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The Circle Is Now Complete

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:07 pm    Post subject: The Circle Is Now Complete Reply with quote

The problem with secrets is that given enough time, they no longer stay secret.
With the ex-from-hell, she hid my biological daughter from me for about 20 years.
Now its my dead wife's turn; the ex-from-heaven, as history has it, is her twin. But there are differences; the one I married went to my school and the other didn't. Except for 1 common friend we shared, no one knew the other existed because of this, and thus the paper chase.
The one I dated did not like me originally, as one day in those early years in the first time meeting her at their home- long story short, I hugged and kissed her from behind, only to get a frying pan to the side of the head.

Time passes and I learn of the twin, who does not like me, and at best tolerated me. I marry one, and she dies; now Twin wants to see me dead. Simple? I understand the anger though. 15 years later, the wife's murderer gets what he deserves; common friend steps in and reconcile our differences and we start dating. Unfortantately there are snags in the relationship, but we remain as very close friends- with Life being a mighty huge wedge separating us.

But, outside of family and that one common friend, no one knew that she existed except for those in her world life. The Ex-from-Hell was friends with the wife in high school, but like everyone else, did not knew about the twin...

Today, I visit her- the ex-from-heaven, see how she's doing, help out with some needed things for her like carrying heavy packages for her. We started to go shopping, when this circle closed in completely:
Where the Ex-from-heaven lives is behind Lincoln Center in a housing complex.
Where the Ex-from-hell works, the north western part of Central Park where she supervises the ground staff; BUT, she has an office on the other side of Lincoln Center.
With this big entertainment comlex center in between them, they somehow never met. Until Today.

Ex-from-heaven and I were going North on the back avenue, Ex-from-hell was going West from the northern part of the complex with daughter. We met at the corner.

Slo-mo play by play:
Aiesha hugs/pounces on me. Ex-from-hell yelling at her when she sees that its me daughter's hugging on. I would have picked her up and spun her around but I'm too weak to barely stand (and yes, I intended to carry heavy packages for the ex-from-heaven. Oh stupid me.)
Ex-from-heaven asks out loud who is this girl thats is so happy to see me. Ex-from-hell turns to face ex-from-heaven, and asks her- 'who the hell are you?'
Ex-from-heaven answers 'Katherine- and who are the hell are you?'; the phonetically exact sounding name of her twin- 'Cathy'. Only the middle names were different.

The three of us stare at the ex-from-hell as she stand there like a deer in head-lights, then she starts her hysterical-screaming as she collaspes on her knees, and then passes out. I let go of the daughter and tell her, this s why I dont stick around. I then grabbed the ex-from-heaven's hand and left the scene as quickly as I could.

The End?

It wont be.
By week's end, I can assure everyone that the phone calls will be coming in asking who/what/when/why...and how. It probably has, but since I turned off my cellphones, I wont know until I turn them back on.

But now the secret is out. Lets see how the rest of my world deals with it. Sadly, it was a secret since 1978... The problem with secrets is that given enough time, they no longer stay secret.

SHARKS In The Gene Pool South of Kosovo!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Let it be. The issue may resolve itself on it's own.
All hail the queen of weeee!

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