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Welcome, Gentle Reader Ė

This site is primarily concerned† with the life of one Wendy Vixxen, a character created by Chris Yost, the author of Sabrina: the Story and co-author with James Bruner of the wonderful furry time-travel saga, Tabitha .† If you have not yet read these truly excellent examples of fan-fiction, may I encourage you to do so now.† Just click on one of the titles to access the story.† It would do you a world of good to read these works before you delve into my version of Wendy.† While not absolutely necessary, it will help to keep you from getting confused, and at the same time provide you with many hours of enjoyment.† After that, you may want to follow the link to James Brunerís own story, Zig Zag .† It does not directly impact my story as such, but itís one heck of a good read anyway.

Secondarily (subconsciously?) my intentions are to explore the ramifications of personal faith as applied to major life decisions, and to promulgate a love of and respect for the English language.

You may be familiar with this modern axiom :

The good news is:† anybody can publish on the web.

The bad news is:† anybody can publish on the web.

I am very glad that ďanybodyĒ can publish on the web, because otherwise I wouldnít get to tell my story.† After all, Iím not a writer.† Iím a mechanical engineer.† Unlike my brother, I donít have the time, skill, or inclination to make my living with words, being much more adept at designing machines than crafting plot twists.†

On the other hand (and believe you me, itís a BIG hand) there is an inconceivable overburden of drivel, depravity, tripe, and nonsense just a click of a mouse away.† Iíve slogged through a significant portion of it myself, and speak from sad experience.† Thatís why I provide links to the good stuff, at least the ones of which I am aware.† I urge you to take the time to follow them, at least some of them.† If anyone knows of a site of similar quality that is not listed, Iíd VERY much appreciate a note to that effect so I can list it.† I am a firm believer in spreading the wealth.

News & Whatnot:

This is where I will be letting you all know about updates, late updates, early updates, revisions, and assorted crises or jubilation.

Updated:† 2004.0501

Egads, this seems to be taking FOREVER! Sorry about the long hiatus, but RL has had me by the short hairs recently

The next two pages of Chapter 29 are done and posted. I'll be sending out the MSWord version to those on the mailing list either later this afternoon or tomorrow. Happy reading!

We're going up to Greenville this morning to see an old friend (Lila, the girl I mentioned in that 'Twilight Zone' piece) who is now into Dachsund Rescue. There's a well-established program for that about which I knew zilch, but she corrected that deficiency. She'll have one or two of her daughters with her (her middle child, Lucy Katherine, is the same age as our oldest, Lucy Faith) The two Lucy's will have a chance to catch up with each other, too.

As always, any feedback is appreciated. And, as many of you know, it can affect the direction of the story, so don't be shy.


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