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This site is home to my furry fiction. There are also links to the stories I read and or where my characters appear.

"Fire On High" Look here for a bit of aviation, real life, drama, comedy, and flying tigers.

Chapter 116 of Fire on High is now posted. All links are now active.

I have also written a special stand-alone FOH story, as a tribute to those who fought the good fight on 9-11-2001. Read Responsibilities here.

For an interesting story that's now nearing completion, check out A Little Nothing

Aslaug has written a wonderful companion story to "A Little Nothing" and has given me the honor of hosting it. Read A Little Something here.

I have written a short follow on to "A Little Something." Read

A Little Something: Thouroughly Modern Filly


A new "A Little Something" multiverse story, featuring Tigermark in a solo (sort-of) adventure. It is a crossover with Rick Coona and Nicolai Borovskaya's Coonaverse stories, and will be canon to them.

For A Season

is now completed.

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Links, to my favorite stories.

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