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Welcome to the online resort of Johan Van Kerckhoven. I hope you'll have a nice and pleasant stay.

This website has been created for one sole purpose, to share my (furry) stories with the rest of the online world.

Although it is against my nature to issue statements of political and sociological kind, there is one that I just have to make.

Since being a furry can mean so many different things, and the general furry populace has been getting some bad press due to a few 'extreme' cases, I will explain what I mean with 'I am a furry'.

I love drawings and stories featuring anthropomorphics. In fact, I write my own anthro stories, and if I could draw, I'd do that as well.
I don't mind adult interactions between anthros, as long as they are not extreme (no details will be offered). If it's depicted well (in word or image), I'll even enjoy it.
I don't go to furry/anthro conventions simply because none are organised in my neighbourhood (Hint: Eurofurence X in Belgium? Pretty please with sugar on top?), and I don't wear a fursuit because of practical reasons.
This is what I mean with 'I am a furry', and although I'm proud to be one, I won't ever try to force my views on others.
If you are a furry as well and your views and limits are different, it's fine with me, as long as you respect mine.

For the rest, peace to all you furries out there (and to the non-furries as well).

Status of Dark Horizon
Finalised: Act I, Chapters II.1 through II.5, Interludes I and II
In progress: On Hold

Status of Screaming Stars
Finalised: The Intro, Chapters K1 and K2, Chapter B1
Waiting for Approval: None
In progress: On Hold

Latest news
Entry of October 14th, 2003
Fireworks again: my 200th visitor showed up yesterday. Mirrorring at PlanetFurry was definitely a good career move! Thanks Ricky 'Whip-Lash' Boone for giving me the space, and thanks Joshua Fox for giving me the idea.

Other news: I finally tried to draw something, and the few people I showed it too didn't say it was rotten.

Sigh... I know, I haven't been updating my stories... but I got quite distracted by other things (that fantastic RP with Joshua Fox and playing Neverwinter Nights among others). I can't promise I'll better my life anytime soon. You'll just have to wait it out I'm afraid...

Entry of September 23rd, 2003
My friend Joel Chan has pointed out a potential problem to me. It seems that the name of his character, Jin Kazama, is also the name of a game character in one of Namco's games. To prevent any possible confusion, the copyright notices have been adjusted to incorporate this.

Although there are no stories on this site, I'm currently engrossed in a good RP with Joshua Fox, and a few supporting people as well (Pat The Fox and Shirh Khan). You can find all we've done up to this point here:

and we don't intend to stop anytime soon, if at all.
Entry of September 17th, 2003
Dark Horizon has yet another chapter posted. This time, two (in)famous furs make their appearance, but are they up to good or not?

And that's not the only story that has a new chapter, because the second chapter of the Kh't'sharai side in Screaming Stars is put up as well.

Entry of September 10th, 2003
Okay, good news for the Dark Horizon fans: Chapter II.4 has finally been finished and posted. Now you'll finally be able to read the conclusion of the Fear Stalker mess.
Entry of September 8th, 2003
The first chapter of the Barkothi side of Screaming Stars has been posted. You might notice a certain (in)famous blue wolf having a cameo in this, and rest assured, it won't be the last you've seen of him. Oh, before you start burying me under mails telling me I should respect copyrights, I have the permission to use him, provided certain conditions are met (and they are met).
Entry of September 7th, 2003
And another (insignificant) milestone passed!!! This morning, I received my 100th visitor. It isn't much, but that doesn't matter. As someone once said: 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.' and I think that person was right.
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Started at April 22nd, 2003
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