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Chapter 12 of S4 July 10th 06

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:21 pm    Post subject: Chapter 12 of S4 July 10th 06 Reply with quote

Chapter 12 “The truth hurts... a lot.”

Outside the Optex home was an old picnic table, one that Kathren and her dad had built years ago. It was huge, mainly because it had to accommodate their massive size. Kathren touched it and a memory came to her, the scenery changed and she found herself looking at her dad from a very different angle.

The large otter saw his small, blue daughter come in to the garage; it was lightly raining so she couldn’t really go out to play. It was probably inevitable that she wound up here, he thought. He still couldn’t believe she was blue, he had no idea whose side of the family she got that from but he loved her just the same.

“Well there’s my little girl.” Alec Optex said with spring in his voice.

“Hi Daddy.” Kathren said as she walked into the garage. She could see that he was about to start something but she didn’t know what. “What you doing?”

“Well I’m looking at plans.” He said as he scratched his chin.


“Oh...sorry hun, building instructions.”

Her eyes blinked in excitement, “Building what?”

“A picnic table, but there is a problem.” He said a bit disappointed.

“Oh, what?” She climbed up on a chair to look at the plans her dad had spread out on his bench. She was curious as to what was the problem. She could see the diagrams clearly and it looked very much like a picnic table, but what could be wrong. “It looks OK.”

“Oh it's OK but its way too small for us to all sit at comfortably.”

“That is a problem. How you going to fix it?”

He looked at her, she was so cute and smart. “Well how would you fix it?” He asked.

She thought for a moment then she had a solution, “Make it bigger!!” She exclaimed.

“You are so right.” He said and he rubbed her head in praise, “Yes we have to make it bigger, but if I make it bigger I have to make it stronger.”

“Huh, I don’t understand?”

“Well...let's see, how can I explain.” He thought for a minute then he had an idea. He went over to the corner of the garage and got a brick. Then he brought it back and put it on the bench. “OK Kate, pick up the brick.”

She did as asked, it was heavy, “Oooff, heavy.” She quickly put it down again.

“Yes, now imagine that brick twice the size.”


“Now do you think you could lift it then?”

“Nooooooo, that’s silly.” She said and it was silly, there was no way she could do that.

“Well to lift a brick that’s bigger what do you have to be?”

Her eyes lit up and he could see she understood, “Stronger!!!!!”

“Right, so I have to make the picnic table stronger so we can all sit at it without any problems.”

“ I see.” She looked at the plans, it seemed difficult. “Can I watch?”

He looked at her and smiled, “I think you can do more than that!”


“I’m going to need some help, would you like to do that?”

Again her eyes grew wide and shining with joy, “I’d love to daddy.”

“Good, now let’s get started.”

The memory faded but she smiled, it was one of her more pleasant ones. She was pleased to see that the object that they had worked on together so long ago still existed; she still wished that her relationship with her dad did. Her ears perked up when she heard the patio door open. She looked to see who opened it and was pleasantly surprised to see her father.

“There you are.” Alec Optex said.

“Hi, just reminiscing.” Kathren answered.

“Ah, the picnic table, had to make a few patches over the years but as you can see it's still here.”

“Yeah, we built it together remember.” As if he could forget she thought, the mistakes she made that he had to fix were too many really to count.

“Yes we did.” He sat down at it, think you could spare me a few moments? I was hoping I could talk with you alone.”

She sat down opposite him, he looked nervous she thought. “I really don’t have anywhere else to go. Mom mentioned that you wanted to talk.” In her mind she wasn’t really looking forward to this.

“Well...uhm...” He wasn’t really sure how to start. Years of built up hostility followed by regret; how could you repair all that he thought but he knew that he had to try. “I know we haven’t seen eye to eye on things, for a long time.”

“Yes, that I know.” She wasn’t sure what he was getting at. “You’re different though, I’ve noticed. My last visit you hardly said anything to me, even when I was in the hospital.”

He turned his head away and rubbed his neck, a memory he wished he could forget, “I regret that, I wasn’t thinking straight back then.”

“And you are now?” She questioned and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes...” He paused and sighed internally then went on, “I want to try to make amends.” He smiled trying the best he could, “But before you launch your attack please hear me out!” He paused then continued, “I know I cannot change the past or any of your memories of me and how I was. That’s impossible but I have changed and my outlook on things is very, very different. Back then I thought you were sick, ill, as if you had some disease that had no cure; so I withdrew from you. Trying to put as much space between me and your sick body as I could.”

She interrupted him at this point, “Dad, I wasn’t sick, I was scared, I needed you and mom!!! All I got was one parent's help and that wasn’t enough. Do you know how hard it was for me to leave!!!”

He didn’t say anything, she was getting upset, this wasn’t going well; so far so bad. He could see that she was getting up to leave. He grabbed her arm lightly, “Don’t go...please, hear me out.”

“Why should I?” She said gruffly and pulled her arm away from him.

“It’s important I tell you what happened to me, why things are different.”

She really didn’t think this was a good idea but Kathren sat back down. She was going to hear him out, she didn’t really want to but it was obvious to her that her father wasn’t going to be satisfied until he told his story. “Go ahead,” she said curtly, “I’m listening.”

He sighed and began, “Thank you, everything happened last year, my best friend Earl and I went golfing. I’d known Earl for years, in fact he is almost a family member. I’m not sure if you ever met him.” He noted that Kathren shook her head no. “Well, as we golfed he said he had something to tell me, something very important that I should know. It was then he told me he was gay.”

Kathren raised her eyebrows, she knew how her father felt about people who were attracted to the same sex. This must have really gone over like a lead balloon. There was silence for quite awhile, “Well that must have come as a shock, don’t tell me he was attracted to you?” Kathren saw her father's eyebrows raise.

“, that was the next thing he told me after announcing to me he liked males.”

“Well that’s one thing that must have eased some of your mind at the time.”

The day was still vivid in his mind, “Well I left him at the golf course; I didn’t even speak to him to say good-bye.”

She shook her head; that would have been like her dad to do something just like that. “That wasn’t nice.”

“You're right, it wasn’t and for two months I really didn’t know what to do. I was totally confused my world had flipped on its end so to speak. Your mother was extremely worried about me. I’d go out and not come home till the early hours of the morning until one day I told her what had happened.”

“Well I’m sure mom understood.”

He was quiet again; telling her this was harder than he thought it would be. “She was and without her I might still be lost; so to speak. She suggested I see a psychiatrist to talk this out with someone other than her. She was supportive but she really didn’t think she could help; I needed a professional.”

“Dad you...” Kathren started to say something but he stopped her.

“Let me finish, well I did go see a Dr.; deep down it seems I did have a problem and to help myself I had to -in my mind- make a choice; if I didn’t change something it was going to eat at me forever. So through the months we worked it out and I finally got the nerve to talk to Earl again. There’s where things really fell into place, as I said before we had been friends for years and as a true friend he waited for me. He was pretty sure that I had issues other than him, plus your mother talked with him explaining our situation. In the end our friendship resumed and I’ve accepted who he is and his lifestyle and yours.” He put on his best smile hoping that this would start the process in healing.

Kathren looked at him, “So you’re OK with your friend Earl’s lifestyle? I mean, I know how you treated me.”

“Kate, it took me a long time to accept it but as I said ...I... had to make a choice; no one else could do this save for me. I chose friendship, one that had endured some pretty hard times. I think back to all the things I dumped on him, telling him about your condition drove him back in telling me about himself.”

“I can imagine. So you think just by telling me this we can forget all the things that happened to me!” She paused and then attacked again, “Dad you hit me!” Raising her voice a couple of octaves.

He sighed and lowered his head, “No...I’m not, those things happened and I can never forgive myself for doing that to you. I have to live with that, I still see the doctor to help me with those memories. I just want us to be able to talk to each other and in the end perhaps be friends. It’s the best I can hope for in the end.”

Kathren saw that he reached out to her but she drew her paw back. “You've given me a lot to think about Dad. I can see the change in you, there is no doubt in that.” She crossed her arms, “The fact that you are talking to me is a direct sign of that. I will think about what you told me, it’s about the best I can offer for now. As to the future that is just that, the future.” She got up and walked away leaving him sitting at the table in silence.

Mustelidae Home

Swallow was reading on her bed, Endora noted but no sign of Zirkon; which meant she was in her special place. Endora opened the girl's bedroom window and climbed out onto the roof. She didn’t quite like this part but she really needed to speak to Zir. She wasn’t far, just off to the right of the window sitting with her legs crossed looking very peaceful. On her head was the new device that the Zargozians had brought with them; it glowed slightly she could see. She settled herself on the window sill and waited, she sat there for about five to ten minutes before Zir acknowledged her.

“You can come up and sit if you wish.”

“Thanks.” Endora said, she closed the window behind her for she really didn’t want Swallow hearing them. She sat next to Zir who looked refreshed.

“Thank you.” Zir said in kind.

“For what?” Endora questioned.

“For being patient.”

“Oh was nothing.”

“Well it's something I’m trying to get Swallow to be but it seems to fall on deaf ears. To be interrupted in such a harsh manner is a bit disconcerting. It takes me longer to, if you would call it this; to return here.”

“Oh... you mean mentally.”

“Yes, there is no harm to me but it's just as I said disconcerting.”

“I will talk with her.”

“No don’t, we’ll work this out.”

It seems the two would have to work out their differences without her help, “Alright, so how is the new device working?” She wondered about that thing, she didn’t want to see Zir hurt in any way.

“It works as they said it would, it is an amplifier but you have to know what you are doing with it and how much to push with it. This device if used by a novice would literally fry their brains, even for me I have to be careful; it is indeed very powerful. On my world this would be classified as a deadly weapon; that’s if you could wield it and I doubt that I could even control it.”

“Well that’s saying something, Zir please don’t use it if you feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“I understand your concern, Endora, please do not worry it really cannot harm me. I over exaggerated its power level for one such as me. ” She smiled. “So what brings you up onto the roof at this hour?”

Endora found it hard to make out her features in the dark, it was like looking at a black mass of fur, there was really nothing to distinguish her facial features since everything on her face was black. “I was just curious to see how you were and if you found out anything.”

“I wish that Afain’s main ship could come closer so we could use its scanners. To find one mind, even one as unique as Lyja’s is going to take awhile, even with this machine.” She sighed.

“You know why they cannot do that.”

“Yes, just hopeful thinking.” She knew that it was impossible for them to do so but as she said it was hopeful thinking. “How are they doing? The earth is a very different place.”

“They are doing OK, they find the TV fascinating; I’ve had to tell them not to believe everything they see on there.”

“I’m sure that will be forgotten as soon as some drama show comes on, it might have been best if they had never seen it.”

Endora smiled then giggled, “You know you’re right about that.” Having two soap opera addicted aliens might be more than she bargained for.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:25 pm    Post subject: Part 2 Reply with quote

The University

Lyja hurt all over and she was finding it difficult to shift but she had to find mother. Cassandra was eager to help out, she didn’t like the fact that her mistress had lied to them all these years. Convincing One and Two would be impossible so she was on her own for the moment. Riding on Cassie’s back was a simple chore all she had to do was duck at the appropriate moments. Cassandra thought it best if she went to her sisters and asked where mother was being held. It was the simplest plan and one that worked out for a change. They found mother in a bedroom very similar to their last one, plain and simple décor.

“Hello again.” Cassandra said as she entered into the room.

Alison now in charge, could see instantly this could only be one creature. “Hello Cassandra.”

Cassandra looked puzzled, “How’d you know it was me?”

“Your body movements, you sorta give it away.”

“Oh, that’s interesting. Well I’ve heard you have been cooped up here all morning, want some breakfast?” Seeing the time on the clock she changed that to lunch.

“Yes that would be good.” She made her way to the wheelchair they had left for her and sat down. She pushed the chair out into the hall and Cassandra took over from there. On their way there they were confronted by the other, asking where they were going and such. Cassandra really didn’t have to explain herself too much, it was an obvious reason and a logical place to go. The only thing stipulated to her was that they were to return to the room immediately after. Not a big problem in Cassandra’s eyes.

As they sat and ate in the cafeteria, the noise level was significant enough for Lyja to make contact. “I am here.” Was all she said.

Alison coughed while taking a sip of soup in surprise. Cassandra was quick to ask if she was OK.

“Sorry just went down the wrong way.”

“Good, didn’t want to have to rush you to the nurse's station.”

With her presence known, Lyja spoke quietly and in point form, “I escaped, not without damage, Cassandra is on our side.” Lyja paused to see if mother would respond and in a very subtle gesture she nodded. Again she felt it was safe to speak, “Not sure what I can do now but if you have an idea I am open.” Alison who was in charge shook her head gently side to side, indicating she did not. “OK, I will stay hidden as best I can.” Alison nodded again, positively.

The rest of the lunch was uninterrupted which was good, Alison was hungry; she ate three sandwiches and one that mysteriously disappeared. She also drank three huge glasses of orange juice, only two in reality one again seem to disappear without anyone noticing. Cassandra's eyes couldn’t hide there surprise at the total, “I think you were hungry.” She said jokingly.

A burp escaped her muzzle and she smiled, “Excuse me; I guess I was eating for three.” She winked.

Cassandra smiled.


As the bus traveled down the road towards Toronto Sabrina sat and stared at Max while he played with his Gameboy, he wasn’t even aware she was looking at him. She began thinking about how things were going with their relationship, there seemed to be one. There was definitely sex, she had delved that far and they’d had more of their share of dates. Now she found herself thinking what was next. In her mind she began thinking more and more of Max, like what was he doing? Should she call? Even worrying about him when he called in sick a few days back.

She wasn’t sure if this was just a really good friendship or love. One thing she was sure of was that Max couldn’t wait to go on this trip; she had watched his airship footage over and over again. He couldn’t really stop talking about it, which was fine but she really couldn’t see the fuss over it. She closed her eyes and relaxed, then something occurred to her, something she really hadn’t thought of; it didn’t have anything to do with this trip though. It was transportation and how much she was really going to need a car and how she was going to pay for it. Then it came to her, maybe she could borrow the money from her mother. Her eyes almost lit up, she was sure that her mother would do it. Plus then she could buy a newer car, if not a new one. She smiled to herself; this was a great idea; now all she had to do was place the call. It wouldn’t be today that’s for sure, but when she returned; then she could ask. She smiled, what a great idea, she wished she had thought of it sooner. She never really had asked her mother for much, she had been mostly independent. Mom had always let her do her own thing and asking dad for money was out of the question; he already had enough problems. So now she had a solution, sort of, that was if her mom went with the plan and she was pretty sure she would. She closed her eyes and before she knew it was asleep and dreaming of touring down the road in a new car.

Max really didn’t want to wake her, she looked so peaceful asleep but they had arrived. As he thought, it was taking her a little longer to wake up; he knew that she liked to sleep in. He had spent enough time with her to learn a few of her habits and the little things she liked.

He got a cart and they went in search of the information booth, that’s where the security agent said to meet him. The lady panther there was very nice and called for the head of security; soon a giant muscular tiger arrived. Along with two very thin cheetahs dressed in uniforms; as they drew closer he could see the cheetah’s uniforms had the name Freedom One embroidered on them. It was the tiger that spoke first.

“Nice to meet you finally in person Mr. Blackrabbit, our conversations were quite intensive.” He put out his paw and Max shook it.

“Nice to meet you too, this is a very special occasion so our conversation was warranted.”

“You got that right.” The tiger rubbed his head, “To my right are flight steward Mrs. Anderson and Captain Ahab.”

Sabrina and Max looked at each other; they were interrupted by the captain as he could read their reaction. With his paw raised he said, “I promise not to go in search of any white whales.” He winked.

Everyone laughed, it was a joke he had heard too many times but it always seemed to make its way into some sort of conversation. So he finally stopped fighting it and made it more of an icebreaker and it worked well for him.

“I’m glad of that!” Sabrina said in relief.

“That’s good.” The Captain replied, “Now on behalf of Freedom One, let me be the first to greet you and say welcome to one of the finest airline experiences of your life. Freedom One and its crew will make sure that everything is to perfection and that your trip is a pleasant and relaxing one.”

“Thanks.” They both said in unison.

The tiger spoke up again, “Now I think it's time we got you processed through security, if you will follow me.” The tiger took them to an electric trolley and they took off to the other side of the airport. Max was glad they didn’t have to walk the full length of the airport for it turned out to be a very long trek. Finally they got to security, from there nothing really happened; everything passed through without a problem. After that they went outside where a bus was waiting for them. They boarded and took off.

The captain spoke, “The airship is out on a rarely used runway. Since for most of the time a crowd has gathered around the ship they did not want people straying out onto a landing area. The response to the ship's arrival has been overwhelming to say the least.”

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting almost a year for this.” Max said with great excitement in his voice.

“Well that’s great to hear, the ship performed well beyond expectations, before and after her refit.” The captain replied. Max glanced over at Sabrina and found she had taken up a conversation with the ship's steward, he was glad. In his mind he felt like he was leaving her out of all of this but it seemed she understood and had let him enjoy the ride.

“Yeah, I read all about that, since Freedom One was the first built they found a whole lot of improvements when building two and three.”

“Yes and now they have been incorporated into Freedom One.” As they rounded the corner they could now see the large Airship in the distance. It was as the captain had said by itself, no crowds about to see though. Perhaps the airship only had visitation this morning; it was late afternoon. “I don’t see anyone there now?”

“No more visitation and photos ended yesterday, everything had to be gone over before we take off tonight.”


They all watched in awe as the ship grew closer, eventually they drew so close they entered into the ship's massive shadow. They parked the bus and got out, Sabrina's eyes grew wide as they stepped out. She looked up and back along the sides of the gigantic ship, there seemed to be no end to it. Directly above her was the observation deck, she could see the windows easily; she was sure there would be a beautiful view later from there. In front of her were stairs leading inside the giant. To her right along the side of the ship she could just make out one of the massive engines that propelled the great ship. “Max this thing is huge!!!!!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, told you! See you’re impressed.”

She gave him a quick hug around the waist, “I certainly am, this is going to be fun.”

He smiled at her and she smiled back. In all the days before this he noticed that Sabrina really didn’t seem all that excited about the trip but now he could hear it in her voice; much to his relief. The captain motioned for them to follow them, this was going to be fun he thought.

As they traveled up the stairs the captain spoke again, “It is now 5:45 pm, you may exit the ship to take pictures until 7 then we ask that you be back on board for the testing of the engines will begin shortly after that. Since you have paid for the ride, I’d hate for you to miss the trip.”

They both looked at each other knowing that they would not be missing this one.

As with most reservations things are not always perfect, it seemed that Sabrina’s cabin and Max’s were no where close to each other. So they made arrangements to meet in the observation deck after they got settled.

Max couldn’t believe his stateroom, it was really spacious; with its own bathroom! The bed had a box on it with a note on the top it read:

Thank you for choosing to fly on Freedom One Max Blackrabbit, we at the airline hope this voyage will be everything you expect from a flight on one of the most luxurious vessels in the air today. In your room you will find all the amenities that you find in a first class hotel. The room is equipped with full access to the internet and you will find that the TV has the best in programming. Included in the box are souvenir napkin rings, a complete set of towels, a book on the history of airships and a small scale model of Freedom One. If you wish duplicates of these items they can be purchased in our gift shop. Please accept these with our compliments and again we hope you enjoy your trip.
Sincerely, The Management.

Wow Max thought, this was a great start, he also noticed on the pillow of the bed was a rose and a mint. This was classy. He went into the bathroom and gave the place the once over, wow, this he could get use to he thought. With his inspection over he decided he would put a few clothes up for it was going to be three days in the air, or close to that anyway; all depending on the weather. Then he was off to the observation deck. He was surprised to see Sabrina already there.

“Well it seems you found your way.” He said sitting down at the table.

“Yeah, wasn’t hard, there is a huge map of the ship on the back of the door.” She smiled, “This is great Max, my suite is hard to believe.”

“Yeah mine too, did you get complimentary gifts?”

“Yeah, that I wasn’t expecting, I guess they thought its better to give towels to people then for them just taking them as souvenirs.”

“I think you’re right.”

Sabrina spied Max’s camera around his neck. “Going to take a few photo’s?”

“Yeah I doubt I will be this close to one of these giants again anytime soon, so I thought I’d make the best of it. Besides we have the whole trip to explore the ship while she is flying, plus I really need to stretch my legs a bit; that bus ride wasn’t overly pleasant.” He rubbed his neck.

“I know what you mean, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep, my neck has a kink in it now.” She rubbed her neck like she was mimicking him.

Outside they saw others wandering about but they didn’t try to make conversation they just held hands and walked. Sabrina was just happy that the day had finally arrived and no problems had exploded in their laps. Ever since she had found out she had a sister and that in turn lead to her finding out there were clones of herself; all heck had broken loose in her life. With all that, her mother fell in love with of all things a female. She rolled her eyes, her life was so complicated it really wasn’t funny.

As they sat on the grass Sabrina watched as Max sketched the huge airship from its rear. The massive tail fins reflected the sun from high above them. Sabrina was awed by the ship's size but disappointed that the ship had to bow to advertisers, the ship was almost covered with them. But she imagined the cost of it, she was sure that their passage hardly paid for the trip. She guessed a lot of revenue was made by just letting people in to see it. Who wouldn’t want to, even she had found the ship fascinating to see.

They both decided that a nap was in order for both of them couldn’t stop yawning. So it was back to the ship and to their state rooms for a quick one.

Mustelidae Home

Again another night of searching Zirkon thought as she put the device on her head. It wasn’t really difficult, for a Zargozian mind in amongst these aliens was like someone screaming at the top of his or her lungs. The thing was you had to be close enough to hear it and so far nothing. It was a relatively fast process but it was a tiring one. She really didn’t read the person's mind just more or less listened for that distinct voice that was a Zargozian. An hour went by, still nothing; tonight wasn’t really her night she thought; she was tired perhaps she thought she should give it a rest. Then something changed, she heard something, a faint cry, she tuned in and followed. It grew louder and louder till finally, she had to tone it down to a whisper again; she had found her.

The University.

Lyja lay there wondering her fate, was she to die here; that was not a pleasant thought. Maybe she should run but where would she go? She didn’t know this planet, she hardly knew the Mother creature that she was to keep an eye on; now look where they were. She drifted, she felt tired, keeping herself out of phase so to speak was a strain on her. As she drifted she thought she heard something, she concentrated and listened carefully; suddenly she sat up. “They're here!!” She exclaimed.

End of chapter 12

99 dreams I have had. In every one a red balloon.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:17 am    Post subject: yup yup Reply with quote

enjoy folks happy reading


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mike Regan wrote:
It's Cheetaur's birthday and he gives all of us a present. Smile
What? Which day? Mine was the 8th. Happy Birthday Cheets Dancing Applause #Popcornsmile
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Cheetaur, another chapter well done to the Sabrina series. The pinic table scene in the story certainly gives a insight to what Kathrens past was like and what she experienced. One thing that seems interesting is if Kathren never went through her rough past, then she would of never met Sabrina's sister or the rest of her family, nor her mate. Then again, I wonder what would have happened if Kathren didnt have to experience that rough past? would she be a scientist? a olympic swimmer? or something else that would of made her famous? intriguing is it not? Seems like Sabrina and Max are having a excellent time on the airship, which is certainly a once in great while event. Great joke on Moby Dick during that the airship part of the chapter cheetaur, something I would never expected. Thanks again for allowing all of us to read it.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another interesting installment with your usual interweaving plot threads amidst story progression. Thanks for a very enjoyable read.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:58 pm    Post subject: Thanks Cat, Foxtaur, AmigaDragon Reply with quote

Yeah its slowly coming together, the aliens have located Lyja and now its only a matter of time before they come a running.

Yeah my birthday was 10th July...Smile heheheeh

Things start to ramp up a bit now..Smile

Thanks all, hope you will stay to the end.....Smile


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey cheats greate chapter yhe coversation between Kate and her father was very moving I hope they can reconcile. Can't wait for the next chapter Cheets good work.
"Political Correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

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