The Lives of a Fated One



Welcome to "The Lives of a Fated One", a series of short stories that show the way of the feline known as Mara from her humble beginnings to true greatness. Updates are sporadic on these stories since they are much longer than the average chapter I write for serialized stories.


Very Special Thanks go to Pflarrian Collifox for his invaluable help in creating the background for these short stories and helping me turning Mara into the great character she is.




This story is 2004 by Marc-Dennis Horn. This story may not be sold or used for commercial profit in any form or fashion. This story may not be modified in any way. This story may not be posted on a mirror site or any other Internet site without the written permission of the author. This story may not be distributed on print, magnetic, electrical, optical or any other mediums.




Pyralis is by herself

Mafdet is by Ancient Egypt

All other characters are by Marc-Dennis Horn




Part 1 - Long, long ago... 



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