Unimportant words from someone idiotic




Yes, thatís true. Unimportant because they are mine and from someone idiotic because they will alienate the few people I care about.


Still, I have to write them. I really tried not to but I just canít do other wise.


Itís been two years since something really terrible happened. I donít need to tell what it was because the Americans made sure that the entire world knows and will never forget it.


And there it comes to the part that makes me wish they would learn some modesty.


The destruction of the World Trade Center sent a shock over the planet, but it would have been much less if the Americanís wouldnít have giving it some push and keep telling everybody how much the evil terrorists hurt them.


Okay, it was a terrible thing but it could have been worse. Yes, it could. Very. There were over 40.000 people working in that building. Only 4000 died.  One tenth. Not really much. So stop whining and be glad that it werenít more. Worse things do happen all the time, all over the world. Malaria kills over 2 Million people very year. I donít hear these mourned very often.


It is my personal philosophy to move on. I did not cry when my grandmother died, even if I with I could have. Perhaps itís because I learned to suck down abuse, perhaps Iím just cold hearted but I am that way. So, my American friends, I give you one advice: Stop mourning and move on with your lives. If not for my reasons, think of this: This is exactly what the terrorist wanted. An admittedly huge and powerful nation paralyzed with sadness, even after two years. Also, it wonít bring the dead back to life and you anywhere you arenít already.


I realize that these unimportant words will most likely get me in deep trouble but I just have to say them.


And now please excuse me. Itís my brotherís birthday and there is a party Iím invited to.


Marc-Dennis ďTygonĒ Horn


11. 9. 2003