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Ice Vixen Cheerleader (21 kb) 2004 Oct 18

A "new" ice vixen asked me to draw this for her ...well, something similar, actually. It's not the exact same outfit or the theme, but I wanted to do something "new" this time. I still might do the original idea sometime.

I also used a new technique for drawing this pic! Instead of making a hard outline on paper (inking) I just scanned the rough sketch, adjust it so that it was really light, and traced it with my paint program using the darkest color then thresholded it. This produced a much finer outline and I think I might do things this way from now on. It took a total of 3.5 hours.

Snow Patrol (37 kb) 2004 Sep 13

Drew this for the hood detail of Stef's Snow Patrol mobile.

Kirin Pony (27 kb) 2004 Aug 5

My first drawing of Kirin, the world's second subbiest wolf. Wearing a pony outfit (note the ballgag details under the mask *wink*)

Hot Beach Vix (35 kb) 2004 Jun 30

Here's something new for ya'll to pant and drool over. It is a bit larger than life, but it was Stefan's idea though.

IceVix Maid (16 kb) 2004 May 27

Drew this for a certain unnamed snowfox.


2005 Jun 8 XShipWars

I've been working on XShipWars for the past couple of months. I planned to pick up the project again almost a year ago but only got around to do it in Feburary 2005. Since then XShipwars 1.35.3 has been released! I'm really pleased because I thought I left it behind all neglected and discarded and it would never be touched again.

I've also created a new universe, SWTrek. It's a Startrek themed universe powered by XShipWars I've always wanted to make one ever since I started on the ShipWars project, I mean like, that is basically what I wrote XShipWars for in the first place. Now I finally have my Startrek universe after 5 years.

2004 Dec 25 Urgent Alaska Update: Aerial Gunning to Kill 900 Wolves

The Alaskan anti-conservation Board of Game has just voted to allow up to 900 wolves to be killed by the barbaric practice of aerial gunning. This is six times as many as were killed last winter.


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