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Winter, part sixteen

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:04 pm    Post subject: Winter, part sixteen Reply with quote

After exiting the single small door next to the larger gate designed to let vehicles into the storage facility, Winter swung her duffel bag through as she used it's momentum to help her body glide past the door, just as it shut behind her. Winter let out a giggle when she saw someone eying her a-little-too-quick for a human moves. Holding a pink clawed hand to her muzzle as she squinted and giggled, maybe lifting a leg up behind her always made people who raised an eyebrow turn and look away.

And look away they did, looking her up and down like she was some desperate freak, trying to fit into a human world where precious few humans wanted anything to do with her.

Winter swung the duffel bag over her shoulder and looked at her claws as she walked towards Main street, holding up her hand to begin the cab- waving process. Once she had twenty cabs pass her by on a cold morning, when she was very tired. Her face must have looked it then, because it was rare for her to have to wait that long.

A cab pulled over for her, and she reached down, opening the door, tossing the duffel bag inside and then sliding in herself. “Thanks.” Winter said as the man looked in his rearview, then nodded, slightly. The man waited for her to tell him where to go when Winter shot up suddenly: “OH! Sorry! Seven hundred Seventh, please.” She said, being distracted as an anger welled up in her over this Vosco character, when he popped into her mind suddenly.

The man nodded and growled as he pulled out into traffic, Winter feeling her chest move back inside of her as this man was in a special hurry to get her out of his cab. Winter never told anyone to slow down. Winter crossed her legs and began wagging her foot as she sort of gnawed on a finger- not having any nail polish with her. Her eyes lazily scanned the vehicles they were passing while she tried not to make any noises with her tongue as she softly chewed on her claw.

What was it like to ride a motorcycle anyway? Winter wondered. She knew how to drive a car. It was just less of a hassle using a cab all the time. Much less. Winter scoffed as the man looked at her in the mirror again. “Sorry, I'm just... Distracted.” Winter said. “Hm.” The man said, looking forward again.

“OHWAH!” Winter said when she bit her finger. “Dammit!” She said, looking at it, holding it tightly in her hand. “You okay?” The man said in a Middle Eastern accent. “Yeah, I just bit my finger. I can't believe it.” “Ha!” The man said, trying not to laugh, and shifting in his seat a little. Winter was about to glare at him when a joy bubbled up in her and caused her to laugh, too.

Winter smiled at the man so warmly, he sort of wished he knew one of her kind personally. But he didn't have the time. When they arrived at her apartment, he waved to her, then sped off after she tipped him twenty dollars. Inside of her apartment, Winter set the duffel on her kitchen counter, after putting a flame under the teakettle she filled with the reverse osmosis filter system.

As the water began to heat, Winter unzipped the duffel bag in one, long, sweeping motion. Pulling out dance clothes designed to discourage anyone who may have wanted to look inside, she pulled out three smaller brushed aluminum cases, all with telephone company logos. Opening each one successively, she flipped up the test equipment shells and began pulling out the myriad of listening devices.

A wide- band cellular phone decrypter and cell phone tower isolator, a laser microphone with infrared monocular, phone taps of every flavor, and her personal favorite, a bug that was luanched via a suppressed pistol that assumed the color of whatever it stuck to. When the battery ran out, it fell to the ground and looked like an ordinary bottle cap.

Winter smiled as she held the gun up to the light, glancing to make sure her curtains were adequately covering the windows, preventing anyone from watching her ogle her spy gear. Chewing on her claw again, she began to hear the teakettle begin to whistle, so she timed about thirty more seconds before she actually turned the fire off and made herself some tea.

Sighing, Winter turned and leaned her butt against the counter, the pistol in her hand, looking at her picture-less wall, wondering had she of lived a normal life- just what kind of photographs would be on that blank wall. Those were dangerous thoughts to have, she felt... She was told twenty five years of service to her country and she could live a free life, with more than a comfortable pension, living in her cabin, deep in the rich Belarus woods.

It had been ten years of active service as a spy for her, which meant fifteen more. Fifteen more danger- filled years, of kicking street punk asses and riding with cabbies that she could smell ten times better than any human. It got tiring for her. Trying to look like she wanted to fit in with humanity while suffering the negative consequences of being perceived as a desperate wanna- be, and then dealing with living on a planet her species didn't even exist on a few years ago.

Winter sighed, tapping a toe claw on the cabinet face, then getting up and fetching the teakettle and pouring it into the white mug, setting a tea bag in the water and steeping it a little. Winter retrieved her datalogging voltmeter from her junk drawer and began the arduous task of checking all of the little batteries in every one of the devices.

She replaced the two batteries that needed replacing, and sealed all the gear back up, setting the briefcases down by her kitchen table. Winter walked into her living room and plopped down on her chair, staring at the television that had not been turned on in several weeks. Winter was encouraged to try and find a sports team she liked, but she found none. Sports bored her, although strangely she did enjoy watching golf, and never tired too much of motorcycle racing. There was no music channel for dubstep, her favorite music, so the tv rarely got turned on.

Winter sighed, crossing her legs and wagging her foot in the air, staring at the TV, then glaring at it when she realized she had set the remote next to it. Shooting up, she grabbed the remote and plopped back down in the chair.

Winter flipped through the channels hurriedly at first, then when she didn't see anything she wanted to watch, began to slow down, her eyes glancing at the midafternoon sun, Winter sighing as she wondered what Dave was doing. Wagging her foot again, she selected a reality tv show about bridesmaids and sighed as she watched the people bustle about in preparation for some exotic human wedding.

Just when the show was reaching a climactic point, Winter anticipated a commercial and shut the TV off. She set the remote on the small table next to her, it having a single lamp that sat on a small piece of woven cloth, just in case she wanted to turn it back on in another month or so- the remote would be right there.

Winter sighed... Not having an official mission, or technically between missions, she found herself bored with no cure. Sleeping was a favorite activity of hers, cleaning her weapons, spending all day at the storage facility making sure all of her weapons were ready to go at a moment's notice. She used to like hanging out at The Lobo with Mike, but he was getting to become too much like a father with her for her to be comfortable around any more. Still, in a weird way her heart was just slightly touched by that. By his genuine concern for her- even if it was a little suffocating. A small, soft smile appeared on Winter's face when she though about Mike.

A jaded part of her doubted he really cared at all, although the pain in her heart when she felt that way told her not to invest too much emotion in that thought process because it probably wasn't true. But she couldn't afford to be wrong if he did care, because it could cost her her life. Expecting him to go above an beyond for her name's sake had almost gotten her killed before. Now, she safely assumed nearly everyone didn't give a shit about her. Except for the scruffy criminal who took her in and saved her life, keeping her out of jail at his own risk. And for what? To repay a decade old debt he gained just to avoid misdemeanor theft? Stealing a candy bar? Winter scoffed a little.

Winter closed her eyes as she felt that warm stinging between her eyelids and her eyes, thinking it was possible for someone to care. Winter huffed slightly through her nose as her body thrust forward, just a little. She was likely wrong. Maybe he had been driven to satisfy the petty debt and nothing more. But his smile... She had never seen a smile like it before. It cut into her, comforted her, broke past the barriers she had been trained to keep up at all costs. The warmth in his eyes...

Winter glanced at the surveillance equipment in their neat cases by the kitchen table, then glanced at the hidden drawer that contained a few select pistols, suppressors, and magazines. A small smile grew on her face as she eyed that drawer. Hey- maybe there'd be an opportunity for her to have a little fun. After all, she was that kind of wolf.

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