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Winter, part four

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:53 pm    Post subject: Winter, part four Reply with quote

The next morning, Winter's sensitive nostrils were filled with the scent of a malt beverage that tickled her sinuses as she wrinkled her nose with a slight wince. “Spill another beer?” Winter asked, groggy, her mission nagging the back of her mind like crazy. “Naw. Want some cereal?” Dave asked. “Are you... Are you...” Winter said, getting up with a groan, turning to look at Dave, who was pouring Olde English over his corn flakes. “What the hell are you doing, you stupid human! Don't you know what milk is for?!” Winter asked, her face enraged over the foolishness of it all.

“Calm down, psycho! Are all your females as crazy as you?” Dave said. “I'm allergic to milk first, and second, I forgot to buy soy milk or whatever yesterday. I was distracted because I had a federal outlaw in my apartment that I was helping, you know. And not just any outlaw, one with a tail.” Dave said, eying Winter, who's expression slowly softened.

“Then use water! Uh!” Winter said, protesting, her face in disbelief. “Naw. Sometimes I gotta do this. It's nasty, but I have to remind myself why I shouldn't do it all the time.” Dave said, shoving a spoonful in his mouth. “That's so stupid! You're stupid!” Winter said, feeling disgust and the joy of genuinely laughing at the same time.

“Stoooooooopid!” Dave said with a grin as he chewed another mouthful, mocking Winter. “Yeah, I'll take some.” Winter said, her expression priceless. “Hey! What about the meat!” She said, turning and looking at Dave. “Meat's off the menu, lupine. It's cereal or nothing. With Olde E and no water.” Dave said with a smile. “Uh!” Winter said, pounding the bed with her first. “That's not fair!” She said, pouting.

Winter looked over at Dave, who was looking back at her. “You're cute for a wolf, when you pout.” Dave said, taking another spoonful. Winter closed her eyes in disgust and motioned hurriedly with her hand for Dave to pour her a bowl. Winter always followed orders. If meat was right next to her, and she was told not to have any, then beer- cereal it was.

Dave grabbed his bowl and walked over to her, setting it down on the bed and slowly moving the handle of the spoon over to point at Winter, who looked up at Dave with pleading eyes. “You can't catch nothi'n from me. Eat up.” Dave said, walking over and opening his fridge. Outside a car screeched to a halt and laid on it's horn. Winter tensed up, thinking for a moment that they had found her.

Dave pulled out the bag of meat, the blood pooling on the bottom as he shut the fridge door. Dave looked down at the untouched cereal, then up at Winter who folded her arms and looked away with a “Hmph!” Her muzzle high in the air, her eyes closed.

“You got a wolf in here or something?” Winter said, looking at the nasty bag of meat. “No, I was going to cook this last night before you dropped in. I'm going to cook it now. Cool?” Dave said, standing there, the bag swinging a little as he held it. “Cool.” Winter said, laying back down and snuggling under the covers- not that she needed them. She had always enjoyed blankets- they made her feel safe. She would hide under them during spy training, wrapping herself in them and feeling like she was all alone- like nobody could see her.

Dave looked over at her as he brought a cast iron skillet out, it clanking against some other cookware he had under his sink. Winter looked back at him, the blankets up to the bottom of her muzzle, her Naakaanee body under the blankets. “Don't you gotta pee or something?” Dave asked her as he smothered the pan with a stick of butter.

“Oh... Yeah...” She said, her training helping her to ignore that, too. “Stand up, take one step forward, then turn right, then right, then it's right there.” Dave said, not even looking at her, as Dave heard the blankets rustle, Winter's feet making no noise as she padded her way to the bathroom. Dave seasoned the meat, then winced when he heard it. “AH- AH- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Dave knew the bathroom door was thin, but not that thin. Dave shuddered and shook his head.

Dave heard Winter exit the bathroom with a gleeful little wolf squeak as she padded back to the bed, groaning as she felt the wound in her back remind her of her true purpose here. To get better. Then leave, and check in.
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