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Chapter 2 of S4 Now in da house.(Cough sniff..I feel rotten)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 11:39 pm    Post subject: Chapter 2 of S4 Now in da house.(Cough sniff..I feel rotten) Reply with quote

Working on it , got a cold and i've started a new job so the story has been lagging behind.
sorry will have it for you here soon

It's here enjoy
comments please..Smile

Mark Wink

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 1:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool I was starting to wonder
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:55 pm    Post subject: Chapter 2 part 1 Reply with quote


Chapter 2: What’s black and white and just too darn cute?

Mother awoke snuggled in a warm bed far away from the home she really knew. For her it had been a different evening, she had been trying to track down a house keeper on a far away planet. It took her most of the night but finally with information in paw she allowed herself to rest, completing the cycle and switching again with Alison.

Rising, she stretched and yawned; at least it wasn’t all for naught as she had found some information to tell Zirkon. The bathroom was the next stop, after she turned an ear to listen for other signs of life in the house; she heard none. She looked in on the little one, as of the other day she had been a big part of her life. As usual she was sound asleep, seems this one could sleep anywhere. Most nights she didn’t stir at all, only a few times that she could think of. She returned and sat upon her bed, it was quite comfortable, she wondered if she could settle down again. In a few moments she had her answer as she fell back into a deep sleep.

British Columbia: Early morning

Alison awoke with a slight kink in her back, this was a normal occurrence now because of the ever growing kit within their shared body. Their small frame did not help this condition at all. A warm shower always helped it seemed, she loved the hot water cascading over her body, absorbing the warm wetness that encompassed them. Mother was not awake yet, she could tell, even her having showered didn’t seem to rouse her. She guessed it was the same for when Mother had control, maybe it was due to the fact that they were soon due to give birth. A month Shearah said, at most a month; she didn’t think she could hold out that long. This pregnancy was driving both of them crazy.

Once dressed, she made breakfast for herself, toast and a couple of fried eggs. The apartment was nice; Mother had it seems, acquired some taste in comfort. Although it seemed their stay might be longer than expected. She sat down carefully and read the paper they had gotten yesterday. She now had to be very careful in sitting; last time she didn’t pay attention and wound up on the floor in a big hurry.

There wasn’t a lot happening in the area according to the paper, a few skirmishes with the radical purists. From what Mother had said it was stupid, all of it. If life went on like the purists claimed they would have died out years ago. All purebreds have genetic flaws, if they kept breeding with each other eventually those flaws would have become dominant. Eventually they would have had to mix breeds to survive, it was nature. In the end she guessed that these skirmishes probably would never really end, each had their own points of view and they were hardly going to change their minds any time soon. She was glad that she wouldn’t have to worry about them, she looked forward to living on Tarra.

She liked the aliens, they had a way of making you feel right at home. She wanted this to be over, but it seems a proverbial monkey wrench had been thrown into the works. The existence of this other, it puzzled them both, Alison was unsure what they were going to do now. She heard the thoughts of Mother as she read the paper and decided it wasn’t worth really talking about the racial problems of the world right now. So she found something else to talk about.

“Awake I hear.” She said aloud.

“Yes, to another fine day.” Mother thought back.

“I haven’t looked outside yet to know, so I’m sure you don’t either.” Mother sighed, in some cases Alison was completely clueless about things. “So where is it we are going?” Alison questioned Mother.


“Why on earth are we traveling there, it’s a least a couple of days journey.”

“Not if we fly.” Mother responded.

“Not flying again! I threw up all over the stewardess that last time.”

“Now that I know that you’re susceptible to motion sickness, I picked up some medication for that.”

“I still don’t like airplanes.”

“Don’t worry about it, Alison; now if you want to know, there is a lab there, I believe this other might have gone there to set up shop.”

“Oh...a lab.”

“Yeah, so we have to go. We’re already far behind her, that’s for sure. The sooner we get there the better, I hope.”

The airport was busy and it seemed everyone thought that Alison was a teenager in trouble of sorts. Each person seemed very concerned for her well being for some odd reason; maybe it was because she could hardly walk with her huge belly. The airline got her a wheel chair and escorted her to the airplane. That at least helped, she was so tired even after all their help that she fell asleep almost instantly upon hitting the seat. She didn’t even give throwing up a thought.

The car pulled up to what seemed to be a luxurious hotel. Alison who had switched again could see, through Mother’s eyes, the marble fronted palace that stood in front of them. “Your lab is here?” This didn’t seem a likely place for a laboratory.

“Yes, well no one knows about it. Except a chosen few, now it’s time to see if she’s been here.”
Mother waddled towards the tower’s entrance.

Mustelidae household :

Mother awoke again and yawned, the bed was extremely comfy and she hated to leave its warm embrace. She knew she couldn’t stay too much longer; she had an apartment to vacate and gather herself for the journey back. In the back of her mind she knew what also was going on far away from here. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t interfere; to her it had already happened. All she had to do now was to leave and hope that everything proceeded normally from now on. When she sent her message she would have to be sure to enclose a warning to the Zargozians to be careful when they arrived for her. Things could get complicated if things went wrong.

She wandered down stairs hoping the others were up, it seems they were and she was the slow poke. They all looked at her as she entered into the kitchen.

“Good morning Mother, I hope you slept well; ah... it is Mother?” Endora spoke. Swallow and Zir just nodded as they ate breakfast, Warren just looked over his paper and muttered a soft “morning.” “Come sit and have something.” Endora said invitingly.

“Yes it’s me again,” Mother pulled out a chair and sat.

“Toast, cereal... coffee?” Endora asked.

“Some toast would be good, along with a cup of coffee; black.”

“Coming right up, Warren do you want more coffee?”

“Sure hun, a little more would be great; please.”

“So how did the little one sleep?” Mother inquired, she wondered for it was the first morning she didn’t have to look after her; it felt strange. “I saw her earlier this morning and she was sound asleep.”

“Still is; well, she’s been fed but she went right back to sleep in my arms. Seems she’s settling right in, being good as gold far. That won’t last though, I’m waiting for her teeth to bother her, seems all of us had that problem. Thank goodness it doesn’t last too long, a couple of weeks at most.”

“Well I’m glad she feels at home.” Endora put a cup near her and in it was some black hot steaming coffee, “Thanks.” She took a short sip of the strong brew and reveled in its robust bitter taste. The Zargozian equivalent was pretty potent but, still, not quite the same.

“So you’re leaving today?” Endora said as she put Mother’s toast in front of her; then she sat down.

“Well, not right away. I still have an apartment to clean out; then I’ll be going. Know anyone who might need some furniture?”

Endora looked over at Warren who had now put his paper down; he shrugged. “We can take it, we’re planning to add on to the house to help with the extra kits. So some extra furniture would be useful. That’s if you’re not going to use it?”

“Oh no, I’m hoping to get out of here this week.”

“I’ll hire a moving company to move the items to wherever you want.”

“How are you going to pay for that?” Warren said, “We can help you if you’d like.”

“Oh no, I’ve had some money in a private account for emergencies. If you’d like I can give you what’s left after this is all over.”

Warren looked at Endora... then back to Mother, “Ah... how much money are we talking about?”

Mother’s laboratory:

The Hotel was a grand palace fit for a King or Queen, a main stair case took up most of the foyer. It was one of the most beautiful things that Alison had ever seen. Two majestic, finely detailed, golden lions stood atop of two pedestals at the bottom railings. Their tails became the railing leading up to the next floor. The carpet covering the floor was a glorious green with gold intertwining ribbons. She wished she could have stared at it a bit longer but Mother had other places to go.

Mother found a door marked ‘employees only’ and entered. It lead to a vast array of storage shelves of odds and ends but it was the elevator at the end of the room that she was looking for. The elevator seemed to have two doors, one in front and another heavier door in the rear. The rear door lead as Mother said, to the outside; this was a freight elevator, used for moving furniture and other heavier items to each floor. Many of the newer buildings had them, better than trying to use the main elevators for hauling a couch or something bulky. She looked about and found a milk crate and put it under the controls for the elevator. It seemed they were just a little out of reach for her 3-foot frame.

She pushed the button to take them to the sub basement; here there were cars, lots of them. She then opened a wooden door marked phone, picked up the receiver, and dialed the numbers from zero to nine then hung up. Then she dragged the crate to the other side and did the same with the other phone on that side except this time she dialed the numbers from nine to zero. Once more she pulled the crate to the other side and dialed only the zero this time and hung up. Then waited, nothing happened for a long time at least two minutes then the elevator began to move downwards again.

The elevator stopped, finally; it seemed to go down quite a ways. In front of them was a plain steel door with a doorknob. Mother turned it and pushed gently on the door; it opened into a lovely room, a room where the walls were covered in tapestries. They were very old from the looks of them. The floor was covered in fine rugs and what shone through between them had to be marble beneath, it was splendor beyond splendor. Alison thought it was a shame no one got to see it.

“No lock on the door?” Alison inquired.

“If they have gotten this far then they are invited, or know how to get here. This place isn’t that important to me so security isn’t a priority here. Besides the lab is still well hidden, this is just an office.”


Mother looked around the room for any clues to see if the other creature had been there. Then she saw it, a video-tape on the humongous mahogany desk. It stood out since the desk was barren, plus it seemed to be the only thing not covered in a fine layer of dust.

The room had a video setup with camera and she guessed that the tape was a message of sorts to her. At least that’s what she thought it was. She took the tape, pushed it into the VCR, and pushed play. Then she turned on the TV and waited. In a moment it came to life with the sound of static. Then a figure appeared in the middle of the screen, one she had seen many times before; only as a reflection.

“Hello,” The voice said, sounding oh so familiar to her, “if you are viewing this then you figured I’d come here. Actually I didn’t have a whole lot of time after you left, I wasn’t exactly sure when you would return so I had to act quickly. I’m sure you are full of questions, when, how, why? Some I can answer here, some would take too much time to really go into in detail.”

Mother watched as the figure shifted in her seat. “I can tell you I’ve been around about a hundred years, give or take a few. As to knowing of you, well that’s only happened in the last 25 or so years. Since that time I’ve always kept my distance, siphoning funds from accounts that I gained knowledge of; never taking too much. Just enough to keep me alive and well fed. It seems we could link to each other; not always, but for short periods. I then just bided my time, learning everything I could from your memories. Your past experiences did me no good really but your current ones have helped me a lot. You see your, or our, quest for knowledge remains intact in truth I’m quite the geneticist. Your knowledge was flawed in many ways but I’ve improved upon it and well... to prove that Epsilon #1 has seen fruition.”

“WHAT!!!” Mother shouted drowning out the rest of the video’s playback. Lyja was startled by Mother’s outburst. “That’s not possible, I was decades away from any sort of a solution!”

“Maybe we should listen to what she has to say.” Alison interjected.

Mother pushed the rewind button to the point where she missed, “your, or our, quest for knowledge remains intact in truth I’m quite the geneticist. Your knowledge was flawed in many ways but I’ve improved upon it and well... to prove that Epsilon #1 has seen fruition. It seems your basis of cellular regeneration was way off, after I found corrections for that, I...” She went on about many different technical aspects of what seemed to be wrong with Mother’s initial designs then finally stopped. “Oops it seems I’ve wandered from the purpose of this conversation. Anyway, I’m curious about you and where you went and why our link suddenly quit without warning. I guessed you would try here so, if you wish to meet I am at the farm. I’m sure that name is no surprise to you. Come and see what Epsilon #1 has produced; I think you’ll be surprised, that I’m sure. Don’t call, just come; there will be someone here to care for your needs. The password is Epsilon; they will ask, so don’t forget it. Oh one last thing, I’ve put a few of my own touches on an experiment you abandoned. I took what I really needed, as for the experiment I will leave the lab and what to do with it in your paws. Although it seems your memory of what you were doing down there has escaped you. I suggest you will have to soon make a decision about what is going on down there... ah very soon. Hope to meet you in person sometime.”

The tape went dead and Mother relaxed into the leather chair, she was astounded that Epsilon was a go. She knew she had been so far from fixing that project that she left it many times in disgust. The explanations that this creature gave seemed to fit but she would have to see the figures and proofs for it to all make sense. The lab was another problem, she had forgotten about it, really. She could only wonder what this creature had done.

Lyja didn’t care for this at all, it was all too boring; she didn’t want to do this. Looking after these two seemed so unfair, there was nothing for her to do. “So what do we do now? Where is this lab and project this creature is talking about?”

Mother stood up, “The project is something I started after I had made Ti and Swallow, I made an interesting discovery, one that I wanted to see if my theories were correct about. Now that this creature has tampered with it I’m not at all sure exactly what has happened down there. Most of it was automatic, run by a series of complex bots, they could do some very interesting things.”

She went to the bookshelf on the other side of the room, “Lyja if you would pull that blue book up there on your left on the second shelf. We can get a look at what has become of my laboratory.” As Lyja pulled on the book a part of the book shelf moved back and out of the way revealing an elevator. “Going down?”

Lyja stepped into the elevator and waited for it to move. It seemed the elevator tunnel was lined with Plexiglas; they could see down into the lab. As it slowly descended into a large room the lights began to come on as they traveled down from darkness. In a moment they stopped in a huge room with ancient computers lining the walls and other medical equipment. To their right was a wall of glass looking down into what was a huge room.

“Woah that’s a big room.” Lyja said aloud.

At Lyja’s comment she took a look at what the fuss was. Mother was aghast at what she saw as she put her paws against the glass, “Well we seem to have a problem here, that room when I left was at this level.” She looked down and down and down. She shook her head; boy did they have a problem. Mother sat down at one of the terminals and fired up one of the computers to see if there was anything she recognized.

Lyja couldn’t believe how far back the technology was, she shook her head. It was bad enough working on that ancient craft that Afain had found, she was glad she didn’t have to touch this stuff. She looked down and far below she could see a robot of sorts moving along at a very slow pace. “There’s a robot down there.”

“Yes that would probably be a maintenance one.” Mother studied some of the data, “This doesn’t make a lot of ...she didn’t activate her.”

Mother got up quickly and almost ran into another room, this place was big and round. In the center was a large metal tube. Along the curved walls stood more tubes.

“Mother, what is this place?” Alison said in awe of the structure, it was so clean, the walls smooth and curved in a dome shape.

“This Alison, Lyja is where things went very wrong with one of my experiments.” In front of the center tube was a console, she instructed Lyja which buttons to push. In a moment the steel tube raised into the air, along with the others around the room. The center one revealed a black and white skunk suspended in a yellowish fluid. She had a mask over her muzzle and her eyes were closed. She had many tubes connected to her body, everywhere there seemed to be a tube.

“That’s one of the Skunks!” Alison exclaimed.

“Yes this is one of the original projects I started with, one I should have destroyed but didn’t.” She looked at the creature floating in the tank, yes she should have destroyed it.

“Why, she is beautiful?” Alison said, and soon after Lyja asked the same question.

“It’s what she is that’s the danger and well that thing started her up...BLAST!!!” Mother was mad as hell; she had already made a muck of the skunk’s lives and now this!!!!

“What? Explain, maybe we can help.” Alison said.

“OK, you two, what you are looking at is a self replicating being.”

“What?” Lyja said. Alison was shocked.

“Yes, it’s as I said, I had an experiment like it before and I destroyed it, I should have done the same with this one. Given enough time or threatened with its extinction this creature produces another like itself without the need for a male seed. I discovered this when it was but an embryo, it split by itself in its dish. I let one of the embryos mature and the other I destroyed, this is her; Prime One I called her. Seems this other creature hooked her up and now, well it looks like there are hundreds of her; all, I’m sure, with this unique ability to reproduce.” Mother sighed; this was a problem of mammoth proportions.

“I see, so what we seen down below are all her offspring.”

“Offspring, duplicates ... whatever you want to call them...yes all those tubes have versions of Prime one. I’m not sure what to do now.” Mother sighed; this wasn’t in the cards. She was here to shut things down now they had more to clean up. When would her tampering in the lives of the skunks ever end?

“Well what are we going to do now?” Lyja said, “From your reaction, I can see this was not in your plans.”

Mother thought about it as she looked at the rest of the other sleeping skunks, “We go meet this creature, Lyja you have to contact your people, tell them to send the largest ship they got, we are going to have to move a lot of sleeping passengers.”

“What? You’re going to move these creatures off the planet? That seems a bit drastic!”

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:56 pm    Post subject: Part 2 Reply with quote

“Yes it would be wise, I’m hoping that the Zargozians have a planet that they can allow these creatures to live on, otherwise they will have to be destroyed. I’d rather not do that now, not after everything that’s happened with the skunk’s family.” She had to be reminded again of what she had done, this skunk and the others were something she wished she could forget.

“So I guess it’s off to this farm the other creature spoke of?” Lyja queried, knowing that her stay here had lengthened to an unforeseen quantity of time.

“Yes but there are a few things I want to see here first.” She opened a door that lead to stairs leading down and down and down.”

Lyja just looked at how far down it was, “Isn’t there and elevator or something.”

“Don’t worry I’m only going down one level, look at me do I look like I’m ready for that much punishment.”

Lyja looked at the small yellow pregnant creature, “I guess not.”

As they descended down one flight of stairs they came to a door, going through it lead to a large ledge. All around them from one side to another were pods, more than they could count. Mother went to the railing and looked down, there were four other levels below this one. She just shook her head, this meant there had to be at least a hundred copies of Prime One. Getting them out of here was going to be a trick, although there was a tunnel to another storage area, a small warehouse. If they could empty that, they might be able to get a shuttle down into it and load it. She stood back and thought, the maintenance robots should be able to carry out that task.

“Lyja would the ship that comes here have a cargo shuttle, or a couple of them?”

“I can ask for them, most of the shuttles are not that big.”

“How many of these pods could one take on a trip?”

“Maybe more than that.”

“Then it would take quite a few trips to move these out of here.”

“Yes it would.”

Mother went over to one of the tubes and raised the metal shield surrounding it. There floating in the same type of fluid was a female skunk. Although this one was far younger than the one they first saw.
“ I suspected, not all the duplicates have reached maturity, hmmm I wonder how many are mature?”

Both of them noticed a black tower moving ever so slowly towards them making quite a bit of noise. It stopped in close proximity to them, it didn’t do anything for a few moments then it spoke in a very mechanical voice.


“How many pods are there? And can you tell me how many of the pods have mature specimens in them?”

The response wasn’t instantaneous but close, “THERE ARE 1256 PODS, 687 HAVE MATURE SPECIMENTS IN THEM 259 HAVE MID OR JUVENILES THE REST ARE INFANTS.”

The machine stopped talking and Mother just shook her head; this was far worse than she thought. There was not a hundred but a thousand. “I need to shut production down of Prime One, is that possible?”


“Mother thought that would be a good idea considering it was going to be sometime before they could organize an evacuation of this site. “I wish to do that.”


“Yes terminate production.”


“Yes acceptable, also I need to implement a new set of orders.”


“Good.” Mother outlined what she wanted the machines to do; first clear the storage area and clean it out. Then create a door to allow access from the surface; this would be easy since the land above the storage area was vacant. An outside entrance should be easy for the robots to construct, although it was going to take time for them to do so. Mother wanted printouts of some of the data about Prime One and some other data, though this took far too long in Lyja’s mind. Lyja did have some input and she was able to help Mother in one big area. To keep the illusion of the land being vacant while the ship landed for pickup, Lyja was going to install holo projectors. To everyone the land would look exactly the same as it always had but a ship would be landing behind the illusion. It would be a simple matter of connecting up the projectors once the hole had been determined.

Mother was thankful for Lyja’s presence; that problem was one that could have turned into a big mess but now it seemed to be solved for the moment. The time frame, though, was going to be longer now; it would take time to reach her people and allow them to get here. Even with the time traveling ability, it was only so accurate, they could arrive before or even weeks after their initial call. It was a waiting game, they couldn’t stay and wait for them; they had to find this other creature.

Mustelidae House hold:

Warren and Endora accepted the money offered by Mother, it was a nice amount. They agreed that they would put it aside for the kits further education. It might have to be used in other ways later but that would be up to them.

As Mother munched on her toast she remembered that she had information for Zirkon. She finished chewing then spoke, “Zirkon, I have the information you asked for.”

Zirkon’s eyes opened wide, she had hoped that there was a chance that some information could be obtained, “You have?”

“Yes, you asked about...Mira?”

“Yes she was my housekeeper and my dearest friend. I hated to leave her, so I was just wondering if she was doing all right.”

“Let’s see if I can remember what she said to me, she hoped you were well. Also to keep using your extra paws, she said you didn’t use them enough.”

“That’s her, oh Mira.” Her heart skipped a beat.

“She also says she has found a companion to stay with her.” Mother knew she couldn’t say who that companion was but as long as she knew someone was with her it would be fine. “So she says don’t worry about her she will be fine. She misses you but she knows you are happy and that, she knows, is what everyone strives to be. Oh, the Brampa ran off again and no one can find her. She wishes that you were there to help. She sends her love and wishes you a long life.”

Zirkon smiled and a tear ran down her cheek, “The Brampa...oh geesh.”

“What is a Brampa?” Mother inquired.

“A very stubborn animal, here the closest facsimile would be a cow. She’s used for milking and has a habit of running off. When I was there could usually sense where she went to but she’s traveled very far on occasions. Mira and the others will have a time in finding her.” She sniffed, “Thank you Mother I am glad she has found someone to share our home with.”

“You are welcome Zirkon. So what will you two do today? It’s Saturday.”

Swallow broke in, “We’re going to a show, ‘Mystery Canines from Alpha Centauri.’ It has Johnny Dalmatian in it, he’s dreamy.”

Zirkon just raised an eyebrow, “I guess.”

Swallow just grinned, “You’re Jealous...hehe.”

“I am not.” Zirkon countered.

“Yes you are.” Swallow got up and rubbed Zirkon’s head, she giggled as she put her dish into the sink.

Endora just smiled, “When does the show start Swallow?”

“One mom.”

“Ok, you hear that Warren?” She was looking at the paper held up in front of his face, but she didn’t hear any acknowledgement. She put her paw up and pulled the paper down, interrupting his reading.

“Huh?” Warren looked surprised.

“You’re taking Swallow and Zirkon to the show this afternoon.”

“Oh, what time do they have to be there?”

She sighed, “One o’clock but you’ll have to leave a lot earlier than that, the theater is downtown.”

“Ok, I’m sure the girls won’t let me forget.” He grinned.

“I’m sure they won’t.” Endora got up and found her purse; out of it she took her cell phone. She came back to the kitchen and put it on the table in front of Swallow. “Take this with you, use it to call home when the show is done, OK?”

“OK!” Swallow exclaimed.

“Now, you know how to use it?”

“Mom!” Swallow said in exasperation.

“It’s no good to you if you don’t!” Endora scolded. “Now show me.” Swallow proceeded to show her mother that she knew how to use the phone. “Good! Swallow, I’m just being cautious; I worry about you.”

“I know mom.” Swallow leaned over and gave her mother a hug, which in turn made the kits inside of her kicked like mad.

“Ooofffhh!” Endora said.

“Gee Mom I felt that!! Those were hard kicks!!”

“Yeah, these kits want out!!” Endora said as she rubbed her stomach.

Swallow got up and gave her seat to her mother, “Mom sit.”

“Thanks dear.” Endora took Swallow’s seat.

“Dora you OK?” Warren said concerned, he knew it was close, anytime this month the doctor had said.

“Yeah Warren, just took the wind out of me. When these kits get older, we’re going to have a little talk, it’s not nice to kick your mother.”

Warren grinned, “Well I guess they better be on their best behavior then huh?”

“Yes they’d better.” Endora said still trying to capture her breath. In a few moments she felt better, “Now Mother do you need a lift somewhere, Warren has to take the kids to the show, so it might be just as easy to drop you off too.”

“I’d appreciate that if you could.” Mother said softly but maybe I should just take a taxi. I’m sure he’d want to come back to you here as soon as possible.”

“I’ll be fine, Warren take Mother home please.”

“OK, let me find my keys and coat. Come on kids let’s get ready.” Warren got up but before he left the kitchen he gave Endora a kiss on the cheek. As he left with the kids she rubbed the spot lightly where he has kissed her and she smiled. The door swung shut as he passed into the hall beyond.

“He loves you very much.” Mother said quietly.

“Yes, I know, he’s never faltered...well, we have had our arguments and have gotten on each others nerves but we’ve always come back to each other.”

“I hope I find a mate like that.”

Endora wasn’t really one to pry but this would probably be the last time that she would see Mother. “Anyone in your life yet?”

“Not yet, I’ve begun studies on some of the plant life on another planet. It’s taking up my time right now but there have been a few Zargozians approach me; I believe more out of curiosity than anything. Time will tell it seems.” She changed the subject, “Swallow and Zirkon seem to have adjusted well to life here.”

“Well yes and no, Zir still misses her/his...her home. As you just saw, this news I’m afraid will put her/him back a step. It will take time, more time than she/he thinks; you just can’t leave everything behind so quickly; things will still haunt you somewhat.”

“I know, there are things I still miss from here, things I know I will never see again. It takes time to get over that, if ever.”

“Well I’m glad that Zir got the news from you, it will put some fears of hers away.” She paused then spoke again, “Now that we are alone I can say what I want to say; thank you.” Endora put out her paw and took Mother’s in hers. “I’ve talked with Alison and she’s told me of the great weight upon you.” Mother was shocked to hear that Alison had been so open with Endora, “I want ... no I need to say that your great effort in bringing me my sister was an act of kindness that I can never repay you for. You have shown me that you truly have compassion for others and that is the greatest step towards your recovery.” She smiled and gripped her paw lightly, “Believe me, you have made me and my mate very happy with your gesture. She will know of your courage when she is older.”

Mother gulped, she didn’t know what to say, “I I...only wanted to repair know.”

Endora nodded, “I know, Alison explained. She cares a lot about you, don’t you forget that; she’s your family.”

“Family; I never thought I would care for having one, now it seems that one found me.”

“You are always welcome here; please come back again and see us, I’d hate for this to be our only moment together. You must come and see how...Autumn grows up. I may not be around but I’m hoping she will.”

Mother sat there frozen, she didn’t know what to do; her gift to Endora had been received with such deep gratitude that she hardly could comprehend it. No one had ever asked her to be a part of a family and now here was someone she had hurt so badly offering just that. A tear started at the corner of one of her eyes, then grew enough to flow down her cheek. “I will.”

“Good to hear.” Endora let go of her paw and got up to find her a Kleenex. She returned with one and Mother dried her eyes.

“So I do believe you don’t have much time left?” Mother said looking at Endora’s huge belly.

“Not long, could be two weeks to a month, the doctors aren’t sure. They are doing regular checkups on me. Things have gone better than I thought, I haven’t been as sick in the mornings. Plus my back seems to be pretty good, when I carried the other twins my back hurt almost everyday. I’m wondering if Tolare had something to do with this, which I don’t mind it’s helped my mobility a lot.”

“That’s good, have you thought of names.”

“Yes, Mary...after Warren’s Mother and Donna after Warren’s Aunt.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“Well it really wasn’t too hard, already knowing they’re girls. It’s going be fun around here with three of them.”

“All the more to love.”

“Yeah, that’s why we need the room, Warren’s just waiting for the contractors to get here.”

“Then things are all planned out?” Mother was curious as to what they had planned.

“Oh yes, there will be a workshop for Warren, he’s always wanted one and room for me. I want to sew some more, Zirkon has a fantastic gift for it and I want her to be able to her show off her talent. Plus teach me a thing or two. I really can’t believe the things she’s made in this short time, she truly is a marvel with material.”

“How is she adapting to her new environment, before she was alone to avoid problems with her physic ability; from what I can gather and now she is surrounded by aliens.”

“Well her talent only works if she applies herself here, much to her relief; so in a sense this is paradise for her.”

“Oh? I was unaware of that, then this must be indeed a change for her.”

“It has taken her by surprise, in some ways she feels very alone, but in others she feels free. It’s a strange situation for her to be in.”

Just then the door opened and Warren stuck his head in, “I’m ready ladies if everything is OK?”

Mother stood up, “Endora before I leave for Tarra I’ll come back here for another visit, if that’s OK?”

Endora smiled, “Yes do so, please.” She shook Mother’s paw, she never thought that she would want this creature in her life but now knowing the situation it was a different story all together.

“I will see you then.” They all exited the kitchen and headed outside.

End Of Chapter Two.

Love thy enemy...woah she took that one to heart...geesh.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1256 Sabrina’s sheesh this kind of fits into the too much of a good thing category. Great chapter Cheets though I thought Swallow would have had a lot of animosity towards Mother even if it's not really the same mother.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1256 Sabrinas? Shocked Rolling Eyes
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Not counting the few more that were still in processing when the termination order was given.
"Political Correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 6:19 pm    Post subject: Wow cool someone read it.......YAY Reply with quote

1256 Sabrinas?

I plead the 5th.....Smile

Goes back to lurking...

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1256 Sabrinas would normally be a reason to rejoice. Surprised Shocked Smile Very Happy Laughing

Self-replicating? Confused Mad That's just plain cruel. Sad Mad Evil or Very Mad
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I'm a nut, but there are those who appreciate me for it.
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