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Be careful, you are now holding the Scroll of Honour in your paws. This ancient text lists the people that have helped me so far in my achievements.

Thanks to, in no particular order:

  • Ricky "Whip-lash" Boone, the webmaster of PlanetFurry, for giving me this little niche in the wall,
  • Eric W. Schwartz and his comic, Sabrina Online, for converting me into a furry,
  • Chris Yost, James Bruner and Joshua Fox, for getting me hooked on furry stories,
  • Joshua Fox again, for stomaching my first furry writing attempts, for his good advice, and for still being able to stomach what I write,
  • the muse of Furry Inspiration, for inspiring me with the tales I spin,
  • and last, but certainly not least, my (right now) very small fan base. Thanks Joel and Chris, and all the others of course, for always coming back to read more of my insane writings.
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