About me: I was born "Amber Krueger" on October 19, 1983 in Grand Island, Nebraska. One week after my 20th birthday I married my husband, Walter Barnes and took on his last name, but because I first became a published poet at age 17 I wanted to keep all my written works under one name so I try to keep everything copywrited under the name "Amber Krueger".





     I first truly joined the "furry" fandom January of 2005, I have always been an animal lover though. My "fursona" is a white tigress named PrincessB (short for Princess Buttercup). I am an active member of and attend Mephit Fur Meet each year where I am on the staff working on the Tiger Haven Charity Auction.

      Anyways this is where I shall attempt to keep my poetry, stories and some pictures / drawings, tis nothing spectacular I know but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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    Everything is copywrited to me unless otherwise stated , if you would like to have anything of yours posted here feel free to drop me a note and we can see if it is possible/appropriate, if you would like to use anything from this site please contact me and ask permission first.
  Feel free to contact me with thoughts and opinions and if you enjoy this site check out planetfurry for other such cool stuff!



         Entry for the fall watching stone contest is up in the stories section, titled "Come Home Soon". Voting will be starting in a couple of weeks keep an eye out on in the contest section. The MFM9 pictures should be up soon, finally.



MFM9 pictures are up in the photo section. The WatchingStone furry writing contest is now up for voting. Pictures from the wedding of Leonato and Journye are also now up in the pictures section.



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