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The outrider project (looking for a new owner and webmaster)

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Joined: 16 Sep 2004
Posts: 87
Location: Wadsworth, OH

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:28 pm    Post subject: The outrider project (looking for a new owner and webmaster) Reply with quote

A while back I developed a list of links to all or most of the active area based furry groups. Im talking about groups like pennsylvania furs and Florida furs and such. Forums, mailing lists, and other similar online groups for furs who live fairly nearby to talk with each other and discuss plans for meets and or local events. The list was FAR more thoroughly created than the furry mailing list map that everyone knows from the LAFF group.

I got the list going, and something got screwed up and I lost access to the sites I had planned to use for making this online archive. I even had a second chance to get it going, but the partner I had in creating the site screwed me over so badly I had to break contact with him for good.

After hearing a bit about this little project in memory of TV Dave, it occurred to me if anyone had the interest to help me finish this project, it might be here. Im hoping the project aint cursed because it has the potential to do a LOT of good for furs who cant find their way. This is why im posting the offer here.

Im quite busy these days. TOO busy to actually create the webpage and maintain it, but I can do all the research and locate the lists out there that get used. Infact, the research is almost finished. Course, you can never really consider it completely finished, but its darn near close.

I called the project the Outrider. I named it this because in ancient times there was a group of mounted guards that would ride out ahead of a group or caravan and check for dangers, sortof a scout of sorts but one who could fight if needed.

Now im not saying the outrider list was meant to ever be involved in any fights, but it was basically going out into areas where few have gone and checked to see if there were furs who havent found their way into contact with other furs nearby. I also hoped to get a group of furs going who were willing to welcome furs in their area to meets, help get meets going, and even talk to and comfort worried parents of some younger furs in their area(this one would obviously take some really dedicated furs and I suppose it might have been too much for most furs to undertake)

Ive found quite a few in my area. But I could never really get the outrider project off the ground. I had a partner a while back to help work on it, but he started a bunch of drama and pulled me down with him by telling everyone I helped him cause the drama. I almost got banned from the forum because of him and almost lost many of my existing freinds. I broke contact with him and laid what remains of the outrider in a small backwater forum for furry online gamers. It is the scions of the fur forum. that small forum was made originally for furs in the game Guild Wars to get together and chat. Its developed a little bit and now extends its open arms to WoW furs as well as Guild Wars. it seemed a fitting resting place for the project until I could find a better person to run it.

Fact is Im finished with the outrider, but I dont want to just trash the project or forget it ever existed. I truly to want to see what can be done with it. If anyone is interested in maintaining it, Ill happily hand over what is finished. There are a LOT of links on that list. Ive found a few to add to it recently and im sure whoever takes over can probably russle up a few on their own. its just that Ive had enough of the drama trying to keep the project together and getting people to beleive that I wanted others to benefit from it. It was my brainchild, but it nearly tore me apart and there is no way I could go back to trying to keep up on it.

now as I said, if someone takes command of it, I can provide some help to keep it stable, but whoever takes control of it will have to have plenty of skills running a website. It wont be neccessary, but it would be nice to find someone who is willing to create a way of putting all the links into a sortable database that someone could even search if they wanted to(search function on it would be nice).

I dont know much of anything about running a site, just basic HTML, which isnt close to enough. THis is why Im hoping someone who knows what they are doing can stand up and take command of the project.

so if anyone wants to take over for this. Id prefer that they consider it good and long and then send me a PM within the next few months detailing what other experience you have had running online things(websites, forums, etc...) Minimum requirements include experience in knowing how to at least make a website, capability to post it to the net and maintain it. Anything you know on top of that will work wonders.

thankyou all for reading, and I hope to receive some offers sometime soon. If anyone has ideas. Maybe thinks it might be nice to talk about the project before just handing command of it off to someone else.

CJ Krythos
First Knight of the Outrider

"hey honey, could you tell me if this smells like Cloroform to you?" *holds up a damp rag*

"When taking a vacation from life, death is only the beggining and birth is only the end"
- Crimson Jackal
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Joined: 16 Sep 2004
Posts: 87
Location: Wadsworth, OH

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ive made up my decision and rather than just hiding the list in the backlogs of a forum few even know about, im gonna post a copy here for all to enjoy. if anyone wants to update it, feel free to do so. if you want to turn it into a list or something, contact me and ill look around the list to make sure all the links still work and/or maybe find a few more links to add to it. its the least I can do.

here it is, in its full current up to date size. the Outrider Database
(intro paragraph was added as an explanation for those wondering what the idea of it was).


Ok, a while back, i had databased a very large list of links to almost all of the many online furry lists that were there for the purpose of helping furs meet other furs in their area. Examples of this are the texasfurs mailing list and the Toledofurs yahoo group.

I know there are a lot of lost furs out there. By my deffinition, a lost fur is any fur who has not found their way into contact with other furs around them. This could be only a few or even almost all of you. Personally, i dont care who browses this list im posting, but I ask that you only join groups that are pertenant to your area. If you live in Maryland, dont join the california group. Its pointless and it can even cause some small problems for the owner of the list.

All in all, there are exceptions to this. If you say live in Illinois and find a Chicago furries mailing list, that is acceptable. Basically, as long as you live either at least in the same state or you live within driving range of the city that the mailing list is based within(the city sits near the border of a state or country and you live right on the other side of the border), then its fully acceptable.

Essentially, im not trying to be an ass and make it harder for you. Im only trying to save many of you the trouble of trying too hard to meet other furs. Dont join every group in existence in your search for furs. Stay on the groups that pertain to you, otherwise, you will find yourself lost. Keep to what you know you can handle.

Now that that bit of blithering is over with, I introduce you to, the outrider database.

WARNING, this list is of a very SUBSTANTIAL SIZE, do not attempt to browse unless you have plenty of time on your paws.

NOTE: This site is under construction and will probably continue to be so for a LONG time. Pages for this site such as the “information” and “contact” pages are not up yet, so don’t bother trying to visit them. The list is currently only half finished and is missing quite a bit of links that I never got around to categorizing. I expect that the list will be completed hopefully by the end of 2005. Other than that… thankyou for coming and I hope you enjoy this site.

Welcome to the Outrider furry locator and contact link database. On this page you can find any number of locators/contact sites/ and area based forums, mailing lists, and yahoo groups. I have very thoroughly searched the internet for all the area-based online groups in existence and found over 80 of them. But as you can imagine, not everyone wants me to run links to their groups. I cannot control this, and I can only give you a link to the main yahoo group page so that you can manually search out the ones that restricted me from placing their URLs on the database.

More information on this can be found on my "Information" page. There, you can learn about the beginnings of the idea for outrider, some FAQs and other random information that I have posted up there for the enjoyment/entertainment or whatever that others may pick up off of it.


Locators and Contact sites
Furry Online Groups(US and Canada)
----Yahoo Groups
--------International(Canada and other countries)
----Other Online Group sites besides Yahoo (ie.. Tigerden, MSN Groups, catbox)

Locators and Contact Sites

Here is the list. This area is listed in terms of how I rated the site. If the site was easy to use then I gave it a higher rating. Each link on this area will have a rating seperated into three parts. The parts are: (U)how easy it is to use the site to find furs, (F)how many furs can be found on the site, and (O)Overall performance. Sites will be rated from 1-10.

There will be a final symbol(X) for the sites that I have never used before and cannot rate. If anyone wishes to give these sites some ratings, Please contact me and rate the site(s) on all three angles. I will accept 10 ratings for each of them and then average the ratings for each of the sites. once they are averaged and I have finalized the chosen ratings, that will be it and I will remove this part of the introduction.
Thankyou and enjoy

Pounced: Furry locator and contact site
(U-10, F-8, O-9)

FurDir: Furry info/contact/Locator site.
(U-8, F-7, O-

IFPL: furry locator and contact site(note: when browsin this site,
first check the ones that are only about a year old or less, they are usually still in use.)
(U-8, F-10, O-7)

Anthropomorphic Diversity Association: furry locator and contact
site (this one and the one after it, both these have locators that
are a bit harder to work. But they can still find plenty of furs that
aren't on lists you already know about)
(U-, F-, O-)

The Furry Database: Furry locator and contact site
(U-, F-, O-)

Furry birthday listing site
(U-2, F-5, O-5)

Furry IM: Furry Instant Messenger/email Contact site
(U-4, F-7, O-6) sites
Online contact site delving into getting people of the same
interests together(specifically furries and there are similar ones
for Weres, totems, Anthro artists, and other interests related to
certain beleifs that some furs adopt)
(U-5, F-6, O-6)

FGC: Furry and Were Contact Database
(U-, F-7, O-)

German Furry locator map

Austria Furry locator Map

French furry locator Map

Furry Online Groups
(US and Canada)

There is a key for searching this database. Unlike the previous are of the database, this area is alphabatized(not completely, but roughly enough that it is good enough for the moment). Later, it will get better in terms of organization, but for the moment it will be alphabatized. Keep in mind that the ones which have their links removed are still pretty easy to reach. Just go to the page that I provided for that part of the list and do a search for that particular group that was removed. The areas are divided by horizontal lines to make it easy to tell them apart. There is a section set off from the rest near the bottom of the page for furs from other countries besides Canada. If a link does not work, please contact me and I shall see what I can do about correcting the problem. Also, I know for a fact that there are many descriptions on this list that are pretty vague, and many of the links are misplaced in the wrong section(some foreign links are put in the US section and vice-versa). If you notice anything wrong, please contact the owner of the group and inform him/her of it and ask them to email me with the corrections. More information on this can be found on the "Information" page.

Thanks, please enjoy the list

Oh and here is the LAFF Furry Mailing List Map. I used it to obtain many of the links on this database, so I give my thanks to the many hardworking furs who did this.

Furry Online Groups- Yahoo Groups
Yahoo Groups

Note: May require registration to be admitted into some of these sites.

This is for local furry artists who want to participate in an art jam in the Renton Higlands area

A Group for furries in the Western New York area. Centered around Buffalo, NY.

A mailing list for all the furry fans in both states of Carolina. (North and South)

-Carolina Otherkin
A group to reunite the otherkin/faeborn(elves, faeries, dragons, AE's, vamps ect), weres, and furs in the North and South Carolina area.

-CHUFF-Champaign, Homer, Urbana area Furry Friends
This is a listing for all those in the East Central Illinois area

-Furs of New England
For furs who live in New England and also New York

FLORA is for open to anyone in the furry fandom in or within the Atlanta and the surrounding regions. Includes the states in the South Eastern part of the US.

This group is for all the furs in the Fresno, CA area

-Furries of Los Angeles
For furries/anthropomorphs living in the Los Angeles area of California.

For furs in the New Jersey Shore area(Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May and part of Burlington counties)

Group of furs centered around Gainesville, FL.

-Houston Furry Folk
Furries in or around the Houston, Texas area.

Furries living in the Inland Empire, part of Southern California, beginning 30 miles east of LA, spanning all the way to Redlands and Palm Springs, south to Temecula, north into Victorville. Outside furs are welcome to join as well.

-Jacksonville Furs
A list for all Furries currently living in the Jacksonville/St.Augustine area.

For furs from the La Crosse, WI and Rochester, MN area. Anyfur in the surrounding area is also welcome.

MonClaw is the furry group of IronClaw players around the Montreal Area.

-Midwest Furs
For all Furries in the Midwest area-Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, and surrounding states

-Madison Furs
furry fandom in the Madison, WI area.

-NC Furs Youth
for the younger furs in the NC area.

The Northern Virginia Fur Group (NoVAFur), for furs in the general Northern Virginia Area near Washington DC. All are welcome to join from any location, especially Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

-New England Furs
for furry-related events and meets in the New England area (NE USA).

-New Jersey Furs
This mailing list is for the furry fandom community in New Jersey. It lists local events, conventions and social weekly gatherings in the TriState NJ area.

A mailing list for anthros, eg. furs and dragons, in the Newcastle area/the North East of England.

-NorFur Gather
The NorFur Gather is a club for furries to gather from the Pacific Northwest.

-Ohio fur(two completely different Ohio furry groups)
Two yahoo groups for furs in the state of Ohio.

-Penn State Furs
This list is for any furs in the Pennsylvania area

-Phoenix Furs
Furs in the general vicinity of Phoenix, Arizona

Pacific Northwest furry fans to meet and talk and do fun stuff. Most of them are in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area.

-San Diego Furs
San Diego, CA area.

-Sacramento Furs
This group is intended for Northern California furs, particulary those in the greater Sacramento area. Visit our website at:
Group Registration at (two different groups of the same area group, I don't know which is the right or wrong one)

-Stockton Furs
Stockton, CA and surrounding area based furries.

-SD Furs-n-Firearms
This group is for the use of Firearms and other weapons in the Southern California area.

-Seattle Dragons
mailing list for dragons, their kith, kin, and friends living primarily in the greater Seattle / Puget Sound area of Washington, USA. Furs _are_ welcome to join the list.

Savannah, Georgia and some surrounding areas.

-Springs Furs
Colorado Springs/Pueblo areas, as well as for all of Southern Colorado

Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota

-Tri State Furries list 1
The Tri-State Furs is a group for furries in the Tri-State Area (southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Deleware)

-Tri State Furries list 2
TriStateFurs is a social mailing list for Furry events in and around the Greater Cincinnati area (Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky).

-TOF: (Thompson-Okanagan Furs)
This group is for all of the furries living in the Okanagan and the surrounding area.

-TAFF: Texas Area Furry Freinds
Texas Area Furry Friends group and e-mailing list for furs in the state of Texas. Seperate site for the rest of the info about the group can be found at
Group Registration can be done at:

-Toledo Ohio Furs
furs in and outside of Toledo Ohio.

Primarily in the south-east region of Virginia (near the Hampton Roads area

the Virginia Tech/Roanoke/Radford/New River Valley area

-Vancouver Island Furs (two completely different groups)
The Vancouver Island Furs List. This list is a place for furs, furries, and anthropomorphic fans on Vancouver Island

-WA Furries
This is a yahoo group/mailing list for furries in the following areas: Washington Des Moines, Renton, Kent, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, (Puget Sound), Oregon Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard, etc... and any other surrounding places in the North West I might not have mentioned that may contain other furries.

Subgroup centered around Adult-related discussion in that area.
Subgroup centered around Teen-related discussion in that area.

Furs at Yale and living in the surrounding New Haven, and Connecticut area.

This is a group for Furs/Furries/Anthropomorphics in the Vancouver Canada area;

-Calgary Furs
Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.

-West Country Furs
for furs who live in the South West counties of the UK

-Mid Furs
To bring together all types of Weres and Furs mainly living in and around the Midlands area of the United Kingdom.

Furry Online Groups- Other groups

A Group for furries in New Jersey that is open to all. It features announcements of events, web links, pictures, stories or anything else furry related, especially for that area.

Southern Illinois area Furs
Pretty Self explanatory as to what area they belong to
Smart groups

Requires registration to be admitted into any of the following groups

The big furry
New Orleans metropolitan area

For Pacific Northwest furry fans to meet and talk and do fun stuff. Most of this group seems to be centered in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.

Mid-central furs
Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and beyond.


More soon to come as I get more of the list completed and arranged in an acceptable manner.

If anyone wants information about how to become a knight of the outrider, please PM me as the site where I had planned to post the info is not ready yet.

In case you are wondering, being a K.O.T.O. means you spend at least a small portion of your time either finding more online groups that are related to this type of discussion, you spend time contacting and helping lost furs find contact with those around them, or you do both. This can also include arranging and running meets in your area for new furs to your area.

Good luck to all of you,
CJ Krythos
-First Knight of the Outrider-


Lone Star Furs Forum-
Furs in the state of Texas

added 12/12/2006
furry locator(new one, created fairly recently)(site is offline at the time I post this, feel free to periodically check it) very useful furry locator, more powerful than pounced with much better options for creation of a profile.

"hey honey, could you tell me if this smells like Cloroform to you?" *holds up a damp rag*

"When taking a vacation from life, death is only the beggining and birth is only the end"
- Crimson Jackal
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Jaymee Fox
Site Owner
Site Owner

Joined: 02 Jun 2003
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Location: USA

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can help you on this if you want me to? Smile

It will be a great project for me to do.
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