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Winter part eighteen

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:41 am    Post subject: Winter part eighteen Reply with quote

Winter entered Vosco's phone number into the decrypter and waited for it to download his information from the wifi connection it established with the cell phone tower. Instantly it connected to his phone in repeater mode, acting as an in- between the cell tower and his phone. Winter stood on the roof of a motel building, her Verizon coveralls making her look like a maintenance worker as she knelt down, punching buttons and accessing on screen menus to verify the signal strength.

Winter looked around, seeing nobody capable of seeing her in any of the other building, and pulled out her binoculars, swinging them around to Vosco's lavish apartment. One a drug dealer could afford. He was out on his balcony, his hand bringing a cigarette down as he gripped the wrought iron railing, the smoke traveling in the wind and filling Winter's nose as she partially closed her eyes.

Vosco's phone rang as he flicked the cigarette off of the balcony, it tumbling and landing on someone's windshield as they used their wipers to swoosh it off of their car.

Vosco walked into his apartment, his tattooed arms betraying his nature, as Winter pushed the speaker a little deeper into her ear. Then she heard him pick up.


“Yeah.” Vosco's voice sounded like Dave's, but there was little room in it for any kindness.

“I got two guys. The best I got. Two machine pistols, one each.”

“Shit, they better be good for what I'm payi'n” Vosco growled back.

Tracing the call, Winter saved the other man's contact information, she might need it.

“Hey... Vosco. You better be sure Dave's the rat. You better be damn sure.”

“I'm sure, Henry! If I wasn't I wouldn't be going through all the trouble and money to do this. You know that!” Vosco said, as a chill swept through Winter's Naakaanee body.

“Yeah.” Henry growled, his voice betraying his doubts.


Even though Vosco hung his phone up, Winter kept the line open, the microphone on. A stream of obscene torrents spewed from Vosco's mouth as he shouted at some poor woman who squeaked in some corner of his house as it sounded like he threw something at her, it shattering off in the distance- or so it seemed through that phone's tinny microphone.

She screamed something back at him, and he said something to her that sounded like an insult as Winter heard his footsteps past the phone, then him pick the phone up. Winter terminated the connection as he dialed another number.

“Yeah.” Winter swallowed when she heard Dave's voice again. A myriad of emotions came flooding into her mind as she pushed them down, continuing to listen to the conversation.

“Dave! Bro!” Vosco said excitedly. Dave didn't share in his enthusiasm.


“Heh heh heh...” Vosco growled, unable to hide his disdain for Dave.

“I'll be in town tomorrow. Hey, uh, I wanna meet you somewhere. To, uh, talk. You know that little parking space behind those little businesses?”


“Can you be there tomorrow, at, say, two o clock?” Vosco asked.

“Yeah.” Dave said, as Winter giggled.

“...Okay bro! See you there.”



Winter kept Dave's end open, hoping for him to say more than just one word. She heard him stirring in his couch as she pictured him, with his hand on his head. Dave sighed. He knew what was up. “Where's my wolf girl when I need her?” Winter heard Dave say, then closed the line quickly.

Feeling energized, like she had a new life, a second wind, Winter felt all those nagging fears flea from her mind.

“She's right here.” Winter said, packing the gear up, and jumping from the room, landing on her feet, she glanced at Dave's door, which remained shut as she tripped- purposely, sticking a tracker to the underside of Dave's bike as she recovered. “Hey... You okay?” A tall, well dressed black man said, walking up to her. “Yeah, I'm fine.” Winter said, getting up, looking away, seeing his hand extended down to her. Winter looked up at him. He smiled at her and motioned for her to take his hand.

“Thank you...” Winter said, unable to contain the look of gratitude on her face. “You're welcome. Love the color.” He said. “Huh?” Winter said, brushing the fur on her head back. “Your nails... I'm sorry... I mean your claws... The pink, it's pretty. It suits you.” He said with a genuine smile.

Winter could hardly speak, but a fear pricked her as she glanced at Dave's apartment, then thanked the man, and trotted down the sidewalk, her duffel bag hanging off of her shoulder. “Have a good day!” She heard the man say to her as she held up her hand, pink claws pointing straight up.

Howard smiled, and sighed as he watched her walk away. Though he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, he harbored no ill will towards Winter. He knew what she did. He knew her real occupation. But right now, he was on strict watch duty only. And... When he said the pink suited her... He wasn't telling a lie. It really brought out her eyes.

Winter jogged until she was well away from Dave's apartment as she began trying to hail a cab. She was a little upset over just how long it took, but the fifth cab stopped for her. She contemplated possibly buying a motorcycle as she tossed her duffel bag inside, and herself jumped in.

Winter told the Indian man where her apartment was and rested her hand on her duffel. The man nodded and sped off. Arriving at her apartment, Winter was conflicted. In all her years as an alien in an alien land, she had never heard someone complement her. And... he had meant it. There's wasn't a scent molecule of fear, or of the metallic scent of deception anywhere near the man. And his smile was so warm. Winter smiled as she put her feet up on her table and stared at her toes, the bottle of nail polish in her hand. She touched up where it needed a touch up and smiled.

She smiled for two reasons. The first was the kind man who had helped her up, restoring the dying hope she had in humanity, the second... Was the fact that she was going to have fun tomorrow, as she glanced at her floor and wagged her foot, the smile on her face more than a little disturbing.

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