Ghostwolf’s Armory


Welcome to my web page. Right now it’s not much but a place to put my stories, as I can’t draw to save my bum. After you have a look at my stories please come tell me what you think about them in the forum.


Traveler is a cross-dimensional story.

Ghostwolf: Battlefield is the story of a team of Counter Terrorists.

Tiny Toons –My Tiny Toons Fan Fiction

Links just the sites that I think are really cool.


As you can see I don’t have much here as of yet. So, see you in the forum, and happy reading. Or you can contact me at [email protected].




I have dropped Altered Earth for a bit till I figure out just what I’m going to do with it. In it’s place is the Tiny Toons fan fiction that I have been working on.


This site is copyright 2001 Erik Ahlstedt. Traveler, Ghostwolf: Battlefield, and Altered Earth are my stories; they are works of fiction, any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely a coincidence (unless it’s intentional). All characters are copyright 2001 Erik Ahlstedt, unless otherwise noted.