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Winter, part fifteen

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:05 pm    Post subject: Winter, part fifteen Reply with quote

“Ummm, like, can I see this file?” Winter said, twirling her gum in her finger as she spoke to the woman behind the glass partition. “Yeah... let me see... If you want copies, they are fifty cents a page, and... If you want you can look at the file over there...” She said, motioning towards a series of tables where other people were reading similar case files. “But you must return the file here when you are done. Clear?” The woman said. “Clear.” Winter said with a little shake of her body and a smile.

The woman smiled back, harboring nothing against Winter's kind. “Alright hun. Gimme a minute.” She said, standing up out of her chair to walk into the back, pressing a button as motors moved massive file cabinets around until the cabinet she wanted was in front of her. Rifling through the files she found the folder and returned to her desk. “I just have to fill out a form saying who wants to see it. Can I see some I.D.?”

Winter fished through her pocket and pulled out her wallet, handing the woman her I.D. “So, like, how long you been here for?” Winter asked, smacking her lips together as she chewed her gum. “Fifteen years.” The woman said as winter said “HUH! That's a long time.” “What do you do?” the woman asked Winter, looking up at her briefly from the paperwork. “At McDonalds. I make the fries. The grease sticks to my fur it's terrible but it pays the bills.” Winter said, not enunciating a single word. “That's... Terrible...” She said as she signed a paper then slid everything under the bulletproof and plasma blast resistant partition.

“Bring it back here when you're done, okay?” “Okay.” Winter said, pulling the file towards her, the woman looking at her pink claws, then looking up at her. It looked like she felt sorry for Winter. Winter smiled, betraying just the slightest degree of killer intellect as the woman looked away and starting typing on her computer.

Winter sad down, crossing her legs, and wagging her foot in the air as she began looking at the papers, pretending to be confused. All the time, she was memorizing names. She read the deposition, and the list of witnesses. The lawyer involved. Winter thought she recognized a few names, and brought the folder over to a computer where she brought up a screen and searched for pink nail polish. She opened another screen and typed in some names, ready to bring the nail polish up if she sensed anyone looking over her shoulder.

Winter looked through the results, through scanned newspaper articles involving a fairly sophisticated underworld mafia. Yeah, Dave was involved in some pretty heavy stuff. Winter continued looking, until a name stood out to her: Vosco Williams. She just didn't like him. Scanning through more results, she found out that Vosco and Dave had been charged together. A lot.

Winters yellow eyes scanned line by line on almost thirty pages of public depositions and files that had been made available on the internet. Something smacked her in the back of her head as she whipped around like a wild animal, the man looking like some sort of gang member nearly falling back. “Oh, sorry miss, I didn't see you there, with your pink nails and everything.” He said sarcastically. It looked as if he was ready to spit on her.

“Waaaatch iiiit! Huh!” Winter said, her face furrowed as she pretended to be offended. “Whatever bitch.” The man said, walking away. Winter was tempted to actually be offended. But she saved it for when she would find him outside, if she had opportunity, to push his face into a brick wall.

Winter returned to reading the documents. She found enough of Vosco's information to tell what county he lived in. It was a ways away. But Winter was willing to make the trip. She just couldn't shake the feeling that this man was bad... In a way that affected Dave now. Winter printed some of the information, then closed the windows on the computer and got up, walking out of the records office.

“MISS! MISS! Someone tell her...” “What?” Winter said, the file in her hands. It was worth a try. “Huh! I'm so sorry!” Winter said, walking over to the woman, her body language exaggerated as she slid the file back under the partition. “Soryyyyy” Winter said, turning and walking out her arms held up at her elbows, her hand catching the door as she swung around it and disappeared.

Winters face relaxed into that of her normal, cold self as she walked down the hallway, nobody left to impress. As Winter exited the building, she produced her umbrella, the sun going down, making a grey sky even darker as her ears turned, surveying the area around her. Yeah, he had followed her. A smile grew on Winter's face when she heard him begin to walk behind her, his wet footsteps contrasting against her nearly silent steps... Rather than flagging down a cab, she began to try to find the darkest alley nearby- which wasn't that far.

Winter ducked into it, making sure she did so slow enough that he saw. Winter walked about halfway down, seeing his shadow as she leaned against a dumpster. Winter bent her leg so that her foot was in her hand. “Uh! The paint is coming off!” “Then maybe you should wear shoes!” The man said, Winter acting as if she was startled. And he brought friends. Two more thugs. It was strange, if they weren't ready to beat and stab her, two of them kinda looked a little like Dave.

The man who had smacked her head in the records office stepping forward, his face a little pudgy as he pointed to her body. “Don't worry, we ain't into no Naakaanee bitches. But we is gonna beat you. Bad.” He said with a gleeful smile.

Winter looked around, nervous, showing the shites of her eyes, her ears back as she eyed these thirty something thugs. “But I didn't do nothi'n to ya...” Winter began to say, backing up. The thug thought he saw a smile on her face and said “What, you like getti'n beat? You need to go back to your planet.” He said as she backed into a dumpster, unable to move any further back.

The man was face to face with her now, posturing. “No...” Winter said softly, looking him up and down in a way that made him a little nervous. “I don't like getting beat, but I...” She said, reaching around him like she was going to hug him. The man suddenly became uncomfortable, seeing her arms beginning to wrap around him as he huffed and took a step back, staring at her angrily.

“I like beating people up...” Winter said with a grin that showed him all of her teeth as the smile melted from his face, a look of terror replacing it. “It's a trap...” He said quietly. “What?” One of his friends said as Winter grabbed his shirt and literally threw his two hundred pound body into a dumpster. When they tried to turn and run, Winter caught enough air to fall on the men- then grabbing two handfuls of neck, as she brought their heads together rather roughly, both men losing consciousness.

Winter pushed up on her feet to prevent her from landing too hard as she bounced up once, then settled back down as she let the two unconscious men fall to the wet ground. “Ah, dammit.” Winter said, realizing her fur was plenty wet, now. “HMPH!” She squeaked as she didn't bother taking the umbrella back out.

Hailing a cab, she got one on the ninth try. Jumping in she apologized for her appearance and for the conditioner smell. The man motioned with his hand like he didn't care. “Seven hundred Seventh street, please.” Winter said as she tried to sit as far away from his as possible. “You got it.” The man said, pulling out and getting her there pretty quick. Winter handed him sixty dollars and jumped out, running into her apartment.

Winter dried her body the best she could, but only her body heat evaporating the moisture would fully dry her. Sitting down at her small, white kitchen table, she sighed as she reviewed Vosco's information. Winter made a call and had his home address and phone number within five minutes. Jotting them down, the gentle dripping noises of the water draining from around her window, the patting noise the rain made as it gently splashed against her window made her feel all warm inside.

Winter closed her eyes and was overcome by the homesick feeling she sometimes got, even for those cold, desperate times. Sighing and holding a towel to her chest, she turned her stove on and began to boil some water. Reaching into a cupboard Winter grabbed some of her favorite Green tea. She never put any flavoring in it. The natural, bitter flavor lingered on her lupine tongue, the earthy taste that only her kind could register on her extra sensitive taste buds something she never treated herself too too often, lest she grow used to it.

Winter heard the high pitched escape of steam from the teakettle on the stove as it began to whistle a little too early, her finely tuned ears picking it up before the water actually reached a boil, she leaned against the counter, running her soft padded hand across the countertop, her eyes examining the green floral pattern that was about twenty years out of fashion.

The whistle grew ever stronger, into the human spectrum of hearing, when Winter reached over to the stove and turned the burner off. Pouring the steamy liquid as it sizzled against the sides of the teakettle, she set the teakettle down and gently placed one of the bags into the liquid that was still bubbling, the coolness of the mug just beginning to slow the boiling down.

Winter sighed as she steeped the teabag, wondering just what sort of trouble Dave was into. Was he still a criminal? Was he still into the things he said he had retired from? It was possible. But even if he was knee deep in the mire that was the life of a criminal, she still owed him.

Winter took a sip of the fragrant tea, allowing the warm, soft vapor to be drawn gently into her nasal passages, Winter closing her eyes as she savored the warm moisture in her nose, squinting as it tickled, just a little. Winter sipped her tea as she plopped down at her table, reading up on Mike and laughing. He had no record. Chuck had printed a few sheets about him from his school after hacking their records system.

That was it. Winter put her feet up on the table, and with a small yawn, stretched her arms out as she held the papers out in her apartment, listening to the vehicles and people outside as they milled about, the rain beginning to let up. It was Friday and no doubt there was plenty activity outside.

Winter sighed as she chewed on a claw, spitting out the pink nail polish- she had more, and she'd rather just zone out for a while. Winter blinked as she thought about her parents, how she would visit them sometimes- the remorse in her mother's eyes, her father trying to pay as little attention to her as possible. He felt guilty- she knew he did- she could feel it. They were both Naakaanee, after all.

Winter reached for a foot and grabbed it, being careful not to touch the scent glands her kind had, rubbing a toe that was slightly sore. It did not bother her- not in the least, but she had better be able to run at a moment's notice. Winter closed her eyes as she rubbed a knot in the thick muscle surrounding the toe. It would be nice if she had someone... Someone to do this for her...

Winter laughed. Her smile on her face more than a little hopeless. The males of her kind weren't interested in such pleasantries. She heard most human males weren't much for tender mercies, either. Winter shook the lingering emotions she had in her mind of the only hope she felt she had at having a friend she could confide in.

No, she was a spy, she had no love, she had no lover. She would likely die alone on a mission in some cold warehouse, having slipped up in some minor detail or not seeing the trap set before her.

Winter wanted to cry, but as she had done a hundred times before, she choked back the tears and reached for her cigarettes.

Tensing her lips around one, she lit it, drawing in a long drag as she felt her semi- virgin lungs burn under the thick smoke as it was drawn deep into her lungs. “AHHHHHHHHHHH” Winter said, closing her eyes as she exhaled through her muzzle. Keeping her eyes closed she breathed, taking short, shallow breaths before she took another drag.

Winter wagged her foot on the table, thinking she had reached contentment there in her apartment, reaching under her legs to grab Dave's file again. Taking another drag, closing one eye to prevent the thin line of smoke traveling up from the cherry of the cigarette from entering her eye, she looked at the papers again. As she scanned through the charges, she wondered if she really did want a normal, civilian life. Behind a white picket fence, doing his laundry, washing his dishes, making him a lunch for work. Winter smiled and snorted, just a little. He would always have to wonder if that extra kick in the potatoes was actually lingering gun oil in the fur on her fingers as she prepared them for him.

Gun running... Drugs... Violence... Robbery... Yeah, he was a real peach. No wonder Chuck had asked her if she was going to kill him. Reading his rap sheet alone, Winter would have used his body as a shield, or pushed him into traffic or something, just for fun. But after he cared for her, and treated her like a living thing rather than someone... SomeTHING to be used... She now had a new empathy for him. Not many people escaped pasts like this.

Winter fanned the paper and entered Vosco's number into her phone. Not the phone issued her by her government via an American source. The phone she bought using cash, a pre- paid phone she could throw away and not look back.

Winter set the phone on the table, and tossing the file on the table, she swung her legs out and stood up, walking to her kitchen sink and running water over the cigarette, then throwing it into the trash, after closing the curtains around her windows, she plopped into bed and snuggled under her blankets. Sometimes she just liked to leave the lights on. It made her feel safer, that way. And, it would throw anyone off who was watching her through her window- as to what time she really went to bed.

Tomorrow she had another appointment with her storage unit. The items she required were for surveillance. She wanted to hear this... “Vosco's” voice.

Check out my new series Winter:
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