Geno Ravaged

           The planet Earth, but not the Earth as you know it. This Earth runs parallel to ours. In this Earth A few people had caught an unknown virus that had changed them both mentally and physically. They aren't vampires, werewolves, or anything of the like. There not even immortal, though it may be very close. The virus they caught also infected great portions of the human race. The transformations occurred almost over night. Families, friends, and even countries were torn apart by this affliction. They were being changed into various animal-like human forms. But there were no forms that displayed the human half over the animal, save for one individual. The rest of the human race were immune for reasons unknown. Roughly over fifty percent of the worlds population was forever changed.

           There was one individual however who was only half afflicted by the virus. Deftly ill at the time of his affliction he now bears the body and face of a human though yet now he wears both the ears and tail of a cat. Tribute to the form he almost became. It would be some time later when he finally begins looking for answers as to why and how this could have happened. A journey he was forced to start alone. His own family turned him out for none of them were afflicted at all, or so it seemed at the time.

           His journey eventually took him to Los Angeles only to be met with fear and hatred. Fate was exceptionally cruel to him that day. The city it's self seemed untouched by the virus, and the people afraid of infection effectively tried to deter him from entering. It was then that he found out about other aspects of the virus never before seen in those fully infected. Through uncontrolled rage he nearly wiped out half of down town before he regained control. Now he wanders in fear of something he couldn't even control. This merely added fuel to an already blazing fire between the humans and the mutates.

           The others who were infected were met with fear and hatred out of what they had become, outcasts from the human race they once were. This was not the end of it however, many of the stronger mutated started to demonstrate special abilities, some in magic abilities, some in great physical displays, and furies just tried to live their lives in peace despite the situations at hand. No mater the situation the humans judged them all as demons to be eradicated.

           But as for the one who was only half affected by the virus. His experiences were very different from others who were mutated by the virus. He was despised by both sides. He was branded a demon by the humans and half-breed by the infected. Not entirely human but not completely infected either. Rejected and alone he wanders on, looking for a way to put an end to this nightmare. What he doesn't realize is that he holds a great power within himself, a power that may turn the tide and determine which of the two races will be the dominant race.

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