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Winter, part two

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:47 pm    Post subject: Winter, part two Reply with quote

When consciousness began to weave it's way through Winter's mind, the fear she felt when she passed out still lingering, she gritted her teeth again, something she was going to have to try and stop doing so often. Winter opened her eyes, into a dingy, dim room. It was no holding quarters, and it was no hospital. Winter sniffed the air silently, and was not too surprised to find no traces of Naakaanee scent- only human scent. And only the scent of one human, a male.

The fear came welling back up as Winter stirred, trying to feel for stab wounds, or other things done to her while she was unconscious, and felt none but the pain in her back. Though the pain in her back had strangely abated as well.

Where she was, Winter knew she had been brought there, and that it was a residence. The scent of cooking oils and a lavatory mingled, telling her it was a small area, and likely someone's private residence. Outside, Winter could hear the bustle of many cars, and then someone stirring at her head, the soft sound of clothes moving against each other as someone began to move.

Winter shot her head up as she tried to see what was moving...

The man she had seen walking by the alley sat up, standing above her, looking down on her. He had blue eyes, and his face was hard, like he was a criminal, but no so hard that she would have been afraid. It might have been that he had engaged in criminal activity in the past, but now lived alone, fleeing that life- that was the feeling her razor sharp instincts had told her, anyway. Winter hoped he was legit, but doubted it, by his appearance. His skin was white- a little too pasty- telling her he didn't get out much anymore.

“You weigh a ton.” The man said, his voice more like a growl. Winter was not sure what his intentions were, and she was in little shape to fight back if he wanted to beat her. Winters muzzle opened in a look of confusion as her eyes followed the man as he sat down next to her, picking up a musty jacket that she knew he couldn't smell, tossing it on the table next to him.

“You hungry?” The man asked, letting one of his arms fall in front of his knee, it dangling limply as he surveyed her, though he betrayed no emotion as he did. “No, I... I need to... I uh...” Winter began to say, not feeling any urgency to lie to this man. “You don't need to go to a hospital.” He said, reaching for a stainless steel tray, where he pulled the flattened hollowpoint slug out and brought it up to Winter's face, not close enough to frighten her in her state, but close enough that she could see the distorted rifling in the mushroom shaped piece of lead and copper.

Winter glanced at it, then looked into the man's blue eyes. “Wh...” Winter began to say when he turned and set it back into the stainless steel pan with a thunk. Winter was right. This man was hard. “I sterilized and cleaned your wound. It struck bone but it will heal. It was mostly tissue damage. You'll be fine, if you stay still for a while.”

“What's your name?” Winter asked, wincing a little when she forgot about her arm, trying to engage the man in conversation, trying to learn as much about her situation as possible. “You can call me Dave.” He said, turning to look at her. This human did not betray any fear of her. It was strange to look into his eyes, his eyebrows almost looking like they were always in an angry position on his face. But for all the hardness she saw in his eyes, there was a softness in his eyes, something she felt comfortable about as she surveyed it- and an oldness about him, a maturity- he had been through a lot of shit, but still had a youthful appearance that threatened to shine out from under his rough, unshaven face. It was not something she had seen in the eyes of a human before, It was as if he was comfortable around her. Never had she seen such a look in the eyes of a human before.

“Dave, uh, why am I here?” Winter asked, finally, fighting the urge to relax and fall back onto the bed, as she groaned, turning to face him. “Because you got shot in the back, and you passed out against a dumpster. My apartment was near here, so I grabbed you and took care of you.”

“Why didn't you take me to a hospital?” Winter asked, trying not to betray any anger. “Because you got shot in the back. I saw you dart into this alley, and I knew you probably didn't want to end up in a hospital. The look on your face... You were running from something. Not too many people I know use forty caliber holllowpoints like this. This came from a Fed's gun. I thought you probably didn't want to end up in jail.”

“It's a felony for you to help me, Dave.” Winter said, partly leveling with him and still trying to figure out just what his angle was. Dave leaned back and sighed. “Yeah, well, one of your kind helped me years ago. He hid me when I was running from the cops. He told me to help one of his kind out if I ever got the chance. This is my chance to make it right. Ah!” Dave said as Winter struggled to get up.

Dave reached over and gently pushed her back down on the bed. “I'm bleeding on your bed...” Winter began to say. “I didn't drag your heavy ass in here to complain about you getting blood on my bed.” Dave said with a smile. “How much you weigh, anyway, fatty?” Dave said with a chuckle. Winter shot him an angry glance. “I'm not fat... Two hundred thirty.” She said. “Day-um, girl!” Dave said smiling. “You broke a deuce.” Dave said, slang for “You weigh more than two hundred pounds.”

“It's not what you think, I was out behind their alley, and they shouted at me, and one of them shot me...” Winter began to say, trying to explain herself, but being unable to come up with anything better, her mind starting to swim with pain, now. “Yeah. You pink footed wolf in a short tank top and tight shorts were hanging out in an alley behind a Federal building. Yeah... And I'm an Agent in disguise, ooooooohhhh...” Dave said, moving his fingers next to his face like he was a monster.

“Whatever. That's what happened.” Winter said, turning her head to look up at the ceiling, which was stained from a water leak that had been repaired years ago. Winter sighed as she closed her eyes. “I asked you. You hungry?” Dave said, reaching out and touching Winter's arm. “Yeah... I could use something.” Winter said.

“I got some steak. Big steak. I know your kind eats a lot. How you like it?” Dave asked, getting up and turning a burner on his small stove on. “Raw.” Winter said as Dave switched it off. “Crazy wolf. What's your name, pup?” Dave said with a laugh, his gruff nature poking fun at her. “You're cruising for a mauling, human.” Winter said with a smile. “Winter.” She said. Dave froze, which made Winter more than a little nervous. “Hm.” Dave said reaching into his fridge, pulling out a plastic baggy filled with meat.

“What? What's wrong with my name? Ah!” Winter said as she tried to rub her shoulder, but couldn't do so without making the wound burst in agony. “Hey! Stay still! You got heali'n to do, Winter. And... There ain't nothi'n wrong with your name. It's beautiful. I never met someone with that name before. You want it cut in pieces or should I just cram it in your mouth as is?” Dave asked.

“Pieces, please.” Winter said, unaccustomed to being served. “Alright.” Dave said, slapping a slab of meat down on his tiny kitchen counter and cutting it with a dirty knife. Winters body was able to ingest any manner of foul and putrid things, her digestive system was naturally much more hardened than a human's was, so she wasn't too worried about the crusty knife cutting the meat as she tested the air.

Dave finished cutting up some of the steak and walked over to Winter, then sat down in his chair next to her bed. Winter closed her eyes, feeling the humiliation of having to ask Dave to put the food in her mouth. “Don't worry about it, Winter. If pulling the bullet out, and seeing your back without a shirt didn't bother me, feeding you won't be a problem.” Dave said, his voice low, and gruff. Winter opened her light yellow eyes and turned to Dave, her muzzle just slightly open, unsure of what to think about this strange man, who let his dirty clothes pile go way too long in the hamper before washing them.

“Okay.” Winter said softly as Dave sat up, Winter opening her muzzle, her eyes fixated on Dave's own. Dave popped the piece into her mouth while opening his own mouth involuntarily, when she closed her eyes and savored the way meat, the blood adding the perfect taste to the thick piece of bovine muscle. Winter sighed through her nose as she moved her head about, slowly, not wanting to aggravate the wound. Winter chewed, then opened her mouth again, making a smacking noise as she did.

Dave fed her another piece which she chewed, then finished, smiling at Dave. “You gonna hand feed me while I'm sick?” Winter asked, hoping Dave would. “Yeah. As long as you need it. You got money for the meat bill, wolf girl?” Dave asked with a grin. “Yeah, I do...” Winter said, trying to find her wallet with her left hand, but feeling an empty pocket. When Winter turned, Dave had her wallet in his hands. “Winter Greypaw.” Dave said, looking at her I.D. Dave looked up at her, then back down at the I.D. “Seven hundred Seventh Street. Nice area. What do you do for a living?” Dave asked Winter. “I sell clothing online. I am one of the top sellers on...” Dave put his hand out and shook his head. “Naw. It's cool.” He said, already bored with her fake occupation, which was designed to be... boring.

“What's next, Dave?” Winter asked, stirring in the bed a little, trying to get comfortable, but not really being able to, the hole in her back and all. “I dunno. I hadn't thought about it. You can rest there, so long as you don't start howli'n or nothi'n.” Dave said, eyeing Winter. “Uh!” Winter said, hurt. “We don't howl!” “Yeah right. National Geographic says otherwise, wolf girl.” Dave said with a grin. “Yeah well, you won't find much of my kind on that channel.” Winter said, looking back up the ceiling and sighing.

“What do you do for a living?” Winter asked Dave, her training forcing her to engage him in conversation, the pain in her back causing the last two words in her sentence to trail off. “I'm retired.” Dave responded, stirring in his chair a little as Winter sensed some nervousness in his voice- and in the air. “Retired from what? You're my age, thirty.... five? How can you be retired? Winter said, fighting the pain. “Thirty eight.” Dave corrected. “Retired from acquisitions and sales.” Dave said, his voice going deep with a twinge of something ominous, just for a moment. “Acquisitions and sales of what.” Winter said, prying. “Drugs and things.” Dave said. “Pharmaceuticals?” Winter asked, perking up.

Dave cast Winter a funny look. “For someone who dresses like that you sure don't get out much, do you?” Dave asked Winter, who almost tried to look at her tank top. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Winter winced and turned her head to Dave, and opened one eye. “Ah, Sorry.” Winter said. “It's okay.” Dave replied, reaching behind him and grabbing a remote control. Dave reached over to Winter and pushed it into her hand.

“Watch anything you want. I'm gonna get some beer. I'll be right back. Cool?” Dave said, standing up. “Cool.” Winter said, wriggling to get comfortable on the bed. “Alright wolf girl. I'll be back.” Dave said as he put on a helmet and donned a worn leather jacket. “My name is Winter!” Winter yelled as Dave shut the door. She heard Dave say “Wolf girl...” though it was muffled as he whispered it through the door.

Winter heard and felt the motorcycle start up, then the engine accelerate rapidly, and very loudly as the noise increased in intensity and waned at the same time as the bike sped off. Winter closed her eyes and sighed. This was unexpected. It did not fit into any of her scenarios. She was going to have to go with it, then check in with her handler the moment she could stand up.
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