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Vampire's Drought. Currently on chapter 34, after a 15 year writer's block after completing chapter 28.
Non-Furry Fiction

Do Dandilions Roar?
Do They Even Have Teeth?
My input to the Sabrinaverse.
Furry Fiction

Skip On the Record My input to the Tabiverse.
Furry Fiction

Snippets From A Digital Diary Life And Times Of A Short 1980's Life
Non-Furry/Semi-Non Fiction

 The Alphas
On going comic strip, started 2 years ago as a class website project. New Strip to be added on a Semi-Daily Basis.
Non-Furry Semi-Fiction

 The Short Fellows' Second Generation Reunion
A Fictional Twist to the Real Life "Snippets of a Digital Diary."

Meeting Place Of Furry Authors & Artists Alike...
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