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Goodbye To An Old Friend.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:11 pm    Post subject: Goodbye To An Old Friend. Reply with quote

At 9pm today (10/19/06), I recieved news that an old friend had died on 10/18.

He was Dr. Henry (Hank) Levinson, PhD- Mathematics; retired professor of Rutgers U. He was a long time friend until a series of strokes shattered his life in 2002 and he became something awful and ugly. He suffered more strokes until he died from one yesterday. He has 65.

I dont slight him for becoming what he was these final years, his first sroke left him blind, emotionally unstable and palsy; some of the intellect he once has, his ability to reason- gone. He became hateful and wretched. He was not the same person that many knew him from before: happy, out going, helping.

He has travelled the world, spoke several languages, taught classes in nations around the world, and have a complete set of theorums named after him. Without him, computers would not be where they are today, for he designed the formula on nano topology that allowed microprocessors and other computer chips to run faster than 200MHz. Back then- silicon would vibrate at 200MHz that after a while, they heat up and fracture from the vibrations. His formulas are still being used to create the chips we use today.

He's done many things, and would often share his knownledge, wealth and experiences with those less fortunate than himself.

It would be a long obituary if I sat down to say what I have to say about him. He was a friend, a mentor and a father to me. One who hated my abilities because they were being wasted on me. I say that because of my ability to solve complex math equations in my head, but not being able to explain how or why.

But we shared in many projects, helped in those who needed help, advanced the boundries of technology (his part) and the access thereof (my part). I have to say that without him and his work, the world would be a very different place today.

Hank, you'll be missed.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:57 am    Post subject: Professor Levinson Reply with quote

I was Embarassed with regret that I learned of "Hank"'s strokes and death. I knew him at the beginning of his physical ailments (primarily diabetes) which I'd just learned I also have in the ninties. He invited me to visit with him at his office at Rutgers. I remember feeling so special to be given such time with him. I had my nails done and was "all I could be" to make as much a positive impression as possible. He proved with ease using the chalk board (as I recall) in his office it was impossible to go faster than the speed of light. I hardly followed the proof and categorically dismissed it as "the base assumptions must be flawed". He took me out to dinner before going home so I guess he respected my suggestion Shocked . This past 3 years I've been retired feels like "legions" of angels are keeping me more or less on the straight and narrow. I wonder if Hank is one of them! Smile I am revising to mention him a "little bit"
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