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is the forum I tend to visit most often. Its a forum where a fur can basically be a fur. Its also a great place to greet and make friends. So go check it out already.
is an online comic that I often go to once a month. It's the comic that started my treck through the furry fandom. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Here's a link to a website that inspired me start my own stories. He's a great writer so go and check out his work.
This will take you to the Raccoons Bookshelf. You'll find various collections of stories here. Home to a friend I know as Mike Regan. He's helps me edit the stories I send his way. I apreciate all the help he gives me and I do hope you enjoy reading the stories there as much as I do. However I cant give it enough credit on my own Go check it out for yourself.

Here's a link to My Personal Forum located on Planet Furry. I'f you'd like to comment on any of my storis here or other topic located there then please fell free to do so.