Time Machine Show Web Site Gets New Makeover


Yes, the time has finally come where the Time Machine Show gets a whole new makeover. With the Time Machine Show engaging in shows on Second Life, thus tacking on many more scheduling hours, I finally decided that the best thing to do while my hard drive is down, is to update the entire Time Machine Show web site with the current schedule for each show. If you don't get on Second Life, you'll still be able to tune into the show, by clicking on any of the links that coincide with the show's scheduling. If you are on Second Life, feel free to visit the places below to familiarize yourself with where and when the show will be airing next.

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Time Machine Show Returns to Airwaves in time for 2011!

Can it be? Does my wondering eyes deceive me? Can it be true? The answer is YES! Time Machine Show will be returning to the internet airwaves in time for 2011. The new computer is built and running like a dream. A test stream was done to determine our readiness, and from the results, we couldn't be more pleased. So therefore, keep on tuning in to the regular schedule of the Time Machine Show, and we'll be rocking and rolling you back in time to blow your mind very soon. Also watch for schedule updates regarding the return show with one new club to add to the tours. Stay tuned!

Our Next Celebrity Guest: August 16, 2010

Barry McGuireOn the Time Machine Show, we will occasionally feature phone-in interviews with celebrity guests. Our next guest will be here to talk to us on August 16, 2010. Mark your calendars for the event. Our guest is none other than ex-New Christy Minstrels singer Barry McGuire, whose chart-topping single "Eve Of Destruction" brought him fame as a solo artist in 1965. Recently, Mr. McGuire remade his classic hit single into a more modern reference to the current problems hitting our world, showing the entire world that as time continues to evolve into the future, the problems we face in the world continue to surface. The more we're aware of these problems we're facing, the more educated and stronger we'll all become. Here to promote his new single and his message, Mr. McGuire will be live on the Time Machine Show to answer our questions, and live listeners will also get a chance to ask their own questions that they may have.

Current venues

Kissing Booth Even if you don't have a kissing partner, you'll still love the club scene at the Kissing Booth. Say hello to Valeria Paster, the owner of the club, and her Old English Sheepdog named Dumpling will be there to greet you as well. The Time Machine Show airs here every Tuesday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM PST/SLT (8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST). Check scheduling innformation for details.

Old venues

These venues may not be around any more, however we still keep them listed to reflect and remember the old days of Second Life and the people who made it possible.

TangenTAlthough a brand new venue for the Time Machine Show, the TangenT on Ryu Valley looks to be a nice quaint little getaway at that. This is just the right place to make an ideal club THE headquarters for huge parties, so come on along and see if we can kick this scene up a few notches.

Club Epic Direct from Underworld comes the most epic club to withstand the tides of time. Club Epic stands proudly at the center of opportunity. Club Epic offers a substantial party headquarters for anyone in need of something exciting to do. The Time Machine Show airs here live every Monday and Wednesday night. Check Schedules Page for times. Hope to see you party along with us here at Club Epic, where you're always in for an epic time!