Hi, my name is Ratel, but you can all call me “The Badger”! I attended my first furry convention in September 2005 at Mephit Furmeet in Memphis, Tennessee at the Holiday Inn Select Hotel It really is a beautiful and spacious hotel While there I joined the members of Planetfurry.com while they were doing an internet radio broadcast and heard a commercial for “The Badger Brigade”. I piqued my interest, “The few, the proud, the badgers” it said. After thinking on it I decided to sign up, and joined the ranks that very day.
I was given orders to go out and spread the word about furries. And I was eager to get started Where should I go first? At the end of the convention I joined my host family and started out on my mission, visiting different spots all over Tennessee. I saw many beautiful places.
Where’s my snorkel? I also meet lots of interesting people. Wake up sleeping beauty! Come October I celebrated Halloween.
And decided to dress up a “Rocky” Around that time our family grew also. Camera hog. I also went on a hay ride in the fall.
And met a man who understood my cause. I also got to have lots of fun. Let me out! Repunzel, Repunzel let down your long hair… What?! It is down! My host family took me bowling for the first time. I played hide and seek and won but it was a tight squeeze.
Bowling is hard when the ball weighs more than you do. How on earth do I beat this game?! Air hockey almost blew me away, literally. I got to drive, but it was pretty hard.
For Christmas my host family got me a new shirt to help spread the word. I celebrated new years with a big party. I woke up totally out of it. Stay away from the kitty crack everyone, those cats aren’t messin around! With the new year celebration over I realized it was time to start saving for next years MFM. I have to return with my report.
Somebody quick! Remind me, do gorillas eat badgers?! So anyway folks, I guess it’s time to start heading back to Memphis for MFM10, hope to see you there! Oh yeah, a word for the wise. Never try on someone else’s clothes when you think no one is watching, some smart alec with a camera will always be just around the corner, SO embarrassing!