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S4 the final chp 15 April 20 2007 (Update to note not story)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:46 pm    Post subject: S4 the final chp 15 April 20 2007 (Update to note not story) Reply with quote

Well here we are, the final pages of my little epic known as S4.

Man its been a fun ride and with the last read i feel that this is a good ending.

Now does this mean this is totally the end, like forever!

Probably not, I think i could devise another tale with these cool characters i've created but not right now. I need a rest from them and maybe you too but its an all around a sad moment.

I don't want to totally lose my audience and if i don't write another story i fear thats what will happen. We'll see, right now a lot is happening in my life so we'll see how it goes.

So sit back relax and have a good read as i present the final chapter optly named " It all comes down to this."

I'd love to hear what you thought of it here or privately.

mark.cheetaur.white (at)

So have fun, later guys and gals.


Well it seems a nice number of people have sat back and read the last chapter in this story. The feed back has been most positive and I'm very happy with that, I hope everyone got something from the story. I really enjoyed writing it and the comments and letters i got back from it really encouraged me to write more. I'm hoping after I get moved I will get writing again for the fine folks here.

So I just want to say thanks again for hanging in there and I'm glad you enjoyed my tale.


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Joined: 21 Feb 2002
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Location: Big land mass north of the USA

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:59 pm    Post subject: The end? For now i guess Reply with quote


Chapter 15: It All Comes Down To This.

Kathren entered the council's office, there behind a desk was an brown otter, much smaller than herself and even her sister. The female was a bit shocked to see Kathren but quickly recovered her composure.
“Yes can I help you?” She asked politely.

“I’m Kathren Optex, I have an appointment.”

“One moment Miss Optex,” She looked in her schedule book. “Ah...yes, if you will have a seat the council will be with you in a few moments. They are running a bit long today in their sessions.”

Kathren sat and read through a few magazines before she was called into their chambers. The group was indeed a bit surprised at her size, Alaskan Sea Otters are naturally big but she was bigger in places they didn’t think a female could be. They all stood and shook her hand, then sat again.

“Miss Kathren Optex?” One of the council members asked.


“Nice to meet you, if you would please have a seat we will get on with the interview.”

Kathren took her seat, she was surprised there were only three members here; she was sure there were more than this. “Is this everyone?” She said aloud.

“We take turns, we felt having everyone here at one time was a bit repetitive so we chose to have 3 present at one time, it seems to have worked out so far.” One of them answered.

“Ah.” Kathren said.

“Now is it Miss or Mrs. Optex?”

“It's Miss, I’m not married.” She didn’t like to say that but it was the truth, she was and wasn’t. In the eyes of the courts she wasn’t; in the eyes of love she was.

“Thank you Miss Optex, now I’m sure you are fully aware of the problems our species is having. We have put out the call so to speak to help us...survive.” He paused seeing that Kathren wanted to speak.

“I’ve studied the letter and the numbers, I do feel this is a little drastic in its approach though.”

“It is,” another member of the council spoke, “but we felt if we did not act immediately and drastically we would not be taken seriously enough to gain sufficient interest. If we wait too long it will be too late for us, we will not slink away into obscurity.”

“I can see that we have to increase our numbers, what I want to know is why am I being considered now when I was rejected before with the other plan you had decades ago.”

The council was taken aback; they didn’t seem to know anything about this. “You were rejected before?” One of them questioned, they all looked a bit confused. “I’m sorry Miss Optex that old program's records were destroyed in a fire years ago. We don’t have any information beyond that you are an eligible female that can have children. May we ask why you were rejected before? If it is medical we’d like to know but that is entirely up to you to volunteer any information.” One of the members said.

She was shocked, this she hadn’t planned for, the ball was in her paw now. She had a good reason to give them though, she cleared her throat and answered. “At the time I was a teen and well they really felt I was too young to have a child.”

“Ah...” A couple of them said. “Now,” continued one, “There is a lot we can offer someone like you to further our species.” From there Kathren listened intently, she wondered if there was really something they could offer her.

After about an hour she left with so many pamphlets and information that she was having a brain overload but there was something else that she wanted to do. She looked in the phone book for a name of some one she hoped was still around. She looked down the few names listed and finally she found the one she was looking for; he was still here.

Standing at the door, she trembled a bit but then rang the door bell. She heard a voice inside the house yell that he’d be a minute. She said she’d wait. In a moment the door opened and Kathren stared down at a male otter in a wheelchair. He was of medium build but lacked a pair of legs.

“Hello Kevin.” Kathren said as she smiled at him.

It took him a moment to realize who it was talking to him, “Kathy?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

He had over come his shock to speak, “I haven’t seen you in...”

“Don’t say it, it's been far too long.” Kathren said politely interrupting him.

“Oh geesh my manners come on in.”

She hesitated to take that step and Kevin noticed, “Kathy come in please, you obviously wanted to see me.” He could see something was really troubling her, he feared that it might be a memory from the past. “That night is over Kathy, a distant memory.” He ventured fourth with his theory.

She walked in and sat down quietly. “I still remember.” She said somberly.

Kevin was impressed at her size, she was nothing like he remembered her, “You’ve been working out a wee bit Kathy.”

“A little.” She said softly, not really looking at his wheelchair, just the stumps where his legs should be.

Kevin saw where Kathren’s eyes were focused, “I’m up here Kathy.” That woke her out of her daze and she looked into his face once again. “That’s better.” He smiled.

She wasn’t sure if this was right but he was the one fur who did love her but she found that she couldn’t love him back; something inside of her couldn’t. Her discussion with him that night and the following accident had hurt her so much, it was the final straw that drove her away from this town. To be fair he had settled and made amends with her before she left but at that time it really was too late; she had to leave. Now she was back and here again confronting a memory she wished she could forget.

“I can see you still feel guilty.” Kevin said trying to figure this all out.

“How can I not?” She said looking at him.

“Kathy, we had this out years ago! It wasn’t your fault, you did everything you could. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even be here.”

“No, you’d be here with legs.”

“Kathy, I was the one who got drunk and slipped behind the wheel of that car; not you.”

“I should have stopped you.”

“You tried remember.”

She felt her cheek where he had punched her, “If only I had been stronger.” She said quietly.

He saw it on her face, plain as day; she felt guilty. Did she put on all this muscle because of him? “Kathy you saved my life! You have nothing to feel guilty about.”

She now had tears in her eyes and was sobbing uncontrollably. Kevin moved the wheelchair about and literally hopped out of it to the couch. He put his arms around the big blue giant and let her cry; it seemed the best thing to do. She obviously needed it; his day had taken an unforeseen turn.

Above the Atlantic.

The dinner had gone well and the Captain was quite the comic, he had made them feel completely welcome. After, they danced awhile they took a much-needed break.

They sat at one of the booths that allowed them to look out of the ship and down below at the landscape below. The moon reflected off the calm water of the Atlantic; it was indeed peaceful Sabrina thought. Max looked at her and noted how beautiful she looked in her blue dress. He had it in his pocket but wasn’t sure this was the time; he was looking out over the ocean as Sabrina was. They both saw it, a whale breaking the surface then diving again.

“Did you see that?” They said in unison, then they both laughed.

“I guess you did.” Max said.

“Yeah whales are such graceful creatures.”

“Yeah.” OK he thought it was time, “Uh Sabrina...I want to ask you something.”

She smiled, “Sure Max what is it?”

He moved out of his seat and stood, then got on one knee. Sabrina’s eyes went wide as he presented her with the ring. “Will you be my mate?”

Sabrina gulped, she thought he might do this sometime but...her heart pounded, it was an easy answer; she loved him as he did her. “Yes Max, I will.” She had tears of joy flowing from her eyes as they embraced. Around them they heard people clapping and cheering, seems they weren’t completely alone in this.

The University.

The massive creature just stood there looking at them growling then it moved slowly towards their location. Alison screamed and tried to move out of the way of its huge paw. Suddenly from across the hanger they heard a voice.

“NO!” It commanded. It was the Other, Alison could hardly make her out since she was so far away and she was still seeing double but it was still a voice she knew.

The creatures paw retracted and it began to move towards the Other, “NO, SIT!”

Alison could see the massive creature halt in its steps towards her, she thought it was going to obey her but then it started towards her again. “SIT!” She heard the Other command, then a lot of swear words; then gunfire.

“Get low.” Mother said from inside Alison. With great effort Alison moved herself to the floor, everything was spinning and she threw up again. She could hear a great commotion in front of her but she couldn’t make out anything. Then in the corner of her eye she saw the massive form of a helicopter body hurling towards them; she began screaming.

Kevin’s Home.

Kathren finally composed herself and Kevin comforted her the best he could. “Kathy you saved me. I know back then I was upset at the loss of my legs at first. I know I hurt you but you came back time after time and we worked things out. You have nothing to feel guilty about, that day and time is over, we have both gone on with our lives. Seems you have done well for yourself, you are very healthy from my point of view.”

She smiled, she always liked his smile. “Always the ladies man you.”

“That’s the Kathy I know. You feeling better?”

She again smiled, “Yeah I am, I think ever since I returned I wanted to come here and clear the air so to speak. I’m sorry that I’ve ruined your day.”

“You haven’t ruined anything. From my point of view there wasn’t anything to clear up but I’m glad you feel better talking about it.”

“Yeah, I feel a lot better.”

“Can I get you a drink of something?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Plus a lift that would be great.”

“Anytime Kevin.” She stood up and gently picked Kevin up under his outstretched arms and gently put him back into his chair. “OK?”

“Tis good.” He said and wheeled off into the Kitchen. In a few moments he came back with two glasses of lemonade.

She took the glass and took a sip, “Very good.”

“Thanks, so I guess the big question is why now? I don’t think that the accident was the only thing you came here to talk to me about.”

Kevin wasn’t stupid, never was, well once he was and he paid for that. “I’ve come to ask something of a personal request, I don’t really expect your decision today. I’d like you to think on it, unless it is a definite no.”

He was kinda shocked, he really couldn’t fathom what Kathy wanted to ask of him. “Uh...OK Kathy, you know I’d do anything I can for you. I owe you big time, I know I didn’t show it at know after the accident but now I really do owe you.”

She took a deep breath, “I’d like you to help me conceive a child.”

His eyes opened wide and he coughed for a bit.

Hectors New Home.

Well it was finally done, he stood inside the finely crafted kitchen admiring everyone’s hard work. Arden and the crew had done a fantastic job with both homes. Arden with his knowledge and connections had managed to save them quite a bit of money on a lot of the extras that went along with catering these homes exclusively to taur clients. Everything seemed perfect as he walked around, there were some furnishings but not many. They still had to buy a lot of stuff, which he thought was probably going to fall into his lap now that Heather wasn’t around to do it. He had hoped that they could do it together but that was wishful thinking. Mind you he wasn’t going to leave her out completely, she still had a say in things but it was going to have to be through email and phone calls. Then he came upon the room that tugged on a feeling he wasn’t sort of prepared for.

It was an empty room, like most of them save he knew this room’s purpose; what he had in mind for it anyway. Heather had different use for it which sort of bothered him. He had hoped to turn this into a nursery but whenever he got serious to talking to Heather about kids she shied away from the conversation. Or like in the last conversation it had turned into one big fight. He sighed heavily, he had hoped Heather would be more receptive of the notion of kits but it wasn’t to be; at the moment anyway. He decided that he would put that topic away for awhile; it was only bringing him grief anyway. He had hoped not to get too emotional over this but this meant a lot to him; his eyes began to tear up it was not supposed to be this way.

The University.

Alison screamed as the bulk of the helicopter headed her way, she knew that this was it; she was going to die. Suddenly her body was pushed aside across the floor at a rate she could hardly comprehend. A wall of fur was pushing her along out of harms way. She still couldn’t move very much.

“What the hell happened?” Mother cried from within.

“I do not know.” Alison said perplexed. “We should be dead.” The next thing she knew she was being picked up off the floor.

“Arms around my neck now!” Anna said to her.

“Anna?” Alison said in complete surprise.

“Yeah it's me and if we don’t get out of here we’re all dead. There’s no way to stop that thing.”

“Your Mistress was fighting it when I last saw.”

“She’s gone. She hit it in the eyes -its only weak spot- not sure if it’s totally blind but I’m not hanging around to find out. It’s out of control, it picked up that helicopter out of rage.”

Alison was amazed at how fast Anna could move, considering how big she was. Mother could tell where they were and she knew a way out, she hoped, “Tell Anna to head to the other hanger, it’s down the far right corridor and down the long hallway. We should be able to open the bay door from there. Anna should be able to reach the main level.” She thought to Alison.

“Go right at the end of the corridor then down the long hall.” Alison said to Anna.

“Where does that lead to?” Anna questioned as she tried to move as fast as she could.

“An adjacent hanger, we should be able to get the doors open to let us out.” Alison replied.

Mother tried to think to Zirkon, she needed to tell her what was going on. Finally she got a reply, “Can you orientate on us?”

“I believe I can,” Zirkon said. “From what I can gather right now you are under ground, far off though.”

“Yeah, in a hanger, we’re going to open the door, we need help.”

“I will do what I can.” Zirkon replied.

Anna entered the hanger; there were two helicopters here. “Where is the control pad?” She said.

Mother instructed Alison as to where to find it, in a few moments the roof began to open up. It was dark and there was a full moon, at least they could see a little better now. At that moment they heard a horrendous roar. “I think it’s on its way.” Alison said.

“Yeah, let’s get out of here now!” Anna stretched out and up and out onto the lawn surrounding the helipad’s doors. She moved quickly to try to put as much distance between them and that thing as she could. Her sudden stop and scream made their hearts race. “It’s got a hold of me!” Anna screamed as she threw Mother and Alison to the ground. “Go! I’ll see if I can slow it down.”

Alison tried to move but she couldn’t, something was wrong, she was too dizzy and still couldn’t see straight. All she could see were the blurring forms of two giant creatures fighting each other. “She’ll lose.” Mother thought, “and we’re next.” Alison again tried to rise but fell over after taking the first step. “I’m sorry.” Alison cried then as if a miracle she felt someone tugging on her arms, it was the aliens.

“We’re saved.” Alison said.

“Not if we don’t stop that thing.” Mother made a mental projection to Zirkon, “Take that thing out if you can.”

Zirkon responded to mothers thought, “Which one?” She was stunned by the two giants clashing in front of her.

“The big muscular one, it’s out of control.”

Zirkon probed quickly and sent back a message to Mother, “Its mind is primitive and full of rage, to attempt what you ask would probably kill it.”

“If you don’t,” Mother thought, “it will surely kill us.”

Zirkon didn’t like exerting that much power but in this case she didn’t have much of a choice. Her mind lashed out at the creature which screamed trying to figure out what was happening to it. It released Anna who moved quickly far out of its reach. The creature continued to howl in pain until it saw and felt its enemy. It turned and began to march her way, its massive size was making her nervous; she had never seen a creature like it. It was putting up a tremendous struggle to fend off Zirkon's attack as still it marched since its mind was bent almost on one thought; it had the strength to defend itself. Zirkon had hoped to knock it out but she felt she had no choice now, it was almost within striking range. A final burst of mental energy, coursed through the primitive creature's mind. It wavered in its steps and fell to the ground right in front of them with a massive thud; it was over.

They all stood in awe at the massive thing that lay before them. Mother thought to Zirkon, “Good going.”

“I’m sorry that I had to kill it.” Zirkon said with remorse in her voice.

“Don’t be, if you hadn’t you’d be dead and it would be killing a lot more people, there was no other way.”

Anna picked up Alison for she still was having a hard time trying to stand. They slowly made their way back to the University. They arrived at the front steps only to be greeted by Cassandra, One, Two and Lyja who stared at the group and were totally concerned at Anna’s appearance.

“You look awful.” Cassandra said to Anna.

“Your bigger sister used me as a punching bag.” Anna said, “almost killed our guests here and made one heck of a mess of the lower levels of the complex.”

“Oh so that’s what’s going on around here.” Cassandra acknowledged. “You OK sis?”

“I’m bruised, which I didn’t think was possible but I’ll live, I think.”

It was then they all heard a familiar voice, “Ah... a family reunion, good for you all.” This figure was quick to turn her weapon she had in her hand on Lyja, “You, the disappearing one, you as so much as fade and I’ll start shooting your friends.” Out of the shadows appeared ‘the other’, she had escaped the grasp of the monstrosity without so much as a scratch.

Alison spoke, “Don’t you dare harm them.”

“I won’t if your little friend there behaves.” She never took the weapon's aim from Lyja and then looked at the new comers. Two blue little creatures, a pure black one and a clone of one of the skunks. “Who are these people?”

Alison spoke out, “The aliens I told you about.”

The other laughed, “These are the aliens, the one’s with the fantastic technology you boasted so much about?”

“The same.” Alison responded.

“And the skunk?” She pointed to Endora with the weapon she held in her hand.

“The original specimen of all the clones.”

Anna shook, “Mother?” she said aloud.

Alison could feel Anna’s body vibrate all over, “Yes that’s your Mother Anna.” Alison said softly.

“What is it you want?” Endora interjected.

“Nothing that you can give me old one, only that yellow thing up there can.” She pointed the weapon at Alison.

Alison shook her head, “I told you I do not have what you seek. The aliens here can help you extend your life I’m sure but only if you co-operate with us.”

The other laughed again, “Co-operate with you! I have the weapon; I am in control here. One,” she commanded, “take that yellow creature back to her room while I deal with these others.”

It was then a horrible roar erupted from behind them, the giant creature thought dead rose out of the night. It threw everyone aside like bowling pins as its target was in plain sight. “NO!! BACK YOU BRUTE!!” The other shot round after round at it to try to get it to stop but its primitive mind would not relent. It remembered this one as it had hurt it too many times with painful sticks; now it was time to hurt back. It grabbed the other as she struggled to escape, it threw her body to the ground with such a force the impact was felt through the ground. It proceeded to pound the body with its massive fists, a sickening sound of bones breaking and splintering accompanied it. Blood flew everywhere; it covered the massive creature's body staining its once white chest a crimson red; it turned now roaring in triumph. It now set its eye to the others who were just beginning to get orientated again.

Zirkon knew that she was the only one who could stop this thing and with another powerful mental pulse she ended the creatures life. It screamed in agony as it fell to the ground, this time no breath escaped its jaws; now it was over.

Kevin’s Home.

He swallowed, “What?”

Kathren knew this would be a shock no matter how she put it. “I want to have a baby but to do that you need...” She didn’t get to finish her sentence.

“I know but...”

“Kevin you don’t have to have anything to with this child all you have to do is your part so to speak.”

“Kathy this is something out of the blue...I... don’t know what to say.”

She explained to Kevin as to why and her love for Margrette after she rose, “Kevin I don’t want your decision now, I want you to think about it. I know you loved me once and my heart broke heart in the end but you stayed my friend and I don’t have many of those anymore.” She smiled, “Please think about it.” She went to the door and opened it, “I’d love to stay but my mate wasn’t feeling too good today and I think I should be with her.”

“Kathy, I want to talk to you some more about this. You will visit again?”

“Oh yeah, I’m not going anywhere, I have your number and I’ll call and tell you more about me. How about over a good dinner?”

“You have yourself a date.”

Kathren closed the door on a chapter in her life and perhaps opened another. When she got home she found a note on the fridge to come immediately to the hospital.

In the hospital she found her mother, “Mom where’s Margrette?”

“In the delivery room, seems the little one is coming early.”

“I have to be with her!” Kathren exclaimed.

“I know, I already told them you would want to so let's find a nurse and get you in there.”

It took them a bit to get something to fit Kathren but they finally managed and she was reunited with Margrette. “Decided to really make this a special day huh?” Kathren mocked.

Margrette grabbed her hand, “I’m glad you are here.” She smiled.

“I shouldn’t have left you.”

“Yes you should of, how did things go?”

“I can tell you later.”

“Tell me now.” She insisted.

“Very well, they didn’t even know I was gay and I didn’t tell them.”

Margrette smiled, “All that worrying for nothing.”

“Yeah.” She heard Margrette moan. “You OK?”

“Yeah I remember these pains.” She did and she wished it didn’t have to be this way.

It was a long time but finally the little female kit came into the world, a new life that Margrette already knew sorta. They put her in her mothers arms, Margrette looked at her and knew she was going to be one spoiled little skunkette. It yawned and its eyes grew wide. “Hello there little one.” Margrette said in a childish tone, “Who’s the pretty girl.” Margrette was amazed as she thought this one was trying to speak but that couldn’t be; that was impossible. It was then the kit said softly “Oreo?”

Aftermath: The University

Cassandra and the others did their best with crowd control, Alison and the others took refuge inside the main building to wait till morning light. There was going to be a lot to do and a short time to do it. Endora spoke to the one called Anna who hardly could contain herself in wanting to meet her and learn more about her origin.

Anna was pleased to learn she had sisters, many in fact all different from herself. She wasn’t alone and not all of her sisters were monsters. This time here and now with her mother was the happiest she had ever experienced.

Mother and Alison knew there was one big thing that had to be done. It involved Endora and a promise she said that she would keep; a shiver rode up their spine at just the thought.


The aliens and Endora descended into the large hole in the ground; many lights began to come on. At first they were dim but they quickly rose to full brightness. They illuminated the way to a safe landing, a moment later the platform touched the ground lightly. Endora wondered what was in all the canisters that surrounded them and the transport ship that lay close by. She didn’t like this one bit, she didn’t trust this Mother at all; this one at least. She decided that she would not mention the other’s visit for it could have consequences that she did not or could not comprehend at this moment. She was going to ask what all this was about.

As they approached they could see Mother giving some of the robots orders. The transport was being loaded with these mysterious canisters as Endora noted. It was impossible to tell what they held for they were covered, which peaked her curiosity. Afain, Tolare and Endora waited for mother to finish up her business then announced their presence.

“Ahem.” Endora said clearing her throat. “Hello.”

Mother turned and as her eyes gazed upon Endora her face contorted in a state of shock. “Endora!!! What are you doing here?”

“I was curious as to what passengers the Zargozians were talking about just before we left you. Afain and Tolare already knew where you were so I thought I would come and see.” She smiled.

“Mother gave the Zargozians an evil eye, they were not to discuss the passenger situation with Endora; until she was more prepared. Seems things got leaked out. They didn’t seem to catch on to Mother’s disapproval. “Stupid aliens,” Mother thought, “Oh it is nothing, just a few of the experiments my other had been working on. The Zargozians thought it best that they take them.” She said nervously.

Endora could read Mother’s discomfort, for some it would be hard to notice but she could see it. “Oh then you wouldn’t mind showing me one of them.”

“Oh they are nothing you’d be interested in.”

“Sure I would, please show me.” Endora said coaxing.

Alison kicked Mother from within, “You cannot escape this, you must show her.” Alison thought.

Mother muttered under her breath, “Blast.”

“What was that?” Endora said as she caught Mother saying something.

She sighed heavily, she knew this wasn’t going to go down at all well. She had been able to convince and calm Endora that the taur clones were not her doing. It had been a hard sell but in the end Endora had calmed down. Although she knew that any trust she had between them was gone; now this. “I will show you.”

She commanded one robot to bring a canister near. Her short stature would not allow her access to the control pad on the tube. “Endora you will have to open it, push the green button on the side of the tube it will raise the shield surrounding the interior canister.” She kept her distance from her in case, although in her condition she couldn’t run fast enough.

Endora did as Mother said, the seal broke on the tube as part of it moved forward then proceeded up ward exposing the contents. Endora stood there shocked at what she saw, it was her or a clone suspended in a thick fluid. Its fur slowly oscillated back and forth as the fluid moved inside the tank. Within Endora anger flared, she had restrained herself before when she had seen the taur clones and finally she had accepted them but this. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??” Endora glared at Mother with an anger that was growing with each second.

“It’s not what you think.” It was fast, too fast for her to see the fist flying towards her face. Agonizing pain shot through her as it collided with her muzzle and her head turned to absorb the powerful impact. The second blow sent her sailing through the air, she was glad that she lost consciousness before the next one was struck.

Alison awoke confused and hurting almost everywhere, she tried to move but quickly stopped as she cried out in agony. Tolare rushed in as she heard Mother’s cries; the pain slowly receded when she remained still.

“Please try not to move,” Tolare said with great concern. “Endora inflicted quite a bit of damage to you before we were able to restrain her.” Alison's nose was assaulted with a pungent odor, it seemed it was a bad idea to try and restrain a skunk.

“Waaa Haaaapen.” Alison said extremely slurred, her mouth ached. At that moment she decided she wasn’t going to try talking anymore; anytime soon.

“Endora attacked you, her anger was extreme; she inflicted a lot of damage to you before Zirkon could immobilize her. Although not before she fumigated all of us; I have done what I could do for you but you need medical attention, more than I can give you without my equipment. I’m going to be taking you up to the ship within the transport craft. It will not be comfortable for you but it is the best I can do at this moment.”

Alison nodded as it was about the only thing she could do without feeling too much pain; it seemed that Endora had lived up to her promise.


“Where is she!!!! I’m going to rip her apart!!!” Endora said enraged. She had been confined to a small room with the door locked, her cries echoed through the halls.

Afain looked at Lyja and Zirkon, “It seems she has still not calmed down.”

“Her mind is full of anger and betrayal, all her emotions are running very high; I cannot do anything but listen in. In this state the mind is chaotic, the only thing I could do is shut it down. I’d rather not again, she put up quite the fight last time.” She sniffed and almost gagged, she reeked of skunk spray.

“I’m not sure what we can do for her.” Afain said pacing

Zirkon knew what Endora wanted but they couldn’t let her do it, but there was something they could do. “Let her have her say.”

“What?” Afain said.

“Allow Endora to confront Mother.”

Afain rubbed the side of her face, “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“It’s what she wants, she needs to exhaust this anger and it’s the only way I can think of.” Zirkon explained as best she could, she could feel Endora’s hatred and the feelings of betrayal. It was hard to shut out her feelings.

“See if you can speak with mother telepathically Zirkon and get her opinion on this situation; I don’t want to put her in any further danger.”

“I can do that.” Zirkon got up from her chair and went to find Mother.

Zirkon sat down next to Mother, she was resting under the advice of Tolare. She could see the swelling and bruising damage that Endora had inflicted upon the small frame of Mother. Her face told the story of the injuries there; one eye was completely swollen shut and you could see the bruising through her fur. She was resting which would make her entry easier, she concentrated and felt herself shift. In a moment she opened her eyes to a vastness that was Mother/Alison’s consciousness. She didn’t need to travel far into their minds but instead invite them to a neutral place. The rest of the exercise would follow naturally and it did. Around her a field of green grass expanded to the horizon, a perfect place for a meeting.

In a moment a figure appeared then another, both very much the same but again different. “Hello.” Zirkon said in greeting. Both figures had their backs to her and turned around at the sound of her voice.

“What?” They said in unison.

“Call this a meeting of the minds.” Zirkon chuckled, it had taken a long time to find humor in things again but she seemed to finally be getting the hang of it.

“Where are we?” Mother said.

“It's hard to explain, just think of it as neutral territory.”

Alison shrugged, it was different having her own body. “This is interesting to say the least. What is this about?” She felt different and was happy that she wasn’t feeling anymore pain.

“Yes,” Mother repeated, “What is this about?”

“Endora.” Zirkon said.

Mother just stood there in silence then spoke, “What about her? She seems to have had her say.” She rubbed her cheek where she felt a twinge of phantom pain.

“No she hasn’t, her anger overwhelmed her and she attacked but that hasn’t resolved what emotions she is feeling inside. She needs to confront you and so I have come to ask if I can do that.”

Alison was still amazed that what was happening was possible, “You want to bring her here to this place?” She wasn’t all too sure if that was a good idea.

“Yes Alison, she cannot harm you here. Your bodies are not physically so that is not a problem.”

“But a raging mad skunk is, she is not exactly in the best of moods you know?” Mother said sarcastically.

“That is why she must come here, it is not good for her to be this upset in her condition. She needs a release.”

“You do know what you are asking?” Mother said.

“Yes, I understand.”

Mother sighed, “I know most of this is my fault but these others were made a long time ago, by that other part of me that no longer exists. Total responsibility for this mess isn’t mine.” Mother said in her own defense.

“That I understand, it is that very fact that Endora does not, she needs to hear this from you and then decide what action to take from there.”

Alison and Mother looked at each other then Alison turned to Zirkon, “Bring her here and we will try to talk with her.”

Zirkon nodded, “It will take time but I will return.” With that, the land, Mother and Alison vanished.

The land around her formed again, Zirkon concentrated; what she was about to do would anger Endora for the moment even more. As she thought of her she appeared.

Endora looked around at the golden field of wheat, well it looked like it anyway; she was confused. When she turned around she saw Zirkon sitting on the ground looking up at her smiling. “Where are we?” She said in anger.

“Neutral ground.” Zirkon said softly.

“You better not be thinking of bringing her here.”

“Too late.” Behind Endora two figures appeared, she turned and growled in fury. She charged the two but she passed through both of them as if they were made of nothing. She turned back and eyed Zirkon.

“You cannot harm them here Endora, I will not allow it.”

Her fury turned to Zirkon, “You know what they have done!!!”

“Yes, I do but you need to listen to them first; then judge and you are not doing that. Your emotions are out of control. If things continue you and I will have more problems than we care to deal with right now.

She took several deep breaths and glared at Zirkon, this was unfair, she wanted to tear those two limb from limb. Endora turned to both of them, the sight of them sickened her. “Talk,” was all she said.

“You were not to know about the others, they were to be gone from this world without your knowledge.” Mother said.

“And this is supposed to make me feel better.” Endora said.

“Out of sight and out of mind.” Mother said and Alison hit her, seems interaction between them was still possible.

“What Mother is trying to say, we would have eventually had the aliens tell you about the others but at a much later time in your life span.”

Endora raised an eyebrow, “Really.”

“It was what we thought would be best.” Alison remarked.

“You two have hurt me as no other person could, you have created life from me with out my knowledge, I feel violated beyond measure! I would rip you limb from limb but you are far more damaged than anything that I could do to you.” She stepped forward and slapped Mothers face but her hand went through her; the act though was felt in other ways. “Listen to me both of you, I never want to see you ever, ever, again in my life time. You take those things away from here, far far away and you pray that you never ever meet me again!” She turned her back to them and stared hard at Zirkon, “I am done here.”

Zirkon nodded and Endora vanished, leaving them alone.

“That was productive.” Mother said rolling her eyes.

“It was,” Zirkon replied, “she is returning to normal; she is still angry but her mind is returning to a state of normalcy.”

“This leaves us with no other thing to do but pack for the stars.” Alison said.

With that done Endora found Afain and told her that she was taking the platform home and would send it back after, she was sure they were going to need it.

In the days that followed all the clones were put on the Zargozians cargo ships to be taken back to their home world Tara. Even the body of the deceased giant, it was going to be an interesting specimen to study. These new ships used highly effective cloaking technology so they were able to undertake this task without any problems. Back on Tara the clones would be evaluated to see what could be done with them.

Cassandra, One, Two and Anna were all offered a once in a lifetime chance at this new home as well. Cassandra politely declined and with no one really to guide them One and Two also did the same, seemed they had adopted a new mistress to protect and serve. So since Cassandra was going to stay Mother put her in charge of the University, she felt she would do a good job.

Anna however wanted to see this new world and all its wonders. She felt her intellect would be best suited in a galaxy, far far away. So she would be a snake on a plane, she grinned.

Endora returned home to find a happy family to greet her and to also inform her of Margrette’s frantic call. She quickly dialed the number that she had provided. It took forever to connect but finally she got through to Kathren who quickly turned the phone over to Margrette.

“Oreo are you OK?” Endora said with panic in her voice.

“I’m OK but are those aliens of yours still here, I think we’re going to need them.”

Oh God the kit she thought, “Something’s wrong with the kit, Oh no Margrette.”

“Endy no she is fine, well sorta...” There was a long pause then, “Endy she’s you!” she said.

“Huh?” she knew the clone was like her, “Margrette I don’t understand?”

“Endy she’s you, she spoke my name, she can talk!” All Margrette heard was a thud and in a moment Warren’s voice came through. “She’s fainted, we’ll call back.” The phone went dead.

Alaska Hospital

Endora looked at the sleeping infant, who had sorta talked to her just before that, she really couldn’t talk her vocal cords hadn’t developed that far but she was trying, as Margrette had said. She knew everyone’s name and everything about her; now what were they going to do?

“Well what are you going to do now?” Endora said to Margrette.

“Well the aliens said she’s healthy save for having your brain pattern in her head.” She smiled, “Your friends don’t leave for a bit so I’m going to ask her what she wants.”

Endora looked at her, “Really?”

“Well technically she is an adult so I feel if she wants to stay with me, I’ll do my best to give her a good home.” Endora wasn’t sure about that and Margrette could see her friend thinking. “Endy it is her life.”

“I know.” Endora sighed. Then a stray thought entered into her head, “Now I know what happened when I zoned out at your place.”

Margrette’s eyes lit up, “Yeah, there must have been some transference or something.”

“Yeah. Well I was a little hell raiser when I was small, I doubt she’ll be any different.”

Margrette smiled, “Well this time she’ll have a baby brother or sister to play with.”

Endora tilted her head in question? “Huh?”

“Kathren is going to be impregnated.”


“Yes,” Kathren said as she walked in with joy in her voice; she had heard the conversation coming into the room. “A special friend of mine is going to help me out on this.” Kathren smiled and softly said “Thanks Kevin.”

Alaska Sometime later.

Zirkon sat on a bed with the infant Endora, it wasn’t hard to create a mental link being this close to her. “You wanted to see me Mother?” Zir questioned.

The infant Endora sighed and thought back, “First off I’m not your Mother.”

“You are in a way.” Zirkon replied.

The small version of Endora thought back. “I know what I am, as hard as it is to believe. I’m a duplicate and that’s what I’ll always be.”

Zirkon felt this wasn’t exactly correct and needed to add her input to this conversation. “Not true you are your own person, it is true you have memories of another but that’s where the line ends.”

“True but that is where your talent will come in, you must do what I spoke of before, it will be my only salvation here.”

It was then Endora walked in, “Oh sorry I thought...”

Zirkon spoke, “It's all right we are ready, I’ll feel for you.” In a moment Endora too was linked to this conversation.

“I feel you all ready know why you are here Endora.” Said her infant duplicate.

“I have a feeling.” Endora said.

“Zirkon as I suggested before I want you to erase my memories.” Said Endora’s duplicate.

Zirkon still didn’t like this idea at all, “That is not a good idea.”

“I will not be able to live like this here, my other life will conflict with this new one. If I don’t have those memories I can create a whole new life for myself and enjoy it.”

Endora looked at Zir, “She is right, our memories will spoil any chance she has of a proper life here. If she were older it wouldn’t be so bad but she has to grow up and in one way she all ready is.”

Zirkon thought about this for a moment erasing these memories was the wrong idea she knew it, there had to be another way. Then she had it, “I think I have a solution to this, without the loss of your memories. I can block them until you are of an age to understand them, by then you’ll be mature enough to know why this occurred.”

The two Endora’s looked at each other, “That works.” they said in unison.

“But what about the others? They all know about this and her being my duplicate.” Endora said.

“I can change their perceptions as well but only if they agree.” Zirkon said.

Again Endora and her duplicate looked at each other, “Agreed,” again in unison.

The others agreed that this was for the best and in 18 years all again would be revealed.

Epilogue: Years later.

Endora Mustelidae laid the rose upon the wet ground, the clouds had opened up and now a light drizzle fell from the sky. It didn’t bother her though, she had made up her mind in coming today; no matter what. She had delayed her visit too many times already, so today was the day. The beautiful red stone grave marker stood out amongst the many black ones. Warren Davis Mustelidae it read across the top with her name below it, the only difference here was that the date had not been filled in yet.

She sighed, it had been six years since Warren’s passing and she still missed him so. Endora's life had changed so much and without him there to share it, well it made her extremely sad. Tears flowed from her eyes, “I miss you so,” she said softly. She stroked the top of the rough stone, trying to feel closer to him but it wasn’t the same. She needed to hear his voice, smell his scent and to be with him but that was not to be.

“Sorry I’ve been gone so long dear,” she said aloud, “but things are hectic around the house with all the kids around. They are way over protective of me and won’t let me do anything myself. Well today they let me do this and it wasn’t without some words flying about. I can’t stay too long, it's beginning to rain and I don’t want to catch a chill. I’m not as young as I use to be. Letting you go was the hardest thing I have ever done but I wouldn’t change that decision Warren, it was time. Soon it will be my time, still I believe I have some mileage in these old bones. I’m planning a trip, I want to see Margrette again and relive the old days ...I guess.” The old days she thought, they were so long ago. “I miss you dear, the family says hi. I’d tell you all of what’s happened but I’d be here for a week, maybe another day when the sun is shining.”

She kissed her fingers and transferred that kiss to the cold stone, she hoped that somewhere he was watching. “I’m going now, I’ll be back soon, don’t you think I have forgotten, it’s just a little harder for me to come now dear.”

She turned and walked back to the path that lead out of the cemetery and to her car. As she walked she noticed a fur standing by the gate, someone tall. She couldn’t make out the features for the fur had a hood over its head obscuring her view. As she got closer and was about to pass the fur, a paw reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Endora Mustelidae?” The fur asked softly.

“Yes...please take your paw off me.” The fur quickly withdrew its paw.

“I’m extremely sorry to startle you, I just wanted to be sure it was you. Although I was pretty sure I was correct.”

“Who are you?” The fur put down its hood and revealed a face that she knew all too well, her own. There were two big differences though, this face was young plus its fur was the wrong colour; it was blue. “Ezzy?” She questioned.

The fur shook its head. “No, sorry, you have me mistaken, my name is Urusa and I am from the future.”

Endora's head began to spin, “Not again...I...” she didn’t get to finish her sentence for she was interrupted by this new young fur.

“Before you say anything, let me just explain...but first do you think we could sit in your vehicle. This water is coming down very fast now. I’ve been out in it a long time and I am very cold.”

Endora could see that this fur was out of her territory and definitely shivering. Again her head filled with fantastic ideas of why this future fur was here. “Yes follow me.” Her car wasn’t far away and she opened the door so Urusa could get in, then she followed suit getting behind the wheel. She started the car and put the heater on so they could be warm.

“Thank you for hearing me out.”

Endora looked over at what seemed to be herself, well at least when she was a lot younger. Although now that she could see her more in a different light she could see fine differences. “What else could I do, you’re me.”

“Yes and something else, I’m a hybrid.”

Endora shook her head, “Huh?” Endora said in shock.

“I’m a mixture of clone and Zargozian.”

Endora’s eyes went wide, her brain raced, hundreds of scenarios went through her head at once. “Are you one of Swallow’s children?” This was the one thought that came to the forefront of her mind, for Swallow was destined to live far longer than all of them.

She took a moment to answer, in her history she knew of no one named Swallow. “No. I do not know this Swallow you speak of. I’ve never been to this planet till today, I’m a child of one of the others, the ones that went away from here.”

Endora blinked, those ones “but they were like me” she thought. “I don’t understand how that can be.” She said to Urusa.

“Then I will explain, a long time ago our ancestors were taken from this world and moved to another as you well know. The plan was to allow them - the clones- to prosper and live normal lives as much as they could. It worked, all the while the Zargozians tried to fix the problems that our ancestors had and in the end they succeeded. It wasn’t till the 4th generation though that this was accomplished and well the population as you probably guessed expanded to quite a number. The originals that were taken from this world are now long dead, only their offspring exist now.”

“Wait...I know it’s been awhile here but they shouldn’t be all dead?”

“Oh... sorry I will explain.” Endora saw that she was trying hard not to confuse her but it was getting difficult the more she went on with her story. “The Zargozians you knew Afain, Shearah and Tolare are all but memories now. They were a great part of our History but still they are long dead. Over 270 years our time has passed since you last saw them. I would have arrived sooner but this trip was extrapolated and this was the only time frame we could lock onto in which you were alive. Some of the signals reaching our home world have been corrupted to the point of uselessness. It was almost impossible trying to find a point to lock onto but we did and so I am here.” She smiled.

“That’s nice Urusa but that doesn’t explain why you are here?”

Urusa smiled, “I come on behalf of our people, to show you our world, our home, a glimpse of the future.”

Endora blinked, “You want me to go with you to your home planet?”

“Yes, we all originated with you...although the manner in which we did is still a bit obscure. It is your name that is most mentioned in our origins. So I have come as an ambassador of my world to invite you to see what has become of those who you share so much with.” She paused for a moment, “Please Endora, it would be an honor to have you come.”

Endora was speechless, in a way she knew that she was related to this fur. Urusa’s genetic makeup was made from her’s or Sabrina’s... she sighed it still confused her. She felt that in a way that Urusa was her family and well there was a whole planet out there of family members. Right now she needed family around her and well... “Urusa I’ve made up my mind, I’ll be glad to accompany you to your home world.”

Urusa smiled she was filled with great joy, it had been a difficult decision to come here. The risks were great but now it had paid off. “Endora you will love our world and it will be my pleasure to show it to you.”

Endora smiled back, “I have a few things to do before we go but then we can depart. Is that OK with you?”

“That is fine, I did expect that it would take time for you to arrange things for this trip.”

“Oh, do you think we could take a few others with us?”

“Others?” Urusa said in question.

“Oh, I can think of a few.” Endora winked as she put the car into drive and began to pull out of the parking lot.

The End.

Completely amazing huh, I hardly believe it myself. I’m glad all of you hung around to see everything to its conclusion. I feel these characters are part of my family now, writing about them so much has been fun. Perhaps we will see them again, if you the readers want to read about more of their exploits.

Again I’d like to thank everyone who read and encouraged me, I really appreciate it. I'd really like to thank my editors, Mike, Dave, Evan you guys have been great all through this.

See you in my next story.


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 12:26 am    Post subject: Coool! Reply with quote

A great ending to a seriously epic story.

Sorry to have taken so long to comment, but for some reason, your entry didn't show up as a new post to the forum.
I'm a little bit sad its over, but I look forward to your next story, no matter what it turns out to be about.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A great ending to a seriously epic story.

Sorry to have taken so long to comment, but for some reason, your entry didn't show up as a new post to the forum.
I'm a little bit sad its over, but I look forward to your next story, no matter what it turns out to be abou

Hey Snow Fox thank you very much for commenting! I was afraid no one would, paranoid writer

I"m really glad you liked the ending, I tried very hard to get everything packed into this chapter and not make it feel like i just said "the end" and then it literally is the end of the story.

Not everyone got a happy ending but I think I put in a good balance. Wink
Just as a note Kevin was a last minute addition to the story which I think fit so well into Kathrens life that it amazed me.

Feel free to comment again Snow Fox.


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah, just because we're not posting comments, doesn't mean we're not reading and enjoying. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah, just because we're not posting comments, doesn't mean we're not reading and enjoying.

I'm glad you are enjoying...or enjoyed the end.
I did leave myself open so i could return to this little family...ok large family i created.

Thanks for your support and i hope my story gave you an entertaining ride.


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
Flames keep to a minimum.

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