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Winter, part six

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:58 pm    Post subject: Winter, part six Reply with quote

Dave lay on the couch, staring at the TV when he heard Winter pat the bed. She felt guilty for doing it. She had a mission to complete. She was warned incessantly never to form a real bond with anyone. And maybe when she walked out of Dave's apartment she could resume her life as a cold blooded spy and never look back. But she knew better. She knew she would never forget him.

Dave got up with a groan and lay down in front of Winter. “You know. I never had a chick to spoon me before.” Winter rested her muzzle on Dave's neck, using her good arm to pull Dave into her, holding him there, her powerful arm holding him against her powerful body.

“You know, I could save a ton in heating bills with you here.” Dave said, feeling her body heat against his back, Dave wriggling a little to get more comfortable. Dave heard Winter sigh as she relaxed.

“If I stuck around for a while... Do you think we could get those bills to drop a little?” She said with a smile, though Dave couldn't see it. Dave grabbed her arm with his hand and squeezed it. “Winter...” Dave said, warning her. “Sorry.” She said, pulling him even tighter into her chest as the movie came on. Dave felt her doing it and winced, just a little. She was easily four times his strength. “What are we watching?” Winter asked, purposely tickling Dave's neck with her whiskers.

“Gah! Stop that!” “Oh, sorry... I didn't know if you'd even feel it.” Winter said with a grin she was glad Dave didn't see. “Like hell.” Dave said, sighing. “The thing.” Dave said. “A horror movie.” Dave finished, sighing, enjoying feeling of this Naakaanee female holding him so close to herself, feeling her love, feeling her comfort, and feeling her pain.

“The new one or the old one.” Winter asked, Dave surprised she knew about it. “The old one.” “Huh!” Winter exclaimed. “I love this one! They used to show it to us in train...” Winter froze up. She was getting too comfortable. “Training?” Dave asked. “What kind of training shows you a horror movie?” Dave asked as Winter closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth. Dave could feel it.

“You're making me nervous...” Dave said, his fear growing, held tightly to this alien creature, her vicious teeth just one quarter inch from his neck, separated by her lips, her teeth now clenched and rigidly resting against his neck. “I'm sorry...” Winter said, hoping, praying Dave would forget what she just said. He didn't. But he didn't mention it again. Dave knew more about her than she wanted to come to terms with. It was how he stayed alive... Just knowing things about people. And he knew things about Winter as well.

“You know, if you would have told me I'd be spooning with a wolf in my own bed, at any point in my life, I'd have socked you in the face.” Dave said, smiling as Winter relaxed. Dave reached behind him and rested his hand on her leg, Winter tensing up when he did. “Hey...” Dave said softly. “Your secret's safe with me.” Dave said, patting her soft, furry leg.

“Forgive me, David.” Winter said, resolving in her heart that one day, if it was required of her, that she would give her life for this man who lived in a country she was betraying. “Nobody calls me David but the cops.” Dave said, pinching her leg. “OW!” Winter said, violently pushing Dave off of the bed, then gritting her teeth as the pain in her back carried her off into unconsciousness.
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