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New S4 Chapter 5 is ready for your reading pleasure.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 2:13 pm    Post subject: New S4 Chapter 5 is ready for your reading pleasure. Reply with quote

Just a note of thanks to Cateagle nice job of editing , thanks.

Now on with the show...PAH DAH!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 5: The Life Fantastic.

Sabrina and Max just looked at each other then turned back to Heather and Hector. They couldn’t believe what they had just been told.

“You want us to do what?” Sabrina asked in shock.

Heather just giggled, “Move into the basement apartment, it’s huge I know and has more than enough space for both of you. Mind you it’s set up for a ‘taur’ so things are a little different but I’m sure that would pose no problems for you.” She gripped Hectors paw a little tighter, she was enjoying this.

Max’s eyes lit up, “I’m there!!! My place is a royal dump, anywhere is better than that place!!!!” Then he looked over at Sabrina and paused. “Ah...if that’s OK with you roommate.” This was a dream come true he thought, this would work out well if things went the way he hoped.

Sabrina sat there stunned, “Well my place is still a closet...are you guys sure about this? I mean...”

Heather interrupted her, “Sabrina you’re my sister, who better to share my home with. Oh...and the place is sound proof from one floor to the other, you can’t hear anything from above. Well if you’re yelling at the top of your lungs maybe but for regular talking you can’t hear a word.”

Hector spoke up, “You two don’t have to make your decision right now, we just wanted you to know it was available and the offer is open to both of you even if one of you backs out, OK. Any questions?”

Sabrina and Max just sat there stunned they couldn’t believe their ears, “Not that I know of right now.” Sabrina said softly.

Heather looked over at Max. “Max?”

“I can’t think of any right now but I know where to find you.”

“OK, enjoy your lunch you two. We’re going out be back in about an hour.”

“OK, see you then.” Sabrina said as she watched the two giants try to get out of the room without tripping over each other; it was fairly comedic.

For a few moments there was silence between them, then Max spoke up, “I’ve seen the lower apartment, it’s huge!!”

“Yeah me too, Heather took me through the whole house awhile back, I can see why they subdivided the other house. Half of the house is still plenty of room, even if you are a ‘taur’.”

“So have you decided?” Max asked.

“Turn it down? I’d be nuts to but I’m going to have to go shopping for a car. I’ll have to ask her about the rent price too, I’m sure they will keep it low but still my savings are pretty low at the moment. I might just have to stay in that closet of mine for awhile till I can get some funds saved up.”

“That’s true for me too, but as you said I’m sure they’ll keep the rent low for us.”

“I think that’s a safe bet.” Sabrina took a drink of her soda, the bubbles tickled her nose. She thought about all that space she’d have, now all she had to do was pay for it.

Endora’s Parent’s Home.

Endora found her mother looking through the cupboards, something was obviously missing. “Mom what are you looking for?” Autumn was safely tucked up in Endora’s arms, hardly aware that she was anywhere different than her own home. Endora wanted to help her mother anyway she could now that she knew there was a problem.

“Oh Dora I cannot for the life of me find the tea bags, we don’t drink too much of it anymore and now they have gone lost.”

Victor came up behind Endora, “I know where they are Luv, let me get them.” He made his way to the last cupboard and opened the door. There he pulled down a can that contained the tea bags.

“Oh there they are... silly things.” Kathy said shaking her head. “You didn’t hide them on me did you Victor?” She looked at him and winked.

“I wouldn’t do that dear.” He kissed her cheek.

Kathy, now satisfied that the tea bags had been found turned her attention to her daughter, “Now what have you there in your arms dear, let me see.” Endora handed Autumn over to her mother and watched closely for her reaction. “Well, isn’t she adorable and she looks so much like you dear.”

Endora swallowed hard, “Yes the resemblance is uncanny.”

“She is yours?”

It was said softly not really as a question but more curiosity then anything. “Yes, it’s a long boring story mother that you really wouldn’t like to hear. I just had to bring her to show you, her name is Autumn. The latest addition to the family closely to be followed by two others.” She tapped her enlarged abdomen.

“I can see dear, you must be close now.” Autumn hardly stirred in Kathy’s arms, it was almost that she knew there was a bond there Endora noted.

“A couple of weeks left, I will be glad to be rid of the extra weight.”

“I remember my time with you, so I know how you feel.” She gently stroked Autumn’s head as she yawned.

It then suddenly dawned on Endora that she was to call Warren when she got here. She reached in her purse and got out her cell phone. Victor saw what she was doing, “Save yourself a dime dear use the phone in the bedroom.”

“Thanks dad.” For a brief moment she had concern for Autumn but that quickly vanished as she saw how much her parents were ogling over her; she was in good paws.

Warren had just sat down as the phone rang, he sighed. He got up and went into the kitchen and picked up the phone, “Hello Mustelidae residence.”

“Hi dear.”

“Dora?” He looked at his watch, “Where are you?”

“At Mum and Dads.”

He stared again at his watch, “But...holy Hanna Dora that little thing can travel!”

“I suppose, Autumn and I had a good rest.”

“Well I’m glad you called.”

She kissed him through the phone, “I’m going to have to talk to you when I return.”

He knew that tone for sure, “Dora is everything all right?”

“No Warren, but as I said, I’ll explain when I return.”

“Do you need me can send that thing back for me...I...” he didn’t get to finish.

“No dear, I’m OK. I’ll be back tonight late, don’t stay up.”

“I won’t be sleeping, you know me.”

“Yes I know.” She kissed him again, “I have to get back, don’t worry, OK?”

“You sure you don’t need me.”

“No Warren, enjoy your day off.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good, see you soon, bye dear.” She hung up the phone, she knew there was no point in discussing the situation here, and there would be plenty of time for that at home.

Ottawa Canada.

“Well you heard the doctor.” Margrette said as she walked to the car. “I’m fit as a fiddle.”

Kathren huffed, “I still don’t like the idea of you traveling so far.”

“You don’t want me to see Alaska?”

“That’s not it, you don’t know my parents.”

“No I don’t and I think its time I met them.”

“I don’t know if this is really a good idea.” Kathren knew the last time she took a friend home it became really awkward. This was going to be a nightmare she just knew it.

“I’ve never even seen your mom and dad, do you have photos of them?”

Kathren shook her head, “A couple, none that are any good.”

“Well you will dig them out so I can see them for myself.” Her voice was drowned out by the sound of shouting and swearing. As Kathren could see there was a taur and it looked as though he was being harassed by a group of large furs. In her eye’s something wasn’t right.

Margrette saw Kathren moving towards them, “Don’t you hurt anyone Kathren!!!” She said sternly, she also knew better than to try and stop her.

The ‘taurs’ eyes went wide as he saw the giant female that was approaching. If this person was not on his side then he knew he was in really deep trouble, he was looking for a spot so he could run. He was sure he could out distance this crowd easily but there had been no chance to do so.

“Your kind are an abomination!!” Said a big black bear, “If I had my way you wouldn’t be allowed to live... it’s pathetic that we have to tolerate you four footed trash. Well today you ran into the wrong crowd.” The bear pounded his fist into his paw, showing his pure strength, it was then a huge blue paw rested itself on his shoulder.

“Ahem!! And who’s going to peel you off the pavement when I get through with you?”

The bear turned his head to stare directly into Kathren’s face, that was just inches away and snarling. He quickly backed away to get a glimpse of this new intruder. His face was filled with awe as he had never seen a female this big and muscular in his life. “WOAH!!! Another freak!!!” If he had thought more about the words that his small brain and large mouth said, it would have registered that he had said the wrong thing. He barely saw the blue fist coming at him with lightning speed; he hit the pavement almost as fast. His friends decided they would try and come to his aid.

Kathren’s massive tail hit the large charging tiger in his side with the loud sound of ribs breaking. He fell to the ground and quickly passed out. One large fox leaped at her and she evaded his attack easily, much to his surprise, he couldn’t believe she could move so fast. In one fast motion she had a hold of his tail and flung him towards a wire mesh fence. The other two furs decided that Kathren was not the fur to get in a tangle with, seems their small brains sent them the right signals and they took off running. The bear and tiger still hadn’t got up and Kathren dragged their limp bodies to a shady spot, she looked for the male fox but he was no where to be found. It was time to see if the taur had been hurt.

“You OK?” She said to the Kitsune foxtaur. She had heard of them, the many tailed creatures were even more rare than she was. He was mostly a mixture of white, red and black and had six fluffy wagging tails.

“Yeah I wasn’t expecting those guys.”

“Well they won’t bother you anymore...ah...I didn’t get your name.”

“Neo, Miss...”

“Just call me Kathren, I’m glad they didn’t harm you Neo...that’s from the movie right?”

“Ah... no I was named before that ever came out Kathren.” He felt really nervous, she was huge, her muscle rippled as she walked and even though she had come to his aid he was still a bit frightened of her.

Kathren saw the foxtaur shaking and she knew that her presence was making him extremely agitated, his six tails moving back and forth was an obvious sign. “You can relax Neo, I’m harmless. Can you make it home OK from here?”

“Yeah, I live not too far from here.”

“OK, good, don’t hang around here too long. By the way your bear friend over there is Tobias Smith and his accomplice is Randy Campbell, that’s if you want to press charges against them. Seems their wallets were chalk full of useful information.” She grinned.

“Oh OK, I can remember that.” It was then Neo was taken aback by the arrival of another buff femme. A skunk who was obviously pregnant.

“Are you OK Kathren?”

She grinned and smiled at her lover, “I’m fine, haven’t had a good work out like that in awhile, although I had to pull back my punches.”

Neo gulped, “You mean you didn’t hit him hard?”

Kathren laughed, “You mean the bear??” again she laughed, “Oh I only tapped him, if I had hit him he wouldn’t ever get back up.” Margrette had to agree there, Kathren could put someone in the hospital for life if she really wanted to.

“ are strong.” Neo said shocked.

“Well Neo there is strong and there is strong and smart, when you’re like me you have to really be under control at all times if not it can get you into trouble really quickly.”

“I can understand that. Thanks Miss Kathren, most folks wouldn’t have gotten involved.”

“Well we rare folks have to stick together if we’re to stick around.”

“You’re a rare?” Neo said in surprise.

“Yup, not too many giant Alaskan sea otters left.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Well we’re working on the problem.”

“So are the remaining Kitsunes, I have a meeting this month to go to.”

“Well try to go Neo, it’s important to our kind.”

“I will Miss Kathren.” It was then Neo saw his watch, “Oh no...I’ve got to get back to work!”

“OK scoot.”

Neo turned and started off, but stopped. “Thanks Miss Kathren for everything.” To Kathren’s surprise Neo gave her a quick hug.

She smiled as he let go, “ problem Neo, take care.”

Margrette watched as the taur sped off, “Kathren he has multi-tails”

Kathren grinned, “All Kitsunes do”

Margrette looked up at Kathren puzzled, “Kitsunes?”

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 2:15 pm    Post subject: Part 2 Reply with quote

Endora’s Parents home.

Victor gently laid the warm blanket over his sleeping wife and lightly kissed her cheek. He loved her so much and he hated to see her in this way. Today it seemed was a good day but he sighed remembering the past months. He was grateful that Endora had come, he had wanted to tell her for so long and now that the secret was out he felt so much better. He walked out to the patio where his daughter had settled with her little one, seems it was feeding time.

Endora looked up as he came through the patio door, “How’s mom?”

“She fell asleep quite quickly, she’ll be out for awhile; we can talk freely now for a bit. I see little Autumn has an appetite.”

“Oh yes, she loves her milk. Dad I’m sorry about mom...I...”

“Shh... your mother will be fine, remember I have the money to give her the best care no matter what happens.” He smiled as he sat opposite her.

“Dad you have never really told me how much money you got out of that information I gave you.”

He smiled, “You’ll find out eventually, don’t worry your head about it. Since you are our only daughter...well I guess I should correct that now.”

Endora grinned, “Yes I guess we all should, you know, our lives would have been so different if Autumn here had grown up with us.”

“Very much so, but it is nice that she is here now. You’ll do well raising her just as you’ve done well with all the others.” He lowered his head, “The others, oh, I don’t know where to begin with them, Dora dear. We’ve been totally obnoxious grandparents to these new additions. I don’t even know what to call them, its so confusing all of it.”

“I know dad. I understand, but, believe it or not, they are all individuals. Swallow, Ti, and Heather are all very different in their own way. Sure they share my features, even my DNA, but they are not me. Even Autumn here shares all those traits but she will never be me. There is only one of me, the one you raised.”

He chuckled, “You were one little fire house, nothing could stop you. I almost considered getting a collar for you.”

Endora balked, “I was not that bad.”

Victor laughed, “Oh yes you were and I’ll tell you I wouldn’t go back and change you one bit. You are a treasure beyond measure to both of us. I never thought of myself as a parent then you came along, in full form and showed me a life I really never imagined.”

Endora thought of something, “After I left did you think it was all a dream?” Endora questioned.

He thought about that, “In later years I wondered if it had all happened, your envelope always pulled me back and as you grew up I could see you as your older self. It was so strange but I never really forgot that it was you who came to see me.”

“You didn’t say much when we met again in the present, I mean you were pretty quiet about it.”

Victor smiled, “When I saw you again, there arose some small doubts in my mind that maybe that person who visited me wasn’t you. So I kept quiet hoping that maybe you would say something to allow me to ask.”

Endora laughed, “I was doing the same thing! Oh dad, we are so much a like.”

He laughed, “I guess we are.” He felt a bit parched, “Is there something I can get you a drink of?”

“Yes if you have juice of some sort.”

“Yes, I’m sure I have something like that.” He came over and gently scratched Autumn under her chin, she responded by grabbing his finger tight. “She has quite the grip.”

“Don’t I know it, she likes to grab at some things I wish she wouldn’t.”

Victor grinned he knew exactly what she was talking about. “I can see where that would be a problem.” He gently tugged and Autumn released his finger and he left to get himself and his daughter a drink. He returned quickly and put the glass down beside her. He sat back down in his chair and took a deep breath. “So how’s Warren?” He took a sip from his drink while he awaited her reply.

“OK, busy, the office is doing an overhaul of the system and the paperwork all has to be gone over so nothing gets lost. It’s a big pain right now, Warren was able to get today off at least, he’s been working everyday for the last two weeks. On top of all this the contractors haven’t shown up yet to mark out things for the addition.”

“That should help with all the new ones.”

“Yes in the end it will give us some private space plus Warren wants a wood shop off the garage so he can do some projects he’s always wanted to do.”

Victor coughed lightly, “I’ve heard Warren speak of that when we’ve talked. Not sure I ever pictured him working with wood though, it’s not easy.”

“I think he can do it dad, he’s quite handy with his paws. He made me a small cupboard in the kitchen and it hasn’t fallen off the wall yet.” She winked.

He smiled, “I’ll take your word for it. So what’s this alien like, ah...Zeek...” He stumbled and Endora corrected him.

“Zirkon dad.”

“ is she.”

“Well I really haven’t told you a lot about her...there’s a few things you should know about Zirkon.” She cleared her throat, “Zirkon is very different from us dad, for one she is a telepath.”

“A what?”

“She can read peoples minds.” Endora could see that he didn’t believe her. “It’s a natural talent of hers.”


“Believe me dad she can do it, although it takes some effort on her part; where it used to take really nothing.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

Endora smiled and began to explain Zirkons origin. It took some time and she also had other things to explain to her father. “As well as the mental ability she also has some physical differences like the extra set of arms.” Endora saw her father take a breath, “also she has both sex is basically male and female at the same time.”

Victor’s eyes opened wide, “She has both...”

Endora could see that this was hard for someone of her fathers age to accept things like this, “Yes, on their planet there is no male species, so they have resorted to calling themselves as she or her but it’s a bit confusing down here.”

“I can see how that could be a problem, so...ah how is that working out?” He wasn’t sure what to say after that startling news.

“Well the aliens have made papers for Zirkon and we suggested that she be listed as a male so we expect there will be no problems in the future when or if Swallow marries Zirkon.” Again Victor’s eyes went wide, “Oops!! “Endora said aloud, “forgot another little detail, it seems that Zirkon is under the impression that Swallow is her soul mate and so far she seems to be correct.”

“But isn’t she or... he older than Swallow? I thought you had said something to that nature.” It was a few months back and keeping all the details about all these new additions was not easy.

“Yes Zirkon is more mature than Swallow but she’ll catch up and Zir as we have come to call her is resigned to waiting for Swallow. In some ways Zir is still on the fence on things, she has had a horrible life for one so young, so being here on an alien world has put her back a peg. Its funny, she enjoys strange things.”

He was intrigued, “For instance.”

“She likes to sew and make clothing, she can knit faster than you can watch really. I’ve learned a lot from her in the short time she’s been with us. Also we found out quickly that some of our foods don’t agree with her.”


“Well we found out quickly that she cannot drink Coca Cola!” She laughed.

“Oh?” Victor said surprised.

“Something in that drink causes her to become almost instantly intoxicated.”

Victor smiled, “Oh that’s interesting, I’ll bet that was a fun day.”

“Yes we unfortunately didn’t catch on until she had finished the whole can...she was so sick the next day. She won't do that again anytime soon.”

“I can bet on that.” He understood, in his younger days he too had his times with a little too much fun.

“She also likes to sit on the roof and smell the air.”


“Her acute sense of smell is extremely sensitive, she can pick up the faintest scent from so far off. I’ve tried to tune into what she can but I’ve only been able to pick out a few things of what she gets. She loves it up on the roof, it’s her place and I try not to disturb her there.”

“We all like to have our space...I remember yours.”

She smiled, she hadn’t thought of the tree fort in years. “The fort, oh dad I haven’t thought of that place in so long.”

“I remember how excited you were when I told you about it and the fact that you could help me build it.”

“I remember hitting my thumb with the hammer too.” She remembered the pain, she wanted to help so bad and then that happened.

He winced, “Yes I remember, it took a little bit of shine out of your day but you still climbed up the ladder to claim your little piece of the world. You were a little trouper.”

“Yeah...I loved that place dad, I had a lot of good memories there.” She remembered all the fun times she had with Margrette in the back yard, it was their domain and they had dreams.

“So what about the other ones like you, you mentioned their names earlier but...”

“It’s OK dad, I understand, there’s a lot of them to keep track of. Let’s see...Ti, the giant one, she’s pregnant, which really wasn’t a big surprise, she wanted children. Heather the Taur is in the process of having a home built for her and her husband. The last one, Ezmerelda, is somewhat of a mystery. I don’t hear much from her; I hear more about her through Ti.”

“Ezmerelda? I don’t think I’ve heard that name before, is she a new one you didn’t tell me about.”

“Well’s like this…” She went on to explain about Ezzy and some more about the others, it was an interesting conversation to say the least.

Kathren’s Home.

Margrette looked at the few photo’s Kathren had found for her to look at. They were as she said extremely poor but a couple weren’t too bad, she could see well enough where Kathren got her massive body from. “You didn’t tell me your parents were this big. Are all of your kind this size?” Not ever having seen another like Kathren, she didn’t know.

“Not really. most are tall but, not so muscular; dad was into the fitness thing and he got mom involved into it. Our bodies take well to weight training; its easy for one of our kind to put on a lot of muscle mass. As you can see in the photo, I hadn’t started weights yet.”

“I see and what about you? I don’t think you are their size...right? Not from what I can judge from these photos.” She looked at the photos again and then glanced at Kathren; she still wasn’t sure.

“You’re right about that. Aside from my muscular physique I have one more growth spurt to go through, I’m late for it, but, then again, I was late with my other one.”

“Oh!! Kathren, you just bought a bunch of new clothes!!!”

Kathren sighed, “I’m not sure when it will happen, could be next week or next year, so it’s business as usual.”

“OK...that aside I do have a question about this photo. There is a blur to the right on this one, it looks like another fur, or I suppose it could be someone’s finger?”

Kathren looked at the picture, she was silent for a bit then said, “That’s Appellation’s finger, she never was good at taking pictures.”


“My sister.”

Margrette’s eyes went wide, “YOU HAVE A SISTER!!!! Why haven’t you mentioned her to me?” This new revelation threw her a bit; Kathren had been really open with her about her past but this was a total surprise.

Kathren did not look at Margrette, “She hates me, that’s why.”

“Hates you...that’s pretty strong Kathy...are you sure?”

“The minute she heard I was a lesbian, she promptly beat me to within an inch of my life, I barely escaped and, if it wasn’t for dad, she would have finished the job.”

“Why would she do that...I mean...”

Kathren sat her huge form on the couch, it creaked as it settled. “She was extremely popular and news around our area spread quickly. It didn’t help me at all that she found out about me from someone else. She confronted me and, well, she became furious and attacked me. At that point in my life, I was just coming to terms to what my brain was telling me; I knew nothing of fighting or defending myself. After that, I spent about a month in the hospital recuperating. I made the decision there that I would leave as soon as I could. It took longer than I had hoped but I finally left. My mother, who was the only one who supported me, was devastated.”

“Kath...I didn’t know.” Margrette sat down beside her and put her paw on her lovers arm in a gentle gesture of sympathy.

“It was a long time ago, Margie; too long, but she will be there when we go back. She was one of the main reasons I left. Appellation is tall and slim with a body most would kill for. The only thing that is a turn off is that she is yellow and black, which on her looks strange. Some like it but most think it’s odd, sorta like me being blue, there are not too many of our kind that are my colour.”

“Well, she won’t bother you now if she knows better; she’ll have to deal with me as well if she says anything. I’m sure her smelling like a skunk for a month won’t do her popularity any good.”

Kathren gently hugged Margrette, “I’ll give Appellation the benefit of the doubt; I haven’t seen her in years...maybe she has changed her opinion of me.” She doubted it but she had to go, if her sister raised a stink, well she knew she could take care of herself now. “I think we better get packing, then; I have some phone calls to make. I’m sure my parents are anxious to know what my plans are.”

Mother’s apartment.

The place didn’t have the same feel to it as it had the other morning; she knew what it lacked but she knew that the kit would never return here. She walked into what had been her room for six months; in the crib was a blanket that she had forgot to bring. Picking up the soft material she rubbed it against her face, her scent was still there. Her heart shattered and tears began to flow down her cheeks. Emotions ran high as her thoughts turned to Endora’s words, she could hear them so clearly, it was if she had said them yesterday.

The timing was precise, she had come before her other self had confronted Endora and that’s where her world began to unravel. It had been a complete disaster from the start... her only condolence was that she saved this one, all by herself, in a desperate act of redemption. Endora could not know what was about to happen. The tears flowed like small streams, she had tried so hard and Endora had welcomed her into her home. This was all before she knew the facts of everything that she had done; in her heart for a brief moment she belonged to a family. Now her other self would destroy everything and there was nothing she could do about it.

End of chapter 5


Author’s Note: The suggestion of Kathren going back home to meet her parents belongs to Jim Schell. I wish to acknowledge his idea and give credit where credit is due. His character Neo also appears in this chapter and is used with his permission.

The character rights to Neo the Kitsune are the sole property of Jim Schell and can only be used with his permission.

Thank you.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2005 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

YEAH!!! *dances around* thats still unbelievable how I got into the story. I like to thank cheetaur so much for placing me in the story for a little bit. Thank you so much Cheetaur. I really appreciate it. I would have to thank kathren for saving me in the story as well. *smiles* I really enjoy reading your stories Cheetaur. Keep up the great work Cheetaur and everyone else who helped the story process. Until then, I will wait till next time when chapter 6 is up. Take care Cheetaur.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 2:12 am    Post subject: Hey Foxtaur...:) Reply with quote

Nice to hear you liked your cameo....Smile

It worked in great!!!!!

Its hard to find situations where to put peoples character and make it flow as it was a natural occurence so i'm glad it met with your approval.

So i guess its on to editing chapter 6 hehehe which is written just haven't looked at it though in a bit ...ooh look dust.....LOL

Have fun


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 3:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

How long (usually) 'til Mike gets it added into the pdf files at the bookshelf?
I copied the posts into a txt file so I could read (both chapter 4 and 5) offline rather than in the forum.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 3:59 am    Post subject: Mike said Reply with quote

He'll probably have it up tommorow or Sun



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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I was finally able to read this and I have to say I liked it, but no surprises there. I was wondering if maybe Zir might help with Endora's Mom, Great chapter as alway Cheets keep up the good work.
"Political Correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I was finally able to read this and I have to say I liked it, but no surprises there. I was wondering if maybe Zir might help with Endora's Mom, Great chapter as alway Cheets keep up the good work.

Thanks Styx nice to see you were able to partake in this latest adventure. Smile

I have a couple of surprises in store, I hope folks will like them.

Again thanks for reading and posting, nice to hear what folks think .


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