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If There's Ever So Crumbily, There Is No Place Like Home.

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Joined: 18 Jun 2002
Posts: 2601
Location: NYC NY

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2003 10:05 pm    Post subject: If There's Ever So Crumbily, There Is No Place Like Home. Reply with quote

Back From Hiatus; a semi personal journey through out the city, keeping in touch with damn'ed-be former friends who are now known as fools who only want to contact me to remind me of sadder times and painful memories. Why they must continue to haunt me every year- who knows; perhaps it was the ties we shared, the secret missions we did as covert ops for some gov't agency I refuse to return to, the strange and stupid things we risked our lives for back in high school or what ever. Least they hope I do not win the Lottery, for the power I would buy with the money, though it would be a one-shot deal, I would take care of such problems forever.

I must thank you all for sympathizing with such an old fool that this magical mystery fur that I is. Few know the pain of what I go through, many understand. In that, at least, there is some comforting position to sit in.

True- many would say to continue on with life and not top dwell on the past. But as it turns out, when it happens to them, they dont so as they preach and fall into to the same trap we all do. Like Anti-Abortion Protestors, for when their little daughters end up pregnant with some punk's baby- where do they go? There must be some humor in all this somewhere.

19 years have gone and went since that day my wife dissappeared.
19 years have gone by since she was found dead, buried in snow which kept her from being found for almost 25 days. Christmas and New Years will never be the same for me, ever.

But Life goes on, and yes, I have tried to continue on- with some success and some failures. At least- the bastard that did this- rots in hell in a military prison grave somewhere in Virginia. That deed took 15 years to do.

Evil lives within us all, as does Good, both staring into each others eyes and holding hands. Both thinking who's going to make the first move and when. For me- I let them dance, at least they can take off the edge on the waiting for so long, but as to leads, they must take equal turns.

Unfortunately, as I would not have hoped for, the laptop did not survive the trip. Fortunately, I can retire it until it can be fixed and run once again, but its replacement lies some 50-odd miles away in the bordering state and I wont be able to obtain it for at least the end of the month. For you guys- Vampire's Drought and Dandilion's Roar will be postponed until then. Back to Rock and Chisel for me... UGH... I so hate Stone Age Tools.

I will also be posting a couple of more projects: The one that covers the history of what happened way back almost 20 years ago. And something for the kids at school- they dare want to start up a comic strip site like Keen Space, but with their own strips and and stories (some of them- JEEESH!!! Down Right SPOOKY!). For Them, being underaged, Keen Space and other Online Comic Sites and for that- online Free Home Pages, are too restrictive and too demanding. By doing it with me- no contracts, no rules, Just Do it... (well, as long as they behave), Heck- I got 4 gig's of space sitting around doing nothing. Mr. Green Both projects should be up by February'03, as well as the updating and posting of the other 2 stories.

Kinsfire- remember you said something about herding cats? Its easy during feeding time, when they are most cooperative. Other than that, its not easy... so I got me this HUGE Can of Tuna and a Can Opener!!!

Take Care Y'all! I'm Back! Perhaps a dream to some, a nightmare to others!!!!

SHARKS In The Gene Pool South of Kosovo!
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