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Winter, part nineteen

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:41 pm    Post subject: Winter, part nineteen Reply with quote

“Heyyyyyyy!” Vosco said as he hugged Dave. “No shit in your apartment, remember?” He said with a smile only a lying drug dealer could make. “Yeah. What do you want to talk to me about?” Dave said, his hands in his pockets.

Winter saw them. High up on the roof, she kept her ears permanently against her head, making her sight profile as small as possible. Winter kept both eyes open as she focused on her right, looking through the zooming intelligent holosight with center of mass indicator.

Winter saw two men, each of them having a single machine pistol, the magazines extending far below the edges of the magwells of their black pistols.

They were both looking at Vosco and Dave, waiting for Vosco to give the signal. Winter clicked the selector switch to “Semi” and waited for one to bob his nervous head above the car he was ducking behind. When one did, she locked onto his head and tracked it, pulling the trigger as the round hit him directly between the eyes- though not before he ducked behind the car again, the bullet cutting through the thin sheet metal with a thunk before cutting the man's head off.

The suppressed FN FAL only betrayed it's deadly action by a slight CHICK sound made only by it's action as it slid in the upper receiver, the brass catcher in place so that Winter did not have to police her brass later. A slight mist of thick motor oil sprayed out with each round as the Lucas was slowly pulled out of the wet can suppressor.

Winter smiled as the other man popped his head up, her soft white muzzle mouthing the word “Amateur” The thug hearing the THUCK sound of the bullet traveling through the roof of the car after she neutralized the first thug, the second thug looking around, just long enough for winter to separate his head from his body as well. Instantly, as if guided by a laser, she had the red dot in the center of Vosco's chest.

Vosco engaged Dave in some small talk, while it seemed as if he was trying to talk himself into giving the signal. Vosco knew Dave wasn't the rat. That's because Vosco was. Feeling scared one day, he went to the cops and struck a deal, selling out his employer, Henry. The crack down was coming. Vosco would testify against Henry in exchange for immunity. Vosco didn't want Dave causing trouble for him, so he decided to kill him. It was just easier that way. So it went in the criminal world. A big reason, among others, why Dave had left it years ago.

It just wasn't worth it.

Vosco looked around nervously, then with his head held low, not even looking at Dave, he raised his arm up and stepped out of the way. Vosco glanced at the vehicles in the parking lot behind him as Winter smiled, the red dot on Vosco, just above his heart.

“What's going on, Vosco?” Dave asked, looking him in the eye. “What did you do? You got guys here, too?” “Too, Vosco?” Dave said, cocking his head a little, knowing exactly what was going on, waiting for the bullets to cut him down.

“Screw this.” Vosco said, his face contorting into a vicious rage as he whipped his shirt up, pulling a revolver chambered for the .454 Casull round from his pants.

Winter put a bullet through the side of the end of the barrel of Vosco's pistol, and the pistol went flying as Dave and Vosco both looked up, trying to find the sniper. Winter was concerned that a bullet in the cylinder of Vosco's hand cannon would cook off a round, causing it to strike Dave, so she had to strike the barrel instead. A difficult shot.

But not for Winter.

Winter put a round through Vosco's chest. He shuddered, slowly reaching down, feeling where he felt the round punch through his body, the force of which sort of knocked the wind out of him as his face was confused. A piece of his shirt, or possibly of an organ, or even a spurt of blood flying out behind him caught Winter's eye. She was toying with him. Giving him just enough time to realize he was never going to leave this parking lot. When she saw the fear in his eyes...

Winter clicked the weapon into full auto and squeezed the trigger.

The heavy battle rifle vibrated in her hands, the soft metallic sound of the action clicking in a mechanical symphony twenty times a second, the wound in her back reminding her it was still there as she snapped at it in her mind, the rifle's muzzle never lifting more than an inch and a half above target, even under the tremendous three oh eight recoil. Winter sent twenty-eight rounds through Vosco, all center of mass, twenty- five of them hammering his lifeless body after he collapsed. She wanted his head intact to send a message. Winter was good at messages.

Dave had found cover, and was trying to find the sniper, though he knew, if the sniper wanted him dead he'd be dead.

Her smile was maniacal as she brought the holosight to Dave, and zoomed in, the dot on his neck, as she wanted to see his face. “We're even.” Winter said, pressing the magazine eject button and sliding the magazine forward, grabbing a fresh magazine and mating it to the front of the magwell, then bringing it backwards until it, too, clicked back into place. Winter engaged the bolt release as it slid forward, chambering another round.

Tracking Dave with her holosight as he sped off on his motorcycle, Winter zoomed in at seventy-five power until he rounded a corner, then collapsed the stock, folded and retracted the bipod, removed the brass catcher, and put the rifle back in the signal generator case, her eyes quickly scanning the rooftop for any evidence she was ever there. There was none.

Putting her special Naakaanee sunglasses on, which hooked around the backs of her ears, Winter walked past the people in the motel. Some looked at her, most didn't. It's just the way it was, and she preferred they didn't, anyway.

Winter hailed a cab and was on her way back to her apartment in seven minutes. She walked back into the back alleyway behind her apartment building and shed her Verizon uniform, revealing her tight jean shorts and tank top. As she stripped, she didn't hear them walk up to her.

That's because they were her kind. Naakaanee. Three males, all stinking with the tangy, chemical scent of the city as it clung to their unwashed fur.

“Woooooo!” One said as he walked up to Winter, Winter turning her head so fast he sort of paused. “Look, I don't want any trouble.” Winter said. Humans were one thing. Naakaanee were another. Naakaanee males were another thing entirely. And three of them...

“Those pink claws say otherwise, girly girl.” He said, one eyebrow higher than the other, his eyes glowing- but instead of the pure golden light, there was something also dark, something that made her a little sick. “If you leave now I won't hurt you. But if I ever see you again...” Winter began to say when he shot his hand out and grabbed her muzzle, squeezing it so tight Winter's eyes began to water.

Winter collapsed to her knees as he struggled to try to make her pass out, and when her eyes finally fluttered and shut, the tears rolling down her face, he turned to look at his buddies with a grin on his face, equally sadistic grins on their own faces- it looking like they were chomping at the bit, their eyes fixated on her listless body as she collapsed. That was his mistake. Looking away from her.

Digging her claws deep into his face, Winter carved four deep, bloody gouges across it, puncturing an eye as it oozed out of it's socket, the male screaming and thrashing about, his hands flailing and hitting a dumpster, denting it like a small truck had run into it.

Winter jumped up, turned midair and landed on his back as he thrashed. With a numb look on her face she quickly wrapped her arm around the front of his neck, putting his throat in her elbow joint, then slugging the back of his neck with her fist as it made a horrible muffled crunching sound, his vertebrae dislodged and severing the nerves to his heart and lower body as his body went limp in her arms.

The other two males gasped and ran away when Winter's head turned instantly as she found two ways to kill the one, and one way to kill the other as they ran, each turning a different direction, out of the alley. Winter loosened her arm as the large cream colored male collapsed lifelessly to the ground. Winter resisted spitting on him, as she knew there would be an investigation. Quickly checking her claws for chipped nail polish, she found none chipped as she had coated them in a special epoxy before heading to the rooftop to watch over Dave to prevent just that from happening. From leaving evidence. Questioning the pink clawed gum chewing ditz would give the police no leads. Even if she had left her fur on his body. He was just a one night stand, she would say.

Winter wrapped the brushed aluminum case with the Verizon uniform and walked calmly into her apartment, smiling at a woman who lived two floors down. The woman smiled back, and walked back into her apartment.

Winter unlocked the door and entered her apartment, shutting the door gently behind her, then collapsing to the ground, shaking. Her breathing was labored and random as she stared blankly at her kitchen table, her eyes completely dark.

Four lives she took that day. Three human, one Naakaanee. If he had held onto her muzzle just a few seconds more... Things would have ended differently for her. Crushing her teeth into her jaws, closing off her supply of air through her nose. Her lower jaw quivering, Winter finally turned her head, her eyes closed, and began to sob, sob like she hadn't sobbed since she was in Dave's apartment. Letting so much pent up pain and frustration go, she just... Let it go. Making the decision not to hold any in, even if part of her desperately wanted to hold on to it, she just let it go.

Winter ran her fingers through the fur on the top of her head, her eyes soaked with tears, the fur on her cheeks matted and saturated. Shaking, he brought a pink clawed hand up and looked at it, feeling like it would be better if she kept her claws their natural obsidian color. It would better match her heart, she felt.

Winter went to bed that night, the only thing preventing her from suck starting the FN FAL was the small ember of warmth that burned in her heart when she knew she had paid Dave back.

Check out my new series Winter:
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Kellan Meig'h

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:14 am    Post subject: Huh? Reply with quote

Wow, I turn my back for a just a few moments and nineteen chapters pop up! You, my friend, appear to have an untapped talent. Now I have to go back to the beginning and start reading!

Mr. Green

"Старый боевой конь, Кeллан"
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Joined: 29 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:03 pm    Post subject: Re: Huh? Reply with quote

Kellan Meig'h wrote:
Wow, I turn my back for a just a few moments and nineteen chapters pop up! You, my friend, appear to have an untapped talent. Now I have to go back to the beginning and start reading!

Mr. Green

Thank you for the kind words!! I really appreciate it!

I am *really* enjoying writing about Winter, and I have some good plot ideas for it. However, right now I have almost 3,000 pages of other stories I have almost finished, that need finishing.

Actually, I have almost a hundred and twenty pages written for Winter already, and it took me around three days to do it. Right now, I have less than half already posted on this website.

I need a "reserve" for writing, it gives me a comfortable cushion. So until I write more for her, I don't want to post any more, just yet.

Check out my new series Winter:
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