This is my links page; these are the comic sites that I think rock.


The Class Menagerie Great comic, good art.


Gene Catlow Another great comic, more good art.


Kevin & Kell Much goodness from Bill Holbrook.


A Doemain of Our Own Goodness from Susan Parkin.


Under the Lemon Tree Go read this one, itís kind of hard to explain.


Nip and Tuck Another one by RH Junior.


Freefall Sam is kinda strange, the robot is clueless, and Florence has a heart of gold.


Mega Tokyo Piro and Largo rock. G0 r34d th1s j00 f00!


Living in Greytown Web-MA, but still a good comic.


Schlock Mercenary Schlock is good.


Dakota's Ridge if you like cats, then this is for you.


Poisoned Minds Does exactly what it says on the tin!


The Cyantia Chronicles Several very good strips on one site.


***21st Century Fox*** Jonny Freakinouter!


Now for the story sites.


Chris' Foxx Den One of the best stories going on the net.


ZZ Studios Another great story.


Identity Crisis-Arden's Story Katayamma has a really rockin story going on here.


The Foxhole And again with the good story.


Here are some other sites I found interesting.


Pawpet Puppeteering with furry critters.


NoogyLand Dean Dodrill is an amazing animator and artist.


Thatís all for the moment, hope you enjoy.