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The master of fate(s)

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Site Owner

Joined: 02 Sep 2003
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Location: Living in peace at Jin's Dojo

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 3:41 am    Post subject: The master of fate(s) Reply with quote

The night had fallen over city of Seattle, not that one could notice anything of it in the Penumbra District. Every hour of the day, that part of the city was alive with people, both normal humans, and Awakened furs, going about their business at day, or staggering from night club to night club during the hours when the moon was up. Yet, there were several places where the humdrum of 'below' didn't reach.

Foremost of these places was Mitsumashi Ltd. Headquarters of course, where the top floors were proofed against just about anything anyone could throw at it, up to and including a conventional missile strike. However, that place is not important now...

Another one of those havens of peace and tranquility were the higher floors of the middle- and high class apartment blocks. Again, most of them aren't important, except one, the block between 13th and 14th street, between Moonshine and Shadow Avenue.

High in that block, floor 28 to be precise, lived an Awakened one of the second generation, one of those born from first generation Awakened furs. This fur, a tall, stern-looking, rather athletic and very intelligent hedgehog, went, to most of the outside world, by the name of Zacharion Aesacha.

This Zacharion had a good life. In a time where most people, humans and furs alike, had to struggle hard to keep themselves from starving, this man was well to do by all standards. He had a place of his own, granted, not a really large one, but owning an apartment, ANY apartment, was a luxury only the higher classes could afford. For the rest, he had access to all of life's little luxuries without indulging himself in them. The only vice he had, for the outside world, was the amount of time, and Nuyen, he spent on his two bikes.

Most people who claimed to know this man, found him a shrewd mind dressed spotlessly at all times, leading them to the conclusion that he is a rather successful investment banker of sorts. However... they couldn't be further from the truth...

The people that REALLY knew him, knew that behind the refined hedgehog named Zacharion was a hawk-eyed assassin, one that could shoot a 20th century US dollar coin at one mile range with his modified Ranger Sniper rifle, and the name by which he was known amongst them, was Miles Aspen.

This hedgehog had made it his profession to silently remove unwanted persons from the picture, for the right price of course. Almost every top-level manager in Seattle feared his name, and the reputation associated to it, for every one of them knew that one day, some 'Mr. Johnson' might contact Miles to arrange their removal.

The worst of it was that somehow, the hedgehog always seemed to find out exactly WHO he was working for, and, that, even though a few attempts have already been made to take HIM out of the picture, none came even close to succeeding, as this man, some say not even from this world, always seemed to know about the attempts.

This is, in a nutshell, the man who occupied apartment 2893 of this block, and this is the man who is currently relaxing in his couch, listening to one of Liszt's piano works.

[----- ----- ----- ----- -----]

Observant readers will notice a heavy ShadowRun (TM) RPG influence in this little writing (FASA, please don't shoot me). I don't know yet if
  • this is going to be a solo-thing, or,
  • this will be YARPSE (Yet Another PR Story Effort)

If I decide on the latter, some knowledge of ShadowRun is advised (play the SNES or SEGA Genesis game, and that will be sufficient), and I'd appreciate it if you asked first if it's okay to join in.
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Site Owner
Site Owner

Joined: 02 Sep 2003
Posts: 327
Location: Living in peace at Jin's Dojo

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2004 3:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Miles was broken from his reverie when his telecom station chimed for his attention. This usually meant that someone was trying to reach him, most likely a 'Mr. Johnson'.

"Trace completed... Call originating from the MatchSticks Club," a female, computer generated voice said, after figuring out the source of the call.

"MatchSticks, huh? I wonder what that Johnson wants. Audio only, security scramble Orange-4," the hedgehog replied after stopping the music.


"Mr. Aspen," a croaky voice started, "Johnson here. I have just received a contract which might interest you."

"Details please, Mr. Johnson," Miles said, sounding slightly bored.

"Of course. It's a removal contract for a certain Ms. Yunagi Kisemaru, secretary at Akigashi Ltd. Some people have found her to need a vacation, a permanent one."

"I don't see the need to call upon me for this. Surely there are other runners who can take care of such a low-security target, for a lower price."

The 'Mr. Johnson' coughed nervously, before continuing.

"The employers have requested that the removal happens at her worksite for... maximum impact, and they need the best for this."

'At her workplace?' the hedgehog thought as he sat down at his telecom station. 'This sound like an inside job to me...'

"Where exactly does she work?"

"I... I have not received information on that, Mr. Aspen."

"I see. Let me get back at you within 3 hours."

"Understood, Mr. Aspen," the voice said before the line was cut.

'I need some information on this one...' Miles mused, 'and I know just the person for that.'

"Computer, secured line, Red-7, to Bart Cleyman, audio only."

"Connection request sent," the female voice replied.

'Let's see what Bart can dig up in two hours time...'

[----- ----- ----- ----- -----]

The decision's been made, and I'm making this Yet Another RP Story Effort. IF you wish to participate, drop me a line.

Lt. Stacey 'Target, lock, KILL' Fluffybun reporting.

Current GB rating: 3750 GP (Silver Axe)
Current Guild Rating: 10/20

Beware... My battlecry
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Location: Weiden i.d. Oberpfalz, Germany

PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was a not so busy day in the "Ye olde Inn" a tavern deen in the surburbs of Seattle, where dwarfes were the main customers. Schwarzdorn was polishing the bar and once more praying to whoever was listening, that Lofwyr would really not find him here.

For a moment the Greyfox remembered the run that had brought him so muh trouble and sighed, while his fingers played with the small box that contained a set of nanites, the target of his last run. He was a racoon shaman and an awakened being. During the great awakening of 2064 he, being a fox-shifter, had thought would be safe from the changes the comet brought with him, but he had not been spared. Often he wondered why the change had hit him, as much as he had hit a lot of other persons on this planet, and taken his human form from him, turning him from a greyfox that was able to shift into a human fox-tailed form, into a greyfox that was able to shift into an anthropomorphic greyfox, even if his long blonde hair and his blue-green eyes had remained. Maybe it was some sort of punishment, maybe it was just his usual "luck" However it just added to his problems and made him more easy to spot in a crowd.

Sighing again the racoon-shaman went deeper onto the memory lane, remembering his corunners, he had left behind after leaving the ADL. All they had wanted was to make a lot of money and fast, nothing else. Their job had been to get a set of two nanites back to their owner, but something had gone wrong, horrbily, and their Mr Johnson had gotten killed, so they were left with two nanites and a lot of people that wanted them. While the others had been discussing what they were up to, Schwarzdorn had decided that the nanites were too dangerous to exist, so he had asked racoon if he would help and racoon had given him the strength to cast his spell that made him invisible and let him get away easily from his then ex-corunners. How fightened he had been, when his connection and brother in blood had told him, that Lofwyr was after his ass and the nanite.

Using this connection he had fled via airplane from Berlin in the ADL and somehow stranded in Seattle, living well hidden now and working in this small tavern. His old pal was here as well and checked from time to time if they had been spotted already. Well at lest until now, nobody had come to check upon them.

E = mc˛ + 2d6
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