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October 1, 2005

           Alright, nothing much to reporet in RL except to say sorry for the lack of updates. I've been kinda busy with a new game called Secondlife. It's a pretty fun massive multiplayer online comunity.I finally managed to get chapter 5 up and running for Kitten Caboodle and plans for a sequel to one of my stories is in the woprks. I also posted a new short story in the short stories archives. Let me know what you think. Oh and for those of you who have seen Dragonball Z or even read the Mangas I think you might get the refferance then. The point is ui'm trying some new things and seeing how they work. I would like any kind of feedback from this so please e-mail me and let me know.

MAY 12, 2005

           I've only edited my website again. I moved Fur-tech to the short stories archive because I wasn't sure I would be alble to continue another part to it. I may just leave it as that one story for now. My main focus will be Kitten Caboodle so everything els in on the back burner storywise.

April 26, 2005

           Today we have a new chapter which I managed to get back from Tex the exact same day I sent it. He managed to proofread it faster than I thought he would. Anyway I got chapter 4 up and running on my website now so Og check it out. ALthough it is a bit shorte than my other chapters but it's still good. Again e-mail me or visit my forum to let me know what you thiink.

April 19, 2005

           Alright nothing much to report right now except that I have seperated my short stories page into a section all to its own. I hope to eventually add more atories as I go but for now it only has one very dead story and one deleted scene from Fur-tech within it right now. More to come for that section I hope. On another note I am working on Kitten Cabodle chapter 4 and hope to have it posted befor this month is out. Well hope to be posting more. Till then I guess i'll be signing off till then. Oh andif anyone know how I can get some kind of on site chat page where I can get others to regester and chat here I'd apreciate the feed back just be sure to head on over to my forum which is now linked by this website though the links page.

April 12, 2005

           Alright I finally added a navigation bar at the top of my website and moved the updates to the front page rather than seting it up on a page of its own. It saves more space that way, and it allows me to put up something more useful than what was priviously on this page. I hope Y'all like it. As for my stories more chapters are to come so please be patient.

April 4, 2005

           I finally added a new section to my webstite involving a story called Fur-Tech Industries. I attached it to the story page so go check it out and let me know what ya think.