To some of my favorite sites.


Home to a couple of great stories, Including one where some of my

"Fire On High" characters make an appearance, check out:

The Range

Hosted by my friend, Silver Coyote. There are also some great stories set in the "A Little Nothing" universe here.

Another story where some of my "Fire On High" characters appear can be found at Aslaug's Axe Shed.

Her stories, "Transitions" and "Transitions II," and soon to start "Transitions III," while PG in their actual content, deal with subjects and themes that are adult and for some taboo in nature. It's a great read, but be forwarned. You'll also find some more stories in the "A Little Nothing" universe there.


To read a great story, and even see some fan art and fiction by me, go read James Bruner's awesome Zig Zag the Story. Visit the site where this wonderful read exists.

Zig Zag the Story

While you're at it, read the fantastic Sabrina Online the Story, and Tabitha at Chris Yost's

The Foxx's Den

Go see my friend Cirrel's art and stories at:


Read the great comic that got a lot of this started. Eric W. Schwartz'

Sabrina Online.

Sabrina Online

For some great Fan work of the comic, check out Sabrina Online the Radio Play, produced by my friends at Midnight Lilly Productions.

(Yes, I do voices and work behind the scenes on this)




Last, but certainly not least, visit the site where it all got started, at least in Zig Zag's case. Her creator Max Blackrabbit's home is here.

The Bolt Hole

Be aware that The Bolt Hole contains nudity and content some might find offensive. Proceed at your own risk.