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He looked down from the hill over the city it seemed so long ago now "but dam if it hasn't been only six months" the fight now had gone very wrong all the best laid plans had gone to shit and the commanders pulled back beyond the shield mountains he had stayed to guard the rear.

Not to be a hero but to finish the song, in most peoples eyes they were one and the same to him it was the right time, he pulled the flute from under his armor licked his lips and started to play....

His house was falling apart and he never had enough money to do the repairs, the housing association wanted their money, cable and the phone co.

His truck had just tossed its drive shaft off into a bayou, which was what he was after, slogging through the mud he dragged it out onto the dry ground.

"Damn u joints I knew you were going out YOU COULDN'T WAIT!!!" kicking it the metal rang

He rubbed the mud off his steel toe boots "all I need now is for my boots to fall apart" something glinted from the mud, shinny things had always got his eye he dug around the object finding a lock then a handle ideas running through his head as to what it was.

He got home much later, a friend had drove him to the parts store to get a new u joint he thanked him and fixed the truck. His attention was on the case he'd found in the mud it had at first looked like trash all beat up the lock clearly the receiver of several heavy blows even the clean hole of a bullet through it's heart hadn't got the thing open the edges were all pried up but the case had held its own.

He gave it a complete cleaning, spreading out an old towel on his work bench clicking on the florescent then an over head light shoving other projects out of the way rubbed his fingers on the now clearly silver and gold case the once fine craftsmanship now obliterated by the attempts to gain entry it had a tiny chip of a precious stone still in one of the many facets "god what kind of shit did you go through?"


He smiled as he set the chip aside for later it might be worth something at least, now how to open a case that clearly don't want to be opened. He examined the lock but any chance to have worked the tumblers was ruined due to the crud inside it and the damage via the bullet. . He smiled and grabbed a caulking gun and using a piece of wire to hold it up he covered the lock and it's side holes smoothing it all around the lock and around the shackle he left it to dry "now where did I put that coffee cup warmer of moms?"

He found it and set it to warming grabbing an old glass cup he went out to his truck and with a turkey baster drew out equal amounts of battery acid from each cell "refill you here in a little while" pushing the hood closed, he set the cup on the warmer then got a soda.

Turning on a small fan to vent the fumes that would be forming "now I'm no scientist but if I can evaporate some of the water from the battery acid it'll concentrate and should work on this lock from hell...ah I know! What might help" he grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and dribbled some into the cup "alcohol disperses water from the gas in my truck it might help here too"

The cup steamed and the fumes were as he expected quite bad he even had to cover it due to the alcohol invisible flame! Potential, finally with the silicone dry to the touch he propped it up so what was left of the locks key hole was up, the cup had lost a third of it's contents to evaporation and was quite hot he put on his barb wire gloves nice thick rawhide and with a plastic funnel gently dribbled some into the key hole it hissed immediately bubbles forming at the top of the liquid, smiling as he watched the acid do it's work, he fed more in as the bubbling slowed this went on for most of the night he ate and checked on the progress. Larry his roomer came home shocked to see him up so late.

He smiled "I was just about to crash" "don't you have to work tomorrow?" "I did but I'm gonna call in sick...'yawning' you can get on line if you like I'm working on something" "nahh I'm going to collapse see you later" he bounced over to the stairs and ran up
'ah the power of youth.. Something I lost out on enjoying I guess' he smiled and sat back in his recliner {something a neighbor gave to him because it was broke he fixed it and was now his favorite place to relax} he watched a few commercials and fell asleep.

In the morning he woke up late and called in using the lateness as an example of how bad he felt they said ok and asked where was this and this. Hanging up finally god you figure they have to be helpless "am I the only one who can do shipping around that place...jeezzeus!" sighing as he walked out to the garage he smiled as the acid had really done it's work to the insides of the lock were nearly nonexistent he took it outside and used baking soda'n'water to neutralize the acid and with a sharp yank the lock popped off.

He set it back on the bench tossing the lock away in the trash" now then lets see what some one wanted so bad" he pulled the hasp open the case was hard to open but it moved, gooey strings of some kind of sealant held onto the lid as he laid it open he wiped his fingers off they smelled of pine sap and cinnamon. The insides were dry gently pulling a cloth lining away he smiled "a flute a dam sliver flute...but dam ornate one" he lifted it out feeling the soft cool metal the jewels he smiled and blew into the end but nothing came out "dummy" thonking his head with it he picked up the mouth piece and put it into the end it had the head of a dragon as the end it's eyes were sapphires "star sapphires! Oh my god" he rushed up stairs and got on line using one of the many thousand search engines he found an on line jeweler he sent off an email asking if they had a current price for star sapphires of at least excellent quality and the size of a pecan meat half!

He smiled looking at it "you my silver and jewel flutey friend are about to be my key to fixing my home and a new truck" he put it to his mouth and blew into the dragons mouth...he felt as if suddenly he knew just exactly what to do and how, a song came from the flute smoothly and wondrous it made him feel the sorrow it spoke of then the joy and the power the fear and the most moving the love. Suddenly the knowledge was gone and he blinked "what the hell was that?" looking at the flute "play for me" he jumped spinning around to be looking at a fox? No an animorph! A humanoid fox, a furry! He smiled; she was drop dead gorgeous!! Three tails that were fanned out behind her, her fur wasn't the reds like a normal fox but whites and blondes "play for me" her voice had a tinge of demand to it "umm how did you get in here? And how can you be a furry?" "Furry? I am will play for me...then we will talk"

That was the demand and he'd got the idea that if he didn't she could get real angry just her dagger like canines that gleamed when she said you will! Play for me...and the claws at the tips of her fingers "I ...I don't really know how to but I'll try" she nodded once to that "alright then..." he put it to his lips and that same feeling came and the melody came out she closed her eyes listening then it stooped again. Her eyes popped open "continue" this wasn't good she didn't sound at all happy "I don't know how I'm sorry, I don't even know how I did that... honest" her eyes narrowed and glowed like blue balls of fire "PLAY FOR ME WILLIAM PLAY NOW! OR YOU WILL REGRET IT"
he felt his heart stop "I don't know how I'm sorry"
she snarled and her hands rose

There was a moment of pain worse than anything he'd felt in his life even his appendix when it was near to exploding in his gut wasn't that bad. He took a deep breath the air was different sitting up he was dizzy for a moment "good your awake" he snapped his eyes open she was there siting on a rock "where am I why are you so mad at me!?!...All I did was play a flute" "that is my flute William, I'm angry because you did not play for me I did warn took the risk of playing the flute" "what risk? There was no warning that if played you'll piss off a...a..." "goddess is the term your looking for" he clenched his eyes closed and sighed looking down he got a shock his hands were all scaly, claws "I have punished you William...I have made you into a are not on the earth you will wander this world till you can play for me..."

He looked up at her, her face was soft and kind it looked almost as if she regretted doing this "but why all I did was play a flute...I meant no offense, I never meant to anger you" "I know William but you did not play for me...had you done that, this would not be happening" "but how!?! I don't know how to play...I don't understand this...I don't even understand how what came out of the flute did!" "You will like all dragons have great power, strength. Your own body as it is dragon may run away from you, new things that a male dragons heart desires it shall have if you are not careful..." She looked at him with a sly grin, "You can even return home any time you like..." "and be seen as a dragon shot and killed cut up like a thanks" "you see your learning already...but you will fair no better here dragons are wild killers and all peoples see them as monsters to be feared.... Your quest is not an easy one... "She slipped off the rock and started to walk away, turning and looking back "you need not fear about the flute...even if stolen it will return to have to have it to play, don't you. "She smiled and disappeared into a poof of blue flames and wind.

"GOD DA...better not finish that one..." he sighed looking down again there was the flute hanging from a chain around his neck he wanted to explode and toss the dam thing into next week. But that might piss the fox goddess off even more... he took stock of his new home big probably ten eleven foot tall, armor scales, wings? Yep, tail check, what else? Nice color kinda aqua to green metallics some blues mixed in. he stood up "bipedal at least...thank you for small blessings I guess" he dusted off his armored hip looking around. Nothing for miles, he felt his nose as he itched it impressive set of teeth too he felt his tongue flick out...a new sense kicked in.

"Fear...blood...anger...death, DAMN!" he took to running towards the sent which his nose and ears soon got more info for him he saw in the darkness a group of five riders on horses running full out from ten right behind them, a flash blinded him and one of the five fell from it's horse like creature "dead, dam those guys mean business" the lead two horses flew past him the fear from one of the riders was incredible the last one was nearly past him as he stood and roared at the pursuers there horses went wild shying away one had some kind of light in his hand and it shot skyward harmlessly he turned to look at who he was defending two were in cloaks two were in armor swords drawn "go! I'll hold them up," a clang on his hip made him look down, "well what do I find trying to bother me? A little puppy!" smacking him away as his friends rushed in at him a bolt of light smashed one to the dirt he looked quick as one of the cloaked figures lowered its hand the other readying another blast "thank you!" he spun and his huge tail swept them all off their feet

He smiled as two ran, one got up and ran in he flinched as the sword penetrated his belly "Ow damn you!" he slammed down with his palm on the dog like furry, bones cracked and blood sprayed he roared out in pain and from deep within a huge burning came up like the worst heartburn, the explosion of flame from just in front of his nose made his eyes go wide in shock it bathed all his opponents in fire they ran around for just a moment before falling into burning heaps sizzling and popping "ouch" fingering the sword gently it wasn't in to far but dam it hurt, he turned the two warriors had their shields up and swords at the ready their wolfish faces illuminated by the fires the mage had both hands ready and glowing it looked like a skunk...his nose told him female as was the other cloaked figure

"Umm your not going to kill me are you? Them light bolts look awful painful" they looked at each other then the till now motionless and unknown figure pulled her hood back it was another vixen! "Oh great just what I didn't need" she put her hand on the mage who lost the glow in her hands "why did you say that...dragon?" he smiled nice voice "my bad luck...your not a goddess too are you?" she and the others actually smiled "no if I was those slavers most certainly wouldn't have been chasing us" he sighed "that's the best news I've had today. Excuse me just a second" he griped the blade and pulled it out tears came "ahhh dam" letting it fall he reached over to the squashed dog morph ripping it's cloak off he tied it around his belly.

Standing up straight they looked up a little "I guess I'll be moving on now hope your travels are better than today" "wait!" he stopped "why did you say that about a goddess?" "Because I just got done being cursed by a vixen... what was her name, ah Avarelas, yeah that was it. All because I couldn't play a flute" she moved her horse closer to him against the urgings of her escorts "so you're not a dragon?" "Do dragons talk like they were raised in a city? No, no I'm not she made me a dragon to punish me" the red-haired vixen smiled "I and my entourage owe you a debt, umm?" "William is my name" he bowed to her flinching in pain "and you're wounded.... Galer!" "My lady?" "Is there a place nearby where we can make camp?" "Yes my lady the dragon has got the hunters off our tails for the moment" "lead the way please" he nodded "yes my lady"

He walked along holding the cloak on the wound as the mage was making spells behind them the lady was riding along side him "so why were they chasing you?" "I am murr, that is enough...but I am also the kings envoy. I bring his laws to the cities and village magistrates. They would do any thing to keep me from doing that. And I'm murr; a valuable untouched potential slave. But you should know all this being from a city" he smiled how to tell her I'm not from any city around here "the goddess also took many of my....'She was listening and looking with absolute concentration he found he couldn't finish the lie he'd come up with...not if she was that truly interested "umm...that's not the truth lady...'he sighed' you'll think I'm out of my mind...but I'm not from here I was in my home id just played the flute somehow...I don't know how but suddenly there she was demanding I play for I did...she wanted more but I couldn't give more of the song so she brought me here making me a dragon as punishment till I can play for her....

She smiled "so I'm not from here I'm from a world called earth...where I am, I haven't the foggiest. On earth I'm a human and dragons are legends...and furries like you are just paintings that artists probably think I'm nuts" "no I don't. I don't say I understand it all but clearly you've been put into a bad situation with few ways to undo the damages" he smiled he liked her she was a smart one "ok so your a murr? What is she?" gesturing to the mage with a thumb "she is also murr...but I think I'm starting to understand you. Murr means never mated female" "ah ok so. Your virgins I get it" "is that what it is in your world?" "Yes, I'm a virgin my self, looks like it'll be that way for a long time to come" he huffed as she smiled "how old are you William?" "29. Nearly thirty" "I'm only 20 but I can understand the frustration you feel at not mating...I have my duty to my king and must be murr to approach the king on the day when he calls me" she didn't sound as if she liked that idea he didn't ether

As the warriors made a fire the mage examined his belly "deep but not dangerous, I will have to use some magic's" looking at him as if looking for approval smiled "sure if it will help sorceress" she actually smiled "I'm not yet of that skill but thank you for the faith you put in my meager abilities"
"not so meager if they stop the bleeding which hasn't slowed much"
she just smiled. She actually smelled very nice nothing like a true skunk, she concentrated hard then looked up at him with a very vexed look "you must relax your magic William for me to help you" "okay how do I do that?" the blink he got from her made him smile "sorry you don't know all the...hey how is it your all talking English, never mind" rubbing his head slowly sighing

The lady vixen walked over as the skunk actually giggled "Zisa?" "My lady, he is very confused" "dam straight I am, an proud of it. Actually doing the normal for a human in this position" they both laughed "he's having trouble putting his protection down so I can help my lady. But I think I know a way" she stood and gestured for him to lean over "William I want you to relax. Just look at my eyes. Nothing else"

They glowed and he felt warmth spread under his scales "feel the shield you hold up to protect your self with, see it" and a glow appeared between them thin at first then thicker finally a deep blue wall shimmered and flowed around him "wow is that from me? I'd hate to have to figure out how many bulbs that would take to make" smiling he saw the lady was at his "joke," "Now pull it down" "how?" he reached out and fingers passed right through "you must use your magic William" "umm, so just think it down? See it falling in my mind?" "Yes I think that will work" so he did as asked and it immediately fell still shimmering at his feet but open above "Ahhh that's it hold still please" he watched and saw the magic she poured out of her palms into the wound which immediately felt better the bleeding stooped and a scab formed she stepped back and smiled "healing spells are some of my favorites"

He smiled as the warriors called them over for dinner he found he had quite an appetite but held it in check letting them all eat first even though the lady had asked him to go first, he easily cleaned the pot the stew was gamey very rich and dam good, surprisingly filling too, the dry bread left him thirsty she offered her water skin...the look she had on her face was...unknown to him, but it stirred feelings that he'd felt before and they all led to pain. Rejection "please William, I know the bread it leaves me dry with thirst each time I eat it" he took the skin and let the water pour into his mouth it made for one good swallow "thank you very much my lady" she smiled brightly "of course, we will have to see about getting you some things, even a dragon like you shouldn't walk around without at least a loin cloth" he tilted his head very slowly to look down at his lap seeing the bulge he sat up and tried to think cold soothing things

She actually snickered at him knowing exactly what was happening "the next village is how far Gerin?"
"two days my lady if we can keep the hunters off our tails four five if we have to avoid them" "then will you accompany us William? The king would be ever grateful I'm sure, and we can get you a few requirements for travelers. As payment for a dragons protection...hmmm?" her smile and the fact he didn't know the first thing about. Anything here..." sure! That's the best offer I've had in a while" "then I'll take first rest William the magic needs time to do it's work"
Gerin was the werewolf or the closest thing to one he'd seen
Galer wasn't as he thought at first the same as Gerin but more like a long-haired wolf hound, a much longer nose and tail built a little thinner too.

He sat there by the fire watching the stars the cloudless sky was full of them, he noted the two moons that were now coming up over the horizon one a reddish tint to the color. It was the closer of the two by far other than the color they looked just like earth's moons. A hand touched him on the tail he looked and found the lady looking up at him "you should rest William"
"I know, just not tired enough to sleep yet..." "thinking of your home?" "No not really...just...some of it, I like the moons here" gesturing to them "earth has only one" she just smiled "I know get some rest" she just smiled again and pulled her blanket up rolling over. He found some of his new senses were working a little to well for him, like the ones telling him just how good she reeeeally smelled 'I'm gonna have to find a cold river or I'm gonna be in trouble noth'n like pissing of a king I ain't even met, you had sex WITH MY LADY! Why me?'

He finally took over for Galer {like Gail but add vr ie: Gailver as he'd corrected Bill} who repeated the ladies request he get some rest he nicely replied he couldn't sleep and that Galer was far more tired...he'd been nodding off standing on watch
he did reluctantly. Bill walked a few paces away and the wonderfully nice smell disappeared a deep sigh escaped as a result being up wind though it was only a wisp and a little farther away made all the difference 'all I wanted to do was get a little cash to fix my home and at the least get a tune up for my truck, POOF I'm a scaly dragon who's body likes the smell of a virgin vixen animorph.... This beats all the other strange stuff I've ever heard of' he stopped and let his ears search...rustling grass...oiled metal, everything went silent again the air bought him leather...sweat and fear, he grinned.

"Ahhh such a night, too bad they didn't have enough to fill me up. I'm still hungry" he let that go with a mild growl...they didn't move away 'there loss' he drooped and slinked off into the grass which proved quite easy, he found them close to the clearing swords still not drawn he taped one right on the shoulder who spun eyes flashing with panic two fingers clamped around his nose keeping him silent he smacked his companions hip "what? We almost have her you fool" he looked at bill nose to nose "boo" he fainted falling backwards out of the grass he tied them up to the tree with their own belts then bringing their horses in he looked through the saddle bags "ah " taking a huge bite out of a chunk of salted meat he chewed looking at them whispering "be quiet or ill eat you next" he found ones sword was big enough for him to use like a dagger so he kept it both saddle straps tied together and one blanket made a nice loin covering he striped them of everything and had it all ready to travel in the morning

Gerin was first he yawned and went over to the grass to take care of the usual morning business "good morning Gerin" "morn William, sleep well?" yawning as he peed into the grass "no I couldn't sleep but that's ok ill be fine" he turned and jumped in shock at the two tied to the tree "they couldn't sleep either I guess so I kept them occupied" he laughed and called Galer, Zisa and the lady came too he smiled "found some clothes at least my lady" she looked smiling in disbelief
Gerin pulled the gag out of ones mouth "keep that thing away!!!! Please I beg of you" bill sighed and smiled. Gerin untied them after finding out all he could "you tell the others, the lady has a dragon as her guardian they would do well to leave her alone from now on" they both looked up at bill who nicely grinned and rolled his tongue along his lip
they nearly turned white "now run! Run to your masters you sewer scum!" 'Sewers? Ah so they do have cities big enough for that too hmmm'

They set out bill walking along as they trotted the lady and Zisa came up on both sides "you didn't sleep at all last night did you?" "No I didn't Zisa, I just wasn't tired" "you will be tonight then..." shaking her head in disapproval she rode on ahead a little "William" he swallowed "yes my lady?" "You couldn't sleep because of me" he looked at her "no, my" she held up her hand cutting him off "Gerin and Gallin along with the others who died, they all had the same problem at first it is because I'm murr and I know don't have to hide that fact from me" smiling at him "the goddess told me I had a male dragons urges and what he wants he'd get, I'm not going to let the beast get control of me...but you do smell very nice and that was most of my problem I, really don't want to cause any trouble my lady, but it's best if I sleep up wind of the camp" she smiled nodding "of course William, I understand a wise precaution till you learn more about your new body" he smiled "thank you my lady"

He found himself watching her far too much, feeling the attractions that he'd felt twice before in his life he shoved them down they'd led him to far to much pain for his liking but dam if she wasn't sexy as hell and so darn open about it
during the night he napped but didn't sleep preferring to walk around getting used to his body he flicked his tail experimentally at a sapling which toppled over cut clean off! He pulled his tail up to look and found the reason he had a pair of scales that hinged out forming a cutting blade edge on either side, the tip was prehensile and strong trying his wings they weren't strong enough yet to get him air but gliding was a big potential he'd lit the campfire using his flame so that was a plus, her sent washed over him and he closed his eyes wanting so bad to...taste, his tongue flicked out the world changed in an instant he turned and looked into the woods that they had entered earlier the smell of a female was over powered by the sent of food

He slipped away into the darkness and found his night vision was rich in information his flicking tongue just adding to that there were flashes of intense color that immediately became the prey it bolted and the chase was on he flew in short bursts of speed wings half open the bounding felt incredible the chase took only moments but the total freedom gave him a rush when the prey fell trying to make a hard turn to lose him it slid to a stop and he was there over it it's total terror and the sent of blood pushed him over the edge he pounced ripping and tearing at it he tasted the rich iron of fresh blood soon it was only but a memory that he knew would haunt him for quite a while...

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