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Winter, part thirteen

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:49 pm    Post subject: Winter, part thirteen Reply with quote

“Chuck. Chuck. CHUCK!” Winter yelled at the young man wearing the headphones turned way up, who sat behind the counter, his back to her. Winter reached over the counter and grabbed Chuck's large head, squeezing it with unnatural force as Chuck screamed, throwing his Cheez-Its in the air, thinking some monster was trying to crush his head under it's soft jaws.

Chuck swung his arm at Winter, as she dodged it with a tired look on her face. “Winter! Why didn't you just say something?” Chuck said, his face red with anger. “I did, Chuck. Check your video footage. Chuck's eyes went blank as he realized it probably would prove she did say something.

“What can I do for you, Winter?” “Something personal. A favor.” Winter said. “Oh yeah?” Chuck said, turning in his chair, him looking intently at Winter, who's face was cold, her eyes bordering on two emotions Chuck could not decipher, nor did he really want to.

“Tell me.” Chuck said. “I need you to give me a complete background on David Lavrovo.” Winter said. “Off the record. As a favor to me.” “What kinda favor, Winter?” Chuck said, always admiring Winter, knowing she was as deadly as any of the characters he developed for his role playing games online. “The kind that allows you to sick me on someone who is bullying you. That kind.” Winter said, eying Chuck, who was picked on pretty bad. This pawn shop belonged to his father, and he watched it, the eighteen year old Freshman in High School being held back for poor performance.

Where he lacked scholastic aptitude, he excelled in computer hacking. People who managed servers he broke into were almost bored with him, because he always got in. Many people, more than would ever admit it, would see his signature moves, and lift their fingers off their keyboards, allowing him to access all the data he wanted. He never deleted anything, or messed with anything. In fact, he often fixed Checksum errors, cleaned up file systems, (To make it easier for him to search later) and to repair holes in their systems so that lesser hackers could never get the same data he could. He was known as the “Coffee break hacker” because system administrators would go on breaks while he worked.

“Two bullies. I want two bullies taken care of.” Chuck said, his voice hinting at a finality that Winter didn't like. “One.” Winter said, holding up a pink clawed finger up to his face, her lupine face serious in a way he could not argue with. “Okay, one. How you gonna kill him?” Chuck asked in a whisper.

“I'm not going to kill anybody, Chuck.” Winter said, turning her head slightly, and looking at him with her yellow eyes. “But...” “David Lavrovo.” Winter said. “I'll be back in a few hours. Can you handle it?” Winter said. “You know I can.” Chuck said, who told everyone online he had a Naakaanee friend.

“Boop.” Winter said, poking Chuck in the nose with a pink claw. Chuck squirmed in his chair and giggled like a little boy, who never got a chance to grow up.

Winter's heart smiled at that, it never having done so before. It was always a manipulation before. Something she knew would endear him to her. Dave's memory lingered in her heart as her face went cold- but she was already halfway out of the door. Someone saw it as they walked past her, the human woman raising one eyebrow higher than the other.

Winter smiled a sociopathic smile, her eyes dim and evil, Winter shaking her head to try to shake it off as she lowered her muzzle, walking down the sidewalk, only occasionally glancing up to make sure she wasn't going to walk into a tree. Winter felt like skipping on the street, her warm smile overpowering her cold intellect as she walked down the sidewalk, her joy causing her head to look up- her face now bright with a joy she had rarely known.

Smiling as she walked down that sidewalk, a sweet, gentle swagger in her Naakaanee body as she trotted to the designer clothing store, her face undeniably- and wholly universally beautiful, her yellow eyes aglow, people staring at her- some even daring to smile as she passed them.

Walking into the Neiman- Marcus, reformed after the collapse of America- gold plated firearms now sold alongside fifteen thousand dollar jackets, Winters face tightened up as she acted like a snob.

“Weeeeeeenteer!” Rich said, staggering up to her, his face in a grin, his eyes wide. “Reeeeeeech!” Winter said, closing her eyes tight, her smile feeding Rich's own. “Ohhhhhh how's my favorite wolf ever!” Rich said, holding her tight. Winter... Couldn't help it. She allowed her head to relax on his shoulder, her warm, soft head and neck giving Rich goosebumps as he shuddered.

“You okay?” Winter said, holding Rich back and looking into his brown eyes. “Yeah.. fine.. You?” Rich asked, nervously looking up at her. She had never done that to him before. Recovering, Rich said: “Huh! I have a new sweater for you... I have been shewing away anyone asking about it, hoping you'd come in. It's been, like, forever!” Rich said, holding his hand up, his fingers pointing down in his particular flamboyant style.

“Show me show me show me!” Winter said, jumping a little, Rich staring at her pink fingernails. “I love that shade...” Rich said when Winter caught him staring. “You like?” She said, bringing her hand close for him to see. “I do. Over here.” Rich said, walking through the dimply lit store, designed to cast an air of mystique to entice someone to spend money.

The smile melted from Winter's face when she saw it. It was magnificent... A genuine mink coat. Black... Like Winter liked. Winters eyes focused on it like a laser as she ran her fingers through it. The only thing softer than her fur was the fur that tickled the gentle strands between her fingers as she gently pinched some of the strands, the mink fur so soft it felt like it had turned into a thin strip of leather.

“H... How much?” Winter asked, turning to look at Rich. Rich looked down and shuffled a little. “Twenty.” Rich said. Winter had a coy look on her face as she reached out and tickled Rich's cheek with a claw. “Come on my cabana boy... You can do better than that.” Winter said, coyly. “Eighteen?” Rich said, looking up. “That's better.” Winter said, reaching into her coat pocket and handing Rich her credit card.

“Ooooooooooh” Rich said, taking the coat from the rack and walking over to the register, holding outside of his arm. Rich intently worked the register as Winter watched, Winter's joy mostly feigned, the joy draining out her.

Winter walked up to the register, slowly, standing there in front of Rich as Rich looked up at her. There was something about her. Her face was cold, her eyes showing something he had never seen in them before. Like she was some kind of wild animal- it was the only way he could explain it to himself.

Winter smelled the fear, and apprehension when she smiled. “I'm sorry, it's just a lot of money for me.” Winter said, lying. She was just sick of it. Sick of denying herself. Sick of being something she wasn't... Given a taste of something pure... Something good, something nice... It ate at her. Tore down her facade.

“H- Honey I know!” Rich said, his opinion of the Naakaanee being brought down a notch, or two, as he nervously looked at this tall, white wolf who was buying a black mink coat. Winter read him like a book. She felt awful...

Winter looked around, and seeing no one else in the store, brought her gentle, white hand out to touch the underside of Rich's jaw, bringing his face to look at hers, Winter feeling the slight tremble in her fingers as she looked into his eyes, her eyes warm, and reflecting a love that made Rich look away.

“I'm sorry Rich... It's been a hard couple of days for me... I didn't mean to make you afraid... I would never hurt you...” Winter said so solemnly Rich was overcome, a tear falling from his eye as he quickly wiped it away. Winter smiled, and bent into him, sticking her tongue out and giving him the lightest kiss as Rich closed his eyes.

When winter left, the extravagant coat on, after she made sure there was no more blood on her blouse, Winter felt Rich's eyes on her as she walked out. She had meant it. She could never hurt him.

Check out my new series Winter:
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