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25th of December 2005

Happy Holidays, whichever you may celebrate!


As announced in my Forum, I have just posted a short glimpse at the future in form of the short story "No Turning Back" in the Other Writings section. Hope you enjoy it.





11th of December 2005

A doubt posting of stories! Normally I don't do that to so people have time to digest one story before they go on to the next one but I think few people are reading my things anyway so I'll just post two at once.


Firstly is my entry to the Fall Story Contest, the short story Hunted which you can find in Other Writings.


Second is chapter 5 of Guatemala Maxx and the Eye of Horus, of yourse the section with just that name.


I hope you will like them.





11th of November 2005

As promised, chapter 4 of Guatemala Maxx and the Eye of Horus is posted. I hope you will like it and if you don't mind, please let me know if you do. If you don't let me know too and also what you do not like. I can't improve when I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


On a side note my site had its 4th Birthday last month. Yay site!






2nd of November 2005

Well, that was a weird October... 20°C... what the yiff did that month thing it was doing? At least November seems to know how to behave itself.


But enough about the weather. I've hit a weird sort of writer's block. I can still write but only certain things. I guess I've had too much Warhammer in the last weeks.


That leads me nicely to today's post. I have posted a new short story in Other Writings. It's based on Warhammer 40,000, on the Eisenhorn Novels to be precise. It was sort of an experiment to see if I could write a story from the first persion point of view (turned out to be rather easy BTW). I know many people don't like stories like this but please give it a try. It's not long after all.


If Damocles Rising turns out to be a success I'll write more about Inquisitor Tali.


Oh, and I expect to post the next chapter of Eye of Horus on the 11th.


Until then!





10th of October 2005

After a long time of nothing due to lazyness on my part (sorry about that) I have posted the next chapter of The Eye of Horus.


I hope you'll enjoy it.





10th of August 2005

Sorry for the long silence... For quite a long period of time I was unable to do any writing because I had to get myself a new PowerBook but everything's back in order now.


To make a longer story short, I have posted a short story in the Other Writings section. It's my entry to the Summer Story Contest at I hope it meets your approval and who knows, maybe I'll win. Would be great :)


That's all for now but don't worry, more will be coming soon. That's a promise.





15th of April 2005

Hmmm... I did not get half as much comments on The Eye of Horus, chapter 2 as I had hoped. So I had considered not posting the promised surprise after all... but I'm weak so I'll post it anyway.


If you go to the Feline Destiny section you will find that chapter 8 has been POSTED!!!


I guess you can say that I'm back in business :)


So, I hope you will like the chapter and that you all let me know what you like... or don't like, of course.







8th of April 2005

Well, I guess I have to apologize. I had meant to post chapter 2 of Guatemala Maxx and the Eye of Horus at the BEGINNING of the month but it got delayed... I'm sorry for that.


It is posted NOW! The Bookshelf version should follow soon. I also made a proper index from where you can get to the respective chapters easily. I hope you like it and comment lots ;)


Again, I'm sorry for the delay. To make up for it I will have a surprise next week


Until then, have a good time and happy reading.





28th of February 2005

A little treat for the end of the month.


I posted the first chapter of a new story, "Guatemala Maxx and the Eye of Horus". It's a heavily "Indiana Jones" inspired story that tells the backgrounds of some of the characters of the Adventure Kay stories. Scroll down a bit and you will find it.


In other news, in order to set up something that looks like a writing schedule I'm going to try to post a new chapter for one of my stories every month. No promises as to which story though. I hope that will work out.


Oh, and while I'm at it, Happy Brithday Ryan!





11th of February 2005

Now I remember what I forgot last time. There was another short story I wanted to upload. It's posted in the Other Writings sections, a story titled "Invincible". It's set in Mapper's Hollyverse, a few years after the events that made Holly what she is now. It wasn't received too well among the fans of the character but I thought I should put it here anyway.


More later (hopefully)





24th of January 2005

I just don’t get it. There must be something I am doing wrong but I just can’t figure out what.


Some time ago I was asked to join the Planetfurry Moderation Staff. I thought since I am one of the longest running members of Planetfurry and am online pretty often I might be moderately well suited for that job and agreed. However, that was the last I heard about that. Instead I had to watch people getting accepted into the Moderation staff who weren’t members for half as long as I have been.


But it’s not only that. Again some time ago a friend asked me if I would mind if he used my character in an online comic he wanted to make. I was thrilled and of course agreed. However, a bit later I learned that my character was simply deleted from the comic and another friend’s character was put in his place.


Now, I am not complaining about the simple facts of these actions. However, what I am complaining about is the fact that I did not know about them until I found out by accident. I don’t doubt that there are people better suited than me or my character. However, these ‘friends’ should at least have the courtesy to tell me that my services are not needed anymore.


Pause for a deep breath


To the essential parts.


First I have to inform you that after over 2 years of dormancy I have decided to officially discontinue ‘Victoria & Tygon’. In the past month I realized that it was something I like to call a concept story. One part of the purpose of this story was to see if I *could* write such a story. Another was using it as a testing ground for various characters which have been ported into other settings.


I will leave what is already posted here on my site. However, I am not planning to updating ‘Victoria & Tygon’ anymore.


In the Feline Destiny section you can find the next chapter of Pflarrian’s ‘Tails from Kalthia’. I should have posted this weeks ago and I apologize for not doing so.


Another update is the adult story ‘Basic Instincts’ which you can find in the adult section.


That is all for now.





9th of April 2004

And yet another update... I don't know what's going on with me.


I put up a new section for the short story that is up and running now is the first of a series of short stories that shows many lives of Mara Kahn, the Fated One. Thus, it is aptly named "The Lives of a Fated One"


BTW: Mara already has a place in Pflarrian Collifox's great story "Otherworlds", which you can find at the Raccoon's Bookshelf.


Well, that's it for now. I hope you'll enjoy the story.





22nd of March 2004

Well, seems like I actually have something that's worth an update.


After lots of work I finally managed to finish one of my many short stories. It's posted in the "Other Writings" section. I hope you'll enjoy it.


In other news, I again missed an anniversary. Six months ago in October The Panthera Residence had its 2nd birthday.









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