Offering a paw of many talents

Well, up to knowing about for how much a commission would be? Not too much to it- there is very little I will not do, but be specific in what you ask of me ^^ ... I usually dislike to charge for what I do, but since college, food and other things cost money- which I don;t have at the moment- I need to get some somehow. Rules and prices...
  • Rules!
  • Please don't ask for freebies, I really hate turning them down, much less for necessity. So, no.
  • There is really only three things I will NOT do, two of which are sexual- Pedophilia, scat, and for the non sexual- Anything having to do with preying on children. That's really all there is to it.

  • Prices!
  • A quick sketch to normal lineart will be easy- only really $7-$10 for such a thing,
  • Complex lineart to simple inking- These should usually go anywhere from $10-$20 depending on the complexity of the piece to be done.
  • Detailed inking- Black and white greyscale- THis would probably be $15-$20 in variation, again complexity marks the scale.
  • Color- This now varies on the medium used. Markers-$15 Pastels-$20 Prismacolors-$25 Computer CGing-$25, Watercolor pencils-$25, and the rest is usually up for debate.. Those are the ones I work in frequently.

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