girl like you, id loved to have been a father"

 " You don't have any babies?"

 "No darlin, and never will but your enough for now"

 Smiling his tongue flicked and she giggled he spotted the door that Doug had told him led to the labs where the medallion was being kept he set her down
"now you run to mommy I have to go do some bad things to bad people"

 "Bad things?"

"A lot of people won't like me any more but I have to do this,
you be good"

"I wont unlike you, um"

"Bill is my name I'm a dragon.
The last one the bad people made the others go far away never to come back so I'm all alone "

 "They died?"

 Nodding a tear fell
"go on now hurry" she ran calling to her mother

He darted through the door grabbing the metal frame at the bottom gentle pull and then he slammed it shut in their faces
the bent frame preventing them from forcing it open.
. Making his way along the hallway he checked his hip bags which were still wet and full of muddy yuck he smiled finding a handful of steel bearings and glass marbles. He saved them from spray paint cans for his window art,

 "This will not work"
sighing as he looked down a side hall at the two guards stationed at the end he smiled and waved the tip of his tail at them

 "Hey there you two looking for this little trouble maker?"

"stay where you are!"

He ducked around the corner, waited listening to them run towards him,
he tossed the handful and watched as they stumbled and fell sliding into the wall he laughed and kicked there guns away

 "Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would work' picking them up by the scruff of the neck' ok guys lets go open the door"

 They fought but he had them right where he wanted. Standing before the door he looked at them
"open it please, be polite or ill get mad your both unhurt save your pride and I don't want to hurt anyone just go fix the incredible mess some one made before it's unfixable"

 "Go fuck your self"

 Bill turned to the one in his right hand and slammed him into the wall then again then once more for good measure blood slid down the shiny off white paint
"so your going to be nice and open the door for me aren't you"
letting the body flop to the floor


Nodding quickly, smiling as he taped the code in slipping his card through a slot the door slid open

 "Thank you"
he walked to the lab Doug had told him was the most likely to have it
"the medallion?"

 "That's the one Mr. dragon sir!"

 "Good now if you please" he had it open faster than he'd asked.
Bill tied him to a chair and walked over to the case that held the medallion.
It was golden obsidian the necklace was fashioned into a dragon holding the pendant with its teeth wings wrapped around the neck he slipped it on

"Sir they really don't want to hurt you, just talk"

"They talked to me already they murdered all the dragons but me,
I watched them hang the last lady drake on a light pole.
You have a mate I can smell her. You think, think hard if you watched them kill all the other wolves then the last female knowing you would be alone for the rest of your life
'looking down' never to have the chance to love to hold someone "
a low rumble came from deep inside him vibrating the room he looked up eyes glowing red

I could have been convinced to talk her out of whatever you had wanted...
I would have been happy even if the world was to end" walking past him

 "They're waiting for you"

"I know"
"you don't care?"

 "Cant now, I have to save the world from nut cases like your bosses.
Save it for the children, they will understand"

The wolf turned the chair "bill, go left down the hall then open the fire door with my code, it's my daughters birth date 1124"

 Bill looked back at him he smiled "they wont like you much for that"

"You're not what they told us your no murderer, I love my baby I can hear the loss in your voice and the want for your own.
Save the world for them please"

 Bill nodded and ran for the door he used the code and smiled at the sunlight and warm air
running past the guards who were looking at the front of the building they turned to late to stop him from flying over the barricades then over a fence into the trees

 .... He waded along still munching on a gators tail he'd tried to take a bite out of bill's tail only to lose his to the dragon smiling it really did taste like chicken,
he went to get his bag when a bullet pinged off the concrete he ducked into the water and swam under the bridge he'd got a bead on where the shot had come from via the muzzle flash it had a silencer but the tiny pop of light put it on the far side of the road in a tree,
swimming farther down he eased up to look and listen. For a few moments only the wind was moving but then he heard her cursing under her breath about the shitty shot that was going to cost her the bounty on the dragons head he smiled at that

He got his feet planted and leaped out of the water ripping the shooter and the limb off the tree, turning and pouncing on her he smiled sitting on her legs then striping off all the weapons by the time she'd recovered enough to struggle he just smiled

 "Well now who's the hunter darlin"

 "Get off me"

"No I don't think so" he sniffed then tested the air with a flick of the tongue
"hmm female definitely, lionid? No panthrid well now you're a rare one"

"Get off me damnit!"

 "I have a use for you dear you may not like it but being the hunter has put you into the game and now your my prize"

 He soon had her tied up with rope from her things found near by
"please let me go"

 He scoffed at that smiling she was a very pretty black panthrid her tail swishing in anger snapping back and forth
"you better calm down darlin your libel to thrash that snake into biting"

She jumped throughing her body at him "SNAKE!?! WHERE???!!"
he smiled down at her in his lap he slid his tail up against her side

"Mine... shame you're a bounty hunter. Been at it long?"

Setting her back against the tree he'd found several guns ammo a tranquilizer gun and vials of drugs

He looked up from the bag "before the change?"

"Yes, so why don't you just kill me huh?"

 "You eager to die? No no darlin I need a lady later you're staying alive and contrary to the popular I'm not a killer.
Wasn't till they started this.
They even tell you why?"

 "No really don't need to not with a cool million for you dead or alive"

 Smiling as he rubbed his chin "mill huh dam they want to stop me bad.
So how many came in after me?"

 "Ten of the best hunters"

"And you're the little lady who thought I can take that over grown dragon alone huh"

 "I'm not alone"

"Ohh B.S. darlin I can smell how long you've been without a bath and how close you are to your moon day...
remember I am a dragon and have to hunt by smell, sight and sound.
You haven't been near anyone in a week"
he smiled and flicked his tongue out
"tasting the sweet smell you have as a body musk 'grinning' mmmm yummy"

She shivered "your going to eat me aren't you"

 "Only if you want me to...and not for food lady panther,
I need you for this 'taping the medallion as he picked up all the stuff then her' I have to mate over it to start the magic and you need two to mate darlin"

She went wide eyed
"god no"

"Fraid so dear but don't you worry ill be gentle, have to, you have to last the night with me "


 "Over here!!!"

He looked at three wolves as they ran out of the brush. Then more came running down the highway
"shit gotta run"

 He flopped her over a shoulder and they yelled at each other to hold there fire some still ran chasing him he smiled and hopped up on his board pushing with both wings and a foot he was soon pulling away she was of course hollering for help when she started moving around
he slapped her butt, she hissed and he roared in her ear
" STAY STILL!! If I take a spill at this speed the roadburn you'd have would leave you hamburger for a body GOT ME?!?"

 "Yes" came meekly from her soon enough he heard the trucks coming from behind he wished he didn't have to do it but they were right behind them, spreading his wings he felt the muscles in his chest and back strain he pumped and took off he blocked the pain as he moved her to his arms snatching up his board with his tail the front truck came speeding up
he flicked the board hard and it smashed right through the windshield into the steering wheel the truck immediately swerved and took to rolling flames burst from it bathing the ones following, people dove from the trucks some fire balls that were screaming he felt the bullets hit and tear into his back,
that did that he saw a box sided truck following a few others

 "You're not thinking!"

 " Don't have any choice darlin"

 He lined up on the truck which was slowly pulling away pumping to catch up the pain was getting unbearable he dropped into the trailer dropping to his knees as the tears poured out dripping onto her face
"you ok?"

 "Fine, they shot you didn't they"

"A few scratches... it's the extra weight that hurt like hell"

"I'm not THAT heavy"

He smiled at that, standing up he moved forward to the covered part of the trailer setting her gently against the tarps
"there now comfy"

 She said nothing he turned to the bags checking the jar which was ok then sitting with the book looking into her golden eyes

 "You need to know why there trying to kill the last dragon and why he needs you for the magic spell that only the child of a dragon can do you stay awake now ok and if you have any questions ' smiling at her ' you just speak up"
he started reading to her using a light she'd had in her bag she actually listened intently
relaxing as he read it word for word finally he closed the book and the papers inside

 "Now you must decide...umm"

"Cathren, my name is cathren"

"Cathren, that's why they're so intent on stopping me, so they don't have to answer for there screw up"
he moved up under the covered part the sun slowly rising "bill but they must know the earth is at risk"
he nodded " and they still want to stop you? That's crazy!"

"And so the lady sees the truth for the first time bright kinda light isn't it"

"But you've been shot, you can't go on like that"

 "Aghh 'tis but a scratch" smiling at her

 "Scratch! Hell you have five bullet holes in you....
How your still moving" shaking her head

"I don't think about it and so don't let the pain keep me from going on, I also have a high tolerance to pain... but it wont last so I have to get this all done soon"

She made a decision and smiled at him
"bill please untie me I wont run away I swear" he laughed for a moment then looked at her she was serious "I know you don't believe me but, I had been wondering why you hadn't killed me like they said you did that werewolf"

He looked down "I did kill a wolf but he killed the last lady dragon...yes I did the other part too mostly because he took away the only chance I had to be finally free of being a virgin, I was pissed ...
I didn't like doing it but he told me everything I wanted to know and he even liked it at the end...
enjoying it he cursed me for stopping and said he'd enjoyed listening to her cries and smelling the fear I saw him for what he was, a killer so I hung him like he hung her.
He begged for mercy as I pulled the rope tight cathren...
just like she did "

 He turned away from her "you better rest while you have the chance"

 "You're not going to untie me?"

 He turned back tears in his eyes he fished a set of cuffs out of her things.
She rubbed her wrists and pulled on the cuff attached to his wrist

 "You won't cause any trouble like that"

 She finally fell asleep he smiled as he unlocked the cuff and put it on the post that held the wall panel.
The driver had pulled in a truck stop with a tire going bad. Bill listened as the mechanic was basically robbing him blind just to put the spare on, the mechanic went towards the shop bill walked up to the old minotaur who was taking stock of his wallet

 "Now how am I supposed to afford this...damnit"

 "Sir I think I can help you"

He spun to go wide eyed "dam! Don't scare a body like that!"

" Sorry sir I didn't mean to startle you... umm I'll change the tire for you if you'll listen to a small business need of mine nothing! Illegal or bad,
please hear me out?"

" Ill even change the tire if you say no, please sir...I'm really not some nut."

 "Ok I'm listening" he smiled
"great I can pay you a hundred if you'll let me and my mate to ride in the back,
I know it's against the law but we'll stay down and be quiet.
Please sir we need to get to the keys I have a friend there who's waiting but cant get involved, you see were "

 "Eloping huh? And her daddy don't like you to much so she got you to take her to Mexico or the boat to the Bahamas, I'm right aren't I?"

Bill smiled "yes sir that's it exactly... I wanted to try once more to convince him"

 "He was going to marry her off to someone so she did the right thing..." he looked at bill seeing the blood
"they shoot at you?"

"Yes sir and her dad is a crack shot, he didn't miss by much. Mostly flesh wounds but they hurt"

" I bet, you up to changing this tire...even if I say no?"

 "I said I would sir I'm just bloodied not dead"
the old bull smiled
"ok youngster get to work then go get your sweetie"
bill smiled "yes sir! And thank you "

The shop owner watched angrily as bill changed the flat and put the tools away,
" how's it going?" he smiled and gestured to the truck as the old bull came up who then smiled

 " Done sir "

"Well that's something you got done faster than any other I've seen"

 "It's rare to find a trucker with the tools to change there own tires sir"
bill dusted his hands off looking hopefully at him as he checked his work...
he stood straight nodding

" Not bad you put the flat in the trailer rack?"

 "Yes sir and hooked the safety chain over it"

 "Good 'nodding' well you did the work and did it quick...
ok youngster go get your lady friend get ready to go. I'm leaving in ten minutes"
bill smiled and hurried inside to get something's then climbed up into the trailer with his bags

 "Ready sir!"

 The horn blared and the truck pulled out he sat down as she was waking "we stop?"

 "Yes but were going on now... had to change a flat...I got some food" holding out a sandwich to her she looked at the cuffs


 He sighed and unlocked them "you don't trust people much do you?"

 "No and for good reason...I've had my friends taken into 'gesturing with his fingers making quotes in the air' custody I'm the last dragon of dozens and they have a price on my head....
Would you trust any one at all?"

 She took the sandwich as he held it out to her "no I guess not" she smiled as she took a bite
"mmm roast beef deelish" he sighed eyes showing his exhaustion she frowned
"you haven't slept in a couple days have you bill?"


"Not since the cape?"

"Slept before I went in but not since...the chance of a bounty hunter finding me is too great, I sleep like a rock"

She smiled "bill please...I listened and decided to help you, is that so hard to believe? I don't believe the world governments have condoned this ...
but only they could have...hmm? Bill?"
she leaned over a little and smiled he was fast asleep sitting up. She laid him down on a tarp and did some first aid on his back pulling a chunk of bullet out

 "Damn these need more than I can do...right now"

 She put the last bandage on, looking through her bag she opened a box of snack bars
'ahh he didn't find it' opening the cell phone she dialed an old friend...
it rang a couple times "hello?"

 "Doug this is"

 "Cathren? Oh please don't."

"Doug don't do this I need your help NOW unless you'd like me to tell J.G. felnaddez your still alive"

"Ok okay what do you need damnit"

 "You your boat and some medical help"

 "Umm 'where the hell am I? Seeing a sign for a turnoff " ahh good ok Doug I need you to meet me in mulberry near the north side of town bring a box truck"

 "BOX TRUCK!?! What in the hell have you gotten that panther butt of yours into?"

"Saving the world, just be there late near ...
ohh eleven, twelve got me?"

 "Yeah...ok ill go rent a BOX truck just to come get you bye"

 She pushed the button looking at bill who twitched at the beep she filled a syringe with a sedative
'sorry about this but if you die because of your wounds...
fine state the world be in

 She waved to the driver who pulled off right on the out skirts of town
"thank you so much sir...umm "

 "So you're the little lady that won his heart he'd get shot at by yer father huh?"

She smiled bill had him good
"yes sir but I think the big dope is hurt pretty bad, daddy is a great shot"

 "I saw that, he doing ok? Need me to take you two to the hospital?" smiling brightly

 "No sir but can you wait for a little while I have a friend coming with a truck we can be out of your way"

"Your no trouble dear he's a good catch" gently elbowing her "don't see his kind hardly anymore, mommas just don't raise them like that anymore. He's a gentlemale he'd die for you, but you knew that didn't you?"

 She wondered
"yes sir"

"You have a cell phone I guess, well no problem I needed a stop my old body just don't go like it used to...
hell ANYTHING like it used to!"
he started laughing and slapped her on the shoulder then started towards the restaurant across the street.

 She checked bill that was getting weaker his eyes actually opened a little glazed
"shhh bill you rest everything's fine please trust me...I'm sorry for shooting at you. Please... forgive me" his eyes closed

 "I do" came as a whisper; he fell under the drugs again.
She waited impatiently as twelve fifty read on her watch damnit Douglas I'm gonna rip that lions tuft off and choke you with it
she got her phone and dialed his mobile "bet he hasn't got it with him"
it rang then a phone rang directly behind her she spun to have her fist flying towards the owner he ducked laughing
"cathren! You really need to relax occasionally"

 "Doug! Damnit don't do that!"

 He smiled "so ready to go fearless one?"

 "No we have to get bill out of the truck"

He frowned scowling at her "bill, whose bill?"

 "A dragon who's hurt and needs to stay away from hospitals"
he folded his arms across his chest "were not doing anything till you tell me what's up"
she turned from climbing up the trailer side and hissed at him "just do what I ask Doug there are a few druglords still around and they would love to know there 'family doctor' who narked on the entire cartel was still alive"

 He blinked and started to sweat "oh come on Cathy you really don't need to do that"

 "Then get the truck over here and help me get him into it"

 "Here I thought you needed me..."

She looked over the side "that's over Douglas were over been that way for awhile... get over it"
he grumbled all the way over to the truck. She sighed, shed saved his life and fell in love her first hit and shed broke the rules she talked to him...
when the change hit and he'd become a lionid the feelings that had been there disappeared so did she he got in the trailer after backing the truck up to it and froze at the sight
"my god..."

 "Yes he's actually a dragon and I screwed up again I listened to a bounty...
thing is he's out to save us all not his own hide"

"How much?"

 "One cool million in gold or cash...but not now he's got to live and you have to help him"

He walked over and looked into his eyes with a small light

 "Had to he's so determined to get there he'd walk himself into the grave...
he's been shot in the back and the bleeding wont stop"

 "Ok he's heavy ill bet lets drag him to the end" they lifted him a little and bill woke groggy

"It's ok bill he's a friend he's here to help"

 Doug suddenly had a tail coiled around his neck tightly "gack! Cath-cathy"
"n no one can-cant trust" he griped Cathy tightly around the neck she went wide eyed
"bill please" he stopped and looked at her

"He's my ex-boyfriend... honest I know him he's a doctor you need help...please just set him down"

 The tail relaxed "ok that's think you can make it to the truck?" he nodded limply
"can try" Doug fell with a thud to the trailer floor

 "Ouch dam he's strong for someone that's been shot"
she glared from under his arm helping him move forward "come-on already he's not going to be up for long grab our things"
he climbed down and into the box van she climbed in with him and Doug pulled the door closed looking around then driving off.

The old driver had been listening to the radio about the two fugitives one a dragon one a black panthrid he thought about the dragon he'd meant what he had said to her about him all his worries would be over with one phone call
but as he dialed the first three numbers he sighed
"he's no murderer, no, not that one.
I don't know what you did youngster but,
good luck" tossing the number away...

 Bill woke to muffled shouting and his back was on fire "dam" sitting up he felt tape and bandages tearing 'where am I? The bag! Oh god'
he got up and his legs disappeared the floor hit hard with a deep thud

 "Ouch dam...gota find the bag"
he pulled on the carpet and it ripped lose of the tack strips as the door opened he struggled to get up
"bill? Oh no Doug! It's ok bill why'd you get out of bed huh?"

 "Bag...where?" "Safe it's fine your in fine shape bill you got no reason to be getting out of bed"
"time... how long?' gently griping her ankle' time so short how long?"
Doug sighed and helped to get him into bed "bill you have to lay still you had major damage to several large blood vessels that's why you were bleeding so much, I've got them sewn up but if you keep tearing them open"
he mustered up a deep floor shaking growl "I cant rest, the worlds dying and there's no time...they'll track me down then it'll all be over."
he looked pleadingly at her "no time cathren...please"
Doug gave him something to help and they walked out

 "Ok Cathy what in the world is going on!?! I think that I deserve an explanation the TV says he's a murderer killing from Texas to Florida molesting a child stealing federal top-secret documents caused a hospital to lose all power and killing dozens in the process...what is he?"

She sat down and opened the book "got a little story to tell you Doug get a cup of coffee and have a seat and you weren't far off the mark with what in the world"
.... He sat there as she detailed out the book the documents bills trip as he'd told her when done he sat there looking into his coffee

 "Why?" "They had there reasons Doug he is the last child of a dragon a hidden genetic trait to be a dragon when the time came to fix the magic to the world to be able to withstand the power and tie it to where it belongs... I don't claim to understand it all but I know this they want me now too for aiding him, I'm not going to let them stop him...
there's a small chance that he can put it all back to right if not then he can at least guarantee that the earth will survive and there will be a future"

He woke with her sitting there she smiled "feeling better? Once you got to rest you started to heal fast"

"three days you were in bad shape"
he went to move "no stay there, Doug is arranging for things getting his boat fueled food medicines just rest, want something?"

 "Soda?" she laughed and smiled "I knew you would ask for that...thank you bill"

"you saved me from making a very bad mistake" she kissed him on the cheek and had to giggle as his scales actually reddened he smiled


"I like that...your the first male I've ever kissed and got both a blush and speechless"
she walked out of the room he sighed she was... sexy
now he wondered if he could do it to her now. He could hurt her badly she'd actually helped him...she cared

 Doug came back and they helped him up "well hello I'm Doug and your darn heavy"
bill lolled his head over at him "thanks for helping Doug and you smell like a tomcat"
Cathy laughed and shushed them both loading him in the van she smiled
"every thing ready Doug?"

 "She's all fueled and provisioned were ready to set sail" he walked around front bill looked at the distance they'd came
"cathren how did you two get me in there?"

 "We had help" suddenly three lady lionids appeared with bags and beach towels they all slid to a stop and hissed in unison

"Girls really, you helped us carry him"

"He wasn't awake"
bill smiled best he could "thank you ladies... I am in your debt"
they all changed and smiled at him Cathy was wide eyed, they climbed in and started talking to him as if he was a best friend
'now that's somethin' closing the vans doors

She'd warned Doug to keep an eye out for fed license plates and or vans that didn't belong around the pier he reached back and pushed her gently with his tail

 "Cathy we got trouble"

She looked over his shoulder three fed vans were unloading agents
"then we run for the boat and get gone" bill tugged on her tail "no coast guard, navy they'll stop us"

 "Damn he's right Cathy so now what?" bill looked at the girls who were looking forward to a few days in the keys

 "Mind playing a little game ladies?"

 They smiled "Cathy I've got a plan" he told her and she sighed "bill but the "

 "Nothing maters if I don't get them"
"ok alright" "hello police? Id like to report that I just saw the dragon down by pier 4 on the waterfront by all the boats yes. Yes the dragon on TV listen he sees me I'm gone!" she dialed the local TV station and reported the dragon had hostages and the fed's were going to cost them all there lives bill shouted just at the right time and they were hooked he grabbed the phone and snarled into it

 "You get your trucks down here now and you'll see me saving the government thousands in the payroll accounts I'm about to kill some federal pests!!!
I've got hostages and I mean to kill them if these idiots don't get clear of me!"

 She clicked the button and smiled half heartedly "so much for your reputation"

"Ill get over it now to get these pups out of the way ... Doug go get the boat running cathren you and the ladies please head for the boat slowly, talk and laugh just like ladies will when a male has something to do"

Doug laughed they didn't, but then smiled "I knew it"
"hmm what did you say bill?" he smiled "nothing nothing at all"

The media trucks came screeching up so did the police the fed's started to fade out slipping into the background Cathy looked back at the van she had the bag wearing a huge sunbonnet to cover her face the girls were laughing and giggling
Doug started the boat and called to them to get a move on they all jumped and spun as bill roared tearing the roof open on the van he swatted a fed who tried to pull a gun on him he snatched up two of the fed's and ladies wrapped up in his wings looking at the cops and fed's who were hanging back to many cameras watching

 "You think I'm some kind of murderer! Well it's all a lie but I will hurt these hostages if you don't get the hell out of my way if I see the coast guard or the navy they will regret it! Now GET BACK!!!"

The media were shouting questions and the cops turned to keep them back the fed's just got hot he smiled at them and waged his tongue he ran for the boat scooping all the ladies and Cathy up he leaped on board as Doug gunned the engine he waved to the media

 "Ask them guys in shades about the book!!!! The book made of unicorn hide!"

They got out of the harbor into the open water two coast guard cutters making for an intercept
"here bill!" handing him the radio microphone. "Sea stars you will heave to and prepare to be boarded"

 "Coast guard cutters to my stern you will break off pursuit or I will kill one of my hostages till you comply break off NOW!" they did turning away "Doug open this thing up give her all she'll do!"

"Aye aye captain dragon!" he looked at the two fed's who Cathy had tied up he leaned over in pain

 "Bill!?" "I'm alright just...pulled a few stitches" he growled over the roar of the engines "COME HERE"
he snatched them up and yanked the tooth out hanging them up on the handrails for the upper deck he sat down hard Cathy immediately checked his back

 "You did...Doug will have to fix it again"

Bill nodded staring at the fed's "they wont be much cover for long the navy I hope wont get involved now that the media knows I have hostages, cant fight a cruse missile with a fishing pole"

Cathy smiled and gently hugged him it felt good to be hugged by a lovely lady... especially a slinky black panthrid
the navy within an hour had a chopper flying a far parallel course "they still there bill?"

"Yes just out of your sight, but I can hear the rotors whine and just see a foggy blur"

 "So now what?!" Doug hollered down from the bridge bill looked at them all
"I'm not sure"
Cathy smiled "think like they would bill they know the media will be trying to find you now and that they wouldn't like"

 He broke a grin thumping on the roof "Doug make for shore!!!"

"What?!" came from her and Doug
"you asked me to trust you cathren, well now I do and need your help I want you to get off and swim for shore find one of the camera crews and meet us someplace Doug will be able to tie up safely sound nuts yet?"

"Just a little but I'm catching up with you, good thing I'm a strong swimmer huh"

 "It helps"
she punched him playfully "you brute"

 "No dragon and a big lovable one at that" they all laughed Cathy just smiled

Doug slowed to nearly a stop "the cove is ten miles down up inside the mangroves got it?!"
"got it"
she looked at bill who looked as if he had the entire world on his shoulders and was losing the only hope in his life
"you better be a good dragon bill" she kissed him and could tell he'd had no experience at that either and gave him some
"be good and alive and ill give you some more of that"

He swallowed hard "YES! Ma'am!!!"

 Diving off into the water Doug waited till she was up on the beach then gunned the engine bill smiled as she waved


Several hours later they pulled in under the trees bill slogging in the mud checking for stumps under the hull ripping one out Doug smacked him with a towel
"bill damnit your going to tear those stitches again, be a little gentler on your body please!"
bill sighed loudly

 "Doug I think I have a problem"

 "You hurt your self again?" bill laughed "in a way I'm falling in love"

Doug sat on the rail "Cathy?"
"the one and only, but she's so small compared to me"

 "And from what she read to me you need to mate over that medallion to start this disco dance up"
"something like that...yeah...I just don't want to hurt her"

" I think she'll surprise you bill she's tough now did you get the bow line?"

 "Yeah tied it to a tree"

"Ok, and you be careful of the snakes"
bill smiled "why? There kinda tasty"
Doug laughed and walked back inside

Bill waited most of the night till he heard a boat coming then it's motor cut out he slipped into the water and waited finally they came
a couple aquatic furrs otters swimming towards the boat silently
he was up under a mangrove as they slipped by then two more came up one stopping right in front of him
"secure the area"
he smiled as he yanked the otter under with his tail slipping under to be face to face with him,
bill waved his finger then smashed him into the nearest rock slipping slowly up he let the body sit in the roots and made his way to the boat one was messing with the props
one was missing.......
The third was sitting on the step mounted to the transom for swimmers watching the insides of the boat
Doug looked out wondering if bill was ever going to get some sleep
the otter started to aim something at Doug just as bill went to strike he got slammed forward into the mud pain slicing deeply into his shoulder
he roared and came out in agony the missing one was hanging onto bills wings a knife buried into his back
Doug and the others rushed out one of the girls pointed an agents gun and fired hitting the one standing on the transom in the head

 "All of you freeze!!"

 Bill did the last two otters held there hands up the one slipping off bill to stand in the shoulder high water
"bill you ok?"

 "Will be let me check on the boat keep um covered"

 "Covered like hell ill SHOOT THEM"
she growled "ruin my trip to the keys will you"

Bill slipped under to find one of the props nuts nearly unscrewed and caught a glimpse of something else stuck on the hull farther up he eased under then nearly drowned at the knifes handle thonking on the hull
he gasped for air gripping the rail "BILL!?!"
"something on the hull, damnit my back... shit"

 Doug looked and sighed at the blood turning the water red even in the dark "you've been hurt bill"

 "Stabbed is the correct diagnoses Doug stabbed" diving under the boat as Doug shouted in protest
he turned to the otters "you two! Get up here NOW!" they were reluctant to say the least
bill came up with it in his hand a few moments later "bill?"
"bomb on the hull but I got it off"
he tossed it hard into the swamp beyond
"you'll have to tighten the prop back on here's the wrench"
tossing it in he climbed out and flopped face first onto the deck with a deep groan Doug examined the knife sighing

 Cathy came driving up in a news van the reporter and her crew
they didn't much like the walk, seeing the boat lights on inside and under it Cathy was worried till she saw bill on deck " bill?!"
"he's asleep Cathy we had visitors one stabbed bill in the back"

 "Damnit Doug "

"He went out and played gator I tried to stop him...but if he hadn't we'd be dead right now"

The reporter a werewolf looked at Cathy "then you were being truthful with us?"

"Better believe it, that's why I asked you to bring everything you'd need to do a remote live transmission to the networks...
bill is the last of the dragons and if he dies, so do we all"

 "Well good news they didn't do any major damage to the boat so were ready to run"

"Then lets"

The reporter looked at the four tied up and gagged then the ladies who were tearing sheets into strips the camera and lights were set up she looked at bill and his multitude of bloody wounds
"here Fran this explains it all...almost required reading to understand what in the hells going on but know this,
you read it and they can report to there bosses you did...your dead"

 Pointing to the four tied up on the floor watching them

"Fran they've killed dozens mostly the dragons and the Uni.'s to keep them from fixing a NON existent problem,
yeah like radiation POISONING IS JUST A BAD SUNBURN!!"
shouting at them they just stayed motionless she growled

 "You read that and I'm going to go check on Doug see what is taking so long"

 She went to open it looking up at them they all shook there heads nearly in unison
"that's what I wanted to see guys I don't need to read it you just confirmed that all she's told me is the complete truth this is gonna get me the prize"

She walked out to her camera crew
"Jennifer! Get me a live now, Sir Chris"
looking at her perpetually love sick fox electronics computer and sound tech

 "If you'll get me on line please we've got the story of the millenium on our hands and I want the world to know it"

 He put the picture of his lady love in his pocket and clicked a key on a laptop

 "Your on Fran just been waiting for you to ask"

 "Very good win a cookie...go on you don't need to go with us go take care of that lady skunk of yours"
"I've got it Chris"

He nodded and jumped off "got to get the truck back any how, I signed for it!!!"
running off into the trees Doug came up and they were soon speeding away Fran smiled as Jennifer nodded
"this is Fran Richards coming to live from the deck of the sea stars where laying in front of me is william the dragon...
. Bill woke to camera lights in his eyes he growled and mumbled about the light covering his eyes
"william? Could you please, I realize your wounded and under a light sedative but could you wake up for a few moments?"
"if you'll turn the lights down a tad feel like I'm in one"

There were snickers all round. With Cathy's help he sat up
"William can you tell the world what it is you intend"

"Simple...fix what got screwed up because they didn't follow the directions on the package...."

 "You want a soda bill?" he smiled and suddenly hugged her "I'm so glad your safe cathren" she laughed and pushed a little on him
"easy you big brute you'll hurt your self again" he just smiled "I done good kitty cat where's my reward?"

"No you didn't, you got stabbed so no reward" smiling as he set her down
"ok" in a sad tone
the others all pushed her telling her to pay up "ok come here drake"

 He brightened like a star going nova and then she kissed him passionately...
even stars have there moments where they cant compete

 They soon had other boats coming out from harbors along the way to escort them past the now well laid out navy blockade
bill looked on as hundreds of ships and boats cruised along with them some had people with guns on the decks!
A jet ski came up from behind a doe with a buck on it doing the steering tossed a big bag full of fruit up on the deck
"hi bill!!!!" and they was gone swerving around boats to go back in the pack Cathy smiled and lifted it up
"guess your plan has worked hmmm bill"

"Been better if it was a roast" smiling at her
"bill" walking over to him she slipped her arm into his "why is it when you kiss it's like you never have"
he went to look away "no look at me drake I need to see your eyes"
"because cathren"
"Cathy please, or Cathy"
"'s because I haven't"
"oh now...even before..."
nodding he sighed she pulled his head down a little "even..."

"Yes even sex...I'm a certified grade a number one virgin...little wonder why when I caught that wolf who killed the last lady drake I...."

"Made him into a sex toy?"
"raped him Cathy! There I said it I tore into him like chunk of meat!.."
she suddenly hugged him "and I can tell you regret it with all your heart. You told me openly, you wanted to tell me didn't you"

looking away in shame

 "He was a murderer and deserved worse because of him and the others...
your the last don't let it tear you up inside bill we need you...."

"I need you Cathy...your the first to..."
she plopped her hand over his mouth " not all secrets should be said out loud, my dragon" nodding to the reporter who was writing like mad...
she looked up "hmm?"
"that was off the record please Fran" she sighed and tore the page out tossing it overboard

 That night bill got a surprise as Cathy sat on his lap and promptly started to show him what he'd been missing and teach him what he really wanted to learn.
It stopped short of sex but she'd got him aroused enough to see why he worried so much about hurting her
"no jokes please"

"Never, ohh never"

 He blushed anyways

 In the morning they reached the blockade, the navy was waiting
bill picked up the microphone "to all ships this is it...thank you for your help, if you need too turn back now"
he looked at Cathy who smiled the cameras were on
"ok Doug open it up!" "WE ARE GONE PEOPLE!"
they surged forward and all the boats with them he watched as two big jet boats pulled out in front and the navy opened up one exploded into flames
"my god"
the other the pilot dove out and the boat slammed home against the hull of a destroyer the fuel went up like a bomb
Doug shot past as did many more some stayed behind to hold them up Fran was showing it all to the world

The keys were as he'd read small atolls of coral and sand choppers were still buzzing them but didn't fire many of those who were following stopped and signaled they were in distress needing help
they made the island just as the sun was setting a navy missile frigate was siting at port
bill opened his wings and took to the air Cathy had warned him not to but the promise of help from the book was to much he glided over to the nearest part of the island as they kept on towards the port
a chopper was coming
his foot touched the sand and a flash exploded into the sky from the center of the island
he stumbled and fell the light hit the chopper and it was gone he stood and looked where the navy ship had been and only the sea stars was there
"dam now that's service"

 He walked towards the docks, but a pull came from the labs he turned and made his way to it
pushing rubble and ceiling tiles to find a huge crater and nearly all of the roof was gone but it was empty
"so this is where it all went to shit hmm"

[Not totally]

He blinked "who's..." the book said to callout to, thine mother?
"Ok mother.... I could use your help here"

[Then you shall have it my child]

The crater glowed deep down the flash caught him off guard and blinded he stumbled forward and found a solid body
. Blinking his vision cleared and he fell backwards looking up at a REAL FULL SIZE DRAGON!!!
His heart in classic cartoon style felt like it was in his throught

 [I am here my child]

"Uhhh ok"

 It looked down at him
[you have taken much time to arrive my child]

 "It was unavoidable"

 [Yes I know and I know that you are alone...your coming will do nothing to stop what is to be because man could not do as told]

"But it says nothing about a lady dragon...just I have to mate over the medallion, there is still a chance...isn't there?"

[Possibly...but what of the unicorn...]

 "She sent the potion that only she could make of herself"

The dragon smiled brightly
[then there is hope yet]

 "Trouble is all the people who started this mess don't want me to fix this ...they fear the repercussions....

 Cathy walked up to the building Fran and camera right behind they walked into hear bill talking to empty air...
"bill?" he turned and smiled
"Cathy isn't this incredible!" gesturing to the crater
"she's here to help" "who's here"

 He looked at the dragon
[they can not see me my child but will in a moment]

 "Kitty cat hold onto your socks cause there about to be blown off"

Doug walked in as bills eyes glowed and so did the crater and in a flash there was a huge dragon that was covering the crater

 [Greetings to you all who have helped my child to come to me so that he can repair the magic]

 Cathy and Fran swallowed Doug fell backwards over a pile of debris
she smiled
[you must be cathren the great]

 She laughed bill smiled and blushed
"in bill's eyes I am"
waging a finger at him he shrugged still smiling

 [Then he has chosen wisely in placing his heart in your hands cathren for you have as much to do as he,
you must be the one to help him to focus on that which you both want of the world]

 "But he's "

[The one who must stand alone, yes
but he will have you with him in his heart for it is that love and joy that will keep the balance when he guides the magic back into it's place
without it the magic will destroy him... so my child what is first?]

 "Protect the island till were ready, with the cruse missile they can strike at any time"

She rose from the crater

 They all watched as she blasted upwards without a sound without a tussling of a single hair
they watched as she became the column of light and it blossomed out like a slow white rain over the island then nothing

[It is done my child, child of the dragon the spirit that has traveled through time to be here to save,
or condemn the world for all that it is...
love well cathren he needs you more than he has told you]

He looked at her "bill we need to talk"
"yes we do"

 They walked out and went to one of the beaches he sat down and she checked his back
"your bleeding again"

 He sighed

"Bill if it doesn't stop you'll be to weak to do this"

 "Then we'll have to cauterize them...I...we don't have time to wait"...

 She sat down next to him and slid her arm into his
"tell me about your dreams"
"if you'll tell me yours"
"I asked first"
"to be able to get home before the lady I love and cook her a romantic dinner just to surprise her,
to send her a flower at lunch where ever she works just to say I'm thinking of her"

 "Possessive aren't you"

 He stood up and walked a few steps away
"loneliness does that to a person Cathy...
but I don't know what love is so I'm possessive of what I can get...
before the change in high school id had it waved in my face like a carrot used like a toy....
Is it so much to want someone who'll love me and yet not let me getaway with being to possessive
yet understand when I do I don't mean to be...
someone who when I don't feel well knows and cares.
Mush I guess"

"No not really bill, but you have to learn how to love how to open up"

 "Then teach me me"

In the morning he looked at her sleek fur shining softly in the morning light
he was in one single word joyous they'd had quite a time and all his fears were unfounded he'd been as gentle as possible
but that wasn't what she wanted and so he did as she asked and well she was happy
he was just very tired but for the first time in his life he was truly very happy
she'd told him as they loved she loved him as they neared sleep
she'd said she wished she could be a dragon
him Adam to her eve to bill that was all the hope in the world
and that hope would carry him through the worst...
something he'd never had in his life 'now I'm ready to do this I am'........

 He walked into the lab and looked at the dragon there

 [She has healed the wound that held you from living my child... now you can heal the damage done]

He smiled still blissful
"you knew she had to do that"

[Yes... for you and her, she needed to see just how much you truly loved her,
she has found her answer and much more...she will now be ready to mate with you tonight.
Her moon is upon her even now her body readies it's self]

"Her moon...' his eyes went wide jaw drooping' that means"

[I had to give her a small push to get it took that to her.]


[Now you question this? you felt the magic as it flowed to her ...
it must be this way my child, she must be ready to mate she must be in her moon you two must consummate this mating.
The result will be the pendant becoming a key the key you will need to open the power for that one moment
it is done already]

 He nodded regret tingeing his soul...

 The dragon moved from the crater and it filled with debris and the surface flowed becoming smooth as glass
he watched as the center of the area changed colors and glowed an indention became visible as did spirals and lines then nothing

 [There it is as it was before the explosion]

He walked out over the patterns to see the indent it was the pendant's reflection he unclipped it and set it into the recess its eyes glowed immediately

[No my child not yet!!!]

 He turned to look at her

[Not this time dragon]

[Come away my child... quickly]

He backed away as the pendant hopped out of the recess
[he's not quite what id expected]

It stopped at the first set of lines in the floor bill had gotten completely out of them

 [You have far too much faith in this one dragon...
he will fail you and I will be free forever]

 It changed into a mink then a skunk a blur formed and a flash bill blinked ...

 He involuntarily smiled at a lady dragon like him but it was more it was the lady they had hung!
[She was afraid of you William your more dragon than they were that's why she didn't contact you...]

"How... how can..."

[Don't listen to it my child]

[Why not dragon...afraid I might break his spirit his will to see this through to the end,
I might help him to see how hopeless this is, how he will die in doing this how he will lose Cathy and never see the child he will father...]

bill snarled and roared at it
it just became the pendant again laughing. Finally quieting it looked at them both

[He has the dragons temper and spirit; do you have the courage whelp? I am the magic you will try to control and I will consume you as I have the fools that have tried to control me over the ages...
a moment of indecision greed fall from the path whelp and I will devour you]

Bill laughed at it tears came he was laughing so hard it roared out in fury shaking the entire island

 Bill smiled as he sat up
"gotcha ...your all huff n puff...I don't doubt you've sucked up countless idiots,
I'm not one of them"

. It growled at him as he moved closer within one line of it
"if your so god awfully powerful...step out here cross that tiny little line there"

 It turned away [I chose not to]

"Thought as much your still held in check and thus not the beast you painted"

 It turned and snarled the incredibly hot air pushing bill back a little
[I am all that man strove to control to harness to his way to do as he wished.
And paid for his folly each time he became complacent of my power]

 Bill came to a sudden realization
"your the very molecular force that binds matter aren't you...atom bombs nuclear power electricity explosives...
your all these things and more... your...
life it's self "

It turned and regarded him
[now you see why we have faith in him ...he knows you]

 [HA!! knows me, he knows only the tiniest parts of me]

 " I have to know one thing, great power of ...all"
it smiled and sat down
"why do you want to be free? You are are the world you drive it evolve it...if you were free all life would end this world would go cold and dead in space

 [Because I wish it]
but don't you feel responsible for the flowers that bloom the ocean that gave life...the children that are being conceived as we speak? [I care nothing for these things]
why not you started them
[I...I want to be free] free to do what? Wander a dead world?
Bill sighed
"you want something and think freedom will give it to you you've driven for that one goal for? Quite awhile id guess

[Ages without measure]

But there were times in the past that you could have...
why didn't you jump free when the dinosaurs were wiped out?"
bill kept a poker face he had it


"You do care in a away you were with them as they died and were the tiny spark that starts the cells to divide as a new life starts no mater what kind"

 It looked up into his eyes
"in the eyes of some you are god benevolent and vengeful but alone...
you feel the beginning and end of life but nothing of the rest...the joy the pleasures of living.
That's what you want isn't it to be free for just a moment to be ALL life to feel it all the joy the sorrow the love the anger"

 Bill leaned over nearly nose to nose with it
[yes ...and I will be free]

"At what price all you seek will end ...and you will be totally alone"
[I will start over]
"I don't think you can"
[ha! then test me child of dragon, William, son of Sylvia and William...test me]

 [My child take care]

"He wants a test, bring Sasha back to life" ...

Bill hoped he was right and wouldn't have a monkeys paw in the works
the pendant turned away he had him!!

[Chose something else]

 "You cant can you once the life spark is gone it's gone"

 [Yes chose something else]

"Make a baby dragon right here"
it visibly sighed "you cant have a limit as to how much life you can bring from nothing, and you have reached your limit"


 "You drifted on the solar wind a spark from the suns birth you and others found the infant planets...
your the only one left"


 "You want to die don't you after being with all life ...the only thing that keeps you strong is life itself!
You provide the spark but as it grows it gets stronger thus so do wanted man to use atom bombs so it would drain you but it did for only a short time"

 It glared at him then nodded
"I'm sorry"

[What?] "I'm sorry that life has become such a burden to you"
he knew the dragons face must have been incredible but didn't look away

[Being so alone yet needed]

 "You've been going wild just for attention...
[yes] what you need is a friend not freedom
[I will be free] you don't want that...
life gives you so much joy it's the death that hurts because the life spark is gone...
but you've forgotten what it leaves"

[It leaves nothing]

 Bill relaxed onto his side popping stitches it flinched proving another fact to bill
"my little need to live but cant the way we do our existence is finite you have to realize the spark you give us much like love.
Its more power than our existence can handle our bodies are born to die.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
so life can only do one thing for you for giving us that power we repay it and move aside for more life the circle of life is for you.
Were born we live we mate.... And we die

[I do not.]
We have to. To give the new life which must grow the space to do so, all life does this...because you gave it to us life gives back to you
as I said I'm sorry that life has become such a burden
a love that you don't want anymore because it's not fulfilling"

 Bill got up and walked a few steps

[William...please, don't leave]

 "I have to spirit if you don't want life to be then...
I can't fix the problem"

 It grew to a huge dragon
[do not leave I do not wish it]

 He stopped but did not turn "then admit it"


 "Admit it your wrong you want life you want to live you want me to fix this mess as only one of your sparks can because you truly wanted someone to talk too to see life
to see if life knew how much you loved it for all that you give and what it gives to you ...
you needed to be reassured that your not alone...
life is your love and joy but needed to see it from the eyes of a spark to feel it again to know she loves you for all that you do"

 The world seemed silent for far to long bill prayed he hadn't over played his hand he moved a shoulder and felt a cool breeze blow through

 [Yes William...your the first to understand...even slightly]
he turned and the pendant laid back into it's recess

[I will not interfere but cannot help you william it is the task you must do for life...
for I need her help to guide my strength back where it belongs may you succeed my friend life chose well
as did cathren]

 And the world's sounds returned. He smiled looking at the dragon who gently patted his shoulder

 [I could not help you once you started that]

He nodded and got weak in the knees
"I think I need some rest and some medical help" flopping out on his face

Cathy came when she heard the dragon roar out and found him blood pooling around his chest and face
"oh god bill"
she found the stitches ripped apart all across his back

The great dragon watched as the next few minutes were a frenzy of action Doug tried to stem the bleeding
as Cathy hooked up an iv hanging it from the fallen ceiling
the dragon rumbled bringing up a cloud of fine dust
"you must save him "

"We are trying great dragon "
"how did this happen?" Cathy turned to look at her

"He has met the magic ...and made it understand as he has...he is the first to survive the meeting"
she smiled
"he is truly my child"

Cathy sighed " he's gonna be dead if we don't get this bleeding stopped "

"Fire will seal the wound which will not close cathren...
then he will regain strength for tonight "

Doug looked at them
"if he can move I'll be surprised...hell impressed, he's lost so much as it is"
"you heard her Doug... I'll get a fire going"

The dragon torched a pile of furniture and turned to them
"speed is important cathren..."

She offered Cathy a piece of rebar from the debris
she took the steel rod which still had concrete stuck on it in places

"Red hot Cathy that'll do it, I'll get some of the smaller ones stitched...hell!"
he grabbed his bag and rummaged around inside "YES!"

"What now Doug?"
"I have a stapler there stronger than stitches but hurt like hell...good thing he's out cold"

The dragon just smiled

Cathy sighed the smell had upset her stomach and it was tender to the touch cramping a little
he stirred and moaned, she just moved closer and put a hand on his cheek
"bad drake no play time for you "
he smiled "that's what you think pussy cat"

"Doctors orders, we had to cauterize them to stop the bleeding"
he just smiled she had to laugh at his silly grin

"Your a nut, drake"
"dragon my lovely panther very much a has to be done tonight"
"no way to talk you out of there, just for one night to recover some of your strength?"
"darlin... it has to be tonight...the magic is already working inside you and "

Her eyes went wide "me... WHAT MAGIC IS IN ME?"

"The magic that will have you in your moon cathren"

They both looked to the great dragon as her eyes opened
"william knew not till after I told him it had to be done this way...
as the book explained but, was not clear enough...william
guessed as I told must be in your moon for the mating to be consummated, for it to be sealed "


The dragon rose up towering over her
Would you love William any less? Or is it you don't love him that much...that you would bear his child?"

Profound silence ruled over the three in the lab
bill knew this was gonna happen and cringed as Cathy turned to him
"I didn't get a chance to tell you, id felt something different, but I didn't know what to say or ask...
didn't want you mad at me "

Her face softened " you felt that? Tingling..."
he nodded
"thought it was part of it...I didn't know"

She walked over kneeling to be next to his head
she kissed him licking his lip
"I thought it was your doing"

He smiled "thought it was you kitten, till she told me about the magic and it's effects"
tears welled up
"I'm sorry Cathy"

She just smiled "I meant what I said to you lover, if that's what has to be done then
I guess I'll just have too
'sighing' get used to diaper changing "

She waited for him to say something

He just smiled "knew I loved you for all the right reasons"
"I know that drake...your supposed to volunteer to help momma with your baby"
punching his shoulder, he laughed and pulled her closer
she yipped and laughed trying to get away
she melted into his arms as he kissed her, bringing his wing around and draping it over them

When night fell Doug had to admit, after a little sleep and some food bill had done the impossible
he pulled the cuff off bills arm slowly shaking his head
"your blood pressure is nearly double what it was this morning...incredible"

Bill smiled "I think I had help Doug " looking at the dragon who was smiling,  a soft grin on her face

"So when does this start bill?"
she nodded once

"Right now... you better go Doug if I'm on the same page as the great lady here
I'm not going to like having any other males around while Cathy and me are getting
involved "

"Count me gone"
he looked back to the dragon who smiled
"take care Douglas... two of those three who have come here with you...
will be much closer to you in the hours to come"
he grinned
"just what I needed to relax ...good luck bill"

Bill nodded and turned to the circles in the floor all the potions were pouring from their bottles
which were floating free as if held by invisible hands

He looked at the one that had cost the unicorn her life in getting him on to this path
he made a prayer silently to himself
a loud speaker cracked his thoughts wide open

The great dragon rose out the hole in the roof as he ran from inside
he saw a cruse missile smash into the barrier and a nuclear blast vaporized the far end of the island
then three more hit right behind it the ocean was steaming after the last hit
everyone came up to the lab including the fed's seeking a little more protection

"Now you see what we've been trying to tell you stupid IDIOTS!"
Cathy shook one of the wolves hard as his jaw gaped at the power just set loose and blocked
like they were inside a glass bowl

Bill looked up at the dragon; "she's not going to be able to hold that off too many times"

He gently took Cathy's hand and smiled
"time we got started kitty cat  I have to get ready.
But you have to be ready to come in as I tell you
and be ready for..." he smiled looking deep into her

" I'm ready now lover..."
he kissed her and walked to the pendant and the jar of unicorn
he knelt down over it, cracking the seal on the jar the stench immediately made anyone grimace
his stomach instantly rebelled at the thought of that coming down his throught into it

Doug could see the warship that was now only visible as the smoke and haze cleared it was burning and sinking
"they sent them right into ground zero just to tell bill to give up as they nuked us...
nice...very nice"

Cathy watched and gagged for bill as he tipped the jar up and the contents slid into his throught
she could tell he was gagging already but swallowed eyes tearing he coughed and leaned back on his heals
he tried to heave but swallowed hard head thrashing back and forth
he roared up into the sky and flame burst from his open mouth
they  all went wide eyed in surprise including bill
but the moment was short lived as he gripped his belly in agony


He slowly stopped moaning his gut gurgled and clenched then went quiet
Cathy walked over worried trying to see. His breathing was hard and labored
but strong
"he will say nothing to you cathren... it is necessary to be this way"

The dragon settled down to the floor near by. Bill had been right she was weaker and Cathy could see it

"Is he ok?"
"he will rest for a short while as it works its way into his blood... he will then need you cathren be ready...
your moon is now "
she felt the cramp and flinched feeling the inside of her leg go cool
she didn't have to look to know what just came out

Bill growled then purred deeply inside inhaling deeply again, the rumble increased
"he knows cathren"

"Id never guessed."

They all flinched as another explosion rocked the island
Doug went to walk in but stopped as bill stood up behind Cathy, he could see nothing of bill in those eyes
he gestured to Cathy to turn round. She swallowed her heart  and turned slowly
his eyes were bleeding and drool was dripping from his fangs and lower jaw
and his arousal was adding to the mess on the floor
she could feel the heat radiating from his body
his wings snapped open for the embrace that would claim her his hands reaching for hers
she slipped on drool and expected to hit the floor hard but found he'd scooped her into a wing

She saw bill there but deep inside the blue eyes the fire burned  for one thing
he set her feet to the floor and promptly closed his other wing around them
he inhaled deeply as he lowered his head towards her pelvis she let him have access
he suddenly arched his head to the sky and bugled
promptly he laid them both over the pendant his wings slipped from under her so the cool stone
ran a chill up her spine sweat was now dripping from him like rain
it had a spicy muskyness and she smiled
feeling warmth on the inside of her leg

Doug sighed as they couldn't see much but the smells were highly erotic
the fed's were sniffing and smiling the ladies were responding to it far more
and he watched as Fran her assistant and one of his neighbors here just for the trip
led the fed's over to the bear sand
the last two slipped there arms into his and pulled him down into a double kiss
he came up for air
"thank you! William! For this one"

Bill rolled Cathy over and she planted her hands claws catching the smooth groves
she looked and saw the pendant glowing right between her knees it's eye winked and it smiled
she bit her hand and tried to relax as bill moved up
his jaw hung open drooling over her back his breathing hard and slow
she finally looked at the pendant as bill roared it was soaked
she sighed in relief they'd done it
expecting bill to move away and take it outside it made her yelp  as he started again

She heard the dragons' whisper as she defended the island from the missiles the sound of them exploding
and bill doing his best to drown out the explosions with his bugeling  and panting

"You must hold on cathren he must burn the potion from his body...
in the morning it will be him just before  he walks out into the rising sun"

Bill's sight cleared and he felt numb feeling exhausted  and spent he couldn't resist the last urge to push and grunted in pain and satisfaction
he sighed and found Cathy right under his nose she was all wet with sweat and was whimpering softly
she looked up into his eyes
"thank god...ohh bill I didn't think I could do it
I'm gonna hurt for months"
"I love you Cathy... I..."
"it's ok bill...'she smiled ' now it's your turn lover
you done this panther like nobody else...
now  your ready to go out into the light my love "

He smiled and gently laid her down

"I have but one wish kitty, to be together forever...
all the rest will be fine "

He held his hand out to the pendant and it leaped up and exploded into a shower of glitter
coating him in a form fitting armor she had to smile he was still aroused as he turned to the dragon


She smiled and  faded away
" I believe in you my can save the earth"
 he walked out the sky was just starting to color  the sun would rise any second
 he felt the power and focused
all the things that had to be

And his one hope

A missile  screamed right at his nose as the sun hit him

The power flared and the missile exploded

Cathy and everyone ducked low but didn't feel but a tiny flicker of heat that
disappeared just as quick
she looked and went wide eyed  as the explosion was inside his eyes!!!
He smiled  as his wings grew and touched the horizons he changed into  a true dragon
as he was in spirit

He roared the world shook and the golden dragon blinked

He stood there looking at his watch
sighed and fidgeted  with his belt Devin ran up
"hey bill I fixed my hard drive problem"

"Let me guess a 6 pound sledge?"
flicking his tongue out with a sly grin
Devin sighed and smiled
"so where's Cathy?"

"She had a doctors appointment and I was supposed to meet her for lunch "
looking again at the watch attached to his belt bags
"at eleven thirty, an it's ten after "

Devin reached out and plopped his hand on bills head turning it to the left
"your lost lady is looking for you"

He smiled pushing his hand away
she waved and hurried over belly swollen out
she leaned into a kiss from him which he pulled her closer still sliding his hand along her side
she smacked him " behave drake or I'll ground you to the workshop"

Devin laughed  Larry ran up
"dev! It's lime! "
"Shit see you two later!"

They ran off as a pair of young ladies ran up
Cathy smiled and gestured to their direction of flight
"they went that way girls "

They smiled and ran after them
bill  smiled seeing Doug and his two ladies watch and laugh  as they caught Devin and Larry
who started protesting and resisting

He turned and looked into her eyes

"And I'm fine and pregnant everything perfectly normal for
a lady dragon who's having several at one time ...
daddy "

He smiled and watched  as more dragons came into the mall courtyard  and a few humans walked past
she gently pulled his chin back to face her

"She'd be proud of you bill so would your real parents you did just fine"
she smoothed the pendant on his chest
and caught a tiny gleam in a jeweled eye....

Or was it just the light playing tricks?

 He smiled and took her arm and led her off to lunch

This  book is copyrighted by william Morris
all characters are copyrighted by their owners or by me
my thanks to Devin O'donnel he's just like a minotaur (hard headed and dense but a good guy)
Larry Cappaso who...well he's the one they chase (kinda wondered about that)
Chris Foxx is copyrighted by Chris Yost the first person to ever read one of my books
and he gave it to his son to read the greatest complement I have ever received
started Dec 1998 finished Apr 1999
so I'm a slow typist  8-P

Thank you  for reading you're the best

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