# 2

he kept to himself most of the next day, they stoped at a stream he went up from the camp and relaxed into the cold water washing the last traces of his hunt off he heard and felt a giggle he knew who it was even before he looked.
he looked at avarelis laid out on a flat rock near him she was out shining the sun "well william we have a little problem last night?"
"not really just the dragon having his way..just part of being a dragon..sorry to disappoint you"
she lost her smile "you don't really mind being a dragon do you william" "'ll just take me a little while to figure out the little things" "then let this be your curse..the longer it takes for you to learn what you must the more you will each year will become more and more dragon till you finally are all dragon and william will no longer be...." he sighed and lowered his head "why are you doing this to me?...why?" "because" "i couldn't play a song?...." "because you dident know should know much more and could have played for me...but you will learn learn william learn quickly, or you will one day turn on those who will trust you devouring them all....."

he sat there long after shed gone tears cascading around his cheeks he didn't hear her till it was to late the lady walked around the bend clearly looking for him seeing him sobbing she rushed over "william!?" "go away lady...i don't dare stay near anyone now ...the goddess has changed her curse on im as much a threat to you as anyone else" he remembered the pain he'd felt as his mother was near death..she'd been all he had to hold onto the prospect of being totally alone was terrifying to him..the knives her pills his gun upstairs they had all called to him finally arguing over who was better that small break let his fear of dying take him and he'd called for help a hotline got him to a doctor ...she after a month of counseling and his mother finally dyeing after being in a coma for a week..he'd lost that fear for some reason now death dident seem so terrible

"william...please talk to me tell me what she's done now"
he did never looking at her he told her about his mother and how his life had nearly ended then "but you fought the urge to take your own life it now" "but i had a shadow of hope there is none" he looked up at her and there was one thing in her eyes that none of his friends had...was it love? he couldn't tell anymore "then live for me my my friend for long as you can
i too am afraid...please ...william" he looked again and she smiled holding a hand out to him "i swear we will find a away for you to beat the goddess's curse you will play this song for her.."he walked out towering over her and smiled "you may not like my attitude at times lady my temper fits a dragon..and i eat like one ..even as a human" "i think i can accept that..i have a bad temper too" smiling at him
"then my lady 'kneeling before her' i william of earth a man who is a dragon at heart swear my life and loyalty to you...i will see your enemies dead and destroyed to insure your safety"

when they walked into town people panicked ,as he expected and tried to warn the lady about she would hear none of it saying people were better than that...he went to say something but she stood up in her sturups and in a voice he'd never heard come from her she yelled at the top of her voice "HOW DARE YOU! TREAT THE KINGS ENVOY AND HER GUARD LIKE THIS!!!!! I DEMAND YOU HALT! AND THE TOWN ELDERS IMMEDIATELY COME HERE!...NOW!" her hair looked as if it would explode off her body any second and her tail was three times it's normal size the hair all on end thrashing in irritation zisa rode over but she stooped any conversation with a look at her "yes my lady" and zisa backed off...the people had stoped and were looking back at her "I WANT THE TOWN ELDERS NOW I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN"
three of the group of people came over quickly avoiding bill "lady please" "ill give no forgiveness for this outrage!...i want a meeting with the elders now and food provided for my guardians" "but the dragon? lady" "he is william my friend and guardian..cursed by a goddess to be a dragon he is true of heart and kind of dishonor your town and the king by running from such a warrior" he felt a spark of pride start to burn deep inside at her words another thing he'd lost over time it felt good again.

it took only a short while for gerin and galin to be gorged on food and ale zisa was meditating floating gently off the blanket shed laid out he smiled and wraped his tail around her sash which kept her from floating away like a balloon he ripped a chunk of meat off thick bone and took another huge gulp of ale chewing the excellent meat a small group of youngsters were spying on him from behind the trees and the wagon the food had been brought in he flicked four apple like fruits into his mouth and savored the crisp sweet citrus flavor belching a small roar out "your pardons my friends" wiping the rivulets of meat juices and ale off his jaw the two warriors smiled "you still eating william?" "he is a dragon galin they have huge stomachs" "true very true" "your pardoned william at least you have manners those two have none at all" they laughed "and thank you for keeping me from still working on that part" "not a problem zisa" he tipped back another cask of ale and drained it dry he felt one of the youngsters reaching to touch him from under the wagon he'd found his skin could feel changes in the heat near him even under the armor plating

he caught the young wolf by the wrist he yelped and struggled to get free "calm down" he did looking up at bill who set him on his knee "here have one" offering him a fruit he took it eagerly the others all came out to touch and climb on the dragon zisa smiled from under her hooded cloak the warriors just sighed and relaxed in the sun full bellies bulged. bill was soon inventing a story that had them all wide eyed in wonder hanging on every word as he enjoyed the remainder of his food and drink, the lady came with several of the townsfolk following they were apprehensive at first but saw the children all siting there listening. "so you see he is a good dragon...and i expect the best for him as he's caused the slavers to lose me twice" they all agreed "good then come along" bill smiled as he finished the story on a happy note the elders shooed them away "william these good people are here to fit you for armor and appropriate clothing be fitting your station and rank of guardian to the kings envoy..this one will make you a sword and this one a long bow" he smiled keeping his teeth covered "my thanks i do need the sword and something to protect my belly from the lady's enemies blades as i found out all to painfully"

they stayed and got well rested as the lady had them prepare a town meeting for the new laws calling in farmers from the local area he was sleeping out in the sun letting the kids run around him playing he loved the belly plate padded and suitably covered with a loin cloth of leather flaps like the roman regulars wore then a jobquin covering his upper body and back armor panels covering hips legs and tail jobquin under them the jobquin was layers of tiny silver dollar disks of metal attached to a padded 'shirt' he strapped on a collar of the same and looked like a tank the black smith walked up with two assistants carrying what he'd been waiting on "sir your sword is ready" "wonderful!" getting up with a leap they all cringed as he came down with a thud he took the blade and sheath from them and slid it out into the sunlight it gleamed
he tried the balance and smiled as he did a windmill then parried lashing out slamming down as if to chop something in half he stooped the blade just inches from the dirt "wonderful excellent balance fine work indeed" they smiled

he smiled at them as he pulled the shoulder strap tight the blade hidden under his wing..the town meeting was as he expected less than exiteing and far worse than an election commentary she stood there in front of the gathered people reading to them the new laws and changes made cince the last envoy came which as he listened was three ladies ago ..the others and their escorts were missing or found dead on the road by passerby so this was a major upgrade in the laws and tax requirements good news was a legion of the kings guard was coming to make garrisons in each town leaving a squadron of thirty warriors in each town due to all the slaver raids on villages robbers and just the lack of proper help out here for the people. he rolled his eyes back and sighed standing at attention looking like he was interested was worse than waiting to see the dentist.

a couple of the kids were playing off behind the people bill turned as he heard one start to scream and was silenced he aimed his ears and flicked his tongue 'dam to many sents and people whispering' he turned and looked at gerin "watch the lady im going to check on something" "she's already looking at you wondering what's wrong" he looked and just nodded she smiled and kept on with the news. he slipped away and quickly found the spot behind the square where the kids had been 'fresh blood fear ..' he growled and followed the trail he moved quietly around the buildings having been a security guard for 6 years he dident waist it. practicing the art of being out in the open and not be seen stalking people who were looking at new cars suddenly appearing and scareing a few years out of them then just as easily disappearing again it helped to have been built big as a human ..the same skills worked well in a dragons body

he slipped around the main grain storehouse a wagon had been pulled up next to it and bags of grain were being tossed in, another wagon was filled with young ladies all bound and gagged the kids he'd seen were on top one had been cut fighting he saw the lookouts watching the town square a horse whickerd and they all went quiet he froze as one came out and looked right past him then went back to tossing bags out bill moved quick and slashed the harness off the one loaded with people spooking the horses which brought out the thieves "the dragon!" bill smiled as he hacked a couple down then got a mage bolt to the nose it burned a little he looked at the group on horseback that he'd missed as they rode around from a side street "SURRENDER NOW ! and ill let you live" one he recognized as one of his late night friends they came on at a full gallop magic burning and swords at the ready he bulged then roared, flame wasent an option in the town so he snapped out his wings and flapped hard while taking two off there mounts with a slash the gust of wind caught them off balance and they toppled off onto the ground he smacked two with a back hand then put his blade onto the neck of the leader "yeld or you die..." the lion looking morph drooped his blade the towns folk and their few warriors came he let them take the lion "you will suffer for this dragon" "the best have tried and failed kitty boy..your just another purrrfect prisoner for the kings mines"

the town made a celebration out of the fight of course and his eyes wandered to the lady as she danced with townsfolk he sat there gulping ale eating as the music played and his heart ached watching her tail glide along the bounce of her breast as she moved her eyes as she looked at him from her various partners was far too much finally. slipping away into the woods he promptly took care of his arousal but the dragon dident want it and was fighting this, it wanted wanted her, to feel the soft furr the tail sliding on his belly in the movements of passionate mating the hot & soft silkiness of her insides..he nearly relented to the urgings but his manipulations won out just in time and he found release and it did as he hoped left him drained and sated. a part of his anatomy wasent gona like him tomorrow irritated by his scales that was the price to keep her safe from the dragon's urges...

he'd dozed off and awoke to a faint sent of ...another dragon but far ..very far distant and avaralis giggling! he snapped around and had her with his tail around her neck and a hand around her chest "YOU!! dam kitsuni!!" she gacked pulling on his tail "ive got you now you bitch you wont be laughing at me any more" she relaxed and fear came to her eyes the look made him pause the fear was new to her. "william you don't want to do this" "don't i did this to me, you made this body and it's urgeings..I WILL NOT HURT THE LADY AVARELLIS !!!...i'd rather DIE before i do AND YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO WAKE ME UP LAUGHING!! ID SAY YOU WANTED ME TO KICK YOU'RE TAILS INSIDE OUT FOR YOU!!!"
"I wanted you to get mad..please set me down " that was a smack to the head and he complied but still held her tightly "why goddes..why do this ?? and don't say because i couldn't play that dam song" "you dident know it william that is the reason..i have my as a man of nearly thirty should have had a song that could have had me enthralled and sated..i would have enjoyed rewarding you .." the tone and smile were one of a sexual reward but something bothered him her tone wasent one of disappointment but..casual familiarity

he growled and tightened his grip "no goddess there's something your not telling me..your visit to my room wasent the first was it!! " a tiny smile broke along her cheek "yes william .." "why then were you watching me...and've been watching me for years! haven't you ! the flute was just an ends to a means ! but why me!?!? why dam you what did i do to be the object of your attention !!! tell me dam you or i'll crush you into a pulp!!"
"if i tell you will you let me breathe" "you bargain with no strength in your foundation goddes..but ...yeah"
he loosened his grip but not his tail "she smiled "your good at heart william ..i saw that in you as a child a thief , spoiled by your mother but you learned so much ..she held you far to tightly to her skirts but you are strong, good at heart i was there watching when you stole to survive and for fun..the pain that you suffered through as you gave your heart and it was roughly tossed are a mixture of good and evil william a balance that should not exist does in you..and the creator above only reveals so much to my eyes so i must do what i have to to find out all i can about you..and why " " why bother with me? im just a man"
"yes you are ..but one with a soul which has been here before" she smiled " you took to the body as if it was second nature william, the sword you wielded it with all the skill of a master you deflected the mage bolt and dident even realize it..."

his thoughts became a flood of images things he'd done, seen , made ..."my collection of dragons and unicorns..the attraction of furrys...being closer friends to my animals than dreams that ive written into stories of fiction?"
"all part of have been here before william i want to know how and how many times" "why if i am a reincarnated soul then i have a mission a path i must take" " and i want to see it william so i have done this to you..." "and if you get what you want ..what am i left with " she was silent for too long then smiled " what ever you make of your life here william..for this world is where your path shall end i can not see or find any more of you beyond this..thus you need to learn what you need to live well william for your soul finds it's answers here in this world as a dragon" she slipped free and flew up out of reach giggling as he snarled "my curse on you still lives william find the lessons in life you lack play for me the song of life from the ages let me see what the creator has done to two worlds that would have souls wander between them why would he allow this, why would he want it ?? let me touch the one who made us all is all i have now william" she exploded into a ball of her blue flame "I WILL KNOW I SHALL !!!"

he sat down and let it soak in he slipped out the flute and played it finding the song had changed already, more strength and longing had colored it..he made his way back to town where townsfolk greeted him zisa came up along side and walked with him for a short time "the lady was worried about you william" "i had to take care of something private" " she wondered why you left the party so early ..but if it was important" "i had to take care of the dragon zisa..he wanted something i couldn't give him or let him have understand"
"i think so " she looked up into his eyes "i also had the goddess by the throught ..but let her go, after she answered some of my questions ..and gave me more" "she has done so many times to others william... she only answers what she wishes if you had her by the throught then she let you do so" "yup you would be right..." walking away from her as she sipped on a cup of juice
he laid down in the stables cool breeze blew across his rump shifting a little straw the air stoped
then he looked up she was there a sad look on her face "it is cold tonight william you have no fire to stay warm by?"
"not in a stable my lady, fire and hay don't mix well.." she sighed " zisa told me you had to leave because of the dragon"
"yes i fine now my lady i do appol-" she put her hand on his mouth " i felt how you were looking at me william.. i--i did not help by dancing as i did looking at you...I..." she turned and rushed off back to her room in the inn he watched her look out the window at him her shoulders dipped slowly head lowering at the same time, she turned away and the lamp went out
"sleep well lovely lady i will dream of you" pulling a saddle blanket up to cover his rump

the next morning he went to the square and found the remains of the meat that had been cooking on a spit several people were cleaning up so he cleaned that and any other food needing rescue
relaxing back into his straw bed chewing on a large bone the sun was just about to crest over the mountains to burn away the light dew and mist a bright glint on the peak caught his eye refocusing, it cleared and wings opened ! huge wings 'a real dragon..then i did see something last night' he smiled as it bathed in the early sunlight which suddenly flared in his eyes "aggh dammit" cringing away blinking the spots he found as it faded the warmth from the sun was all to fulfilling spreading his wings to gather it he understood why the dragon was doing this on top of the mountain it felt wonderfully enriching looking closely the dragon was gone too...

they set out soon after, the lady keeping to the lead of the group he brought up the rear, zisa rode around and came along side " she is mad at herself william
for being a fool last night and wanted to let you know that it wasent your fault and apologizes for doing that " " zisa..." " i know but i think she was trying to ...encourage dance with her " " she cant do that dance zisa you know that" she nodded "thus is why she's mad at herself...she finds it difficult to look at you today because of that " " tell her i understand and it's alright i wasent offended..." but i so wanted to show her that the dance is still new to me ..but im eager to learn she looked into his eyes " you love her don't you william " he blinked then smiled " is it that obvious? " " yes she knows it too " " tell her ..."
zisa looked at him intently " i enjoyed the dance that she shared with me but i will not hurt her life, her future those things are everything to her..." she nodded and rode off

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