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Beginning of the end, or end of the beginning?

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:52 pm    Post subject: Beginning of the end, or end of the beginning? Reply with quote

Sherman set the way back machine to 9/11/01, that is where the troubles began.

At this point, I dont care if anyone knows what happened then, I was part of if, from the beginning. It is there where I got sick and then spent many years being sick from it and watching friends die.

I'm supposively been cured; 5 years of remission before I can be cleared. Yes, I've had cancer, and underwent grooling thearpies to get myself rid of it.

But at what cost? Tireness, weakess, the stench of death in my breath... Then there was what happened...

(Note: I know some of you already know about the facts- lets keep the names out to save the innocents any grief.)

While teaching at the so-called prestigious Computer School, there was many changes, of which some I could not keep up. The fight of good guys vs bad guys was being brought to my level where I worked because many of the staff there did not care for tnothing more than the paychecks they recieved on the 1st and the 16th.

That caused many problems.

One such problem would have me suspended, accused and ultimately fired since 11/05. 11/05 was shortly after the start of my cancer thearpy, and my downward spiral. What I did was to save one life against those who would do it harm and befriend that person when no one else would. What I am accused with is being the lowest of the low in taking advantage of a student by those who were going to hurt her. Furthermore, neither the staff or the union was supportive after what had happened, nor did they take any actions from my warnings when I sounded the alarm. I dealt with the situation at hand as professionally as possible with what zero resources I've had at hand.

I stood accused to both the NYPD and the BD of Ed Investigator of crimes unbecoming a human... threatened with arrest, arrainment, persecution and termination. When it was over- the Police was told by the Grand Jury to drop it and leave me be. If I would have been arrested, I hold no guarenttes to what my former employer would have done; on ly last arrest for a ticketable offense for a minor traffic violation- both arresting officers, their feild sargent and the precient captain were fired...

Funny, on that night, upon the discovery of my former employeers- the jail cell was openned and I was told to leave. I response was- "Hell no. I walk out now, and I become a fugitive... No thanks, I'll sit right here and wait for the judge." I saw the judge some 12 hours later- pleaded my case and admitted my guilt to what I believe I did wrong. The judge's statement- "This was not an arrestable offense, its a ticketable offense... Can you pay $100 on [stated court date]?"

This time around- the case dropped, "Not enough evidence found..." But the Bd of Ed investigator took it as far as he could, fabricating evidence and statements where ever he could and lied in his report- the report that got me terminated from my job. I remembered in an illegal interview (an interogation without legal council), the police detectives and investigator told me 2 things: "We know all about your kind..." and "We have evidence on both you and your boss (school prinicipal)... we have interviewed the school staff, and some of them know what went on..." My statement in return was, "I have cancer, and if you want medical proof, I will show it to the courts that I am incapable of doing what I am being accused off."

As the months went by, I went through my suspension, 2 more hearing with the board of education and subsequent termination. It seems that the school underwent through many changes during my absence. The school prinicipal was arrested on various charges and found guilty, most for misapproprieation of funds that went to certain teachers hands. Most of those teachers still sit behind a desk a the school. He is to be sentenced later this year for such crimes.

In my case, more investigations went on behind my back from the principal's case, and I was declared innocent of all charges by the court. But the court records exists, and therefore can be retrieveable. Funny, in not being there- things were being said about me and thusly such statements were found out to be false.

But the Bd of Ed has placed a letter of disrecommendation in my employment file. A file that all prospective employeers look for if it exists. That letter states in just a few words that I should be put away for being a child predator. In short, they have made me unemployable.

Further more- since 11/05, on the day of my termination, my health benefits were also terminated. My cancer thearpy was paid through my own monies that I had to get. I did what I could and took it to the next level to be cured. It was not easy, but it was done. It had to be done, else the alternative would have been the shut down and preservation of this personal thread and hosted site.

Recovery is a female dog...

I am weak and tired, yet I still have a long way to go before its over.

Some of my friends talk about how I'm the richest man in the world, if I were to get the right lawyers.

I'm slowly getting sick again. With no money, or insurance, I dont know how long I will last. Unless something changes, and soon...

...but one thing is for sure, If I have to go, revenge will be mine.

SHARKS In The Gene Pool South of Kosovo!
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