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Life updates y'all.

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Kit Fox
Registered User

Joined: 19 Sep 2002
Posts: 662
Location: Orange, VT

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:34 pm    Post subject: Life updates y'all. Reply with quote

Well, seems like a decent enough time and place to give some updates on the comings and goings of my life as it stands. Hopefully some of you old timers will share too hah.

Well let's see...
Last time I was here I believe I still worked full time with the National Guard... Well my position got "defunded" and I've been back to the weekend warrior gig. Which isn't bad.
I took a month off of pretty much any civilian job searching and just focused on home and family. Knocked out a ton of projects around the house. Alas, though I had to eventually find a job. One of my buddies (who's a fur) works for bestbuy as a home delivery agent and snagged me a job doing that for a little while.
Between the two hrs of commuting and the random hours, something had to change. So I applied to the USPS as a rural carrier (which I used to do way back in 2007/0Cool. Got the job and now only have 20min of commuting each day. Much nicer. Things sure have changed there though... Amazon now exists in a big way.

So now the absolutely most up to date stuff... There is a looming deployment for the state. The unit I'm in doesn't deploy and I'm on the fence of whether or not I want to volunteer for it. The wife doesn't want me to, but it's something I want to do at least once in my military career.

Both kids are doing good. Heathy and I've managed to keep them alive this far hah. I don't have sheep anymore, though will probably get back into them once the deployment happens or doesn't happen.

Times change and so do people.
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Registered User

Joined: 12 Nov 2005
Posts: 1686
Location: Yankee Appalachia

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hoo boy. I am just gonna summarize my life into bite sized sagas since 2010!

2010- Moved into new home in Walker, LA

2011- Got famous on MLP artwork

2012- Good year for me overall. Friend Brian from Ohio moved in with Jon and I.

2013- Jon got arrested for downloading CP and Brian and I had to move for financial reasons.

2014- The year EVERYTHING went straight to hell. Brian had to go back to Ohio because my brother was a turd, and I got stuck at my parent's ACTUAL hillbilly shack in the hills of upstate NY. No internet, phone, friends, money, car, NOTHING. ALL followed up by the family losing that land and my parents divorcing, loads of things went awry.

2015- Moved into an apartment with my mom and her boyfriend. Awkward. Had no luck with work and signed up for cash assistance until I could make something happen. Re-established my online art presence and cleared up rumors that it was I who was in prison for CP. Fun fun.

2016- Started to make enough money via my artwork to get off of cash assistance. Other than politics, not a bad year. Also moved in with my sister which was much nicer than living with a parent again.

2017- Our dad broke up with his rebound and moved onto our couch. He has been here since, kill me. My best friend in the world, Farx, died on Thanksgiving at 47 years old.

2018- The year of the accidental felon! It was fine until Xmas time. I had made an honest mistake on some paperwork in 2016 regarding my income, and they NEVER told me about it. Two years later I was arrested and accused of a felony. Luckily I got off as a misdemeanor, but I trust NOBODY in the government now. I also had to pay them around $1200, which thank fnarg my fans were there to save me or I'd be in orange right now over a simple mistake and miscommunication on my case worker's part.

2019- So far not horrible except I just injured my right hand badly because some flat brained moron left a LITERAL BOX OF BEES unmarked by the PUBLIC SIDEWALK. They swarmed me, I ran, I fell. Haven't been able to draw. >Sad I also fear the holiday season because misery comes in threes. Best friend died, accidental felon, what next, a stroke?

AKA Skoon

AKA Mogthemoogle
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Site Owner
Site Owner

Joined: 04 Jan 2005
Posts: 1857
Location: Gentofte, Denmark

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lots happened, really. Some of it good, some of it bad.

Much of it bad ...

Left Denmark for Ireland in early 2011. By that time, I wasn't overly active here anymore, but I hadn't left completely. I was still trying to write some furry stuff once in a while, but it just wasn't ... there ... anymore.

Got an idea for a non-furry book-series while in Ireland and started working on that. Drifted away from this place to an ever increasing extent.

Worked a truly horrific job in Ireland for two and a half years, under increasingly absurd working conditions, until I finally had a breakdown in the office. I was sent to the doctor who ordered me to stay at home for a month at the very least. After a month, I was told that I'd be fired if I wasn't in my seat the next day. I went back ... got told to find a new job asap because they didn't want me there anymore, but they couldn't fire me legally.

Started looking for another job. Ended up getting one back in Denmark, so I went home.

Turned out my new boss was a clinical psychopath ... and that is not an exaggeration. Less than two weeks into the job, I took the notes at a meeting where he exclaimed that he was going to fire everyone over the age of fifty in the company, because it would do them some good to learn that they were useless at that age. He then fired three long-standing, loyal, -good- employees who had made small fortunes for the company that same day, telling them to have their desks cleaned out by the time they went home. The company had a turnover rate of 130% ... people often stayed for less than a month before fleeing head over heels. I managed to last seven months before breaking down once again.

It was around this time that I finally left PF.

I was put on indefinite sickleave by my doctor, and I was diagnosed with extreme generalized anxiety and even worse panic anxiety. I was also diagnosed with a little-known version of bipolar disorder called cyclothymia.

Over the next several years, I was put through a variety of psychiatric processes, and my diagnosis kept changing as they found out more and more layers of horror. For a while, they were certain I was borderline on top of everything else. I had most of the symptoms ... emptiness, no sense of self-worth, no self-esteem, extreme self-hatred and so on.

All the while this was going on, my ability to hold down any kind of job whatsoever was being tested by the municipality, and it was eventually established that I was in fact incapable of working a normal job. I was put into what is known as the flex-system, which is meant to help people who can't hold down a normal job still have some kind of connection to the job-market.

At first it was deemed feasible that I could work sixteen hours a week at seventy-five percent efficiency. Less than three months after that estimate was made, it had dropped to eight hours at fifty percent efficiency. At this time my case-worker began asking me if I would please, please, pleeeease let her start an early-retirement case for me. I kept saying no, refusing to accept it was over.

During this time, I was hospitalized, briefly, after a suicidal episode in the middle of Copenhagen. It wasn't a long hospitalization ... but it was enough to show me that things were worse than I had wanted to accept.

This was in late 2016. I lost a lot of friends around that time ...

I was sent to see another psychiatrist once I was released from hospital, and she threw out all the previous diagnosis I had been given, almost apologetically telling me that I was schizophrenic.

Suddenly everything made a lot more sense.

Almost precisely one year later, I was granted early retirement. I'm now a pensioner.

Still writing. Putting the second of my books up on Amazon in a few days time, probably ...

I'm a much angrier, far less pleasant and far less nice person than I used to be the last time I was here. I don't look for compromises anymore. I refuse to take the high road.

I don't try to fight the emotions that I am dealing with. I work with them. I'm an angrier person ... yes.

I also think I'm a far better one than I was.

I stopped lying to please people.

There's little else to say, really. Life went to hell in a handbasket, but I got to know who I really am as a result.
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Kit Fox
Registered User

Joined: 19 Sep 2002
Posts: 662
Location: Orange, VT

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Esh... Seems like we all had a bit of a downturn. Though it seems like things are on the upswing!
Times change and so do people.
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Registered User

Joined: 06 Dec 2009
Posts: 229
Location: Hamilton NY

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

depression... since 2011 to present
never cross the streams...
oh and never pick up an LCD where its inverters connections are located while working on it...
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Kellan Meig'h

Joined: 01 Apr 2007
Posts: 1851
Location: Just East of Indianapolis, Indiana

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:48 pm    Post subject: What is the Old Warhorse Up To?!? Reply with quote

Retirement happened to me last year. Finally got old enough to retire and draw Social Security. I also have my pensions from the school district I worked for and a small military stipend. I actually have more net income than when I was working.

I'm not as stressed out as I was working except my gall bladder had to be removed. It was probably the source of my poor health through 2017-2018. Now I just have to watch what I eat and how much. Lost a few pounds as a result. I do get to fish quite a bit, since I'm near several very productive angling areas.

And, I'm slowly returning to writing, too.

At the moment, I'm raking leaves in the morning due to a pair of very tall maple trees that are on the border of my property and the next door absentee landlord. His back yard is a frigging jungle that I have to look at every time I'm in the yard cleaning up. Gah.

"Старый боевой конь, Кeллан"
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