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Winter, part three

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:50 pm    Post subject: Winter, part three Reply with quote

“No... No... Please... Stop... AHH!” Winter said as the thrashed about in her bed, Dave thrashing about as he woke up to a strange voice, then a scream in his apartment. Dave frantically fumbled for the lights and flicked them on when he felt the switch. Dave could hear her panting as he turned to look at her. He could tell she was sort of ashamed by that... that in order to gain her breath, or when she was hot she had to pant like a dog... Or a wolf.

“You okay?” Dave asked, rubbing his eyes. “Yeah, I uh. Get these terrors sometimes...” “You were asking someone to stop.” Dave said as Winter shuddered. Dave scooched to the edge of the couch and looked at Winter, her bandage clearly soaked in blood. “Ah, I gotta change your bandage.” Dave said, getting up from the couch and fishing through his first aid kit. “I got another kit here somewhere. I got enough for one more bandage with this one.” Dave said as Winter rubbed her back with her good arm, looking behind her at the scruffy man who was trying to help her.

“Dave?” Winter asked, wincing a little as the Norcos had long ago worn off. “Yeah.” Dave said, still rifling through the first aid kit. “Why are you really doing this for me?” “I told you. One of your kind helped me once.” Dave said “Ah ha!” he said, pulling out some more gauze. “Dave... You don't help a federal fugitive with a gunshot wound when someone hides you from the cops...” Winter said as Dave interrupted her. “Depends on what the cops want you for, now doesn't it?” “Yeah... I guess.” Winter said, looking at Daves filthy kitchen.

“Don't clean much, do you?” Winter said. Dave looked up at her, then back down at the bandage. “If I gave a shit, this place'd be spotless. But I don't. Got any more questions for me, crazy, racist, pill popping wolf bitch?” “Can we go back to wolf girl?” Winter said with a sheepish grin. “Fine. Wolf girl guilty of federal crimes.” Dave said with a sly smile. “Just wolf girl is fine, thank you.” Winter said closing her eyes as she massaged her back with her good arm.

“Most people would be laid up if they were shot like that.” Dave said, holding the bandage up in the air. “We heal fast. Faster than people.” Winter said, looking at Dave. “Not that fast.” Dave said, eying her. It was true. Her training already had her ignoring levels of pain that would cripple a human being.

“So what were you running from the cops for?” Winter asked, trying to change the subject as her heartstrings were pulled, feeling bad that Dave was now caught up in something she had done... remorse... It's such a strange feeling. It was something she was trained to specifically ignore. For the first time... It was cutting through Winter's heart as she looked down, her light yellow eyes soft, and tender as she lay on her left side, her back to Dave. She was glad Dave could not see her...

“You ready?” Dave asked, holding the bandage up as Winter brought her head up, a tear falling down one eye as she wiped it off quickly, then turned her head to look at Dave and nodded. Winter scooted her butt across the bed so that her back was fully exposed to Dave. “Hey, do you like sport...” Before Dave finished, he ripped the bandage from off of her back as she winced, gritting her teeth together. “Ssssss...”

“Sorry. It helps to be distracted.” Dave said with a child like smile as Winter glared at him. “Ah. Wait... Let me wipe this off.” Dave said, reaching for a dirty shirt then stopping, getting up and getting a clean rag from a drawer. “I'm amazed anything has been washed around here, Dave.” Winter said, scoldingly. “If you're going to nag me, wolf girl, then you'd better start vacuuming and making me meals.” Dave said. “I don't take that from anyone else.” Dave said, looking at her.

“Sorry.” Winter said, looking away. “It's cool.” Dave said, patting her wound with the clean rag. “Looks good, actually. Very little swelling, just a little redness. I'm amazed.” Dave said, leaning back as a little trickle of blood came falling out of the hole. The tissue had become slightly inflamed, and Dave could not longer see the bone.

Which was good.

Dave pressed the fresh bandage to Winter's back as she closed her eyes and sighed.

“Petty theft.” Dave said, putting pressure on the wound as Winter winced. “What?” Winter said, sucking in air through her teeth as she tried to ignore the pain, which was reaching several levels above her training.

“Petty theft. It's what this wolf hid me from the cops for. Why they were chasing me. I grabbed a candy bar and thought I would be slick about it. I was wrong. I had the money... I just wanted to see if I still had it. I mean, this was like ten years ago.”

Winter made a noise. It was a strange noise. Then she made it again, her back spasming just a little. Dave's eyes opened wide as he slowly scooted away from her on the bed. He didn't want to get bit... Suddenly her head reared up and she began to laugh, laugh through the pain, as tears streamed down her lupine face. As she laughed, she closed her mouth, gritting her teeth, but it was just too funny. She kept laughing, grabbing the bedspread with her hand and squeezing it periodically.

“What!” Dave said, getting off of the bed, standing up. “A candy bar?” Winter asked, her eyes wide, saturate in that warm, gentle yellow glow that made Dave's knees just a little weak, the look on her face so pure, so honest, so beautiful, Dave had to look away. “A snickers bar, yeah.” Dave said, turning to glare at her, then pulling the blankets up over her, Dave acting like he was touching an unpredictable wild animal when he tucked them in around her head. Winter closed her eyes, feeling a warmth in her soul as her face relaxed contentedly on the bed.

“'Night. No more night terrors wolf girl. You feel me?” Dave said, switching off the light. “I feel ya, playa.” Winter said, smiling, settling back down on the bed and letting out one last laugh as Dave twitched on the couch.
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