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Chapter 9 of S4 (Sorry it took so long) Feb 26th/06

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 2:37 am    Post subject: Chapter 9 of S4 (Sorry it took so long) Feb 26th/06 Reply with quote

Chapter 9: Double Trouble Or Is That Triple?

Heather threw open the door and collapsed onto the sofa, it groaned as her full weight compressed it. She wasn’t happy, the little weasel had sold the property out from under her. It was hers, she could taste it and now it wasn’t. She pounded her fist into the poor sofa’s hide, it had done nothing to provoke her anger towards it but it surely felt every blow. Now she was going to have to get a lawyer, she had papers but it was going to get messy, she didn’t need this now; not when the house was almost complete. She wanted to begin moving and enjoying the house with Hector, now this would take her away from him. Again she pounded the sofa, if that little weasel thought it was over then he was gravely mistaken.

She sighed, Hector would be home soon and things would get tight for space; so she thought it best to begin dinner preparations. About an hour later she had everything cooking awaiting her other half’s arrival.

Hector arrived soon after and the odor of fine cooking filled the entire apartment. He took a whiff of the scent and began to salivate. His stomach growled as he entered the small kitchen. Small was the word; it barely contained both of them, in fact he wouldn’t stay, not when Heather had things on the stove.

“There’s the love of my life.”

“Oh, where? I’ll beat her up.” Heather said mockingly.

“Funny.” He said as he moved up beside her and kissed her on the cheek, “Smells good.”


“Well it’s obvious that two of us can’t be in here at the same time, you want me to set the table?” Hector offered.

“No, I’ll do it, go in and put the TV on. I’ll be in later.” She returned his kiss. With everything that had happened to him he hadn’t lost any of his charm, always wanting to help out in someway.

“OK, thanks.”

“Not a problem.”

In a few moments she heard the TV go on and the familiar sound of channel flipping. To go with the meal she thought a couple of large salads would be nice, Hector liked those a lot. As she prepared them she thought back to all the things she and Hector had done in the last six months and all of it seemed to blur together. It was too much she thought, now this problem; she sighed. How to tackle this one, Hector had been good with almost everything; now she was unsure. She took in a big breath and took in the salad first. She put it down in front of Hector who almost devoured it with his eyes.

“Hector I’ve got something to talk to you about.”

Hector raised an eyebrow, picked up the remote and turned down the television’s volume, “You have my attention.”

“Thanks.” Heather sat down and lowered the rest of her ‘taur’ body down to the floor. She smiled, Hector always listened to her when she really needed him to. Well, there were times but that was the extreme case. “Remember that property that I went to look at last month.”

“The spot in Toronto?”

“Yes that one.”

“Yeah, I think you told me you had purchased it.”

“Yeah, well I thought I had, I even have the paper work to prove it. It seems though that this isn’t the case and now well I’ve got to sue the fur off a fur to try and get it back.”

The news surprised him and his first thoughts were of money, then came the fact that she would be away; again. “Oh great!!!”

That was the reaction she was expecting, “I know, I know this isn’t news you wanted to hear right now.”

He sighed, “Heather we’re so close to moving in it isn’t funny.”

“I know but I’ve already begun proceedings and things are moving, but you know law, it moves at a snail’s pace.”

At this point Hector knew it was pointless to argue, you have to pick your fights carefully and this wasn’t one to really get into a scrap about. He knew how passionate Heather was about her business and her plans for it. Now the fact she wanted to start another one elsewhere had ignited a flame inside her. He shook his head, sure it was bad timing but this was her dream. “So how long do you think you will be gone?”

She was silent for a moment, “I’m not sure, it will be for at least a week.”

He shrugged; there really wasn’t much he could say, “I hope it goes well.” He said softly.

She moved herself closer to him, which wasn’t easy in a laying position and hugged him. “You do love me.”

He smiled, “A little.” He said mockingly.

“How much?” She coaxed.

He put his paw up and made a space between his finger and thumb of about an inch. “About this much.” He said as he grinned.

“I’ll take it.” She said as she kissed him deeply.

At this point Hectors stomach let out a loud growl and he sighed, dinner better be soon he thought.

Three and a half weeks later Heather was still not home; everything she had predicted to go wrong, had. He was frustrated, he wanted her home but it did no good in worrying. She would be home when things were settled to her satisfaction. Which could take awhile he thought, although there was a bright light to this day; he smiled as he saw her cross the warehouse floor.

“Hi Sabrina, you got my message?”

“Yeah Hector, so what’s up?” Watching Hector moving boxes it still amazed her how much he looked like Heather and herself. If she only saw his back she could swear it was Heather, only under quick observance mind you; there were differences. “I hope this won’t take long, I have a bus to catch.”

“Well...” He smiled, “I thought you might like to go see your apartment?”

She stared at him for a moment saying nothing, “It’s done?” She said finally.

“Yup, thought you might want to inspect it before you move in.”

“For sure!!” She said excitedly.

It didn’t take them long to get to the house, about a half hour, which reminded Sabrina all the more that she needed to find a car and soon. There was still no driveway but there was a three car garage, a big one at that. “Wow, it’s huge, it’s really different to see it all finished.” Sabrina said as she rounded the front of the van.

“Well it’s not quite done yet, there’s still some finishing up to do on our part but the two apartments are done. Thank goodness.”

“I’ve heard it’s been an ordeal.”

“That’s an understatement Sabrina.” He put the key in the lock to open the front door. Sabrina noted that the door was a little larger than most. It opened easily and he ushered her in to what was a grand foyer with two long ramps. It was huge but then again so were Heather and Hector, together they took up a lot of space. “Now head on down Sabrina, you should find the ramp a little better than a stair case, easier on the knees.”

“Yes actually it is nice.” She said as she traveled down, “Seems there will be some advantages to this.”

“Some and some annoyances, for that I apologize but this place was built with a taur in mind.”

“Oh I’ll manage, the foyer is almost as big as my whole apartment.” Which she thought really wasn’t far off from the truth. In the end she couldn’t wait to leave that place.

Hector unlocked the door and stepped back, “Enter your new home Sabrina.” He smiled, he knew she was going to like it.

She stepped in cautiously, it was so unfamiliar to her, immediately to her right she saw the kitchen. “Oh my!! Look at this kitchen it’s huge and look at the new appliances.”

“Well we had renting in mind so I want nothing to break down for years to come, new was the only way to go.”

“It’s fantastic.” It was then she noticed that all the cupboards were really high up, she was going to need a step ladder to reach them. One drawback, but with everything being so new it was only a small problem.

Hector went over to the counter, there seemed to be two large buttons there, one green the other red. “Watch.” He pushed the green one and Sabrina heard a whirring noise and then watched as a step moved out from below the cabinets. It was a large step that covered all the cabinet area as well as the stove.

“Woah that’s great!!!” Sabrina said with great excitement, now she didn’t need a step ladder, well she probably would in other areas but this was a big help.

“Thought you would appreciate that, it’s standard in both the houses. Not everyone is blessed with four feet. Plus it also gives us a leg up without having to use a step ladder.” He winked.

Sabrina eyed him, “I see, I can see where you would want to avoid that.”

“Next you’ll see the bathroom, this will probably scare you.” As he said that he opened the door to a huge room with a large tub and lifting unit. Both took up most of the bathroom itself.

“Oh my.”

“I thought you might say something like that, I’m sorry about the lift but I can’t remove it, it’s built in and it would cost a small fortune.”

“I can see.” Sabrina said as she walked in, her voice echoed back softly to her ears. This was going to be a bit of a challenge to use, it was set up to spray a ‘taur’ all over with jets almost everywhere. At least there was a regular toilet in the room besides the ‘taur’ one.

“I’m looking into something that might be able to mod this for regular use but for now its all you have.”

“It’s OK Hector I think I can make do.” She smiled, she would have to she thought.

Sabrina’s thoughts turned to where things could go, there was lots of space for her things, in fact she was probably going to have to buy furniture to fill in the gaps; so to speak. The bedrooms were huge, she sighed, it was going to take a lot to fill these spaces. In a few moments they wound up back at the kitchen.

“Well what do you think Sabrina.”

It had been only a few months but she still felt strange talking to Hector, he looked just like she did, save for the muscles. Put Heather into the picture as well and it was doubly strange. Hector’s form really didn’t differentiate that much from Heather’s, save she had breasts. She felt more like she was talking with Heather but she wasn’t. “It’s wonderful Hector, you did a great job laying things out, it’s going to feel real homey here. I’m glad you’ll be upstairs, nice to have neighbors that you have something in common with.”

“Yeah, Heather came up with the idea to rent it out to you and Max and I was all for it.” He reached over the counter and picked up the leather briefcase he brought in with him. “Now for the formalities.” He opened the case and pulled out a file folder and a set of keys. “These are for you.” He said as he handed them to Sabrina. “Those fit the front and back doors, I have a second set if you ever need to get in or lose them.”

“Thanks.” She said taking them from him.

“Now the place will be officially yours when you sign the papers.” He handed her the file folder, “I’m guessing you will want to read it over before you sign.”

“I...don’t think there will be a problem Hector.” This she was sure of.

“It’s a standard rental agreement, the only thing that we really changed was a paragraph stating that we reserve the right to access the apartment if we feel that it warrants an inspection. These places are brand new and if these folks are destroying it, I wanna know.”

“I can see that.” Sabrina quickly looked over the paper inside the file folder and something caught her eye, it was the rental price for the apartment. It was a bit high but then again the space she was getting was like five of her old apartments.

Hector could see that something seemed amiss. “Sabrina, is there a problem?”

“No, I just forgot that I’m getting a lot more apartment for my buck.” She smiled.

“What figure were you looking at Sabrina?”

She pointed it out to him and he smiled, “Oh, that’s first and last months rent combined, this is the figure you want to be looking at.” Sabrina’s jaw almost fell off. “Hector you can’t be serious, this is almost nothing.”

“Pretty close.”


“But nothing, you are family and well we want you to be able to save some for future things. This way you can.”

“Hector you need to pay this place off and this won’t really do anything for that.” She was positive of that.

“We know, the rent that we get from the other place is going to do that, it was all planned.”

Sabrina sighed, there wasn’t too much else she could say, “Thanks Hector that’s really nice of you and Heather, I really don’t know what to say, this is a wonderful present.”

“Well she wanted to be here, she said go ahead and get you settled. Now they are still doing some finishing touches to ours upstairs so you’ll see people coming in and out for a bit.”

“So, I can move in?”

“Oh yes, anytime, now in there with the agreements are the phone numbers to get the electricity turned on and phone. That’s your responsibility, this apartment is all setup as an individual unit. There is a furnace in this apartment and you can control the temperature. So the heating, electrical, and TV bills will be yours to pay. The house is set up for cable and DSL which ever you prefer. You are responsible for getting that set up, we’ve run wires to the attic for a satellite antenna. Once we move in we’ll be getting that, I want the sports network.” He grinned.

“That sounds like something I’d be interested in too.”

“Well once we begin to get that set up let me know, we might be able to get a better deal if we sign up all together.”

“Sounds good Hector, thanks, this place is wonderful, I’m going to have fun decorating it.”

“Oh and don’t you dare call a moving company, we’ll get your things, OK.”


“Don’t say anything, we’ll move you and Max and you don’t have to pay us a cent.”

“But...” She didn’t like this, this didn’t seem at all fair.

Hector shook his head, “Look, if this doesn’t go down Heather will kill me, OK. So it’s going to happen.” He put on a big smile knowing full well that he had to move Sabrina and Max or else he would never hear the end of it. Heather didn’t let things slide too easily and this would be one of those things.

“OK...but it won’t be for a bit, I have to find a car first. Living here isn’t quite on the bus route.” She sighed and put on a pouty face, it was true this place was far off the routes. Her car search had also been totally in vain, too expensive, wore out, smelled, she wasn’t about to forget that one; her nose wrinkled at the thought. She’d find one but it was going to take time.

“That’s fine Sabrina just let me know a little in advance when you want to move.”

“Oh for sure you’ll know, seems I have some packing to do.”

“I’d also call the power company and get this apartment online, it takes awhile sometimes to get them off their butts to turn the power on.”

“I’ll give them a call tomorrow sometime to see if I can get things rolling.”

“Good idea.”

“Any other questions about the place?”
At the moment she really couldn’t think of any, she knew something would enter her flabbergasted mind later at the most inopportune moment.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 2:39 am    Post subject: part 2 Reply with quote

The University

Lyja took a deep breath of the clean country air as she basked in the shade of the tree that they sat beneath. For the moment they seemed to be safe although she was sure Mother did not feel that way. In the distance her eyes followed a cloud of dust tacking across the field in front of them; she wondered what was making it. As she watched whatever it was changed course several times, soon it moved close enough to see it was big and black and white. Lyja poked Mother and had her look in the direction she was.

Mother had an idea as to what it was, “I suspect that it’s one of those we saw in the training, “One” I think she called one of them. Although it is moving at an alarming rate!” she noted.

“It’s coming towards us, do you think we should be worried?” Lyja said with concern.

“If it intends to kill us we are already dead, we cannot hope to overpower that creature.” The finesse in their movements on the training test had secured that fact. All they could do now is to see what this creature wanted.

The first time mother had stood beside the massive creature it had been monstrous, now sitting down and looking up at this beast she felt infinitesimal. It didn’t say anything for a bit, just taking in a few breaths. Mother thought it best to open the conversation.

“It’s nice to see you again,” She paused, “One or is it Two?” She wasn’t exactly sure. Her reply was one of surprise.

“Neither.” This one said with an edge to her voice, “I don’t want to be associated with those two, I’m Cassandra. The mistress told me she had guests; thought I would introduce myself. We don’t get very many visitors.”

Mother and Lyja just looked at each other, both coming to the same thought; another one! “How many of you are there?” Mother commented.

“I’m not sure what you mean, there is only one of me.”

Mother shook her head, “I mean body type, there is One, Two, and you it seems, are there any others?”

“Oh, now I see what you mean, silly me.” The giant taur shook her head. “Yes, there are the young ones, four in all, but they hardly know how to speak or walk very well.”

“I see.” Mother found it hard to speak to the giant towering above them, “Could you sit or lay down so we could talk easier? We just got comfortable sitting.”

“Sure.” Cassandra answered and quickly pounced onto the ground, Mother felt the shockwave of her massive body hitting the ground.

“Thank you.” She still was taller than they were but at her height now it was a lot easier on the neck. It seemed that this one was a bit more on the hospitable side and willing to talk. Perhaps Mother thought that she might be able to learn quite a bit from her, if she chose the proper questions. “So are you the oldest.”

“No, I’m second born, although something went wrong and well according to the mistress I’m flawed.”

This surprised her at how open this one was being with them. “Flawed? How? I cannot see anything wrong with you.” Although again flawed could mean anything mother thought.

“The mistress says I lack focus, I’m not quite as fast as the others and I have way too many emotional outbursts.” She smiled as she remembered some of them.

Lyja spoke up, “Too emotional?”

“Yeah, you should see One and Two, they have the emotions of bricks. No joy to be around, let me tell you; it gets really boring around here quickly.”

Mother sighed, “Yes I could see that happening.” Mother could see the apparent flaws in Cassandra, although to most they would not be considered flaws; it depended on what you were comparing it with. In this case it was her twins, the emotionless soldiers. It was what Epsilon needed, something to take orders and not to question, concentrate on the mission, to think of nothing but being a soldier; it seems it had taken with at least two. Cassandra obviously was flawed in that discipline, something did indeed go wrong but this Other had corrected the problem. Cassandra said she was second born, that meant that Two was born after and she is like One, emotionless. “The others, they don’t do anything for recreation?” She was intrigued now.

“They run, train and exercise but that’s the extent of it, although I have heard them listen to classical music.” Cassandra rolled her eyes, “You won't see me listening to that stuff.”

“Hmmm interesting.” It was fascinating how different they were.

“So why are you guys here?”

Mother took a deep breath, “I have quite a lot of money invested in this University, your mistress is a relative of mine. So I decided it was time for an inspection of the facility to see where all my money is being spent. As an added bonus I get to see her as well.”

“Cool, thought it was something like that.” Cassandra said, she looked over at Lyja. “Are you enjoying your stay?” She really didn’t know what to say to this ones companion, she had never seen anything like it before, her skin sparkled as the light passed across it.

“It is a beautiful place, I can see why it was chosen as a place to bring sick animals.” Lyja said softly.

Mother interjected, “This is Lyja my mate, she looks different for she was an experiment that someone tried, trying to make her skin blend with the background. It didn’t quite work, so she looks a bit different than most; that’s all.” Mother took her paw in a loving gesture.

Lyja noticed that Mother was trying to make small talk to further their deception as to them being a couple. She had noticed that furs did hold paws on this planet as they do on Terra, so it was not out of line for her to respond. She squeezed back in response to her grip, it seemed to work; Cassandra bought the story. They continued their conversation, learning more and more about the complex and where things were. That she was most interested in, for if she was to sneak off later she had to know where to go. Lyja found she liked it here, it was quiet, not like the noisy city and its polluting automobiles; this was far more to her taste. It seemed so opposite to her nature; for she loved working on machines and knowing how they worked but this also seemed to fit her. She sighed and breathed in the country air, she would be busy soon, that she knew.

Cassandra stayed for about an hour before she took off, Mother learned a lot from her. “Seems project Epsilon is not as far along as I thought; which is good. Having too many of those things around would seriously jeopardize this mission.”

“This Cassandra didn’t seem to harmful.”

“Don’t let her mild disposition fool you, she’s had the same training as the others and if provoked she will protect herself and you saw what the others could do. When she said that she was slow, it probably only meant in comparison to the others, so to us she is still very dangerous.” Mother said with great fear in her voice. “She could easily kill us with a swipe of that massive arm of hers, bringing the three aspects of my projects together was genius; I wish I had thought of it.”

“You did.” Lyja said quickly.

Mother looked at her, “Very funny.”

Optex Home

It had been a week and Margrette felt somewhat at home. It was dinner time again, the meal was good, fish again, Margrette sighed but ate it with zest; she seemed always hungry. Then again she was eating for two. So far things were good, it was quiet most of the time in the house, Mr. Optex was gone most of the day to his job and so was Mrs. Optex. Appellation did have a part time job so she was in and out, the most wondrous thing was the pool. She liked to swim and to be free of a suit was a pleasure beyond words.

“Oh you won’t believe who called today Kathy?” Milias Optex said aloud.

“Oh, who mom?” Kathren said a she took another bite of her poached salmon.

“Sandy Murphin.”

Kathren gulped, “She called here?”

“She’s called several times Kathy, it seems she hasn’t forgotten about you.” Milias smiled.

“I didn’t think I had any friends left in this town.”

“More than you think Kathy.” Alec Optex joined in. “Maybe you could call her, I’m sure Margrette could use a night out.” He winked.

“Well...” began Kathren.

“Call her.” Margrette commanded, sort of, it came out sounding like that, “I’d like to meet your friends.”

“I haven’t talked to her in years!!” Kathy said trying to get out of it.

“Then you’ll have lots to talk about dear.” Milias smiled.

Kathren rolled her eyes, she knew she was beaten, “OK, I’ll call her.”

“Her number is by the phone. Anyone care for more fish, I have lots.” Margrette smiled and gently shook her head no.

After dinner Kathren made the call, Sandy was pleased to hear from her and wanted to meet. So they were set for the evening. They both changed clothes and set off to Sandy’s home.

As they drove down the highway Margrette struck up a conversation, “Your mother spoke to me of Sandy, she said she’s quite a looker now.”

“Oh? That’s very different from what I was thinking what she would look like. Last time I saw her she was skinny as a rail and her fur was all in patches. She always seemed to have a skin ailment of some sort.”

“But she liked you.”

“Yeah she did, she was my friend. We both had our problems and it was easy to stick together back then.”

Margrette smirked, “You had problems? Not you.” She smiled and giggled trying to make light of the situation.

“Oh I had a few.” Kathren grinned.

“So what happened to her?”

“She was offered a scholarship and she took it, after that she wrote a few times then I guess life overwhelmed her and she stopped or couldn’t write. I’d had left home about the time her letters had stopped so perhaps I didn’t get all her messages; I dunno.”

“So what do you think of seeing her now?”

“It’s going to be strange that’s for sure, I’ve changed a lot, I wasn’t this big when I last saw her. She knew I liked females but it didn’t seem to deter her in being my friend. Well I had another friend and...”

Margrette interrupted Kathren at this point, “I know and it’s OK you don’t have to say anything else.” She put her paw out and Kathy took it.


“It’s OK, let’s talk about something else.”

It took them about an hour to find Sandy’s place, it was off the road a bit. A fair sized house with several old cars in the front yard. Kathren was extremely nervous as she pushed the doorbell. In the house they both heard rustling and then the door opened. The femme that stood before them was beautiful in all aspects of the word! She was tall, thin, an ample chest and blonde; she had on a small pair of glasses but that did not detract from her glowing radiance.

“Ah...” Kathren was stunned, this didn’t look really like Sandy at all, “Ah...I’m looking for Sandy Murphin.”

“You found her, Kathy is that you!!!” Sandy said with surprise and threw her arms about the large giant.

“Ah...yeah! I was about to say the same thing to you!!!”

“Wow, you certainly have changed.” Sandy said amazed.

“So have you.”

“Ahem!!” Margrette said trying to break the two staring at each other.

Margrette’s voice broke Kathren out of her tiny trance, Uhm Sandy this is my mate Margrette.”

Sandy let go of Kathren, “Oh hi, come on in. I was just doing a whirlwind tidy, sorry the place is kinda a mess.” Sandy said as she motioned for them to enter her home.

“Not to worry Sandy.” Kathren said letting Margrette enter first.

“It’s been a long time Blue.” Sandy said.

Kathren laughed, “Oh my, I haven’t been called that in a long time.” She smiled.

Sandy was happy hearing Kathren laugh, “It was the pet name I gave her Margrette, when we were in school; it sorta suited her.”

“Still does Sandy, still does.” Margrette replied.

“So what can I get you two, a side of beef and power shakes?”

Margrette and Kathren laughed, “The side of beef sounds nice.” Margrette said jokingly.

“One side of beef, Blue want to make that two?”

“Funny Sandy, some tea for me.”

“Margrette what do you want?” Sandy inquired.

“Any type of juice, I’m kinda tired of tea.”

“Juice and tea it is and when I come back, we’ll catch up on everything and it looks like we have a lot to catch up on.” She smiled and headed for her kitchen, it was going to be an interesting night she thought.

End Of Chapter 9

“Time keeps flowing like a river, to the sea...”

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice chapter, I wonder if Cassandra might be an ally as an emotional being she may not agree with what the evil mother is planning. I was dissapointed about one thing though I was hopping to find out what Katherine's father had to tell her, oh well maybe next time looking forward to the next chapter keep up the good work Cheets.
"Political Correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:34 pm    Post subject: Hey Styx Reply with quote

THanks for posting your comments, nice to see you are still about....Smile

Yeah, the conversation with Kathren and her dad is in the works..Smile Don't fret.....Smile

Yes Cassandra is as you have guessed an ally.....someone had to be..Smile

Chapter 10 has a bit more action in it, so i hope that goes over well.Smile

So thanks for staying on board. Smile

Will get back to writing again soon


Check out the new and improved Sabrina to the fourth power Wink
Plus send donations, donations and donations......and donations.
Flames keep to a minimum.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 9:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Cheetaur.

Another great chapter of Sabrina 4. I was curious to what was going to happen with the situation of her business.That was really nice of Hector to let Sabrina move in first, in their new house. From the sounds of it, it has its luxuries. I wouldnt mind moving in myself since its set up for a taur, hehe.

Cassandra seemed pretty sane from the little chat but may help mother and lyja later on. If Cassandra is flawed, are you going to speak about the fourth skunktaur and why she is flawed as well?
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