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This part of the Panthera Residence will contain all kinds of scribblings and writings I've done aside my main stories.


Unless otherwise noted everything you find in here is by Marc-Dennis Horn any may not be sold or used for commercial profit in any form or fashion. It may not be modified in any way. It may not be posted on a mirror site or any other Internet site without the written permission of the author. It may not be distributed on print, magnetic, electrical, optical or any other mediums.


But enough with this, let get to the STORIES!!! :)



The Masters of Time


This originally began as a joke between me and Josh the soon spread over to include Maxx and then became Christmas present from me to Josh and Maxx. Thanks to the both of them for allowing me to post it here.



Tabitha Scenes


I wrote these years ago in an attempt to try and find out if I could write a story in English and to satisfy my urge to bring my own characters in other people's stories (a hobby of mine ;). I'm sure you will notice that I used a few phrases from other stories but since my English was far worse in that time I think I have a good excuse to do so :) Anyway, I'm posting this with Chris' permission. You will also notice a distinct resemblance to the Tabitha scene Josh wrote. To my defense I can say that I wrote it before I even knew Josh. Ask Chris if you don't believe me. I sent them to him before Josh's site got up :)



Sabrina & Sabrina @ ZZ-Studios


This is a small scene inspired by "The Tale of two Sabrinas" by Mark 'Cheetaur' White. I highly recommend reading that story, as well as the 2 sequels "Sabrina Squared" and "Sabrina Cubed" (they can be found at the Raccoon's Bookshelf), not only because they are great but also because this scene won't make any sense to you if you don't know it :) Anyway, I send it to Cheetaur and he actually liked it and allowed me to post it here. Thanks Cheets for all the great stories. Keep up the excellent work!



Just Another Day


This is my entry to the Furry-Viking-Short-Story contest from the PlanetFurry BBS. Unfortunately that contest never was finished so I have no idea if I had any chance of winning or now.



Furry Skies


This originally was meant to be an example story for my Story Commission section, which I never put up. It was supposed to be about 10 pages long but it outgrew that pretty soon. After quite some time I finally finished it and here it is. For those of you who do not know, Crimson Skies, the game and novel series this story is inspired by is set in the late 1930s in an alternate history were the USA did not survive the Crash of '29 and the influenza wave. In this world almost all transportation is done via air by large zeppelins and air pirates are as common as they were in the Caribbean 2 centuries ago. My thanks go to Pflarrian for his valuable help with editing this story.





Another fan-fic and this one actually deserves that title. This story is set in what we call the Hollyverse which has been created by Mapper, 3d artists and excellent storyteller. I don't give him credit as an author yet because Holly's story is not finished yet ;) That was were the main challenge in writing this story was. Ever tried writing a fan-fic for a story that has not been written yet? It's tricky. Anyway, thanks to Mapper for creating those inspiring characters. And again to Pflarrian for editing the story.




The Boys of Summer


This short story is my entry to the Summer Story Contest at Watchingstone.com. It was inspired by the song "The Boys Of Summer" by Don Henley and in fact a story that has been going around in my head for quite a while now. Thanks to Chris Brewer for letting me use his characters and, yet again, Pflarrian for editing and encouraging me to enter the contest after all.




Damocles Rising


Here we have s short story inpsired by the Eisenhorn Trilogy by Dan Abnet, a great set of novels set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Two important things. Firstly, it is written from the first person point of view and I know that meany people do not like it but please give it a try. It is sort of an experiment to see if I can pull a story off this way, like Dan Abnett did with the Eisenhorn novels. Secondly, I do realize that there are things that are confusing about this story. Some things make only sense when you know the background, which is vast (I suggest visiting www.gamesworkshop.com if you want to know more about Warhammer 40,000). I have tried to make it as readable as possible for those who are not familiar with the universe but there is only so much one can do without making the story very heavy with long-wided explanations. Again, thanks go to Plfarrian for editing this story. Oh, and sorry about the long disclaimer. I have to use it or GW will send the Dogs of Law on my heels ;)






Again this is an entry for a Story Contest at Watchingstone.com, this time for the Fall Story contest. The required item/topic/whatever this story had to contain was 'Apples' and while I was tempted to go for something with the computer maker, not the fruit but ended up taking on the ragular apples anyway. Was much simpler. As always, thanks go to Pflarrian for editing and encouragement.




No Turning Back


This short story was originally inspired by the song "No Turning Back" from the soundtrack to the game Soul Calibur II. Over the course of writing however some other elements added themselves and now it is a short glimpse at the future of Pflarrian Collifox from the Otherworlds stories and his daughter Caiacinth. So those who liked Otherworlds might be interested in this story as well.







Adult stuff





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