Vampire's Drought

By F. Gutierrez

Chapter 28: Something for nothing.
"Dr. Shwartz to O.R., Dr. Shwartz to O.R.", a loud speaker distortedly announces. Though the place reeks of disinfectant and cleaning solvents, the smell of blood, gore and death lingers about. Especailly to one with acute senses, and is learning how to use them. The noises of a busy hospital can be heard outside the door, as she dumps a naked female body into a bright red garbage bag. The label on it says- Beware: Biological Hazard. She ties up the bag and throws it in to a canvas garbage cart, filled with other large, round red bags.

"I hope that nurse won't be found too soon...", she thinks to herself, wiping the blood off her lips and on the sleeve of the newly aquired uniform she's wearing.

Checking the length of the hallway, she grabs a nearby specimen cart, and starts heading the blood supply vault- on the other side of the hospital. The hallways are long and crowded with people from all walks of life; the mentally and physically ill roam aimlessly amoungst each other in huge waiting rooms, waiting for their turn to be called. Distorted voices can be heard over head through round perferated discs on the ceiling, stating names and comments. To avoid contact, she hastily race-walks through. Individuals of higher intellegence also race by or past her, wearing white lab coats and reading from strange coloured paper on clip boards. As one of them passes by her, he places rack of covered test tubes on her cart without looking, without missing a step on his pace. Even though they are covered, the smell of their contents can still be detected.

She immediately turn down another hallway, deposting the cart to a nearby random door. She continues down the hall, listening to the sounds of printers and type writers clicking away, writing up reports and filling up forms, which are soon ripped off the machines whilst another one is being done. The sounds of local gossips about sex, lies, and video tapes amoung its workers can be heard as well.

She continues around a corner and down another hall in her hurried pace. Walking closely by the doors, she tries to avoid the multitudes who walk about her.

"What do you mean you can find the records?!!?", as he rushes out the room. They collide in each other.

At 23, he is one of the youngest doctors in the hospital, if not in the country. Young, and cute too. He grabs her by the shoulders.

"Whoa, what's with you, beautiful? In a rush to go somewhere?", as he tries to make eye contact.

She looks at him for the moment, trying not to answer. Taking the specimen cart, she aims to away from him and starts her path to the blood supply vault. She quickens her pace to get out of there.

"Wait a minute! What's your name!!", as he stands there by the door before looking at his clip board of patients. One of his collegues steps out into the doorway to look down the hall where Rachel disappeared.

"Who were you talking too?", his friend asks.

"Something wonderful.", he saids.

"Oh sure... all the nurses in this place are all dogs, bitches or both. Believe me, you dont want to be involved with anyone where you work.", his friend explains.

"But....", he continues.

"But nothing. Thats why you are the intern and I am the resident. Believe me, this is experience speaking to you. You dont want to get involved. Come on- we got work to do", his friend finishes his statement.

"But she looked so young, and pretty.", he saids to himself.

"Dont tell me she one of those candy-striper girls.... Leve them alone, that's jail bait!", his friend finishes of the statement as he pulls on the young intern down the hall in the opposite direction.

End of Chapter 28

Vampire's Drought©1992-2001, F. Gutierrez