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Forum Rules....

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 4:02 am    Post subject: Forum Rules.... Reply with quote

Planet Furry’s
Forum Rules of Engagement
(Last Updated 5.06.2005)

This post is specifically to make all users aware of the “rules of engagement” on the Planet Furry Forums. They are designed not to curtail your rights as an individual, but to protect the rights of all.

It should be noted is that this is a living document, subject to change as it becomes necessary to do so.

NOTE: While the administrative staff and moderator team takes a very strong stance in favor of free speech, there has been, and there will be times where we will restrict a topic. This is our right, as the Planet Furry Forums are not a open forum, but a private discussion group with rules and regulations not subject to approval based on the US Constitutional guidelines. Your freedoms to leave the forum if you disagree with an admin decision are not denied you.

These forum rules exist to protect the safety and pleasure of both you and your crew. They are not flexible, and when it comes to these rules and our role as Administrators and Moderators, neither are we.
(Yeah, yeah, so we did a blatant rip-off of Top Gun. It is a pretty cool movie, after all... Very Happy)

Now, with that unpleasantness taken care of, here’s “Da Rulez.”

1. There will be NO flaming on this board. Flaming is described as any comment, post, or action, which demeans and insults another person on the forum. Otherwise known as personal attacks, they are distasteful and show intellectual and social immaturity.

2. There will be no laying of flame bait; that is to say, a comment or action specifically designed to draw out an angry response from another individual. An example of this is if Joe, an Andorian, said to Jane, a Klingon, that her mother has a smooth forehead. This is flame bait, since Joe is saying something to insult Jane’s mother in order to draw Jane’s response.

3. Trolling will not be tolerated. A sub-heading of flame baiting, a troll, or “troller”, is a person who will post a topic, knowing that said topic would cause a flame war, then jump back into lurking mode. One does not need to be a lurker to be a troll, though this is the common example.

4. While debate is permitted, arguments are not. Please refrain from personalizing any discussion in which you have a disagreeing viewpoint with the other party.

5. Thread hijacking is niether social behavior, or acceptable here. We define thread hijacking as posting a reply in a thread that is unrelated to the original thread. Now, we understand that a friendly poke or "thread drift" can happen, but if it's a common behavior, that's when it turns into "hijacking".

6. Language, imagery, and behavior shall be kept to a rating of PG-13 or lower at all times. This is a family/child friendly forum, so maintaining proper warnings for content judged as "Not Safe for Work", or "Parental Discretion Advised" is not only recommended, but will be expected.

7. All users must have a valid email address on file with us at all times. If you change your email address, and forget to change it in the forums, your account will be temporarily de-activated. If you try to create an account with a bogus email, it’ll be deleted outright, and the user’s name will be added to our “banned” username list.

8. Banner size is limited to a standard signature line of no more than 480 x 65px. Animated banners are limited to 320 x 50px. Forum avatar pictures are limited to 120x120px This is designed to allow our forums to be more "dialup friendly", as there are many users of our services that are stuck on slow connections, often through no choice of their own.

9. Any user has the right to bring a complaint, concern, suggestion, comment, or criticism to the attention of the moderators and administrative staff. Our door is always open; we are here to serve you.

10. With #9 having been said, what is not permitted is the public challenging of administrator/moderator authority. If one admin/moderator has made a call, it is made, and only under VERY rare circumstances will a decision made by an admin/moderator be reversed by another. Therefore, if an admin or mod tells you to knock something off on the boards, you are to do it.

11. If you have any issues with a particular Moderator, contact an Administrator as they are the designated arbitrators in such matters. If you have any issues with a particular Administrator, contact Whiplash through this link, as he is ultimately the man in charge.

12. Above all, Use Common Sense. If you're worried that it might be against the rules, you're always free to ask a moderator or admin for a judgement call. After all, it's part of our duties. If you get an ok, please remember to list the moderator or admin who you obtained permission from, so we don't unfairly come down on you.

Disciplinary or Punitive Actions

The moderators have the authority to remove posts, lock forums, and issue official warnings. These privileges are theirs, and as such, any judgments made by them shall be held up as valid.

Administrators on the forum have all the above stated privileges, as well as the privileges of adding or removing material from user records, bestowing penalties upon users in violation of the rules and banning users who do not comply with forum rules.
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