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Chapter 8 of S4 posted on Nov 20th

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 9:19 pm    Post subject: Chapter 8 of S4 posted on Nov 20th Reply with quote

Chapter 8: Do They Chew Double Mint Gum?

Location: The University Or The Farm.

Mother was speechless, nothing would escape her mouth as she stared at the giants. In a few moments though her voice returned, she turned her head towards her other and pointed at the two giants. “That is not project Epsilon!!!”

The other just shrugged, “I deviated some, these are much better; thanks to you.” The other grinned as she was enjoying seeing this little yellow creature squirm.

“What do you mean, thanks to me?” Mother crawled off the chair and wandered around these huge creatures. All the while the creatures stood at attention, they didn’t move even when she patted their sides. “Explain yourself.”

The other leaned back in her chair now feeling at ease, she was in the driver’s seat; at least for the moment. “Well for instance your attempts at individual traits in specimens, the one you call Ti for instance. Rapid growth on command, her massive size makes her a formidable foe.”

“Ti was seriously flawed.” Mother commented but it didn’t draw a response from this other.

“Then there is Swallow, a hybrid of two very different species yet it works, a creature that doesn’t have to eat for months on end.”

Mother stopped as she noticed something particular about these massive creatures fur, she trembled as realization hit her. She turned around quickly to face the other. “These things are a combination of those!!!”

“I was getting to that.” The other grinned, “But yes and far more efficient I might add.”

“But...” She could hardly fathom it, she turned again and studied the fur, the lower body of the ‘taurs’ had Swallows quill like texture to them, as she moved up the torso it changed. “The fur...” she said aloud.

“Like your creation Swallow, keeps these massive creatures from over heating. I tried so hard to break that pattern of black and white but it seems resilient to my tampering.”

Mother couldn’t believe it. “How?” She said as her voice rose an octave. “Ti and Swallow are flawed to the point that they will not live all that long. They are failed experiments, Heather cannot even walk!!!” She put that in to see how much she actually knew.

The other leaned back and stared at the small creature, she found it hard to believe that her consciousness or one like it resided there. “Somehow you over came that, I have seen. You didn’t think I wouldn’t keep an eye on you after I learned of your existence.” She saw question, or that’s what she thought in her duplicate’s face and she sighed. “Perhaps it’s time I told you of my existence; that should answer some of the many questions you have.” She turned her attention to the two massive creatures, “One, Two, leave us, return to your posts.” The two massive creatures moved almost in synchronization and turned about, opened the massive doors and left as quietly as they came. “Sit, this is a long story.”

The other watched as Mother crawled back into the large chair, as she did she noticed something else. She pushed a button on her phone, “Clara?”

A voice they knew echoed back from the phones speaker, “Yes.” It was the equine that had shown them in.

“Please locate some soft pillows, my guest here is very uncomfortable.”

“Yes, right away.” The voice said.

“My story will take awhile to tell and I can see you are very uncomfortable, that chair is certainly not suited for one as small as you.”

This thing was being considerate; she doubted that if it had been anyone else she would have let them suffer. “Thank you.” In fact she had wished she had some pillows to support her back, the chair was not designed for someone in her condition; then again most things weren’t.

The other began her story, “I awoke in a Brazilian rain forest in the middle of a cesspool of rotting vegetation. I couldn’t see anything as everything was immersed in vast darkness. As I crawled through this putrid lake I found a shaft of light cascading down from above. It seemed that I had been underground in some sort of cave, how I got there is still a mystery to me.” She stared at Mother, hoping she would offer something at that moment but Mother said nothing. “To continue, after I crawled out of that vile place I wandered the forest for days until a local hunter found me and took me into town. A missionary office took me in and I resided there for close to a year. I had made my needs known about the villages, I had to get out of that hell hole somehow. Boats took refugees state side illegally and I knew I had to get on board. Needless to say I paid the price for getting on that ship, I and many others stowed away in a cramped cargo hold. Once docked I fled into the States pursued by guards and dogs. I managed to avoid capture and well, lived off the streets for years. It was easier back then to hide.”

“Back then?” Mother interjected.

“Oh...sorry, the year was 1873.”

Mother and Alison probed their memory for anything back that far, the only thing they could come up with was the fact that they had died a few years prior to that. “That is a long time ago.” Mother commented.

“Oh yes, a distant memory, one you may recall.” Again she looked for a response but got none. “going on, I survived barely with strange memories that plagued me, places, things I didn’t know but in a way they were familiar and vivid.” Again she looked for a reaction but got nothing. “I was able to use what knowledge I had to influence some and finally began my life of a secluded scientist. It seemed that science was something I had done in the past and it came easily to me. The things I came up with astounded others but horrified more. So I had to move constantly, never staying in one place too long. I managed to save up funds to keep me alive with modest accommodations. Then about a hundred years ago, I began getting thoughts and current memories of what seemed to be another life; one not my own. It was just after a long illness which almost left me for dead, I didn’t think I would survive.” She paused, then went on.

“After a long examination and many thoughts of insanity I came to the conclusion that I was receiving memories from someone else; it turned out to be you. I received information in patches; many made me even more confused. Others though like accounts and passwords made complete sense and I was able to access some of your great wealth unobserved. So I began my life long passion to find you, during the 2nd World War I lost all track of you totally. Memories that had been coming in vanished as quickly as they had arrived, it was strange. After your apparent disappearance I stopped taking money from those funds, it didn’t matter I had enough saved and invested to keep me going for years.”

There was a knock at the door and the equine from the desk came in, she had several pillows with her. She helped Mother get settled then promptly left not saying very much. Mother sighed, ‘much better’ she thought.

“I hope that helps.” The other said.


“So I bided my time, eventually the memories began to return; again I’m not sure why. Which up to not long ago continued, until your capture and the painful cut off of our connection. Upon finding you I always remained close, never getting close enough that you would suspect that someone was observing you.”

Mother thought it best to comment, “You did a very good job in that, I suspected nothing. Then again I was an arrogant bitch most of the time, as I recall.”

The other didn’t say anything regarding that comment, she just went on. “At the time of your capture a turning point in our strange relationship developed, I felt it was my time to move in. I had to move quickly for I had no idea when or if you were to return. Since I could no longer feel your presence, it was vital that I get things shut down and moved out. So it was done, now you have returned seeking answers to so many questions.”

Mother looked at what was essentially herself at a different time frame of her life, a dangerous time. She was hard to read, what was going through her head; it was hard to tell. “You look pretty good for 132?”

“Well I try, seems I’ve done well over my lifetime.”

Mother contemplated for a few moments; this creature had not died. It didn’t know the horrors of waking up again and again. Although some of that was blanked from her memory, she suspected that was Alison’s doing, it was probably for the better. In the end she thought she might as well tell her something. “I shut down prime one.”

The other smiled, “I noticed, they were to be dog soldiers anyway, easy to train being blank slates an all.”

“You haven’t forgotten their talent.”

“Oh no...I’ve been working on a solution in my spare time, although I have to admit it is a complex problem.”

“You shouldn’t have activated her.”

The other shrugged, “I would have eventually shut her down again, I had a fixed number in mind. When that was reached I would have pulled the plug.”

Mother just took a deep breath, this other was being reckless which was extremely dangerous; just letting loose one of Prime’s offspring was beyond perilous. She changed the subject, “So how far has Epsilon gone, I see the two but if I remember we had bigger plans.” She thought back, “It’s been awhile since I really went back to that outdated idea.”

The other raised her eyebrows, “Many more are in the development stage but for now there are three that are mature, one is flawed but One and Two are perfect.”

“Perfect you say...hmmm, any chance of a demonstration of what these twins of yours can do?”

The other stood up, “I thought you would never ask, this I can arrange.”

Mother knew she had pushed this other’s button, showing off was something she loved to do and it was a weakness. It was perfect, she could now see what these massive things could do and to see if they were indeed what project Epsilon envisioned.

Optex home.

Appellation knew she had this race won, her sisters bulk would slow her down too much to make this an even fight. She was about to touch the pool side and claim victory when beside her the water broke with a huge splash. “I win!!!” She heard her sister exclaim much to her surprise.

“What!!!!! How???” Appellation said with great confusion and surprise.

“Ancient Chinese secret.” Kathren grinned basking in joy of her win.

“Seriously, there is no way you could have beaten me!!! I was the school’s best swimmer and you know that!”

Kathren could see that her sister was miffed, “That is true, but what you didn’t know is that I can hold my breath for a very long time. So I can swim under the water farther and faster than you can on the surface.” She smiled.

Appellation growled, “You win but we’ll do this again with no underwater swimming.”

“I’ll admit defeat now, I’m sure that I cannot beat you that way. As you said I’m too bulky to be efficient on the surface.”

“No you’re not getting away that easy, another day we’ll do a swim.”

“OK.” She’d do it just to appease her but if she thinks that she is not going to get a race well that’s going to be her surprise.

Appellation turned and began to float on her back, “So what really brings you back? I was sure you would never show your fuzzy face here again.”

“The council wrote me.”

“They wrote to everyone, most just told them to kiss off.”


Appellation stopped floating and became upright and stared at her sister, “Oh’re not getting the urge?” Kathren wasn’t sure if she wanted to have this conversation with her sister this early in being here. “Your silence is enough of a sign for me. The council is freaking out about nothing.”

“Have you seen the numbers?”

“Oh yeah but have you seen the other species, are they calling in all their cards. I don’t see that happening dear sister. No the council is over reacting big time on what is a small crisis.” Appellation swam past Kathren to the ladder and began to climb out of the pool. “Think about it sis getting knocked up by someone you never will know, not my idea of a fun time.” She left without saying another word leaving Kathren with something to think about.

Ottawa Canada

Max put down the phone, it was difficult for his arm had fallen asleep in a bent position. After an hour and a half of being transferred, put on hold, questioned to the point they knew when he brushed his teeth; he had his answer. They would have to report to airport security at least three hours before the boarding time of the airship. They were two of four people getting on the airship at the airport so it was sort of a big deal since there wasn’t a specific gate for them to go through. It seemed that security would walk them and their bags to the airship. In the end they were glad he had called but he wished that it hadn’t taken so long. He got up, stretched and looked at the time, 3:30 he sighed, what a way to spend a day off. During his time on the phone he had also found out that renting a car was going to be a bit of a pain. Leaving the car at the airport and getting one when they came back came with an extra cost, which he hadn’t expected. So it was the train, then again he thought he’d better spin this by Sabrina and see what she wanted to do; maybe she’d split on the car.

He looked in the fridge but was disappointed to find nothing really in there edible. It was another night of take out, sigh. His thoughts wandered to Sabrina, her cooking was pretty good, he sighed. He made a mental note to ask her for some secret recipes. He closed the fridge and found his coat, there was a restaurant not too far from the apartment, one he frequently visited. The prices and the food were good, who could ask for better.

The University Or The Farm.

Mother looked down at the extreme obstacle course that lay before them, they were in a room high above the ground over looking the whole thing. She could see One and Two standing at one end of it and at the other stood some large furs with some very big swords. She had to be careful for she was standing on a chair to see the whole thing. “What are they going to do?” Mother asked her other.

“Run the gauntlet. They do it all the time, although there usually isn’t anyone waiting for them at the end. I threw them in for show. They have been told to disable them, not to kill.”

Beside her the Other activated a control panel with which she could set in motion the necessary obstacles to try and slow down One and Two. Mother watched in awe as the two massive creatures seemed to elude and triumph over each challenge put in front of them. Each moved with a precision that was hard to comprehend and when they got to the end the guards didn’t stand a chance; even the ones that had guns.

“Hmmm looks like Two took a couple of rounds, probably just below the surface; you wouldn’t believe how tough their hides are.” She turned and stared at Mother, “Impressed?” Mother didn’t say anything, she was awed and knew that Epsilon had indeed seen fruition. This was not good, not good at all.
“Well I’ll take your silence as a yes, I’ll have Clara show you to your room; I have to see to Two.”
With that said she took off, leaving them in the so called dust. Mother hoped that they would be able to get outside and talk freely somewhat.

Clara had come prepared as she arrived to pick them up; with her was a wheelchair. As they traveled she began pointing out things along the way. Mother sighed with relief, she didn’t like the aspect of walking so far; she could do it but she preferred at this time not to. In their spacious room they said little for Mother knew the room had to be bugged. It was time they scouted around to find a way outside.

Outside was spacious beyond spacious; the land seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. “Is all this land yours?” Lyja inquired.

Mother felt it was a safe question, although she knew they were far from being out of the reach of any listening device. “Yes, the land was purchased with several farms to keep the landscape fresh so that the animals being treated would not feel out of place here. There are many fields here where they may graze without any interruption from technology. If things haven’t changed much our success rate here for treating animals was outstanding, I feel it was probably due to this atmosphere.”

“Interesting, it’s beauty makes me long for home.” Lyja was about to say something else but Mother fell into her on purpose as she did she whispered, “do not mention anything about home.” Lyja immediately understood what she meant and quickly stopped her reminiscing. For the next little they walked farther out till they came to a large tree far from the main complex.

“I think it is safe to speak, take a seat.” Mother said, they both sat as Mother caught her breath.

“Those creatures they move like nothing I have ever seen.”

“Yes, I saw. They are truly what I had in mind for this project, although not exactly in that form.”

Lyja was confused, “I’m not sure what you meant by that?”

Mother sighed knowing that Lyja needed to know the whole story. “You have to remember Lyja that creature is me, or was me at one time in my lifespan. She shares characteristics of one of my many incarnations, now that I know I had them. This one is bent and determined to fulfill a plan I made long ago, a plan to take over this planet.”

Lyja looked at Mother trying to read her face, was she serious in this venture? “You wanted to take over this planet?”

Mother didn’t look straight at her, “Yes, it was ambitious at most.”

“This is a very large planet, to control it you would have to have a massive army...” her voice trailed off as realization came over her.

“I came to the fact that running the planet would take two things, an army and...” she choked saying it, “extermination of millions. There would be no way I could hold so much territory without eliminating most of the population of this planet.”

Lyja was silent for a few moments, “And you believe this creature has that means?”

“To destroy the populace of this planet? Oh she had that years ago. It’s the army she hasn’t got yet. Well she has a start, seems prime one’s offspring were to be cannon fodder as far as I can see.”

“Cannon fodder? I am not sure I understand.” Lyja said bewildered.

“Dispensable soldiers.”

“No soldiers are dispensable.”

“They are if you have enough of them. There is something bothering me though about all this.”

“You think there is more to the story?”

“Oh definitely, I just don’t know if we’ll live long enough to find out.”

Lyja looked at Mother to see if she was joking, she seemed to have an odd sense of humor but this didn’t seem like a joke per say. “Do you think she will eliminate us?”

“Oh yes, that I’m sure of, we’re expendable.” Mother said with concern in her voice. Now she had to think of a plan to save their asses.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 9:21 pm    Post subject: part 2 Reply with quote

Endora’s Home

The doorbell rang loudly throughout the home. Endora had been asleep as she opened one eye she cursed whoever it was at the door. It took her a moment to rise from the couch all the while the door bell rang again and again.

“Coming, one moment please!!” She shouted towards the door. A few moments later she had the door open, she gasped as she saw who was standing there. “Tolare, Afain?”

“Greetings Endora it is nice to see you again.” Afain said.

“Uh yeah.” Endora looked out to see if anyone else could see and quickly ushered them into the house. “Did anyone see you two?”

“Oh yes many, we walked here.” Said Tolare.

Endora shook her head, “I don’t know if that was wise.”

“Oh we had no trouble, seems due to research that we did we found out we resemble a specific member of your weasel family. A rare but real species of this planet, so we just said we were a member of that family if anyone asked. It seems to have worked so far.” She smiled cheerfully.

Endora breathed a sigh of relief, one thing less she had to explain. “OK that’s good news then, makes life a lot easier than trying to hide the fact you are here.”

“I thought you might be pleased on hearing that.” Afain said.

“Well I did not expect to see you so soon, please excuse the mess of the house.”

“Do not worry yourself about that Endora we are here really only to see Zirkon, if that is possible.”

It surprised Endora to hear that’s all they wanted, “She is here but can I ask what this is about?”

“It is something we can discuss with you.” Afain said trying to appease Endora’s curiosity although she was sure she wasn’t going to be too happy about what they were about to discuss.

A few moments later they had all gathered in the kitchen to see what had brought the Zargozians back to their planet. It was unusual that they would have returned so soon, Endora knew something was up but what. As they all got comfortable with food and drink, Zirkon broke the ice so to speak

“You need my assistance in some matter I assume, although I am not as useful on this world; if you remember.”

Afain looked at Tolare briefly then turned her attention back to Zirkon as she began to speak, “Yes I understand, I’ll explain. You do recall that Lyja was sent back here with Mother to clear up her affairs and then leave. Well it seems that Lyja has made an unusual request, she has asked for us to bring a cargo ship along with several transport ships.” Afain paused to catch her breath and take a sip of the sweet liquid so nicely provided to her. Again she resumed her conversation, “She didn’t say as to why, only that we would be moving passengers. Their message indicated a troubling scenario that may be a problem; they have discovered another being like Mother.”

The room was silent as everyone grasped what Afain had just revealed, then Endora spoke. “You mean there’s another like that thing that took over Swallow’s body!!”

Afain knew this news would upset Endora but there really wasn’t anyway not to include her in this, “I’m not sure of all the details Endora, all I know is that Lyja indicated there was another out there. The trouble is I don’t know all of the situation they have gotten themselves into. The transmitter really only could send short messages, the rest had to be the star map. So the details I have are few.”

“So, why me?” Zirkon asked although she sort of knew why they had come, you didn’t have to be a mind reader; well in this case you did.

“We didn’t want to bring our technology down here, there is enough of it already here; too much really. You can do things our tech cannot, so we have come to ask if you would help us. It is all right for you to say no, for I know it is not as easy for you here as it is on our world.”

“Yes it takes me great concentration to read thoughts here, I can do it but it is almost a waste of my energy. I’d pretty useless to you really.”

“Not if you had a boost.” Tolare said softly.

“Boost?” Zirkon countered with eyebrows raised.

Tolare spoke softly trying not to agitate anyone, “I have a device with me that will increase your levels to allow you more access, mind you on our world this device would have probably driven you insane the moment you put it on.”

“WOAH HOLD IT!!!” Endora spoke up, “You’re not going to make Zirkon put something on that will hurt her; No Way!!!”

Afain was taken aback, Endora had misunderstood and as with any guardian she became defensive. “Endora you misunderstood, the device will not harm her here, only on our world would it do irreparable harm. Here it will only give her that extra boost to be able to probe your people’s minds in an easier fashion.”

“You really think you will need my talents?” Zirkon looked at both of them in question.

“You are the one that combated the other Mother.” Tolare said.

“No, I only confronted it, it was Swallow that destroyed that aspect of her; not me.” Zirkon said with pride taking Swallow’s paw in hers. She felt Swallow squeeze back, which pleased her; Swallow had grown in confidence by leaps and bounds after her encounter with the creature known as Mother.

“Still you have the ability to confront her and disable her if need be; as that may be our only hope without using a show of force.” Which was something Afain wanted to avoid at all costs, they have to keep a low profile on this planet or the consequences could be disastrous. She had considered many options and this one seemed the most unobtrusive.

This whole thing was a disaster from the beginning Afain thought. This being Mother was far more complex than they had expected. The only control factor they had was in Lyja and that was limited, Lyja was young by Zargozian standards. Although she possessed an ability like no other it had made her a recluse, she had no military training and that’s precisely what they needed. If this all blew up in their faces it would be their fault and that thought did not please her. She meant no harm to these creatures but she was sure someone was going to get hurt, or worse.

Alaska Hospital

Margrette looked at the clock for the hundredth time this morning, it wasn’t like she wasn’t getting good service; she just wanted out of this place. In the end she wound up being completely surprised for it wasn’t Kathren that had come to get her.

“Mrs. Optex? Where’s Kathren?” Margrette said in disbelief.

“I convinced her that I should come and get you.”

Margrette just rolled her eyes, “I’m sure it took quite a bit of convincing.”

Mrs. Optex just nodded. “Come on let’s get you signed out and home.”

It didn’t take them long to sign out, “You can call me Milias, Mrs. Optex seems too formal and you are family now.” Mrs. Optex said as they crossed the threshold of the exit to the outside.

“I can’t see Kathren giving in so easily Milias.” Margrette said calmly.

“Oh she didn’t but I wanted some time with you, time where she couldn’t put her big nose in the conversation.”

Margrette almost laughed, for it was true Kathy just loved to know what was going on. “That’s true. Let me say it’s finally nice to meet you. I know our conversations on the phone have been too few and too short.”

“It’s OK dear, not your fault, with the situation on a whole it’s a wonder we even knew about you.”

“I’d like to discuss that with you if that would be OK, I love Kathren but I know little of her past for she likes to keep it to herself. I just recently found out she had a sister.” Margrette frowned.

“Ahhh, then it’s good I picked you up.” Milias said, they got to the truck and took off but not towards home though. Close by was a reservoir where people could park and take in the scenery, Milias thought this would be a good spot just to sit and talk for a bit.

As Milias parked the truck Margrette looked over the water, it was beautiful. The sun glistened off its glass like surface, it almost didn’t look real. She guessed that Milias had picked this spot as a peaceful place to talk. She rolled the window down a bit and took in the fresh air, it was cool but still warm enough to do so with out freezing. Milias was older for sure, she could see that now, with a small amount of grey fur around the muzzle and paws. It was hard to disguise that, most didn’t. It was natural, there was no way of stopping it but others insisted on doing it. She knew that she wasn’t going to be doing it, black fur almost always turned grey in part. She thought about it and thought how strange she’d look; a moldy Oreo. She rolled her eyes; what a depressing thought.

Milias parked the large truck with ease and turned off the motor. “Well we’re here!” She exclaimed!”

“Nice swimming pool you have.” Margrette said in jest.

Milias laughed, “That’s good. Yeah the neighbors are so jealous.”

Margrette smiled, “I can see a lot of Kathren in you.”

“In many ways we are alike, in others we differ a lot.”

“It’s like any mother daughter relationship. There are things you agree on and others well you never will.”

“True, true Margrette.” Milias nodded, “I really didn’t think Kathy would come. The council was not very kind to her back then.”

“I think I have a lot to do with this.” Margrette said in worry.


“I’ve stirred feelings in Kathren, ones that were long buried.”

Milias knew exactly what she was talking about. “Ahhhh...motherhood.”

“Yes, I don’t know if I’m the cause or if this is just something that Kathren wants to do. I really hope it isn’t me, I didn’t want this to happen.”

“I doubt it’s you, Kathren is stubborn in many things. Let me tell you a little bit about her, as a child Kathren was small. She was always getting beaten up. Appellation always stuck up for her, this got her in trouble for retaliating against the ones who had beaten Kathren up. Her sister tried to toughen her up but it just lead to more problems. Kathy missed her growth spurt, while all the kids around her grew she remained small. This caused problems for her socially and academically. Her grades plummeted, she felt like an outcast and many times she cried herself to sleep. It took awhile but eventually she did grow, her spirit lifted and she found a few friends; things seemed to be looking up.

Her grades improved and she found she liked school, although she was never popular like Appellation. That bothered her somewhat; her fur being blue didn’t help either. I have no idea what side of the family she got that from. Anyway she got close to one friend and in that it was her undoing.”

Margrette took a guess, “She got too close.”

“Yeah, I think it took her a long time to realize what was happening to her; I think she was really confused and really didn’t know where to go to. Unfortunately the girl spread what had happened through the school and soon everyone seem to know. My husband didn’t take this well and neither did Appellation. This drove Kathy to quit school, she took on some really rotten jobs but they paid really well, soon she had enough money to leave and that she did. I tried to console her, told her it was all right the way she was. It didn’t help; I think it was the fact that her best friend abandoned her and that hurt her so much inside. One friend did stay with her though; she didn’t get in too deep with Kathy but did keep in touch and still does once in awhile. She was a rough looking kid but you should see her now.”


“If you think Appellation is curvaceous you should see this one, look under sex appeal and she’s right there.”

Margrette blinked a couple of times, “I take it she doesn’t swing this way.”

“Actually I don’t really know but she has asked about Kathren when no one really has.” Milias heard Margrette sigh loudly, “I take it Kathy hasn’t told you too much of her past.”

“No, not really, she kind of shies away from it, if I ask. I learned not too long into our relationship not to pursue that line of questioning; I figured she tell me eventually.”

“I’m sure she would have, we’ve missed a lot of her growing up. I’ll be the first to admit it that we didn’t handle things all that well. It was something out of the norm and we didn’t know what to do and in that Kathy suffered.”

Margrette felt this was an open forum sort of and if she was going to be part of this family it was fair they knew about her just the same. “I had my times dealing with my feelings as well, my husband didn’t understand really either.”

“Oh, yes I remember now, Kathy did tell me you were married once.” She thought about something else that Kathy had said, “I think she said you also have a child too?”

“Yes, it’s a very long story but yes, her name is Tabitha and she stays with my ex-husband.”

“Oh, I wasn’t quite sure.”

“It’s OK to ask, I won’t bite, well not hard anyway.” She winked.

Milias laughed, “I can see why Kathy loves you. Well back to Kathy, she left and it upset me a lot. Alec really didn’t have much to say about the matter, he was too busy. Doing what I don’t know but I left him alone, it was only going to make things worse if we continued dragging Kathy’s situation up. She was good though, she called, told us she got settled. Although as time went on we heard less and less from her, I missed her. She was a good part of my life, I didn’t care about who she liked, I wanted her around. The community that was another story, I can see why she left.”

“From what I can tell, this is the first time she’s been back.”

“No that’s not quite true, she came back once; she didn’t want to but she had nowhere to go. She was very sick but really didn’t know it. She had walking pneumonia for we don’t know how long. In fact we put her in the hospital after she showed up, she was a waif and I mean waif. There was nothing to her at this point. I was afraid and so were the doctors that we might lose her. I talked to her, comforted her as best I could, told her there were things to live for; she eventually got better but it took time.”

“I didn’t know that.” Margrette said surprised.

“Kathren has always been quiet in some aspects; after she got better she found things really hadn’t changed all that much from when she left. In the end she said her good-bye’s again and she hasn’t been home until now.”

“She kept in touch though.”

“Oh yes, Kathren has always let me know how she is doing. She called and told me all about you, she hadn’t sounded so happy in a long time.”

Margrette smiled, she was glad that Kathren was indeed happy. “So now she’s back but have things changed? That’s going to be the question.”

“Oh things have, in a way that Kathy won’t understand until she talks to her father.”

Margrette looked at Milias, “I’m of the understanding that Kathren and her father never really got a long, I don’t see how this will change things.”

“Well something has happened to my husband, something that he’s going to have to explain to Kathren himself.”

End of chapter 8

“Come on and stop cloning around.”

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 1:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"extreme obstacle coarse"? how about "extreme obstacle course" instead? Wink
And "destroy the populace of this planet" instead of "destroy the populous of this planet"

Cheetaur here, fixed thanks for the suggestions.Smile

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:25 pm    Post subject: They're still reading YAY!!!!!!!!!! Reply with quote

Oh joy of joy folks haven't abandoned me YAY Crying or Very sad

I'm sooooooooo happy.


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm going to be quite busy till Friday when I'll be going fishing so I'll d/l this to my PDA and read it while I wait for a brainless fish to take my hook, I need something good to read while I wait.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:36 am    Post subject: Questions sorta answered.... Reply with quote

I have some questions.

Oh goody I love questions, is it bigger than a bread box?

We know from past chapters that Mother became more insane with each 'rebirth'.

Sort of, each incarnation had good and bad qualities of what was last remembered and could or could not be uploaded. The device was malfuctioning as years progressed in some cases mother was mad (persay) more like she had no conscience to guide her actions. In others she was ok, but was plagued physical side effects.

When the latest Mother was combined with Alison, an earlier version, Alison figured this out. They were a computer program that was becoming more corrupted each time. So how insane is the Other Mother?

Good question...

while in direct contact with Mother 1, Alison repaired her as much as she could.

Yes Alison repaired what she could, in other instances Mother refused her help. It was also discovered that Alison and Mother are not quite the same being but still related in a small way.

Now we see Zircon being brought in and Mother/Alison is with the Other or Mother 2. MIght they find a way for Zircon to channel Alison into Mother 2 to try and repair her as well?

This will be resolved in further chapters about the fate of Mother 2 if you want to call her that. Mother 2 has an adgenda and we find out what that is in chapter 10.

With Cheetaur in the driver's seat almost anything is possible.

Hey thanks

And with all the clones now I would love to see Endora's tax return.

Please list your dependents....


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
Flames keep to a minimum.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good read Cheets but in the conversation between Margrette & Milias When Milias asks about Margrette's children she mentions Tabitha but not Sabrina also,
This whole thing was a disaster from the beginning Afain thought. This being Mother was far more complex than they had expected. The only control factor they had was in Lyja and that was limited, Lyja was young by Zargozian standards. Although she possessed an ability like no other it had made her a recluse, she had no military training and that’s precisely what they needed. If this all blew up in their faces it would be their fault and that thought did not please her. She meant no harm to these creatures but she was sure someone was going to get hurt, or worse.

You mention Lyja a few times but I think meant to put Zirkon here in this part

As to what Katherine's father has to tell her, could it be that he has discovered an AC/DC setting on his sexual orientation? Wink

"Political Correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

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